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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2022 1:00am-1:15am CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin despite significant sit back vladimir putin vows that he'll succeed in ukraine. and he says, talks with ukrainian officials over the dead and his comments. com. his cave investigates claims that a poisonous substance was used in the besieged city of maria poll. we'll talk to an expert about that shortly in washington. also coming up with my report in ruins, another ukrainian cd fee is that it is now putin's next target residents of odessa, pinning their hopes on the cities vast tunnel network to help them survive in the
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future onslaught. and germany's president abandoned plans to visit the ukrainian capital as a gesture of solidarity after he's told that he's not welcome. ah, i'm jared raid. thank you very much for your company. russian president vladimir putin has insisted that their kremlin so bloody offensive in ukraine will continue and will succeed. speaking on tuesday, putin described talks with keith as being at a dead end. he also said the russian economy is withstanding what he called the bleats of wisdom sanctions. now he's comments came, as ukraine said, it's investigating a claim that a poisonous substance was dropped on the besieged city of mary. jo paul president floated me. savanski said the with now needed to act to prevent such weapons from
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being deployed in the future. let's go straight to washington, now be in speak to michael or handling. he is a senior fellow and director of research in foreign policy at the brookings institute at welcome to d. w. let's talk about this. re imaged use of a so called poisonous substance in married. paul, what do you make of these claims and how can they be independently verified? is that even possible? great question. we can't. no, and of course it will require independent verification. yes, i think it's possible because if you can sneak out samples of soil where this allegedly heard, and course that requires bravery unlocked to get out of there. but it's certainly conceivable. i think that there is also every reason to think the russians might have done this. we know they have used chemical poison against their own dissidence in the past. we know they were not at all shy about working with president of syria
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even after he had used chemical weapons. and perhaps he continued to even during the russian intervention. there we have already seen president called the war criminal by numerous western leaders, including of course, the u. s. president, which then in some way unfortunately lowers the threshold for using chemical weapons because it is already considered a work criminal. he may feel he has nothing left to lose. and so for all these sorts of reasons, combined with the sheer barbarity of the russian onslaught, so far, i would be inclined to think this is a distinct possibility. but yes, we have to investigate further. okay, and you've talked about this barbarity that we've seen so far that could now possibly include the use of chemical weapons. if it was proven that that's happened, what would be the international response? you know, we're a little bit of a fix because we're trying to carefully calibrate all sorts of responses against all sorts of atrocities that have already occurred. and we're trying to hopefully make them, sir, not only as punishment,
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but as somehow inducement the president to do a deal and have some of these punishments lifted. so all that being said, i don't know how much fine gradation of response capability. we still have left. i think that you can certainly make it clear to, you know, russian chemical industry that they could be anybody found complicit in making these substances could be banned from future commerce with the west. if and when broader sanctions are lifted. you could again, further your investigations have put and his top generals under war crimes proceedings and invoke chemical weapons convention, stipulations for that and sort of build on what you're already trying to do with the war crimes issue. but i don't know that we can really execute a particularly compelling response for a war that we've all ready to stay out of militarily. now, i'd like to ask you about an article you've written on the heel dot com about the threats posed by russians. the violence technology to blood of blood amid the
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lensky. what are these threat specifically and tens lensky? stay ahead of them long term? well yes, i'm worried that the russians move away from keith and other places where they've been in the past that there's a chance that the ukrainians could let down their guard just a little perhaps stay out in public squares too long. perhaps use non secure or less secure communications. and i'm worried about a couple of things. one that russians could have left behind various sensors that would be designed to look for the voice patterns of president landscape. for example, if the somehow can be expected to approach a city square and give a speech, it might be able to figure out when he's there. or they might be able to use simple cameras that they put in certain places and found a way to sort of string enough fiber optic cable out towards their retreating courses. they can still see what's going on in certain location. on the minutes on the appears they fire surface to surface missile from bella rhodes or russia with
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a flight time of less than 10 minutes. then in the expectation, he may still be there. once the missile arise, or even use a drone that's activated by one of the sensors to pop up, not even have to fly from a distant location, but the pop up quickly, and then drop some kind of a weapon. the way we saw drones used in azerbaijan, in our media, in recent fights. so all those things are on my mind. and what they tell me is the president's what he needs to be awfully careful about his signature, about any kind of use a cell phone about his security detail because it may have a sort of easily recognized size or character and about staying publicly exposed very long in prominent locations, that was michael handling from the book brookings institution in washington. thank you very much for your time. my, my pleasure. thank you. now that ukraine has recaptured the region around the capital key is military analysts believe the port city of odessa is high on vladimir putin's new list of military targets. over the past few days,
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a desa has been heat repeatedly by russian missiles. the situation there is tense, but residents are ready to defend their city even on the ground. as our correspondent yon phillip sholtes reports the road to safety leads deep beneath odessa. more than 20 meters below the port city is a 2500 kilometer long tunneled system. nobody knows this underground labyrinth better than engineer roman moser and his friend alexander. when the 1st to rocket said odessa, the pair began converging the tunnels into shelters almost every night, dozens of families seek refuge here during air, rage alerts. we're really deep on to ground and we don't, he has explosions on the surface. the whole house is shattering the windows shattering as to where is kerry and her here children behaves them very come.
