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tv   Cool Clever  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm CEST

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next on d w, we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah, magic corner check hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot d w, travel off we go. ah, 5 people and nature are experiencing extreme temperatures and droughts in our cities each year threatens to bring brick or tate gum to. we've measured 70 to 80 degrees celsius on glass and steel ottoman behind. here it might be 30 or 35 feet with dense development concrete in ashville to become dangerous reservoirs of hayes
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. it's nearly impossible to cool them down. in the understood, it's a city of facades which reflect and tend to make the problem worse for libya, garza high temperatures, threatened now health. we need to cool down as ice. bear for say, if you have a gravel roof, make agreed for as long as global warming has been a reality. so has the strain of heat from our cities, but now garden as an architect, a coming up with some cool new solutions. with carson builds is 27 meters above ground working on europe's greenest tire ice. barracks is a passionate god, not with his green facade. he's providing and naturally conditioner in the heart of the city. if lots of fun gets anita leaves are starting to retract and slowly dry
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out non but thanks to our watering system, the vessel there are also fresh usa seabrook um ah, this shopping center is called clue bogan to named after dusseldorf, coon, excel shopping area. the 30000 horn beam plants said to cool to building to hampton noise and absorb carbon dioxide in there, fixed some of the plants are already feeling the heat. they're part of an effort to counteract increasing heat waves and gym and cities. a consequence of climate change, the whole means of only be for 6 months. so this still new. this applied by a special irrigation system. all nearly $35.00 degrees has it running with 5 leaders a day for the tubs, and 15 leaders per square meter. for the fishing, jamal spread out. spike. what's that? red outage most of the august?
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i'm sure it's a malfunction in the asset. supply will have to go to the basement and vented to to us in the system, uses a lot of water font nelson cubic maces a here, but it has enormous benefits to city residence. worth of, of that water gets turned into cornell woman. you noticed that when you walk around out there at one in the 1st near the facade, there are significantly cooler temperatures as well as humidity isn't so taken together. it's 5000 cubic meters of water. that the people of dusseldorf get back through the system accomplished is unlike of and unlike air conditioning, the plants don't blow out hot and into the city. heat increases have been traumatic from 961 to 1990. the average for july was 16.9 degrees celsius. in the 30 years after that, it was 18.3. an increase of 1.4 degrees,
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vamped in part one of glass in high summer. we've measured about 70 to 80 degrees celsius on glass and steel shuttle behind. here it might be 30 or 35 degrees if that i've been involved. if you look at the leaves school, they're structured in such a way that they can't get hotter than 35 or 36 degrees from the ice because the cells would burst them and the moisture would cool things down again. but if you know, but that's also why they have a cooling, a fax us of us. it's just how nature works. so i feel fortunate not one at night. you too can experience suffering. and martin phelps and his team still have what to do with the home, the implants, a few kilometers away at to source riverport, the landscape gardener is working on another project. he meets with architect christoph in hovan, he designed to proven to meet with him. unfortunately, mac, now about this, we don't jump right into it in the fall, but we take
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a look together and decide whether we could do it before the new leaves come in the spring. just, i'd like to look at it with you on site with it. i might inflicted some helps to pay, i have completed many projects together in an oven, and his architectural studio have focused on sustainable building since the $19.00 ninety's winning many awards. now he wants to shake up urban planning and how is bounded you when you build a house like this one, for example, when you're using up a piece of land and a piece of the earth, if you will. and you can think about the green mass that would be on the side as untouched forest. if you were to just leave it to its own devices for 50 years, the nation forces management. and so if we evaluate the ecological and social value of the nature that would otherwise be there, then we have to do something that compensates for us to and this does what, as long as it's like the roof with the home beam plants. but it's not just city centers, chimney's industrial zones need to become created to research is in once to land
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are about to take to the sky. and then what's the humidity you push to 90 percent 30 or 90 percent? evie schneider is doing a fine a with a check. it's going to be hot and humid day perfect for her project. the measurement engineer is going to fly over some specific industrial areas from the air, she'll use a thermal imaging camera. she get precise darcia from industrial facilities should be able to see the temperature values of individual companies, streets, and squares. these days, many industrial zones don't ever probably cool down in summer. the project is run by a non profit. the bonds, so had shown with funding from germany's ministry for education and research. the
