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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 12, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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ah ah ah this is the w news line from berlin. the battle for you cranes besieged port of money off hauled, reaches a decisive stage. you cranes, president warner, that russia could use chemical weapons against a city already devastated by heavy bombardment and thousands of civilian deaths. also on the program, the port city of a desert fears that it's now one of russia's top targets presidents pin their hopes on the cities vast tunnel network to help them survive any future onslaught. and germany's president abandoned plans to visit the ukrainian capital as
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a gesture of solidarity. he's told he's not welcome. ah, i'm feel gail. welcome to the program. russia's assaults on the besieged port city of mario paul appears to be entering a decisive phase. u. s. military analysts say russian forces are nearly in full control of the city and closing n on trapped ukrainian forces. rush, assess it, killed or captured nearly $100.00 ukrainian troops attempting to escape over night . russian strikes have been pounding merry off all for weeks killing more than 21000 residents according to the met. capturing the port would give russia complete control of the sea, of as of coastline and connected forces in ukraine, south and east of d. w correspondent, nick conley is in ukraine,
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2nd largest city hockey. and i started off by asking him about the situation there was he can see her give his basically a shadow of it for myself. it's 5 pm here and it's totally empty. just a few passes by occasionally visible on the streets behind me, the regional government headquarters that was destroyed in a russian missile attack from the beginning of this war. and the russian soldiers are still very close within a few dozen kilometers where i'm standing now. so unlucky of where it feels like some kind of cheese returning and where those russian troops have withdrawn quite significantly in recent weeks can very much still on the front lines. basically every couple of minutes you can hear some artillery in the, in the background. so difficult to really work out where that is, but it just, you know, really bring home quite how close war is here and now still people staying here. not everyone has got out. but there is lots of speculation about where the russia will now truck up. it's attempts to take cut as well as a kind of symbolic target and expectation of more people trying to get out in
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a hurry in the days to come here. ok. and then down in the south in mario paul, russia seems to be intensifying its attack cent indeed. and it seems, if the reports were getting are true that the remaining ukraine forces have been split into. and now one of the main places they still are is still works with lots of underground tunnels, lots of places to hide and to hide from shilling and bomb attacks. so with that was one of the reasons why we'd heard speakers for the progression separatists in done yet, suggesting that chemical weapons be used as a way of trying to get at those ukranian soldiers as your friendships still able to hide from the worth the artillery. so that was really a sense now that they are trying to push home that advantage and to take medical instant charges as soon as possible to free up troops to then be able to attack for the north a long or wide front on bus, in places where the cranium has been holding up pretty well in recent weeks and how credible others allegation said that russian forces used chemical weapons.
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so far, we just getting those reports from those ukranian battalions that are effective. they say a number of people who were given medical treatment with stinging and their eyes, their throats, they were having problems breathing. it seems like no one has lost their lives in this alleged attack. but it doesn't surprise anyone. this is something that, you know, even the western internet services have been preparing for sending ukraine large amounts of equipment to deal with chemical attacks. and after all, now have to remember that the russian general in charge of this war has previously been in charge of us and forces in syria, a conflict where chemical weapons where you can civilians. there's definitely expectation here that that is not off the table. and that is something that could be used by the russian side if they feel like they're not making progress fast enough. ok, thank you for that. i nic accommodate in khaki. now that ukraine has re captured the region around the capitol, military analysts believe the port city of a desa is high on vladimir potent new list of military targets. in the past few
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days, the data has been hit repeatedly by russian missiles. the situation that is tense, residents are ready to defend their city even underground. as young philip shots reports, the road to safety leads deep beneath odessa, more than 20 meters below the port city is a 2500 kilometer long tunnel system. nobody knows this underground labyrinth better than engineer roman moser and his friend, alexander, when the 1st to rocket said odessa, the pair began, converging the tunnels and to shelters almost every night. dozens of families seek refuge here during air, rage alerts. we're really deep on to ground and we don't, he has explosions on the surface. the whole house is shattering. the windows shattering is so very scary and he had children behaves him very calm. the tunnel system is actually an old curry where limestone was minds more than 100
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years ago. since then, they've provided a retreat for gangsters and soviet troops during the 2nd world war, the channels were used as a hide out for resistance fighters. their messages are still on the walls today, dated 1941. the scepter comes for used by partisans to fight against nazi. and nowadays we also use this get to comp in this war is new war. and i think in, sometimes in some time further, we have to write new inscription here, 2022 above the ground. odessa, residents are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain some kind of normality . the city was supposed to celebrate its world war to victory over the nazis last weekend, but the events were cancelled for security reasons. instead of 36, our curfew was imposed. it's a very bitter irony at
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a time when people in odessa should be celebrating the anniversary of their liberation from the nazis. they have to get prepared for another possible attack. but just like more than 80 years ago, the people here are ready to defend their city to the last. the security forces in odessa, a looking with concerns was of a black see cities where the fighting has been intensifying. many military analysts believe hootin is planning to cut ukraine off from the sea duck. odessa, odessa is a very important city. we call it the pearl of ukraine. it is also a port city. this is why it's so crucial for us. and of course, also for the enemy, for putting which in the best wish roman missouri fears defending odessa will involve many more nights spent. underground is even started to install an internet network in the tunnels. in preparation for a possible long bachelor, had
