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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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ah ah ah, this is the w news ly, from berlin. u. s. president joe biden accuses russian president vladimir putin of genesis. i call the genocide bite and says the kremlin is trying to wipe out the entire idea of ukrainian nationhood. meanwhile, russia vows to continue its military campaign until all its goals are met. residents of odessa fear their city is putin's next target, their pinning their hopes on over the cities vast tunnel network to help keep them
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survive any attack. and germany is president abandoned plans to visit the ukrainian capital as a gesture of solidarity after he's told he's not welcome ah go ahead, else as well, come to the program. you as president joe biden has said, he believes russian president vladimir putin war in ukraine, amounts to genocide by the said, put in was trying to wipe out the idea of ukrainian nation note. put in, for his part, says russia's military campaign will continue until all its goals have been met. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says the world must act now to stop russia from committing further atrocities. russian troops on the streets of murray. you, paul, russia has been accused of using benz chemical weapons against the city,
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ukraine's president admitted it is difficult to verify the claim while the city is under siege. but he urged the world not to wait to act. i'll let you know who, which in noon is given the repeated threats from russian propagandists of using chemical weapons against the defenders of murray. you poll even and given the repeated use of, for example, he phosphorus munitions by the russian army. if i say what the world must react, now what must react preventively? i don't know what to put unseasonal across eastern ukraine. people are fleeing ahead of an expected wide scale russian assault on the don best region. military analysts say the don bess with it's open to rain and lack of natural barriers will be harder for defenders to hold on to as to the outcome. it's find the balance right now because if the russians learn the lessons of the
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failure so far and could concentrate more force and could connect the raffles to the ground forces better and could so that it just sticks out. then they might start to overwhelm the ukrainian positions, eventually eventually got you going. russian president vladimir putin who has i, the don bass region for years. said piece was off the table in the family go, no grand ukrainian side moved away from its agreement in istanbul. now the requirement for security guarantees is one thing that busses and the questions regarding settlement of relations with respect to crimea. so i've asked to pull and don bass are to be taken outside the framework of those agreements. so we're back again in a dead end situation for all of us to do it as the russian army repositions for a renewed assault on eastern ukraine. as seen in these satellite images. there are fears the troops will leave many more destroyed cities like maria pole in their wake. all correspondence rebecca rich as is in the west indian crane and city of la
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v front. this is her assessment about the situation and mario pope, and the fear that the city might full soon, the ukrainian military a he's saying now that it's looking likely that russia will in fact, succeed in mary you poll. they believe that russia planning a strike of one of the last 3 cranium held areas, the as of steel plant, where thousands of remaining a ukrainian soldiers from the as of the italian, the now famous as of italian are holding out. and i mean, they have been fighting for this city since the very beginning of this war. it's a key strategic part that would link out rushes, easton, and southern france and create a much needed land border between russian held areas in crimea. and the don bassett would release a russian troops to be able to be re deployed and definitely would be seen as a victory for vladimir putin in what has otherwise been
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a rather shambolic start to this invasion. the ukrainian troops have been holding out. they posted a video on their facebook page yesterday saying that they will fight until the very end, but they are running out of ammunition. so just if and when exactly married, pull mindful still remains unclear about is looking likely and definitely would be seen as a victory for the russian side. rebecca, there were reports yesterday that chemicals. well, the chemical weapons has been used in mario po and novel them as events. he says that he is still not sure when will we know that's right. actually was in late monday night or so that we were 1st getting those reports of a potential chemical attack in mary paul they were met. those reports remain on on, on, clarified unconfirmed. 3 of those as of italian soldiers were reporting to has signs
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all the chemical warfare attack. and obviously that is outraged the ukrainian side and of course, international western governments as well that, that, that news remains unconfirmed. at this stage. it is the u. s. and the u. k. are of course, looking into their say, trying to, to work out to firm up those reports. i can't make you a chemical attack. would certainly be an escalation in this fights. and so far, chemical weapons haven't been used. and it isn't clear how are you crying would react or in fact, how other western governments might react to such news. that was c, w correspondence. rebecca ritter's report from the western ukrainian city of la vive ukrainian official say they've capture the fugitive. pro russian politician victim a betook is a close associate of flattery. putin. and is the russian leaders, most influential ally in you. but that choke have been under house arrest,
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facing trees and charges, but ukrainian authorities say he escaped off the rushes invasion. he was now re arrested in a special operation by ukraine's secret service. now that ukraine has re captured the region around the capital, keep military analysts believe odessa is high on vladimir putin new list of targets over the past few days. the strategically vital port city has been hit repeatedly by russian missiles. the situation is tense, but residents are ready to defend a desa even on the ground as our corresponded john phillips, shots reports. the road to safety leads deep beneath odessa. more than 20 meters below the port city is a 2500 kilometer long tunnel system. nobody knows this underground labyrinth better than engineer roman. moussa and his friend alexander, when the 1st to rocket said odessa, the pair began converting the tunnels into shelters. almost every night,
