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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 12, 2022 12:15pm-12:31pm CEST

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d, w, use, here's a reminder of our main story. the mayor of my tuple has said the civilian death toll in his city could surpass 20000. germany's foreign minister has pulled 4 more heavy weapons for your brain in its fight to repel brushes, invasion but that's it from me for this arrow. next dw business with steve appeared to me. i'll be back again at the top of the next hour and in the meantime, you can stay up to date on our website, e w dot com. i can see that josh, i'm scared that i want. that's hard. and in the end this i'm me, you are not allowed to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this? with the smugglers, with lions as of the what's your story. ready ready have he wasn't, i was women, especially victims of violence in
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a lot of them take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah, ah, war is hammering ukraine's economy and threatening to send millions into poverty. we'll talk to a trade representative from the country about what he see and whether it's too soon to talk about rebuilding. also on the show, the economic consequences are hitting poland, which is in a pinch for truck drivers as more of them had to ukraine to fight. and russia has a reputation for it. cyber know how now ukraine is showing that it tube knows how
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to find and hack it's adversaries. response. welcome to the show. i'm so busy in berlin. an estimated 4 and a half 1000000 people have already fled the war in ukraine. that's just one reason why much of the country's economy has come to a standstill. infrastructure loss is another one. at the almost 7 weeks, the damage to buildings, bridges, and roads is already massive. government, estimating, one trillion dollars have been lost thus far. that's all leading toward economic collapse in january before the outbreak of the war, the world bank predicted the ukrainian economy would grow by 3 percent this year. and its latest production. it foresees a contraction of 45 percent and even says that 7 out of 10 ukrainians could fall below the poverty line. this year. right now is a critical time of year in particular for farmers. but ukraine is already bringing less market because of the war. farmers are unable to tend to fields or harvest, and whatever can be brought in can't be processed. railways, bridges,
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and roads have been destroyed. the port of odessa and exports gateway has been out of operation since the beginning of the invasion world bank. now estimates that ukraine will see an 80 percent fall in exports in goods and services this year alone. from on this i'm joined here in studio by dimitra. los he's chairman of the board of the training business and trade association. to meet are good to have you here. so we talked about these world bank figures. these are big numbers. they are looking at the macro economic effects of this war. you were in touch with business owners there in ukraine. tell me what you're hearing, what is working, what is not working right now? actually, i kind of running and a lot of things are working right now. and the question is that we lost some territories and some so there is a shelter. so the worst dissertation is, you know, is in the east, in the southeast, but still all the others operating and trying to supply their clients still have
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the huge issue was logistics to export out of ukraine, as i mentioned before, because ports blocked and we have only the thing bottleneck is which connect ukraine via european union to other countries. this is also an important time of year for growing, obviously and for food production ukraine, you create a massive food supplier for the rest of the world. but right now it's worried about its own resources as well. what are you seeing in terms of food production? there is produced, a 1500 percent of sign toiletries, but still everything is going. but that's where we need direct support from european union justice, materials like diesel, like whatever else, just continue because if the company is still have some storage is how they can sort of the middle one and a small one, have some problems. and then some places people, even when their shell, they simply go to say, place them on back to work. so that i think will deliver. but i think definitely will, is we will lose some of expert like so the f 150 percent till the end of the year.
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is it fair to say the focus at this point is feeding the domestic economy and not necessarily exporting to the rest of the world? absolutely, but again, there's a question right now. we can, we can feed domestic economy and it means we need to feed that 8000000 people. now none of charity organization, i was, humanitarian aid will deal with this and that's how we need to secure ourselves and then to secure those, our reliable partners. what you know, much of it seems like much of the manpower and ukraine would be a question right now. considering conscription considering those who have gone perhaps overseas, is that an issue when we look at farms, for example, when we look at production in industrial areas, as well as manpower question, i don't think so that it will be connected to production. the yes will lose, and people, especially those from 18 to 6 to which went to war is more of the question of logistics. because unfortunately, a lot of drivers got drivers simply went to the war. and unfortunately, we don't have a political will from european union to support in terms of insurance, the cars and drivers which will come to green to pick up loads. so the question
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will be it not, and production of the question will be in logistics between ukraine and european union, this insurance issue. have you directly res, that with you? and what do they say from the, from business side, be raising of the saying, it's complicated, but the trying to make a consideration how to support insurance competence including those who have in germany. do you believe like you're getting enough progress? you're making enough progress when you talk to you about helping out on some of these things. a fortunately commission is they doing a lot of stuff and think of them a lot of celebrating is in the, you know, peaceful time. and now is what i mean again, so definitely we need to short on this bureaucracy, especially when he's such kind of important political decisions and not only for ukraine, but also for european union. we supplied a lot of stuff to european union, especially in the cultural production. the war is ongoing. there's talk of a new campaign in the about things getting worse. is it too early to talk about rebuilding in ukraine? ah, before the war, everybody gave us 2 days that we will class of 2 days. now we've fighting for $8448.00 days against the biggest guy and we will win. so now is most,