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goal is to reduce heat from industrial areas, making the more sustainable. unless it does the alcohol cool, you can see that there is no cooling left. who is frightening was if you can tell what it built up areas like and whether there are differences, whether fresh air can pass through, whether trees or a river have an effect. and how permeable surfaces are you can see a difference between tara and paved, or if it's paved with granite, because that heats up quite differently. the differences are there to see the antecedents, the thermal images, a precise with cooling areas, blue and hotter pots red down on the ground. uncle valentin is in the book halt, industrial zone. mr. mal images help us. you convince local authorities and companies to make changes. because industrial areas are quite literally hot spots either. there anyone who knows industrial areas knows that they have many parking
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lots and a lot of wide roads for the trucks and lots of stationary vehicles. yeah. there's a lot of space that simply covered with asphalt, which also means there's a lot of potential to change things with rising temperatures, the heat in these areas increasingly affects the people who work here to in germany, around 56 hectares of nature and countryside lost every day that's the size of 76 football fields. the government had aim to reduce this figure to 30 heck to his by 2020, but that's now been postponed to 2030 this wild plant bed was only planted in the spring on co valentine is here to meet business owner cottage malik, and gonna t o groans timor. very good to see if the plants have already made a difference. provo at off my house,
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let's see what the airplane brought us have the read or it is the hotter it is. is the highest. and we're here. here's the bed on it. oh yes, nice and blue. oh, oh man. yeah, i understand. i'll come. you might think it's the effect of summer passing. but the cooling effect is still really big life compared to the street, which is bright red canada water. it was worth it happy. all right? yes. are there any other places where you think you could change a couple of things? yeah, of yes, one problem is that our office buildings are quite warm, letty pharmacy, and even more so on the production floor. sharlack is a medium sized family business that produces machinery. when temperatures outside your extreme welding can make the workplace seem like a furnace. current, malick wants to change that mental illness is that high when it's really hot,
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employees have the option of starting an hour earlier and leaving earlier in the afternoon. better working conditions. one thing, but if greener, industrial zones can reduce heat in the outer suburbs, it will also have an impact on the climate in the city centers. that's why the company aims to gradually replace seal surfaces with greenery. anchor valentine, also convinced the young entrepreneur to invest in a green roof. the 140 square meter flat roof is well suited to provide natural cooling right next to the factory. but i can see it's great that something like this is possible and these sorts of buildings oh, hold is one of 10 pilot municipalities aiming to transform new industrial states as response to climate change. young kim would wouldn't feel, well, what it's going to be a modular system again and i get like these boxes click together with just some
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matting underneath. and wendy's a kiss and the boxes will be lined up one after the other. your photo. it's easy to see advantage you normally rainwater would flow right into this drain, but this system can retain 20 leaders of rainwater per square meter flush loss. that's all god that will provide additional cooling. because the measurements show that the gravel, he was 29 degrees even with cloud cover. i think even these few plants a 3 degrees cooler. m e v i v. i'm not sure. of course it would be ideal if there were greenery everywhere. i will have to speak to the neighbors again that had come out to his book on a direct a vehicle. then it would have an effect on the street as just the 1st step. like every little step helps you to manage that fair, every little surface kind. the greening system costs around $70.00 euros per square
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meter, but the counsel providing 10 is the subsidy. it's a start in other places, such efforts have long been standard practice the singapore government, supporting targeted efforts to bring nature back to the city. the city state is a pioneer. it's been greening high rise building since the 1960 s mm. their gardens parks and greenery on all levels. architect thomas shrugged the research as the effects such buildings have on people and the urban climate. the unknown decor boy, the here at the interlaced complex, the arrangement of buildings contributes to optimal ventilation. a complex itself is already on a hill and we're also not far from the sea ice cream off the air. sure that there's always a very nice breeze passing through which is used at the level of the complex as
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a whole, to cool the outdoor spaces. but also in the individual apartments where you have really nice cross ventilation keeping the building. cool to support a few ha, ah, cinnapool require buildings to have at least as much green space as was cleared to make way for construction. otherwise, there will be no building permit shop for and his colleague also research the effects these green buildings hat society community garden. quite interesting. it's an extremely pleasant space for them to actually come together. they also do the thing about community cooking, where whatever produce, they draw up there. so it's a nice way off engaging them. all of these green spaces are open to the public. so the residents from the surrounding buildings can use them just as much as the people who live here. yes, of course, that increases the value of the neighborhood is where these kinds of buildings are
