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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2022 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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yes, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, u. s. president joe biden accuses russian president vladimir putin of genocide. i call the genocide biden says the kremlin is trying to wipe the entire idea of ukrainian nation haute. meanwhile, russia vows to continue its military campaign until all its goals are met. also coming up, germany's president abandons plans to visit the ukrainian capital as a gesture of solidarity. after he's told he's not welcome. plus flooding in south
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africa, claims dozens of lives. president serial. or i'm a poser, visit some of the worst hit areas in durban and meets with families of victims rescue bruce search for the missing after heavy rain and much lights, sweep away homes and infrastructure. ah, i'm pablo foliage. welcome to the program. u. s. president joe biden has said he believes russian president that russian president vladimir putin war in ukraine, amounts to genocide. it's the 1st time the u. s. leader has used the term to describe putin's actions in ukraine. biden emphasized that it's his personal view and that the legality of russia's actions would ultimately be decided by lawyers.
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yes, i call the genesis is become clear, clear that brutus is trying to write about the idea of the baby friend of mine, the evidence of many different though of last week. the more evidence is coming out of literally a horrible thing that the russians have done. in ukraine, and we can only learn more more about the devastation. ukraine says a cannot confirm russian midi reports that marines defending the besieged port city of mattie, you pull, have surrendered. speaking to a stony as parliament ukrainian president valid made savanski repeated allegations that russia is using phosphorus bombs as part of its military campaign. he said the world must come together to stop the cremins war on ukraine. russian troops on the streets of murray. you pull. russia has been accused of using band chemical weapons against the city. ukraine's president admitted it is difficult to verify the claim
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while the city is under siege. but he urged the world not to wait to act all f hoge in. no one has given the repeated threats from russian propagandists of using chemical weapons against the defenders of murray. you poll even and given the repeated use of for example, he phosphorus munitions by the russian army. by people, the world must react. now what must react preventively? i didn't want to put it on, did not across eastern ukraine. people are fleeing ahead of an expected wide scale russian assault on the don best region. military analysts say the don bess with it's open to rain and lack of natural barriers will be harder for defenders to hold on to as to the outcome. it's flighty balance right now, because if the russians learn the lessons of the failure so far and could concentrate more force and could connect the raffles to the ground,
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force is better and could so that it just sticks out. then they might start to overwhelm the ukrainian positions eventually. thanks. got you. russian president vladimir putin who is i, the don bass region for years. said piece was off the table to so my go on ok. ukrainian side moved away from its agreement and nist envil. now the requirement for security guarantees is one thing that was and the questions regarding settlement of relations with respect to crimea sufficed to pull and don best or to be taken outside the framework of those agreements. so we're back again in a dead end situation for all of us to do it as the russian army repositions for renewed assault on eastern ukraine as seen in these satellite images. there are fears the troops will leave many more destroyed cities like murder, you pull in their wake for a closer look at the latest military movements. here's tito, he report her charles delroy will just a few weeks ago, ross were close to encircling the ukrainian capital keys,
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but in recent days the military map has been re drawn. the knots are about to show you come from british defense intelligence. and here we can see the territory that was controlled by russia up until late march, that was a month into the invasion. you can see the focus there around keith. but in early april, russia pulled back its northern groups, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, british intelligence as those forces and now being re deployed to ukraine's 8th as part of a push to take full control of the don best region. here's some of what's happened there in recent days. there has been intensified shelling on the city of cock heave . satellite images have spotted a russian troop build up near is you him. there's been a push towards crime, a talk that's the city where a missile strike killed almost 60 civilians last week. russia also attacked an airport need to meet pro, and they are close to encircling the city of murray a poll, which would give russia full control along the coast of the sea of as of will. now
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ukraine is also concerned about possible movements in the area of trans mystery. now that is a break away region in moldova, that is aligned with russia. and now ukraine says it is concerned that russian forces station there, along with local police paramilitary, could potentially invade from the west. and in circle odessa, another sign of the latest news strategy. the u. s. says that russia has appointed a new war commander general alexander devona cove. he headed the russian forces in syria in 2050, where he over. so a brutal campaign of bombing cities into submission. and in the latest ukraine invasion, he's been the district commander of the southeast region. his promotion is being site seen as another sign that russia is now making the se it's key target instead of q. but how effective will this new strategy be? well, according to some u. s. analysts rushes combat capability is being greatly exaggerated. many of its
