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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2022 12:30am-1:00am CEST

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as if there are different forms of time time, a dimension. we know we won't live for ever. about time presenting futures past starts april 14th on d, w. a . a. it's a contradiction at the heart of europe's response to the war and ukraine. you ascending ukraine weapons to help defend itself against russian attacks. but at the same time, the block is financing putin's war by continuing to buy its fossil fuels. 35000000000 euro was worth since the war began. european leaders are under
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increasing pressure to ban russian energy as evidence grows of russian war crimes. and ukraine will be cut off russian energy and at what cost to the block, which still depends so heavily on russian fossil fuels or a challenge for the economy. that's our topic today on made. welcome. now germany is particularly dependent on russian energy and has been pushing back against calls for a full you embargo on russian oil, coal, and most importantly, natural gas. she brush and gas helped germany for decades maintain its position as an industrial power house. now german politicians and economists alike worry that cutting off rush and gas will send the biggest economy into recession. large halter reports, everybody is quite greater. we are importing a lot of natural gas from russia still and down will be significant implications on european economy. in a short term, it discuss flores are going to be stopped. it is a big recession. no doubt,
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it would be a severe recession. we are, we're in a situation where i have to make very clear that every hour, every kilowatt hour of energy that we can save helps maggie hoofed. well, i'm doing my part and i'm turning down the heat, but that's easy enough. it's spring. the weather's gonna be warmer and over the next couple of months, most people will use a lot less natural gas than they used to over the last couple of months. or will that be enough? probably not. because households such as a small part of the equation, domestic heating accounts for less than a 3rd of germany, natural gas consumption, while industry accounts for just over a 3rd, the rest is used to produce electricity by trade and commerce and others. amongst the biggest uses of gas is the chemical industry. in the southern germantown of lou takes half an market leader, b s. f sprawls across an area of 10 square kilometers,
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37 terre. what hours of natural gas i use here annually. a mighty 3 percent of germany's overall consumption. almost half of that is actually used as a raw material. to make ammonia, for example, here in luc's half and b is f has even named is treat for it. it's that important. most of it goes into nitrogen fertilizers. germany's farmers organisation is concerned that natural gas shortage is now could lead to supplies of wheat, rape, seed, and important vegetables running low in 2023. experts say that the current rise and food prices could be followed by empty else next year. ah, natural gas is also used in the production of a settling now. you might have never heard of it, but it's in every thing you use in plastic rapport and cigarette butts in glue
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shampoo perfume. and yes, it's true. we should maybe use a little less of this, but it's still a fact we are using it and we cannot just wind down consumption. b s f says that it would be impossible to quickly replace natural gas as a raw material or as a source of energy. given the importance, the chemical industry plays in the german economy, accounting for 3 percent of g d p. not to mention related businesses down the product line. it's no wonder experts worry about the impact, although they don't think it will be catastrophic. everybody's quite loretta, we are importing a lot of natural gas from russia still and down will be significant implications on european economy in a short term abs. guess flows are going to be stopped, but we have already seen in the past months that europe is able to essentially
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reduce its consumption of quite dramatically based on high prices and also increased imports. allen g, quite dramatically as low. so m as of today, if we would continue with current imports and current demand reduction in europe, we would be almost able to make it live out russian guess. and so may be debt also makes or put in sing twice. before closing attempts, it is a big recession, no doubt, it would be a severe recession. but let's put it in perspective. further corona recession was with minus 5 plus a present, even bigger. and the corona recession was so i would say through astute economic policy. a could be handled and so with some preparation, good economic policy, this is something the german economy could were stand indeed, for large parts of the germany economy depends on gas from russia at this point. we can do without it, but the process to get there is going to be painful. painful,
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but potentially unavoidable, as the war drags on. one thing is for sure, a ban on russian energy would have far reaching consequences. one of those can be the worsening of the global supply chain issues that have plagued plague businesses since the pandemic began the term in chemical industry as warning that its production could come to a halt. i've got an appointment with a board member of the v. c i germany's chemical industry association. oh hello mr. o tana. hey, thanks for taking the time to talk to us if it was so is the chemical industry preparing to be able to operate without russian energy supplies in the immediate future? yeah, yeah, absolutely. just because the chemicals industry is hugely dependent on gas in the same year, it was in dickless. we're germany's biggest consumer of gas using 15 percent of the