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a plan for german president frank alpha shy my to visit keith have been abandoned after he merged that he is not welcome in the ukrainian capital peasants shy my, whose role is largely ceremonial, encourage close relations with russia and he was german foreign minister, and last week admitted that had been a mistake. he commented on his canceled trip today during a visit to poland. my colleague on fonder bonus has not president my colleague and friend polish president. andre duda recently suggested that the 2 of us, together with the presidents of estonia, latvia and lithuania, travel to key of to send a strong signal of joint european solidarity with ukraine at midday. o'connor says and none so that i was ready to do that. but apparently and a half to take note that was not wanted by keith. let us in here nick, good seymour on this from t
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w little correspondent to benjamin alvaros group of welcome benjamin. so why this apparent snap for the german president? so this comes exactly due to this close. now this frankly, franklin stein maya has back to the time when he was germany is foreign minister held a very close relationship to this russian counterpart there. j lover of also a really good relation to now for my chance, the gach florida, who's links to russia to the kremlin well known. and he goes even further to that because a stand may had repeatedly, also defended the controversial gas pipeline notes dream to and many see him is one of the architects of germany's russia friendly relationship of trying to build the bridges. as you mentioned, stan maria, and last week apologized saying that germany should have taken a more cautious approach when it comes to russia. but of course, this was also shocking for many that he will not be able to go to ukraine as it was
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planned. that according to the a media reports by german tabloid. it. ok, so that's the german present. meanwhile, the german chancellor, olaf sholtes is facing mounted pressure. mounting pressure to go to keep like many of his european colleagues. is he also likely to be persona non grata? that's a very good question, while many a saying that even if he is welcomed there would he go, considering that germany had of state could not go in to meet a president, lensky and person. but i think there are several reasons. he, of course, the pressure for all of shows to go there to go to keith, to show solidarity in person to meet the ukrainian president. and there are several things that have to be seen on one side. many people are saying that he should take a more active role and also not promise, but it also take action when it comes to all a gas imports from russia. also, when it comes to the deliveries of weapons that for a minister bab, has repeated for heavy weapons for ukraine. so of course the pressure is growing
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here in berlin, fall off shore to go there after several other european leaders boys. johnson, for example, the president of the european commission was a funder line. joseph barrell visited ukraine and showed the solidarity and also to their support. a to ukraine, but if it's not, it's not still clear. if scholes will even make that trip when he visited boris johnson in london, there was even a question during a press conference. but he does that saying that if he goes to ukraine, also due to security concerns, of course em people and the public would also know. but with this new turn with a frank fighter stymie who is accused of being too close in snapped also by being too close to russia. of course, that's an argument less for all of scholes to actually go to the ukrainian capital anytime soon. ok, thank you for that. benjamin alvarez cooper. we'll take a look at some stories away from the war in ukraine and start in the united states
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were 16 people have been injured during a shooting and the new york subway attack took place. you in the morning commute in brooklyn, or sorry to say none of the interest is life threatening security agencies or hunting the suspect. what his prime minister barak johnson and his finance minister wishes sumac had been fined for breaching covey. 19 regulations of lease have been investigating a several gatherings of government offices during a lockdown in what has become known as the party gates scandal, opposition parties calling on both men to resign. dozens of people have died in floods and mud slides after days of heavy rain in and around the south african secure durbin of luther's is expect the death told to rise. storms have shut down, major roads and lance lives have led to the suspension of train services across was zulu without problems gotten the state of virginia has begun. here in the defamation case, brought by hollywood star,
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johnny depp against amber heard. he's suing his ex wife and fellow act of a $50000000.00 for allegedly damaging his reputation and career with false claims was heard, wrote a newspaper piece in 2018, saying she was a survivor of domestic abuse without naming her ex husband and re to police officers shot and killed a palestinian today in the coastal city of ash cologne. it's the latest in a series of deadly incidents involving the israelis and palestinians. tensions are particularly hires muslin, jewish and christian holidays converts this week. theory, more bloodshed. israel continues to ramp up its counter terrorism efforts in the occupied westbank. the situation in the region has been increasingly tense after palestinian launched attacks in israel. the left, 14 israelis dead in recent weeks, within the same period about the same number of palestinians, including assailants have also died. one of them was 17 year old mohammed, sir karney israeli officials say was involved with his family in an exchange of
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gunfire with israeli forces. hundreds of palestinians came to mourn him in the west bank. the army is spiteful of every palestinian. they just kill any one they come across as a hateful army. oh good. all we're human rights groups and some officials have accused israel of using excessive force. in some cases they say the israeli army has injured or killed people who are not involved in violence. all of this comes during the muslim holy month of ramadan when tensions tend to run high last year classes during ramadan letter 11 days of war and the hemisphere. old gossip straight this year ramadan coincides with pass over a major holiday for juice, which might add even more tension. this is day that we news live from by then his reminder of our top story. russia's assault on the besieged port of mateo. paul appears to be answering a decisive phase. u. s. military analysts say russian forces amelion full control of the 50 unclosing, an on trapped ukrainian forces. i set you up to date. well,
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well, here's the top of the, our next up on the w dot film looks the relationship between britain's queen elizabeth the 2nd unhooked prime ministers of the day. thank you. time for an experiment about time. it can be measured precisely. and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time time phenomena, a dimension and illusion about time starts april 14th on d, w. i.


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