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units are badly damaged and being patched together without much training. russia is also believe to be trying to recruit hundreds of thousands of new soldiers assigned that despite their setbacks, they are ready for a protracted war. t w's jo delroy assessing the situation there. will dw correspondent alexander phenomena is following the latest developments from cave, and we asked her earlier for an update on the battle for mario poo. well, it seems that the russian forces are intensifying their assault on the port city of mar, you pull. and it seems that they are ready and determined to capture the city at any cost. because of course, they are trying to secure a language between their forces in the annex crimea and the russian army in the eastern part of ukraine. according to the cities may or up to 20 or more than 20000 civilians were killed in mar, you po. of course we cannot verify this information because we do not have any
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access to the city. and we cannot verify russian claims either. according to the russian, a defense ministry, more than $1000.00 members of the ukraine, an armed forces, mo, you will have surrendered, are being held capture that is an inflammation, a claim that was not confirmed by the ukraine and government. instead, one of president zelinski advisors was quoted as saying that some members of the ukraine enforced in mucus, were able to link up with ivory equation forces in the city. so as you, as you understand, it's very, very difficult to verify any information coming out of my you pull at the moment, alexandra, tell us about the significance of jo biden's use of the word genocide for the ukranian president. it is, of course, very significant because the ukranian president has been accusing russia of
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carrying out a general site against his people for quite a while now. and now to look to hear from the you as president that he also thinks at that early russia's actions in ukraine could amount to a general size genocide against ukrainians. it's very each important, it could mean more deliveries of weapons ukrainian more help. however, the key question is, of course, where the u. s. would be willing to change its response to the war like decides to send to american soldiers, and that is not very likely to happen because you asked for that. joe biden has ruled it out from the beginning. alexander, we'll speak again with you shortly, but 1st the presidents of poland and the baltic countries are on their way to the ukrainian capital key for talks with president lansky, germany's head of state fine valdosta maya had been planning to go with them, but was informed during a visit to poland that he was not welcome in case that's because during shy my as
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term as foreign minister, he pursued closer relations with russia. a policy which he recently admitted was a mistake. it was a conscious display of harmony when german president frank vile to shine maya was welcomed by his polish counterpart on j. duda. anti plans to travel to ukraine together were also meant to send the same message. but after the talks stein maya made a shock announcement. my colleague on fonder bonuses that was it and other judah, my colleague and friend, our polish president, andre duda recently suggested that the 2 of us, together with the presidents of estonia, latvia and lithuania, travel to cuba, to send a strong signal of joint european solidarity with ukraine present, not that i was ready to do that, but also, but apparently that was not wanted by t of on it. and i have to acknowledge that others in here, mr. goods. all that was left for the german president to say at the joint news
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conference following the meeting was distressed, that germany and poland to remain close partners. then as duda headed off to ukraine, stein maya booted his plane back to berlin. okay, let's bring back a alexandra phenomena. so germany's president is not welcoming keith. is there consensus on this in the ukrainian capital? hello. this is really difficult to say. i talked to some of our forces. they told me they don't know anything about it. they don't want to come to comment on that. we know that the journal presidente has been highly criticized here for his close ties to russia. however, now we are hearing from one of president zelinski advisors saying that it was more about, well come in, somebody who really can make practical decisions like the german chancellor because ukraine is hoping for more weapon deliveries from europe. so we are getting some
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mixed message messages here, and we really have to say that sir. the rejection of stein my as visit to kia was a huge african and we have to see how it's going to play out in the relations between crane and germany. dw correspondent, alexander phenomena, they're reporting from cave. or we also asked d. w political correspondent, nina hazard for the reaction here in germany to keeps snob of german president shine maya their story generated massive headlines here in germany as slap in the face. that's what's commentators have been calling it here in germany. there's a lot of understanding for the horrible situation that ukraine is in. but this is the german president, the highest ranking, representative of germany that we're talking about. and of course he did apologize . am late. he did last week am and essentially the criticism is directed at the time when he was foreign minister. and when he was chief of staff of russia
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friendly, former chancellor, gerhard schroeder. so many people are cautioning that sir, solidarity with ukraine might windle here in germany, and that this could strain, potentially german and ukrainian relations. and you know, what does it mean for german chanter all sholtes now? now he's already been under fire. well yeah, the big question is, can he go to kias now and has some politicians are already saying that this is becoming very, very diplomatically tricky for him because of course his head of state has been embarrassed like that in public and internationally. and, and there's another thing, of course we'll have source, can't go on the symbolic visit, and ukraine has been very clear and it's demands towards germany. so it will have so it would have to have one of 2 things in his suitcase. if he were to travel to keep either the energy embargo where germany says that a can't wean itself off russian gas as quickly as would be needed,