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the tunnel system is actually an old curry where limestone was minds more than 100 years ago. since then, they've provided a retreat for gangsters and soviet troops during the 2nd world war, the channels were used as a hide out for resistance fighters. their messages are still on the walls to day dated 1941. this catacombs for used by parties as to fight against nazi and the nowadays, we also use this cat, the comp in this war is new war. and i think in, sometimes in some time, 1st we have to write new inscription here, 2022 above the ground. odessa, residents are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain some kind of normality . the city was supposed to celebrate its world war to victory over the nazis last weekend, but the events were cancelled for security reasons. instead of 36, our curfew was imposed. it's a very bitter irony at
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a time when people in odessa should be celebrating the anniversary of their liberation from the nazis. they have to get prepared for another possible attack. but just like more than 80 years ago, the people here are ready to defend their city, to the last. the security forces in odessa, a looking with concern towards other black sea cities where the fighting has been intensifying. many military analysts believe putin is planning to cut ukraine off from the sea duck there said sir, odessa is a very important city. we call that the pearl of ukraine. it is also a port city. this is why it's so crucial for us. and of course, also for the enemy, for putting which in the best wishes roman mows are fears. defending odessa will involve many more nights spent underground is even started to install an internet network in the tunnels, in preparation for a possible long bachelor. het german president,
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frank. vitus jain maya has been told that he's not welcoming keith stein. maya, encourage close to relations with russia when he was german. foreign minister and last week admitted that this had been a mistake on a visit to poland stein. my ended up cutting his trip short and returned home. it was a conscious display of harmony when german president frank felt a shine. maia was welcomed by his polish counterpart on j. duda. and their plans to travel to ukraine together were also meant to send the same message. but after the talks stein maya made a shock announcement, my colleague and find bonuses that was it and other judah, my colleague and friend, our polish president. andrew duda recently suggested that the 2 of us, together with the president of estonia, latvia and lithuania, travel to cuba, to send a strong signal of joint european solidarity with ukraine. present notices that i
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was ready to do that but also, but apparently that was not wanted by t of on and i have to acknowledge that others in here, mr. good. all that was left for the german president to say at the joint news conference following the meeting was distressed that germany and poland remained close. partners then, as duda headed off to ukraine, stein maya booted his plane back to berlin. meantime, the german chancellor, olaf schultz is facing mounting pressure to go to keith. is he also likely to be declared persona non grata there? well, earlier we put that question to our political correspondent, benjamin, a valid alvarez group, a group of even if a chance, lola shawls is not declared a persona non grata and could travel. the question is what he, if a, the had of a state. if frank, that assignment was not able to do so, of course pressure is growing for all our shoals to go there to show solidarity and person to also meet ukrainian president is cilenzo. that's what several european
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leaders have done after the russian invasion. we had the president of the european commission was a law on the line, your sup burrell, also a prime minister, boris johnson, who walked through the streets of care for many a saying that if all of shoals is actually declared a persona grotto persona non grata, depends on what he can deliver, not just for a photo opportunity, but actually also helping ways they helping ukraine not just with promises but with actions when we look at, for example, oil or gas imports from russia also on weapons and heavy weapons that a foreign minister and alina bab is now wanting in asking also germany to do so. of course that will have consequences on a possible trip by the german chancellor. he was even asked if he would go there if there was any solidarity trip in the pipeline. when he met a boris johnson in london, but he said if there is a chip that would happen, of course the public would known as always security concerns when european leaders
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travel to a was on like ukraine. at least 17 people have been injured in a mass shooting in a subway station in new york. no motive is yet 9 and the attacker is still at large awe confusion and panic during a morning rush hour commute in the hearts of new york city. ah, at 1st it was a moment of shock, noted some of my friends. i didn't know how green i was. i was like, i was scared. i didn't know what i didn't know to do. i didn't know i just got off the train. i stayed by some police officers and i just, i over the bus with the violence started on a train car traveling through a diverse working class neighborhood. and brooklyn witnesses say the attacker put on a gas mask, opened a smell canister, and then opened fire. the bloody attack spilling out onto
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a subway platform. i didn't know what was going on. i asked a lady, she said that she actually saw everything. what happened here? she saw a lot of people reading, she, her student. she was very nervous with the dream. emergency crews rushed more than a dozen victims to to local hospitals wide gone. yes, we have 16 total patients. 10 of them are suffering from gunshot wounds and 5 of them are in critical but stable condition. at this time, during the chaos, the gunman got away. he's described as a short, heavy set, black man, wearing a green reflective construction best, and a gray hoodie. we will not allow your place to be terrors if nobody is a single individual. it why fi is searching for the suspect lodge that we will find
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. ah, no motive for the attack is known that so far investigators do not believe this was an act of terror, but yet another mast shooting. that's it from me, jared. read here at the w news. rob, what has all the business news up next going so i'm, you can that i want that tags and in the end is a me, you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this? with the smudges with lions of the what's your story. ready ready


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