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total volume office in boston. on dion or know, we're also unusual in that we don't just burn gas to supply our energy needs. and we also use natural gas as a raw material from any of our production processes. what measures are you taking care of with us as our casa for the washington? even yet it's buttons. the companies are looking at what other energy sources can be used as a substitute to power, their operation, which under the name but as for the raw material side, where we use natural gas and production, there's no alternative law in dive. if the gas stopped flowing, we'd have to draw down production. we can't replace natural gas as a raw material as it's but what does that mean for german industry? kidney stick in the us, north chemicals comprise over 90 percent of our value creation chains in all industries need chemical products as building blocks for their own products. if
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they weren't available, it would at least cause delays to production than the it's not hauled production completely. you go with the valve. so we're looking at a domino effect that would follow if you were to cease chemical production from one day to the next hotel, mong stood motionless. just the doors from one chip. yes. the problems we're currently seeing with the chip shortage in the auto industry are spread to other precursor materials. almost all. so if i no longer have the plastics i need to put in the cars all the more than i need to install and certain machinery or things like that any that will lead to production, shut down in the industry and in industries further along the chain that rely on those products that are 50 easy then how do you see the situation developing over the coming months or what's your personal opinion is yours? i'm bigger. if it helps me, it's not. i've given up making any kind of predictions, because russia's behavior is so unpredictable by oh,
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a fight. we need to prepare for the worst case scenario. but that's really the only thing that counts at the moment. oh, and that's what we're focusing on is i'm still not to worry about this. and just if it doesn't come to the worst case, so much the better in that room and then things worked out. okay. it was long. oh yes. yeah. but out for making some kind of meaningful statement about what might happen in the coming months. but i wouldn't like to say why, but i wouldn't be able to say he had to be on it. you know, it's impossible to predict under these volatile conditions. you find the phoebe dot lot, but the mr. horn tamela. thank you so much for joining us. if you have a great day that my pleasure. thank you. wild germany and much of the rest of the you. contemplate a future without russia natural gas, that is already in reality. in lithuania,
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thanks to its investment and liquefied natural gas, which has allowed the tiny baltic country to become the 1st you nation, to ditch rush and gas entirely. christiane puts alias reports another huge liquefied natural gas, or evan. g tanka arrives and drops anchor off the coast of la to india, fully laden, it can supply the needs of lithuania as 2 point. $8000000.00 people for around half a month. we are here and clyde pedo, which is the largest harbor in town and lithuania. the country can supply itself with allan g, which is liquefied natural gas, and thus become more independent from ross and gas that check out how it works. ah, i take a gas company boat out to pi, pettus, and g terminal platform out on the water to a terminal comprises a lot ship named independence. the upper right us managing director says it changed
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her country's fortunes. it processes the ellen gee and pipes it into the country's network. the most significant change happened there before the terminal. and after the terminal, before the terminal lithuania and the baltic states have been paying the highest price in the whole europe, approximately up to 40 percent more, just because we did not have an alternative. after the independent started operation of the region, the natural gas prices became just the same as in the western europe, the decision to name the terminal independence is telling. it means lithuania, no longer needs rush and gas, which used to arrive violent based pipelines. unfortunately, the ship itself and many of the port facilities on close to fermi, because of the ukraine walks out of fear of possible russian somewhat tosh. the rat tanker that delivers the liquid gas bring supplies from norway,
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the u. s. and the arabian peninsula, it then transfers the l. n. g to the independence. the freezing liquid has a temperature of minus 160 degrees celsius. the terminal it converts it back into gas form. before feeding it into lithuania is under ground pipeline network. i think i asked if germany could also use a terminal like this to mean it's have off rush and gas. i don't see any reason why it would not be feasible. for example, the failure natural gas consumption. annual consumption is approximately 2000000000 cubic meters. and this specific vessel has a capacity of free of 175. so that means that it can supply lithuania and neighboring countries with natural gas. so latrina has a guest surplus which can be redistributed elsewhere. the k peta terminal only took
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2 years to build and our plans to expand it. while it ensures lithuanian independence from russian guess it also benefits of countries to find out how that works. i travel inland this gas distribution hub is 300 kilometers from type header close to that if union capital bonus, the technology here and shows the gas in the pot, dines is kept under pressure and is transported across hundreds of kilometers per center. employees over 20 people and they've been especially busy since their c e o began expanding the network. we are increasing the pressure here at this place actually connected to the new gas pipeline that this so being under a very of finishing could touch a center. we will start it there on the 1st of may and head towards poland and i
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guess interconnection between poland and fanny and major a pipeline network connect several baltic states from here. and the center of lithuania, gas is pumped straight to poland. but that's not all. there is an entire network of pipelines that took just 2 years to build countries can transfer a gas back and forth. and de la through engine part is expected to pump even more gas in the near future. we have to pay some infrastructure prices, but they is here. you had to benefits. first of all, as i have mentioned, we have lower prices generally for the gas. another benefit is we have that geopolitical security to have other sources and not to be reliable or live life on the, on one source. it seems to me that lithuanian decision to build its own. ellen g terminal wasn't economic and strategic masterstroke. my own country, germany neglected to secure a reliable alternatives to russian gas. expanding the allen g network buffers all