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all the air supply of heavy weapons. and that is also something that is debated here in germany. but it is beginning to look like am he could have that in his suitcase if he were to go to kia, very soon, dw correspondence, nina has, are there? well victor, me at viet shook, considered russian. president putin's closest ally in ukraine has been captured in an operation described by security services as quote, lightning fast and dangerous. yet via truck had already been placed under house arrest on charges of treason. he could now be part of a prisoner swap. barbara, as the once high profile politician, now ukraine's most high profile prisoner president, val odom, is the lensky released pictures of victor medford took in handcuffs as he announced the news of the arrest. last month, the ukrainian government suspended, medford chuck's opposition political movement. he had taken an anti
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e u stance and wanted closer ties to russia. in january, the us put him under sanctions accusing him of plotting to replace to lensky in the wake of a russian invasion. he was evidently very close to the russian precedent. he even claimed putin as his daughter's godfather. med. that shook had grown rich from russian oil interests and his closeness to the kremlin. he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle owning a luxury yacht, last year or thirties open to treason case against him. but ukrainian officials say he managed to escape house arrest soon after the russian invasion. now president zalinski is suggesting that the captured med chuck could be handed over to russia in exchange for ukrainian prisoners of war. finland's prime minister says her country will make a decision on joining nato within weeks. santa marina is holding talks with horror, sweetest counterpart, magdalena anderson as their country's way of joining the military alliance. sweden
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and finland are not members of nato, but marine and anderson say europe security landscape has changed following russia's invasion of ukraine. they're now considering whether their country security would be improved through nato membership. let's say the decision needs careful consideration. if they're both indolent and sweden make independently their decisions regarding security policy arrangements, but we do it thus with a clear understanding that our choices will affect not only ourselves, but our neighbors aswell. are aims clear. we want to guarantee peace in the future for us and for a region for europe and to contribute towards thus aim with our own choices. we have to analyze the situation to see what is best for sweden's security for the swedish people in this new situation. and you want to rush into that you should make it very seriously. that is how i work. as the swedish prime minister dw
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correspondence jack park is following this story for us from brussels, which is home to nato headquarters. and we asked him to tell us more about finland's decision making process. what we've heard now from san mar, enjoying this press conference, is that they, the parliament will now start there. discussions on this and whether that would take a referendum in the country or not. it seems the finished president actually recently said that it might not take a referendum and that perhaps the parliament should should do it themselves. and that's because, as they say, overwhelming evidence that the things are now in favor of nato membership, different polls put it somewhere between sort of 65 to 75 percent of things after the invasion of ukraine on i'm now in favor of, of joining the nato military alliance and both of the leaders of swin, sweden and finland talked about the need or of the use of article 5 of nato's agreements of the treaty,
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which is one for all defense. if one country in nature is a type than all of the other countries come to that defense, it seems that they will start those negotiations. it's a delicate balance thing that has a 1300 kilometer plus border with russia and reese, just in the recent weeks. dmitri pascoe, the criminal space person though, said that if the countries were to join than russia would have to re balance the situation. and whether that would mean that russia would then put troops up near that border with finland. that would obviously be a concern for the people of offending as well. what about sweden, jack? well, from the sweetest point of view, i think we can say from that press conference, a slightly more reluctant and slightly more hesitancy in stock home day as well. do since, since the invasion of ukraine have seen a jump to over 60 percent of people wanting to, to join nato. there's also the question about whether that would be done by a referendum sweden's you commissioner,
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recently elvia hudson said that she didn't think that should be done. that actually referendums on necessarily the right way to make these sort of important national decisions. and also will remember significant decision in european union when britain decided to leave on a referendum through a slim margin where such important decisions perhaps shouldn't always be put to the people in the sense amongst these things. but certainly not what we're seeing is that the questions over nato membership, both of these countries hold what's called an enhanced opportunity partnership with nato. they are involved in some of the drills and some of the, some of that work, but not the discussions about whether they're going to join or really getting to the final points. steve of new correspondent jack park, weighing in from brussels there. well, to some other news now, police in new york city say they're looking for a person of interest who may be linked to a mass shooting in a subway station. they say the man, hard of, and possibly connected to the attack. at least 29 people were treated at hospitals