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located. origin thomas short for works at the future cities laboratory at the singapore university of technology and design. during the pandemic post employees are working from home they evaluate data collected from the building so often with surprising results themselves from vice for them. they want us all, for example, we look at what bird species are found to us victories. and we find that in terms of biodiversity on buildings like these actually perform much better the size of boy the course of this, even though they're densely inhabitants. and you also find a lot of bird species there that you wouldn't expect installed mister box. as well as great a bio diversity to buildings, helped to cool this surroundings. residents consume less energy and are able to enjoy new social spaces. ah dessert is a good boy,
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doesn't mind about i think these buildings are great examples of how dense and have a taishan can go hand in hand with quality of the space been up to one is irish, thus germany can also look at this combination as proof that density isn't automatically bad for the environment list. for the most part, ideas from singapore can be applied to jim in cities, especially the realization that mo greenery is a good response to climate change. at central construction sites, motion belts is working towards a green, a city. this high rise building is getting a roof of plants using compressed air. the plant soil is transported to the 9th floor. a logistical
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challenge. pills is one of the $160.00 employees at a firm based in the city of hooper town, which specializes in these sorts of projects. just give it out of everything will grow soon. right now it looks completely dry like it's just dirt on top of it. but the material is going to store water and then slowly release that vessel gifted lungs, them up from blue sudle to the cathedral city of clone. the top floor of this plant hotel will eventually be a small, far saw the great 6 floors up with no elevator at my door alley against me today, i have to check the plant draws the gray plant and boxes on the buildings. ruth and sides will soon be house me to high plants. likewise, if all by anybody of the duma kinds of wood, it looks very good. oh, the drains are clean and tidy as plant. then there is nothing in the way of it. i'm
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a, let's go around the corner again. yeah. belts is a meticulous planner. zima zip the 77 large trees were fuss about 380 smaller trees under since and a few 1000 shrubs and grasses and bushes and smaller plants of exit. to secure the larger order of trees, shrubs and bushes, belts heads to the netherlands. he's worked closely with the tree farm here for years. they share the same notion of quality. ah, this is no simple shopping trip, as well as martin belts in his colleague landscape architects and the investor are also involved in them with this. this is the northeastern side. i think the theories, the tree right on the corner there on the issue. and hopefully in that position,
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it's an important tree. mbc bodenal's dish on sophomore. let's take a look at it. it's this way. he's a victim. the tree farm covers a total of $500.00 heck tis. it's 4th generation family business. ah. was clinic. marcus cooper again, is the resident expert fellow, he knows everything about his clients on but yeah, you can already see the fruit forming books on that. so it's a 35 year old metal, a tree, especially tolerant to hate. marching belts carefully selects the right tree from the long row. the old, the tree, the more expensive it is. they can cost several $1000.00 euros. so there's some hot bargaining good near to your there'd be an additional price of $8.00 or $900.00. was me additional? yes or no way that honestly, that wouldn't be good value, but if he chooses another tree,
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we'll do that. they always come to an agreement. this is number 564. now your, your current cologne is heat wave central. something has to change. your cities won't be livable. any more. mm. the bill for the hotels trees is over. 800000 euros . good junky. oh, good. james. again, i'm b, m o. a the children of the st. marine kindergarten to stream could the 100 bad boy love and what are we going to catch? tadpole power. tadpoles. ok now war medi frogs. i hon. about close neither river im sure. in the rue region. a few years ago it was a stinking concrete drainage canal. it's now been re welded this year my ladder power, so i'll get a bucket full of water. oh,
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look at what's hanging there. adore it into the ball. yeah. yeah. my look, i got something here. i caught a baby nail my my get a magnifying glass. i is that a ripple bug. i again that i often come here to cool down. there is shade and the water keeps you cool too. i can feel the difference on us back when shown down in tennessee does the sea i'm crew like, man, you can see the kids eyes light up as they discover everything. you have a completely different quality of life when there's water around and the kids develop in a different way than 300 kilometers of waterways in the region of being rewarded
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here. get daisy and there are so many animals here when i'm impressed that everything grow. so fast, yeah, i'm the one about is part of the regional project aims to make waterways contribute to sustainable cooling. the kindergarten play area was specially designed by class yukon and only pet. so from the empty water authority, they saw that there was no reason for rain water to go into the sewage. instead, it floods the area and then slowly drains. so it provides both natural cooling and a cool place for the kids i have the internet is not enough. my hands are still wet from the hose and i can feel them getting cooler when i moved them 1st. so the fix, a cooler water evaporates and cools them. it's your, it's the same principle with our seepage system for doing that. water evaporates
