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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 12, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin to night, with mario pole in ruins, another ukrainian city fears that it is next on fountains list. the port of odessa is taking more hints from russian attacked president are pending their hopes on the cities vast network of tunnels to help them survive any future onslaught. also coming up despite significant setbacks, russian, president putin says that his forces in ukraine will prevail against what he
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describes as the anti russian enemy. and germany's president abandoned the plans to visit the ukrainian capital after he's told you're not welcome here. ah, i've regard to our viewers watching on p b s in the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. now that ukraine has recaptured the region around the capital. keep military analysts believe that the port city of odessa is high on vladimir putin's new list of military targets. over the past few days of desa has been hit repeatedly by russian missiles. the situation is tense but residence they are saying that they are ready to defend their city even if it means going underground or corresponded john phillips sholtes reports to night. the road to safety leads deep beneath
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odessa, more than 20 meters below the port city is a 2500 kilometer long tunnel system. nobody knows this underground labyrinth, better than engineer roman mouser and his friend, alexander, when the 1st to rocket said odessa, the pair began converging the tunnels into shelters almost every night. dozens of families seek refuge here during air. rage alerts were really deep underground and we dont he has explosions on the surface. the whole house is shattering. the windows shattering is so very scary and he had children behaves him very calm. the tunnel system is actually an old curry where limestone was minds more than 100 years ago. since then, they've provided a retreat for gangsters and soviet troops during the 2nd world war, the channels were used as a hide out for resistance fighters. their messages are still on the walls to day
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dated 1941, this catacombs for used by partisans to fight against nazi. and nowadays, we also use this get to comp in this war is new war. and i think in, sometimes in some time further, we have to write new inscription here, 2022 above the ground. odessa, residents are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain some kind of normality . the city was supposed to celebrate its world war to victory over the nazis last weekend, but the events were cancelled for security reasons. instead of 36, our curfew was imposed. it's a very bitter irony at a time when people in odessa should be celebrating the anniversary of their liberation from the nazis. they have to get prepared for another possible attack. but just like more than 80 years ago, the people here are ready to defend their city,
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to the last. the security forces in odessa, a looking with concern towards other black see cities where the fighting has been intensifying. many military analysts believe putin is planning to cut ukraine off from the c. tucker this at sir, or desa is a very important city. we call it the pearl of ukraine. it is also a port city. this is why it's so crucial for us. and of course, also for the enemy, for putting which in the best wishes. roman mouser, fierce defending odessa will involve many more nights spent. underground is even started to install an internet network in the tunnels. in preparation for a possible long bachelor had a possible long barrel ahead. let's go now to our correspondent rebecca, readers. she is in the western ukrainian city of levine to night is good to see you rebecca. let's talk a little bit about the important city of odessa. what are you hearing from that
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city, particularly about it being possibly the next target over in a day sir, is a city that's been preparing for an attack since the very beginning of this war. so far though, it has largely escaped the worst of the fighting. as you've been reporting, we are seeing slight intensification. and definitely it is a key strategic key city that the russians want to take. as russia now moves it attention and focuses on that south eastern region, the re, to the dumbass and the southern regions where a desiree situated on the black sea. we can definitely expect odessa are expecting that those attacks will intensify on friday. for example, russian reported that it destroyed a center that was set up for farm and mercenaries there and, and, and other attacks as well. but ukraine said today that they haven't seen any
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preparations for a landing operation from the black sea as yet. although they also did say yesterday that they were worried about a potential attack coming from western territory. and moldova country, situated just on the border with ukraine right near odessa. there is a small area in there called trans mystery, and that's actually been under russian controls in the ninety's has about 1500 russian soldiers in the ukrainians are worried that they may try and use though. so does mobilize them to try and in circle troops that would be there protecting odessa. let me ask you a little bit about another port city and that is more your pulled up today. there were reports, allegations made that a chemical weapon may have been used in this city. what more do we know about that to not that's right. actually. those reports were coming in late last night that there was potential chemical weapons used. there are 3 soldiers of what's known as the as of battalion, the ukranian battalion, that