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for gunshot wounds, smoke, inhalation, and other injuries. no motive is yet known with the attacker still on the loose. awe, confusion and panic during a morning rush hour commute in the hearts of new york city. ah, i 1st knew the moon of chicago did some of my friends i didn't know would have been i was, i was like, i was scared. i didn't know what i didn't know to do. i didn't know. i just got off the train. i stayed by the police officers and i just, i over the bathroom. so violence started on a train car traveling through a diverse working class neighbourhood in brooklyn. witnesses say the attacker put on a gas mask, open to smell canister, and then opened fire. the bloody attack spilling out onto a subway platform. i didn't know what was going on. i
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asked the lady who said that he actually saw everything. what happened here? he saw a lot of people reading that he was very near with . emergency crews rushed more than a dozen victims to to local hospitals. why gone? yes, we have 16 total patients. 10 of them are suffering from gunshot wounds and 5 of them are in critical but stable condition. at this time, during the chaos, the gunman got away. he's described as a short, heavy set, black man, wearing a green reflective construction best, and a gray hoodie. we will not allow your place to be terrorized even by a single individual it what it is. so do you focus suspect a large remote firing? ah, no motive for the attack is known, but so far investigators do not believe this was an act of terror. but yet another
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mass shooting at least $59.00 people have died in flooding in the south african city of durban and it's on surrounding areas. days of record rainfall have also left more than 6000 homes, destroyed roads and bridges and other critical infrastructure have also been damaged by floods and landslides, hampering rescue efforts. the military helped evacuate residents from the worst affected areas, says african presidents, 0 run poser visited durbin on wednesday. well, for more on that were joined by our correspondent, adrien creech, who is in durban. adrien, good to see. you. could you tell us more about the situation in durban? well, it is quite shocking. i'm at one of the times where we had a landslide right behind me, but you can see there was the house here, right behind me that was just swept away the where 4 people insights grandmother
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with 3 grandchildren, one of the grandchildren, the wife of the. yeah, the pop, the way, the youngest one was just 3 years old and as you drive through job and you find many of these much like science where these things were happening, where people were killed, where people died and the rebel and how we still don't know the total, it ends up, the catastrophe that we're seeing here because they're working, build going on, people are still missing. so they still need to do in the next day to really see how many people pass away during the day and have prepared was durban for such a massive rainstorm group. that's not been, there's already a lot of talked and criticism against the government because the drainage systems obviously haven't been really invested in for a long time. the infrastructure has been delivered. i think some bridges just collapse. so there's been some criticism, especially because this is not the 1st time of flooding. it's happening yet. this is a rather regular weather appearance that happens during this time of the year, the last really heavy,
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flat where in 2019 about 60 people died. it happened in 2017 as well, so it's happened in the past and it will likely happen again. just last week, a group of scientists published a report about changing, wet weather, patents, and, and disasters in the southern african region. we have had major events in south africa this year, for example, in madagascar with the big tropical storm cycle and, and the intensity and in my aunt of these events has been increasing. and scientists are saying that just as a clear relation to the globe wanting a woman within. yeah. and how is the government helping those affected or the president to really i'm up with that. it's currently he's visiting the place where i'm standing at the moment talking to the residents, testing that need trying to held at the moment the government says the major challenges for wind all the week them but also to those who lost their houses. thousands of people are homeless, they lost everything, we talked to,
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some of them here with ending in the closes that they had on the very day. it's happened and now the thing and living at the school here at the, the government trying to system with feeding with housing. but it's going to be a long process that we talk to some residents who complaint already saying look when this happened the last time, they also promised lots of things and nothing happened. a lot of people are still waiting for you houses after the last. the last of that happen 3 years ago. and what's the forecast in the area looking like where the moment lucky me it stopped raining. hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine and that will help a little bit. but it will rain again over the easter weekend, and this is what people here kind of scared of a get about at the moment. it is not clear yet if the intensity of the rainfall will be absent from the before. but people here on high and the part is observing, obviously how the weather forecasts will change into the next hour. adria increased
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reporting for us in durban in south africa. thank you. you're watching deed of the news. here's a reminder of our main story. us president joe biden as cold russian president vladimir putin war in ukraine, genocide, biden said the kremlin was trying to wipe the idea of ukrainian, nationhood putin as i have to continue military operations until russia has achieved all of its aims. and don't forget, you can always get dw news on the go, just download our app from google play or from the app store. that'll give you access to all the data students from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news. and if you're part of it you story, you can also use the dw up to send his photos and videos of what's happening. that's a from me for this, our up next is our environment. show eco africa, including a look at reforestation intends in here. and remember,
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