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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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i also in book form with this is d w. news live from berlin, u. s. president joe biden accuses russian president vladimir putin of genocide. i call the genocide biden says the kremlin is trying to wipe the entire idea of ukrainian nationhood. meanwhile, russia, if i was to continue its military campaign until all its goals are met and germany's president abandons plans to visit the ukrainian capital as
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a gesture of solidarity after he's told he's not welcome. ah, i'm pablo for lily as welcome to the program. u. s. president joe biden has said that he believes russian president vladimir putin's war in ukraine amounts to genocide. it's the 1st time the u. s. leader has used a term to describe hooton's actions in ukraine. biden emphasized that it's his personal view and that the legality of russia's actions would ultimately be decided by lawyers. yes, i call the genocide to become clear, clear. but good. trying to write about the idea of the baby brain and the evidence of mary different awards last week. the more evidence is coming out of the little
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a horrible thing that the russians have done in ukraine. and we can only learn more and more about the devastation. ukraine says it cannot confirm russian media reports that marines defending the besieged port city of mattie, you pull, have surrendered. speaking to estonia is parliament ukrainian president followed the mate? it's lansky repeated allegations that russia is using phosphorus bombs, as part of its military campaign. he said the world must come together to stop the kremlin war on ukraine. russian troops on the streets of murray, you pull. russia has been accused of using band chemical weapons against the city, ukraine's president admitted it is difficult to verify the claim while the city is under siege. but he urged the world not to wait to act. i'll let you know which in new numbers, given the repeated threats from russian propagandists of using chemical weapons against the defenders of murray. you poll even and given the repeated use of for
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example, he phosphorus munitions by the russian army. by single gonna, the world must react. now what must react preventively. i didn't know about it, but of them did not. across eastern ukraine, people are fleeing ahead of an expected wide scale russian assault on the don best region. military analysts say the don bess with it's opened to rain and lack of natural barriers will be harder for defenders to hold on to as to the outcome. it's find the balance right now because if the russians love the . busy lessons of the failure so far and could concentrate more force and could connect the raffles to the ground forces better and could so that it just sticks out. then they might start to overwhelm the ukrainian positions. eventually, thanks, forgotten, you. russian president vladimir putin who, who has i, the don bass region for years said piece was off the table in the family. going ok
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is ukrainian side moved away from its agreement in istanbul. now the requirement for security guarantees is one thing. and the questions regarding settlement of relations with respect to crimea will suffice to pull and don best or to be taken outside the framework of those agreements. so we're back again in a dead end situation for all of us to do it as the russian army repositions for renewed assault on eastern ukraine as seen in these satellite images. there are fears the troops will leave many more destroyed cities like murder, you pull in their wake. we're now joined by our correspondent, alexandra phenomena, who's in keith. alexandra could to see you. now. mario paul has been under constant attack and there are reports that it's ukrainian defenders fear the soon. they'll fight their last battle. what more can you tell us? well, it seems that the russian forces are intensifying their assault on the port city of mar, you pull, and it seems that they are ready and determined to capture the city at any cost.
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because of course, they're trying to secure a land which between their forces in the annex crimea and the russian army in the eastern part of ukraine. according to the cities mayor, up to 20 or more than 20000 civilians were killed in mar, you po. of course we cannot verify this information because we do not have any access to the city. and we cannot verify russian claims either according to the russian or defense ministry, more than $1000.00 members of the ukraine, an armed forces, mo, you will have surrendered, are being held capture that is an inflammation, a claim that was not confirmed by the ukraine and government instead, one of president zelinski advisors was quoted as saying that some members of the ukraine enforced in mutual, we're able to link up with our very equation forces in the city. so as you,
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as you understand, it's very, very difficult to verify any information coming out of my you pull at the moment, alexandra, tell us about the significance of jo biden's use of the word genocide for the ukranian president. it is, of course, very significant because the ukrainian president has been accusing russia of carrying out a general site against his people for quite a while now. and now to, to hear from the you as president that he also thinks at that early russia's actions in ukraine could amounts to a general size genocide against ukrainians. it's very important, it could mean more deliveries of weapons to ukrainian more help. however, the key question is, of course, where the u. s. would be willing to change its response to the war like decides to send to american soldiers, and that is not very likely to happen because you asked for that. joe biden has ruled it out from the beginning. alexander will speak again with you shortly,
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but 1st the presidents of poland and the baltic countries are on their way to the ukrainian capital key for talks with presidents zalinski, germany's head of state fine valdosta maya had been planning to go with them, but was informed during a visit to poland that he was not welcome in keys. that's because during shy my as term as foreign minister, he pursued closer relations with russia. a policy which he recently admitted was a mistake. it was a conscious display of harmony when german president frank vall to shine maia was welcomed by his polish counterpart on j. duda. anti plans to travel to ukraine together were also meant to send the same message. but after the talked shine, maya made a shock announcement. my colleague on fonder bonuses that was it, and on their judah, my colleague and friend, our polish president and j. duda recently suggested that the 2 of us, together with the presidents of estonia, latvia and lithuania, travel to cuba,