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a defending that city at 3 soldiers were reportedly had reportedly had symptoms of a chemical attack. those reports to night still remain unconfirmed. it would be a definite escalation in the war here in ukraine. now it's really difficult to get real time information out of that city of mary paul communication has been out there for more than 4 weeks. we do know that it's been under heavy bombardment since the beginning of this war. there a still more than a 100000 people trapped there without access to, to food, to electricity, to clean drinking water. more crucially, presidents lensky put the figure of people have been killed there in the 10s of thousands. now, it's hard to to verify that yet without any access to the city. but some of the people i've been talking to who have managed to escape from mary paul, the stories a so horrific. it's hard to imagine that those estimations are very far off,
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but it should, that chemical weapons attack be confirmed. it would be a definite escalation. i escalation in the record, readers of the williams to night from the western ukrainian through the us will be rebecca thanks foolish. president boots and today insisted that his country's military campaign in ukraine will continue and that it will succeed. speaking after talks with his ally, bella risdon leader, alexander lucas jenko potent described talks with keith as being at a dead end. he went on to claim that his country is withstanding what he calls the blitzkrieg of western sanctions. and he said that rising prices, inflation will put pressure on western leaders, ms lamps to she warden. we know that today our offices are taking part in a special military operation in dumbass in ukraine, which meddled nobody's helping the dumbass people's republic. so just to know they're acting bravely, you professionally, that you under effectively using the most modern weapons that's have unique
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characteristics you may analogous characteristic. or earlier i spoke to the w, russia expert in corresponding konstantin egerton. i asked him, what more we know about the meeting between putin and lucas jenko today? well, i think 2 large extent ah, what we usually know about ah, lucas shanklin, hooton's meetings. they usually in the last few months at least consist of 2 thanks . lucas shenker asking potent for money, including asking lucas shingle for support in the war with the crime. because, of course, in a certain way bellows, as we know. ah, you know, it was a breach had from which, at least some russian columns crossed into ukraine. and i suppose that this kind of work and you shall bellows as a staging point. who put his military. it's still very important for him that they went to the far east and showed off. they are so dogma or cool in
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front of the equipment of the launching pad or for the actual space program is i think, a way to show that are even in such turbulent times, the 2 presidents, the, to the 2 dictators. we can say a basically we're doing business as usual. they are, they are preparing even to launch as put in saturday to launch grokked into space. so it was an it, an attempt to show all solidarity of the turing solidarity and also defiance vladimir putin talking about international sanctions. his saying that russia will not be isolated, take a listen to part of what he said. i mean, is it, we're not going to be isolated. no one can be isolated in the modern world. moreover, it's impossible to do with any country as huge as russia. so we will work with
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partners who want to cooperate with goes to teen. maybe mr. potent doesn't realize that size does not always matter here. i mean, who is going to want to cooperate with russia considering what is happening now in ukraine? well, not a lot of come through the really want to corporate. so i think a very interesting news today was that who away the chinese all line johns removed some of the russian banks from its store. and that is china, which is supposed to be one of the rushes closest allies in this war again. so i think, but i mean look, if you will ride it will put in would have said the same thing, such circumstances in toronto to be cameras has to say that everything is going according to plan that nothing is wrong and that the russians can sleep, call me in their beds because you know, the world is going to the rest of the world apart from where you're going to come
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to their rescue. but i think it's still too early to say what effect the sanctions will have on russia. some of them are designed for quite a long term effects. and for example, even those who are those companies that are going to quit russia now, those who are unemployed, they will still have to look at the job market and find that there are no job to realize that they're not. they're not doing well and that they're in the fix. so everything takes time. but look, there is nothing surprising put, has been saying will be okay from the one of this. so called special operation and constitute i have to wonder the russian public. i mean, how are they reacted to this war as you say, that they're going to one day maybe discovered that this war means that they are losing their jobs? well, they will be losing much more. but i don't think that this moment when, when the russian public realized what's happening is upon us,
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i think it will take quite a bit of time. because ok, as you know, opinion polls in russia unreliable such regime, people very frequently like to, to the post them because they think they're not talking to the postal. they're talking to the state box. i think back you can still say that's a lot of people who washer are still under the sway of the criminal propaganda. and essentially were put in did. he told the russians, if you can p law, all these kind of rhetoric about nato and nazi stuck with that. essentially it's, it is about good old test. the great power isn't. we are doing it because we can not because we need this is a powerful message that will have to take quite a bit of time. he died out w. constantine it tonight. the latest and with analysis. konstantin, as always. thank you. return now to butcher,