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involved the means of surviving even the threat of a complete rush and gas embargo it . perhaps you've heard the saying, the 1st casualty and war is truth. but modern technology has also made hiding the truth more difficult. take rushes claims that ukraine is faking evidence of war crimes committed by russian troops. higher solutions satellite images have disproved moscow's allegations. this has put the spotlight on the already booming satellite business investment bank. you be asked? estimates that global space industry revenue from commercial services will almost quadruple between 201620. 30. the harrowing satellite images from ukraine have only emphasized how important satellites can be satellite images that provide evidence of the massacre in the ukrainian town of butcher. they came from
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a private satellite operator whose image is detailing the will have drawn lots of attention. anyone can order their photos and business is booming. to why new satellites are launched almost every day. not much larger than the wine bottle. they're equipped with high resolution cameras that can deliver images to a customer's computer within 10 minutes. the best cameras can capture details as small as 30 by 30 centimeters ah, the other day, the higher intensity used edge of all the merchant partners in the time of conflict . francois bar is part of it is neo a mission of the air bus group that specializes in satellite imagery in time
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of country. he's well a rate of interest for them customer to prevail for long term solution. don't look like we measured, and some of them, you know, they jump into, or jackson buying their own pet life. for mother they discussed with us or the little girl. well, the next, while he met for satellite operations, likely it is neo and most of their money working for the intelligence community and national governments. so he's not able to go into specifics, but there are other areas like farming, with satellite images, a useful to the technology can help to ensure the optimal care of crops there. by boosting the harvest, there's of, it's a satellite can reach places that farmers can't always get to just because they can't be everywhere at once. so satellite imagery allows farmers to observe all their fields at once, segmented the standard to paula marcus miller works for an instituted,
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advises the german government on issues of agriculture and cultivating plants that have satellite images can be used, for example, to determine the best time to put down, fertilize, able to fin in those cases, inference images are used. these one shows that some of the fields are at a stage with a currently need. fertilizer is, is a, it's always helpful if you can apply fertilizer in an optimal way. and when it's needed, rather than just blitzing the entire farm that protects resources, which is part of what we're about. that's the kind of thing we focus on, who i am a specter login diesel and get the satellites themselves and getting steadily smaller and lighter. that low is the price of putting them into orbit, which in turn, lowest the price for the images. you could now get satellite images all year round for just a few 1000 euros. ah, what
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a key is that bell more and more you bill? which are more users? ah, that won't buy me. maybe even private or health on engineers wanting to do something with the measuring. the resolution is improving to so could people soon start spying on their neighbors for a small fee? you may see where bill some people do, but you will not see the best and the information you will need to go much further than that in terms of aggregation. so we don't have, if you know, we have a lot of regulations we need to take off, which is being very in response. investors have pumped millions into private companies selling satellite images in anticipation of huge market growth. but in times of war, those same satellites could also be targeted by the warring forces who don't want their actions observed. now, millions of people have flood their homes and ukraine due to the russian war of
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aggression. so far more than $320000.00 of those refugees have come to germany. mostly women and children, older people. now they enter a culture that has a mixed track record of welcoming migrants. bobby and debt man spoke with the children of german immigrants. they describe a difficult road to being accepted. i always got the jobs like cleaning the toilets, sweeping and so on. and so like a little heath, and most of the time, he asked to have a different member of staff saying he couldn't pronounce my last name whiskey. oh, chris turner, quick quote. a number of times i get invited to view a new apartment. it's less than my pot, my, who has a recognizably jam and last name tags. stories like this are commonplace in germany among people with an immigrant background, like so they are in all shown here with her 2 sisters. today she wants her own tax accountancy, with 20 employees. she decided to start her own business after feeling she was
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never really accepted at other companies than when i'm i'm, i'm not nice when you get the sense that people are talking about you gossiping, evaded when the only questions you ever get revolve around where you from what's your home town? if you get the message, you don't belong. i much that it's seen what you must when all you hear is where do you come from that much my the thought by this, what's it likely you come from to have it makes you feel like an outsider when, when with excelled. so they're in, i was 15 when she arrived in berlin in 1980. this working class area was her new home. her mother worked in a cafeteria kitchen. her father was an auto mechanic. she was put in a vocational high school because she spoke little german. she was a pass learner and got good grades. but despite a raft of applications, she couldn't find an apprenticeship is would i thought i was treated like i was a bad student or incapable of bound at the fact that i had no prospects at all?