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to send a strong signal of joint european solidarity with ukraine. present notices that i was ready to do that about it. so, but apparently that was not wanted by t of on and i have to acknowledge that others in here, mr. goods. all that was left for the german president to say at the joint news conference following the meeting was distressed that germany opponent remained close partners. then as duda headed off to ukraine stein maya booted his plane back to berlin. ok, let's bring back carr, alexandra phenomena. so, germany's president is not welcoming keith. is there consensus on this in the ukrainian capital? you know, probably this is a really difficult to say. i talked to some of our forces, they told me they don't know anything about it. they don't want to come to come. and on that,
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we know that to the journal presidente has been highly criticized here for his close ties to russia. however, now we are hearing from one of president zelinski advisor saying that it was more about, well come in, somebody who really can make practical decisions like the german chancellor. because ukraine is hoping for more weapon deliveries from europe. so we are getting some mixed message messages here, and we really have to say that said the rejection of style. my as visits to key if was a huge offer on. and we have to see how it's going to play out in the relations between the crane and germany. due to view correspondence, alexander alexandra phenomena in keith. thank you. well, let's get the german angle on the story with tito view corresponded to nina has a hi nina. good to see. now how has the german public reacted to president? i'm i a being told he's essentially not welcoming keith. well, of course their story generated massive headlines here in germany,
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a slap in the face. that's words. commentators have been calling it here in germany . there's a lot of understanding for the horrible situation that ukraine is in, but this is the german president, the highest ranking, representative of germany that we're talking about. and of course, he did apologize am late he did last week, and essentially the criticism is directed at the time when he was foreign minister . and when he was chief of staff of russia friendly, former chancellor, gerhard schroeder, so many people are questioning that so solidarity with ukraine might windle here in germany. and that this could strain, potentially german and ukrainian relations. and you know, what does it mean for german chanter? all of schoultz now he's already been under fire. well yeah, the big question is, can he go to kia now and has some politicians are already saying that this is becoming very, very diplomatically tricky for him because of course his head of state has been
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embarrassed like that in public and internationally. and, and there's another thing, of course we'll have shorts, can't go on the symbolic visit. and ukraine has been very clear and it's demands towards germany. so it will have so it would have to have one of 2 things in his suitcase. if he were to travel to keep either the energy embargo where germany says that it can't wean itself off rush and gas as quickly as would be needed or the air supply of heavy weapons. and that is also something that is debated here in germany . but it is beginning to look alike and he could have that in his suitcase if he were to go to kia, very soon, dw correspondence, nina has a thank you. so the issue of whether to send heavy weapons to ukraine has been the subject of heated debate here in germany. but opinions both among politicians and the german public have changed, changed significantly since the outbreak of hostilities in january,
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russian troops were preparing for war. while ukraine begged allies to send weapons, but germany said it, history meant it could off our helmets, not arms. and the so effect immediately the that and will deliver $5000.00 homeless day crane. as a clear signal that we are on your side cited. it was supposed to be a gesture of good will, but it went down like a bad joke. then vladimir putin gave the order to attack as tens of thousands protested in berlin. the german chancellor lifted the weapons ban, citing anew reality. i'm bigger than that she than we decided yesterday that germany will supply ukraine with weapons to defend themselves. the u turn saw germany send thousands of anti tank and missile defense weapons. but as the war groaned on the coals for germany to send more dead. so to
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ukraine's president implored the german parliament between my to last support through my to keep the peace driven support ever ukrainian. stop the war, help us stop it, double machine, now ye zip in it. the horrors of boot sha, where not stopped, nor rama set to cushions and a legit torture evidence of potential russian war crimes undergoing pressure. berlin is now exploring ways to get old tanks like these on to ukrainian battle fields. german arms group right, mattel says the 1st batch could be delivered within weeks for a delegation of senior politicians visiting ukraine. they can't come soon enough that we need to clarify which weapons that ukrainian army can use is this important so that they don't get equipment which requires
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a lot of training. and we have to clarify this quickly because the weapons have to come. now if often listen, get sia from helmet to tanks. it's been a $180.00 and defense policy for germany. for ukraine it may come too late. well, here's a round up of some other world news headlights. police in new york are searching for a gunman who set off smoke bombs and opened fire on a subway train entering dozens of people. the attack took place during tuesdays. morning commute in brooklyn. authorities have found and abandoned rented van and are seeking a person of interest. dozens of people have died in floods and mudslides after days of heavy rain in and around the south african city of durban. local authorities expect the death toll to rise. shanghai streets remain mostly empty, as police warned they'll punish anyone violating the cities strict corona virus lockdown more than 25000000 residents have been ordered to stay at home. and cars
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have been banned from roads. with few exceptions, shanghai is now battling china's biggest cove at 19 outbreak since the start of the pandemic. well, that's it for me for this hour of next to business with steve beardsley. and remember, you can keep up to date on the latest news on our website, d, w dot com, or you can follow us on our social media accounts on papa felina. yes, i'll be back again at the top of the next hour. take care i nico is in germany to learn german. hello, benito. why not learn with him online on your mo bile and free the chef. t w's e learning course. eco's vague. ah
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