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near the capital keep and the sight of that massacre. people they are trying to bury their dead. the civilians who were killed by russian troops. d w. nick kindly met a man in boucher who risked his own life bearing strangers while russians patrol the streets. the mature, bare has a spare moment of boots, his main cemetery is one funeral after another. for now, there are only bearing those who died natural causes. if there is such a thing in war time, just a few weeks ago said he was driving the streets of boucher recovering the bodies of civilians shot by russian forces while their colleagues watched him. so muscles o, the hardest thing was collecting children's bodies who will be it just doesn't make sense. yes, i even recovered cyclists, bodies, people who were just out on their bags. one time we went out of town and found
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a car shot to pieces left inside the car where a husband and wife was just out to look for firewood. the russians didn't care who they shot at. what are you able to look over in boucher alone under the civilians lost their lives at the hands of russian forces. most of them was short while walking the streets in search of food. while local mental does he, since he was being watched through the site for gone. as soon as he left home, the dead was simply left where they had fallen. because of his in philadelphia was we arrived to pick up the bodies and suddenly they started shooting at us for some on hit me in the face with the butt of a gun. they'd been drinking and started shooting at us. why you level one russian checkpoint would let us come in and recover the bodies. but then at the next check point, you'd get shot at both. there was no coordination between them. it's a miracle where still alive, where on our 3rd van already all said his
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team would bring the bodies here to this churchyard where they had dug to lodge pits. with the help of a borrowed excavator, how many people he buried in total? he can't even recall, but at this sight alone, it's upwards of a 120. well my little hugo has some. it was total chaos. we weren't really counting carefully. we were burying people while we were getting shelled. of course, we were afraid, but we knew that no one apart from us would do the job, but i told them before we collected all the documents we could find and gave them to the police to look on with who was a while. several weeks on the bodies and now being examined, taken to move in here and elsewhere for forensic examination. the findings are expected to provide the basis for future war crimes cases being leveled against the russian army at the middle, the horror is also friendship unexpected places. when you were,
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we met during the worst of the fighting here. we didn't even know each other before the guys offered to help me recover the buddies they were willing to risk getting shot or bombed. where team? no, i can't see as giving these out we, we still have a lot of bodies to bury for, for william le message to day from ukraine to german president frank bolter stein meyer. you are not welcome here. stein meyer, whose role is largely ceremonial, encouraged, closer relations with russia. when he was germany's foreign minister last week, he admitted that this had been a mistake on the visit to poland today. each time i ended up cutting, that trip shortly returned to germany. he did not go onwards to ukraine. it was a conscious display of harmony when german president francophile to shine maia was welcomed by his polish counterpart on j. duda. anti plans to travel to ukraine together were also meant to send the same message. but after the talks stein maya
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made a shock announcement. my colleague on fonder bonuses dots, was it another judah, my colleague and friend polish president. andre duda recently suggested that the 2 of us, together with the presidents of estonia, latvia and lithuania, travel to cuba, to send a strong signal of join to european solidarity with ukraine. but then not so that i was ready to do that by the way, but apparently that was not wanted by t of on. and i have to acknowledge that others in here, mr. good. all that was left for the german president to say at the joint news conference following the meeting was distressed, that germany and poland remained close partners. then, as duda headed off to ukraine, stein maya boated his plane back to berlin. earlier i spoke with our political correspondence, benjamin alvarez gruber, and i asked him what the reason could be for this appearance,
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snub for the german press. there are several reasons for that by you mentioned already one fun file just i may, i was germany for a minute. i had a really close relationship to the russian for a minute. a says, a level off, also close relationship to the now for my chance, look at how good, who's known, who's close ties to the criminal unknown and not only to the german public. but stein my as seen as an architect of this russian friendly approach that germany has shown also during the years of on the local and so many a criticizing him as part of this establishment. and as you mentioned already on may, i apologized last week, admitting that germany should have taken another stands when it comes to russia. and i'm wondering what this means for the german chancellor off shore. i mean there is, he's facing mounting pressure to go to key like many of his european colleagues. is
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he going to be a persona non grata there even if it chance, lola shawls is not declared a persona non grata and could travel? the question is, would he, if a, the had of a state, if franklin stan mail was not able to do so, of course pressure is growing for all our shoals to go there to show solidarity and person to also meet ukrainian president lensky. that's what several european lead us half done after the russian invasion. we had the president of the european commission was a laugh on the line usa burrell, also a prime minister, boris johnson, who walked through the streets of care for many a saying that if all i've shown is actually declared a persona grotto, a persona non grata, depends on what he can deliver, not just for a photo opportunity, but actually also helping ways they helping ukraine not just with promises but with actions when we'll look at, for example, oil or gas inputs from russia also on weapons and heavy weapons that