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and eventually started to lose hope. finally, she got a break. at an interview in a department store, a personnel manager spotted her potential, the other stuff. so she encouraged me to do a specialized high school degree. the qualified me to go to university studio. well, so i got my college to great deal that made me what i am now. that sloppy was this kind of lucky break is the exception rather than the rule says, the head of the v m. w association of migrant businesses. the hot store gets, was a turkish working class kid himself. now he wants his own institute, where young people with immigrant backgrounds can get job training. but he knows how many employers are still hesitant. my phoenix has to like many of them might not be aware of their hesitation. austin is they see a foreign looking name and they think there might be language barriers,
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gibson fundamental, or there might be differences in mentality and they won't fit in it. i possibly don't miss. they see the hurdles more than the benefits us before pilot those companies are missing out on a lot of potential one and 4 people in germany now has an immigrant background. so again, i would also like to see some changes in the educational system. children from immigrant families often need more support than their parents can provide. this is a by feeling in many families with an immigrant background. the parents aren't as familiar with the school system of the vocational training system. and the way the economy works here in germany is so they have a hard time providing that support to their children. love. those families do need outside support for that. next on the winter stood so to on food shows how well that can work. at 28. she's now a consultant with mckinsey. she was born in germany. her parents came from vietnam . her father works in a slaughterhouse and her mother is a cleaner to andrew didn't start learning german until she went to preschool in
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school. one of her teachers gave her support and encouragement of mine as a, as i explained that was a huge to push and the fest milestone on the path to where i am today. what's the path bashed able instead her background hasn't been an obstacle. she says, quite the said mackenzie wants diversity, in part because diverse teams are often more successful than homogenous. once he viaz added teams and so a more diverse attain yes. with regard to culture, gender, or religion, the more successful it's projects are i the guns? because every one brings another perspective to the table visor, a different approach to the way we work on how we collaborate with the client or so we get to where we're going a lot faster. that's huge. mckinsey is not the only company looking for more workforce diversity. it's a welcome change, but germany still has
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a long way to go until people with immigrant backgrounds enjoy a level playing field on the job market. the youth promised to stand with ukraine comes inevitably with sacrifice businesses and household holds are already paying more for energy. economy is we'll see growth slow. but the challenge for the european economy is small in comparison to the challenges faced every day, every moment by ukraine and it's people. for the latest on the war and ukraine, you can always check out our website, w dot com, or the d w. news youtube channel, that's all for this edition of made in germany from our team in berlin. thank you for joining us to speak with
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ah, with
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ah, with who? a touch of normality in the meat still for the 1st stalls open again and g. but the war is not over yet. on the outskirts of quiche, volunteers continue to prepare for focus on europe. in 30 minutes on d, w. n. to the conflict zone with sebastian fresh
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allegations with russian forces murder, ukrainian, civilians outside care have rapidly found a way to be un general assembly. because russia really care what the world thinks about its invasion. my guess this week for moscow was perform a deputy for a move under a few other conflicts own 90 minutes on d, w and making the headlines and what's behind them. d. w, news, africa they show that was the issues in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally where on the street to give you enough reports on the inside. our cars funds is on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trends doesn't matter to you. t w is africa every friday on d. w is the end of the pandemic in site.
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we show what it could look like. return to normal. this is those who are finding it difficult a successes, a weekly coping 19 special every thursday on d w. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning pass like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now. feel free.
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ah ah, this is dede of the news live from berlin. another $800000000.00 worth of us weapons are on their way to ukraine. washington wants to help you find off a renewed offensive by russian forces in east in ukraine. the announcement comes as investigate as exhume, dozens of bodies from a mass grave in the town of boucher and urgent plea from ukraine's president for allies to provide military hardware. but.


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