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and cools what's around it. as i shot off of him, that's what we're aiming for. to harness the water and keep it here. so it cools things down through evaporation. it won't like to see until fossils killed by the portrait or she wants to harness 25 percent of local surface water in this way by 2040 in an effort to keep residents cool. ah, the same principle is being used in town to next door to the kindergarten. water is channel directly from the church roof into a sloping meadow. rainwater is a natural air conditioner, even on busy streets, to pass over just into a chandel. germany's water management and the population in general are going to face challenges from increasing climate change drought ins and significantly lower rainfall, especially in summer via else in the we're in danger of seeing drinking water being rationed from co, as, as or not after long dry spells fish of ice,
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there may not be enough water to meet the demands of industry agriculture. and the people think fossil fuel knows many places in the rural region, a completely rethinking how they treat and use water for over a century. the m shoe was heavily polluted, but that's changing. the river flows from dorman through the rural region for 80 kilometers. before joining the ry need didn't slacken in the future. waste water will be routed through a special close canal, while everything else will find a different way. that happens except we moved just under 700000 cubic meters of earth during construction and involved that of song against us. we really pet sullen steph shots off from the am sure water authority. we're also working flat out to restore the rivers flood plain ne ohausen in a traditional way. first, the plans a somewhat revolutionary just it's
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a flu. i'm unlike in the past. like is all today's ecologists give an approximate meandering path and then hope that the river and the water will find their own way . i'm going vixen. nature will do the work on it, and it will develop on its own animal. fortunately dish deputy national to spend the last 6 years rehabilitating the river for the vice warden. glen fleeces, where the little ringed clover came to visit us on the building side of the shipment . and i had mastered and bred successfully booted a foreclosure and had to boast when it had gone again. we could keep working along . so we do things hand in hand with nature on every step of the way. we should 1st with him, but if he is flooding will take place and perhaps the cooling flood plain reached as far as ohausen. ah, i can dusseldorf the 30000 wound being bushes of getting
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a last prune that survived the haste of their 1st summer. there for the leaves are starting to turn a ban. the shoots are battling great. um he did with his implants to help cool his id. he seems to be working with architect christopher indian who is placed in front of them under an item um and was it not resolved on the, on the, for the city of diesel door has many facets. even then, especially when it comes to the dramas of post war west germany, they got them gunston drama. fis deutsche and knock creek reconstruction. the new buildings going up in the fifty's and sixty's. oh bout lloyd bowed for sale. they say i were mad. it's clear, the city could use a lot more greenery on just like every german city or every city full stop yourself . there's no city that couldn't do with a few 1000000 more trees. people just have to push for it. well then it will happen that this bus, yeah, the clock is ticking, made catastrophic climate change out in
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a cities can only remain livable. that is a massive shift to put new green ways of building with
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who rushes attack on ukraine. how did it come to this? a conflict that's been brewing? rejected, spiraling, political interests, grievances and violence. which a tipping point in our escalating further war in europe? drama in ukraine. in 15 minutes on
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d. w. enter the conflict zone with sebastian. fresh allegations with russian forces murder, ukrainian, civilians outside care have rapidly found their way to the un general assembly. because russia really care what the world thinks about the invasion. my guess is rico moscow was a former deputy for a minister under a few other a 90 minutes on d w o. in many countries, education is still a privilege. tardy is one of the main causes some young children walk in mind jobs . instead of going to class, others can attend classes only after they finish working with millions of
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children all over the world can't go to school with we ask why? because education makes the world more. just make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, how long does a moment a war and eternity time? it can be measured precisely and did everyone experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time? time, a phenomenon, a dimension, if we know we won't live forever and illusion. about time
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presenting futures past starts april 14th on d. w with ah ah, ah, this is a w is live from berlin, mounting evidence of russian war crimes in ukraine. investigators 6 you bodies from mass graves and the international criminal court says the whole country is a crime scene. u. s. president joe biden describes the rule as a genocide on flooding in south africa, claims hundreds of lives. lots of people are still missing after a heavy rain and mud slides sweep away homes and infrastructure.


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