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a foreign minister and alina bab, oak is now wanting in asking also germany to do so. of course that will have consequences on a possible trip by the german chancellor. he was even asked if he would go there if there was any solidarity trip in the pipeline when he met at boris johnson in london. but he said if there is a chip that would happen, of course, the public would known as always security concerns. when european deed us travel to a was on like ukraine. yeah. but it's an awkward situation now to say the least, benjamin alvarez group, but with the latest tonight richmond, thank you. in his look now, some of the other stories that were following for you is our germany sworn minister adelina bare bach to day paid a visit to the buddhist fare. troops were stationed in molly. more than 1300 german troops are stationed in the west african country. the mission began 9 years ago. berlin has yet to decide whether or not to extend the mission. france announced
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earlier this year that it will be pulling out its troops. british prime minister boys johnson has been fined for breaching coven 19 regulations. police have been investigating several gatherings at government offices, one during lockdown, in what has become known as the party gate scandal. opposition parties are now calling for johnson to resolve a court in the us state of virginia has begun hearing the defamation case brought by hollywood, start johnny depp against amber, hurt. now he's suing his ex wife for $50000000.00 for allegedly damaging his reputation and career. back in 2018. heard wrote a newspaper piece saying that she was a survivor of domestic abuse without naming her ex husband. in the united states, the morning commute in new york city turned into the scene of a mass shooting to day at least 16 people were injured during the attack in the
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subway station. in brooklyn, no motive is known yet for the shooting. the attacker is still on the loose awe confusion and panic during a morning rush hour commute in the hearts of new york city. at 1st there was a moment of shock. oh, did some of my friends. i didn't know hobbin i was. i was like, i was scared and i didn't know i didn't know to do. i didn't know i just got off the train. i stayed by some police officers and i just, i over the bus with the violence started on a train car traveling through a diverse working class neighborhood in brooklyn. witnesses say the attacker put on a gas mask open to smoke canister and then opened fire. the bloody attack spilling out onto a subway platform. i didn't know what was going on. i
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asked the lady, she said that she actually saw everything. what happened here? she saw a lot of people reading and she said she was very nervous with my phone from that of the tree. emergency crews rushed more than a dozen victims to to local hospitals wide gone. yes, we have 16 total patients. 10 of them are suffering from gunshot wounds, and 5 of them are in critical but stable condition. at this time, during the chaos, the gunman got away. he's described as a short, heavy set, black man, wearing a green reflective construction best, and a gray hoodie. we will not allow you to be terrors, little by a single individual it what the days. so do you book a suspect a lot that we will fine. no motive for the attack is known. but so far
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investigators do not believe this with an act of terror, but yet another mass shooting an israeli police officers shot and killed a palestinian to day in the is really coastal city of ash cologne. this is the latest in a series of deadly incidents involving israelis and palestinians. tangents are especially high as muslim jewish and christian holidays converge. this week. very marked lunch at israel continues to ramp up its counterterrorism efforts in the occupied westbank. the situation in the region has been increasingly tense after palestinian launched attacks in israel. the left 14 israelis dead in recent weeks, within the same period about the same number of palestinians, including assailants have also died. one of them was 17 year old mohammed sack harney, who is really official say, was involved with his family in an exchange of gunfire with israeli forces. hundreds of palestinians came to mourn him in the west bank. the army is spiteful
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of every palestinian. they just kill any one they come across as a hateful army. oh little were human rights groups and some officials have accused israel of using excessive force. in some cases, they say the israeli army has injured or killed people who are not involved in violence. all of this comes during the muslim holy month of ramadan when tensions tend to run high last year classes during ramadan letter, 11 days of war in the household, gossip street. this year ramadan coincides with pass over a major holiday for juice, which might add even more tension. you're watching the w news live at from berlin. here is a reminder of our top story. military analysts believe that the ukrainian fort city of odessa is high on vladimir putin's new list of military targets. the city is now bracing itself against a possible attack, including preparing its vast network of tunnels to be used as bunkers
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ah ah been festering beneath the surface. the ports of the netherlands operate as a mass of drug distribution center is the police and every day tracking down the ruthless mafia behind the skiing are good, but the criminals key casting their nuts even wider. a state and the power of the jugs mafia, tucson in 60 minutes on
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whatever it takes, 5 police my a deal we are, your is actually on fire made for mines with to disturbing signs that the war in ukraine could get much worse before it gets better. today, russian president vladimir putin said that peace talks have had a dead end, and he insisted that his forces will succeed. what would a russian victory look like? would it include chemical weapons? well that is the question tonight in the port city of mario poll. reports of a strange poison have not been confirmed, but ukrainian president zalinski is warning a new.


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