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dozens of families seek refuge here during air, rage alerts. we're really deep on to ground and we don't, he has explosions on the surface. the whole house is shattering the windows shattering as to where his carrying and her here children behaves. him very come. the tunnel system is actually an old curry where limestone was minds more than 100 years ago. since then, they've provided a retreat for gangsters and soviet troops during the 2nd world war, the channels were used as a hide out for resistance fighters. their messages are still on the walls to day dated 1941, this catacombs for used by partisans to fight against nazi. and nowadays, we also use this cat to comp in this war is new war. and i think in some times, in some time, further, we have to write new inscription here,
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2022 above the ground. odessa, residents are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain some kind of normality . the city was supposed to celebrate its world war to victory over the nazis last weekend, but the events were cancelled for security reasons. instead of 36, our curfew was imposed. it's a very bitter irony at a time when people in odessa should be celebrating the anniversary of their liberation from the nazis. they have to get prepared for another possible attack. but just like more than 80 years ago, the people here are ready to defend their city, to the last. the security forces in odessa, a looking with concern towards other black see cities where the fighting has been intensifying. many military analysts believe putin is planning to cut ukraine off from the sea duck. odessa, odessa is a very important city. we call it the pearl of ukraine. it is also
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a port city. this is why it's so crucial for us. and of course, also for the enemy, for putting which in the best wishes roman mows are fierce defending odessa will involve many more nights bend under ground. he is even started to install an internet network in the tunnels, in preparation for a possible long bachelor at the presidents of poland and the baltic states are on their way to the ukrainian capital keys for talks with president zalinski, germany's head of state on for the stein maya had been planning to go with him, but was informed during a visit to poland that he was not welcome in keith's. that's because during stone, mass term is foreign minister. he pursued closer relations with russia. that's a policy which he recently admitted was a mistake. it was a conscious display of harmony when german president frank vall to shine maia was welcomed by his polish counterpart on j. duda. anti plans to travel to ukraine
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together were also meant to send the same message. but after the talked shine, maya made a shock announcement, my colleague and find their bonuses that was it another judah, my colleague and friend polish president, and j. duda recently suggested that the 2 of us, together with the president of estonia, latvia and lithuania, travel to cuba, to send a strong signal of joint european solidarity with ukraine. present. not that i was ready to do that about it, but apparently that was not wanted by t of on. and i have to acknowledge that others in here, mr. good. all that was left for the german president to say at the joint news conference following the meeting was distressed that germany and poland remain closed. partners then, as duda headed off to ukraine, stein maya booted his plane back to berlin. while this little magic spots we cannot
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talk to dw responded, and nina has at nina. i will stand miles were rejection by cave received by political berlin and also the german public. well, a slap in the face that's for commentators here have been calling it is of course a lot of understanding for the horrible situation that ukraine is in. but this is still the german president we're talking about and he apologized last week late, but he did for his mistakes over the last decades in his positions as foreign minister in chief of staff of russia. friendly chancellor, at the time, gout shrewd as so the criticism by ukraine is directed at his behavior then not as to his behavior now. and so many german politicians here are now urging for this not to become a strain on german ukrainian relations. they're saying that warning that as solidarity might also dwindle with ukraine because of the treatment of the highest ranking politician here in this country. now there are some who are worried that
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ukraine could be taking this to father. diplomatic standard shouldn't be forgotten and that it doesn't help anybody but mr. prudent. if ukraine snobs, its allies in the west and even mister clinch go. the mayor of ki, if has said that, he hopes that the trip has only been postponed and not canceled. now there are no reports that germany will send heavy weapons to ukraine, a major bone of contention, joan politics. what more do you know? well, this is of course something that termed germany has been heavily criticized for, for the lack of support in terms of delivery of heavy weapons. that is something that ukraine has been demanding for weeks now. and now we are beginning to see fair signs that potentially all the ministries involved. and all the coalition partners in the government could be moving towards their step. and this goes back to tweet posted by not a mr. nobody. and by and mark was father, and he's the defend spokesman for the free democrats of the parliament here. and that is
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a party that is in government with all of shorts. now if he posts something like this, it is highly likely that he's pretty sure even though we don't have confirmation yet. but we're looking at potentially a day where there will be an official statement in the course of the day that germany will deliver heavy weapons. to w political correspond nina hours of their thank you nina. and here's a round up of some of the other world news headlights. police in new york are searching for a government who said of smoke bombs and opened fire on a subway train injury. dozens of people. it acts of place you on tuesday morning commute in brooklyn. authorities have found and abandoned rented van and are seeking a person of interest. shanghai streets remain mostly empty as police warm though punish anyone, violates the cities stricter on of ours locked down. more than 25000000 residents have been ordered to stay at home and cars have been banned from rose. with few exceptions. shanghai is now battling china's biggest cove with 19 outbreak since
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the start of the pandemic. and that's it from may a me on the teen for this are up next is all doc film, looking of queen elizabeth and her relationships with britain's prime ministers. don't miss that. there will be a news update on at the top of the hour. i'm gabrielle f. as in berlin, many thanks for watching. ah, a thought they were great, you know .


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