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it is not only to start to think about recovery. we need to think about recovery right now to be prepared. what has to be done to my country? all right, to meet your loss is chairman of the board of the cranium, business and trade association. we thank you very much for joining us here in studio. think it's nice to really well the world bank is also protecting major knock on effects for economies beyond russia and ukraine, it slashed its growth forecast for central europe this year, from over 6 percent to 3 and a half and ukraine's western neighbor, poland. it's lack of manpower that sitting parts the economy truckers were already hard to find. now some of those from ukraine are heading back to their homeland to fight poland. transport sector is one of the largest in europe. polish companies deploy some 300000 drivers who transport goods across the continent. one and 3 of them is ukranian. since the war broke out,
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much has changed. it's the tensor of $100000.00 ukrainian drivers, a huge amount of return to their country. probably about 70 percent of them now we're short on drivers, but we don't present them. we know very well how difficult their situation is and their jobs will still be waiting here for them. and he took all alexander for rank, is the head of a transport company and is himself ukranian. i trans employees, 120 drivers from georgia, better routes and ukraine, but none from poland. he's trying to keep his ukrainian drivers in the you just avoid an extra special with just the traffic go a lot. i got to warn you. crane has made us short of drivers up to the provider, but our own ukrainian drivers are let our guys are traveling to ukraine to defend their country. most invites successfully, even though still here are thinking of going there over that, but we're still able to stop them thinking could i put up for it's almost
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impossible to make it back. now, as it is, yes, that was all the cities being bombed by adam. this way ness bog, those are mass. they've inc. semester sandwich has membership on the bumper to the line. them unbearable circumstances for those like iraq vianza, a driver on the road in germany. if i yes, i thought i yeah. even if i were to drive all the way there, i wouldn't be able to get in. i just won't make it physically, i can't get there. i can't do anything. it's hopeless. i don't know what to do. i don't want anything, not even money. i just pray to god that they all survive. that's all sure. all he has within reach are photos of his hometown in eastern ukraine, which is family sent him for the time being he still driving in the you. but for how much longer you been him. it's funny, the goes up and we won't be able to make up for such a massive loss of driver's corporal. this will be
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a huge problem for all of europe. ross, if polish logistics are debilitated, it will impact the entire e. you. it won't just be polish shelves that will stay empty, yet nothing italian. there's no easing of the crisis in sight. the longer the war goes on, the likelihood of sanctions being imposed, including against better roofs goes up. this could put the bellow russian drivers out of work to meaning even fewer trucks and europe's roads. let's good out of some of the other global business stories making headlines. japanese car maker. honda says it will invest $40000000000.00 into electric vehicles over the next decade. the plants have 30 evie models at market by 2030. it currently has just one electric model available, putting it well behind arrival, such as tesla and volkswagen. construction has resumed in denmark on a gas pipeline leaking, norway with poland, work had been suspended due to environmental concerns. the baltic pipe project is
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due to be finished by the end of the year, or sa says when completed, the project will in polish dependence on russian gas with a war in ukraine just isn't just playing out within the borders of ukraine, but between computer networks on both sides brushes history of cyber attacks. think georgia, 2008 may be more well known, but ukraine is showing. it also knows how to make the most of its adversaries, networked vulnerabilities. turning rushes on. game against it. with an army of hackers is taking warfare to a new frontier. ukraine is fighting rushes, invasion insider space. 2 over 250000 volunteers answered the call of the countries deputy prime minister and minister of digital transformation be hi lo, fedor of and joined it's i t army, they're aimed to launch cyber attacks on russia. it kind of members that they have
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include sort of patriotic activists and on the type of attacks they're doing. and while they might be disruptive and sometimes embarrassing, so taking off, you know, government websites offline and that, but then no sort of a cyber war sort of declaration. i would say much more of an embarrassment. the warn ukraine is mainly being waged with physical weapons. bombs are dropped on cities and homes are being destroyed, causing people to flee. but beyond these highly visible attacks, others are also being carried out online by both sides. when is the attack, we impact access to water, access to food, access to energy access to healthcare? and that's what we are facing now in terms of risk of getting the series of suspected russian cyber attacks continues to this day. everything from spyware to
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data fishing to digital attacks on infrastructure, including power plants, military communications are being targeted to ah, missy forces. in essence, every tank, every aircraft is a computer pics animals. one that's also connected to a network of these devices alone contain masses of cyber technology. ukraine also uses social media to fend off rushes. attacks. be halo federal has been actively tweeting for peace. he asked elan musk for starling user terminals to keep ukraine's internet up and running. and musk delivered federal then called on companies to boycott. russia many of now pulled out of the country, causing huge economic damage. billed debt, digital minister, and mr. federal has been quite active on twitter and, and sort of pressuring c, eyes of large companies to boycott russian businesses. even though bombs cause
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more visible damage than computer viruses, traditional and cyber warfare can both have devastating effects. and that's our show. you can find more stories on business in ukraine and elsewhere around the world online. and he to be dot com slash business from c beardley watching. ah ah, a joy ride through fascinating worlds. into uncharted debs, our guides and know their way around with a strictly scientific trip to some pretty wacky places. curiosity is required to borrow to day. next on
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d, w. these places in europe are smashing all the records. i have been to a bold adventure the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you to record breaking sites on your back too. and now also in book form with not all green roofs are equal. we look at how research is trying to boost their benefits and dw science program is off to gonna to meet women learning how to best create a backyard vegetable gardens. we also take a closer look at the head beside climb to say good for bombing, but bad for people. ah,
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hello and welcome to tomorrow. today.


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