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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2022 4:02am-4:30am CEST

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it keith this week to show germany solidarity with ukraine until ukraine's president zalinski told him not to come. apparently shy, my years passed his intensive ties with russia, made him a persona non grata in keith. ukraine reportedly wants the german chancellor, olaf shoulds to visit instead, after all, the chancellor. not the president as sway over cindy weapons to help ukraine fight against the russians. but the snub has reportedly robbed chancellor sholtes the wrong way. now what? i'm broke off in berlin. this is the day ah, my colleague and friend polish president and j duda recently suggested that the 2 of us travel to cuba to send a strong signal of joint european solidarity with ukraine.
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i was ready to do that. that was not wanted by give ah, also coming up you as president biden has accused russian, president putin, of committing genocide in ukraine and the kremlin has now responded could you any squished, you mean, lee categorically disagree. and consider this kind of effort to distort the situation unacceptable. kimberly marizza, as we said, the full m. this is hardly acceptable from a president of the united states, a country that has committed well known crimes in recent times. yeah. kitchena and maury, in id. she stood, ah, but to our viewers watching on tv us in the united states into all of you around
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the world. welcome, we begin the day with a german president who is not welcome. in keith yesterday, german president frank volter stein meyer was getting ready to depart for ukraine together with the presidents of estonia, lafayette lithuania, and poland. a visit to show solidarity with ukraine as it braces for a new onslaught by russian forces. but ukrainian president zalinski reportedly sent word to the german president not to come. apparently due to stein myers passed as german foreign minister in which he championed closer ties with russia. now it's important to note that just last week, stein meyer admitted that he had misjudged vladimir putin. that his stance on russia had been misguided. apparently that admission was not enough to spare stein meyer what was obviously a stinging snub. take alice, my colleague and fun to upon as has not, was it? and on the judah, my colleague and friend polish president. and jay duda recently suggested that the
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2 of us, together with the presidents of estonia, latvia and lithuania, travel to cuba, to send a strong signal of joint european solidarity with ukraine. and i was ready to do that about us, but apparently that was not wanted by keyvonte. and i have to acknowledge that others in here. if you could arts of history in context to help understand why stein meyer was told not to come to keep. before he became german, president stein meyer served 2 terms as german foreign minister under former chests, or under the miracle. during that time, he pursued closer relations with russia, both political and economic, and he shaped the german response to russia's illegal annexation of crimea back in 2014. but it's not only germany's recent past that is not sitting well with ukraine as it fights back a russian invasion. the issue of whether to send heavy weapons to ukraine has been
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the subject of heated debate in germany at the beginning of the war. the government here in berlin remained reluctant to get involved, but opinions both among politicians and the public have changed dramatically in the past few weeks. in january, russian troops were preparing for war, while ukraine begged allies to send weapons. but germany said it history meant it could off a helmet's not arms yonder. so he sent that immediately to that and would never 5000 ham mistake crane as a clear signal that we are on your side cited it was supposed to be a gesture of good will, but it went down like a bad joke. then vladimir putin gave the order to the attack as tens of thousands protested in berlin. the german chancellor left it the weapons pan, citing anew reality and the guests. and that she,
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we decided yesterday that germany will supply ukraine with weapons to defend themselves. the u. turn, so germany sent thousands of anti tank and missile defense weapons. but as the war groaned on, the calls for germany to send more dead. so to ukraine's president implored the german parliament, bitter, enlighten us. support us so mean to keep the peace drilling support ever ukrainian . stop the war. help us stop it. liberal machine. huh. ye zip in it. the horrors of boot sha, where not stopped, nor rama set to cushions and a legit torture evidence of potential russian war crimes undergoing pressure. berlin is now exploring ways to get old tanks like these on to ukrainian battlefields. german arms crit, brian, mattel says the 1st batch could be delivered within weeks for
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a delegation of senior politicians visiting ukraine. they can't come soon enough that we need to clarify which weapons that ukrainian army can use is this important so that they don't get equipment which requires a lot of training. and we have to clarify this quickly because the weapons have to come. now if i miss and get sia from helmet to tanks, it's been a 180 and defense policy for germany. for ukraine it may come to late. my 1st guess tonight is thomas super horn. he's a member of the german parliament for the conservative see issue party, and he sits spokesperson for transatlantic relations among his fellow wall makers. mister super horn is also considered an expert on military and security policy. mr . seaboard it's good to have you back on the program a before we start tonight. i'd like for you to listen to the response that was offered to day from the german chancellor and the german foreign minister regarding the, the snub against the german president. take a listen,
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since it's somewhat annoying to put it politely for me, it's clear. frank voter stein meyer expressed his views precisely including after his re election as president. he has condemned russia's aggression against ukraine . kind of what type of on his president, the german president said he regrets that he could not travel to kid. i regret it till we spoke about the trip and i thought it was a good idea. what it is if is in 5 to mr. seaborne, that's what the government is saying. what do you and your fellow conservatives in the opposition? what did you make of this? we know that the ukranian president, the ukranian people expected more from germany that the you bring in people and president may know that generally keyless dance on the side of ukraine and that there is a growing willingness in german society and politics to do even more to support you . great. last week,
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mr. stein meyer said that his decisions regarding russia during his time as german foreign minister, had been wrong. that he said he had misjudged vladimir putin. that is, sounds like a may a copa coming from mr. stein meyer. what does that mean though, today for german foreign policy? but i think sure that the common from the training president was indeed a reference to the path of our for president. he was the right hand of former german johns. and then he was a foreign minister, and in this time he played a major role in leading germany into energy dependency from rash and get back. he already admitted, as you mentioned, that he took warning from both ukraine and poland and not be enough. and now we have to be aware of the simple fact that the germans
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reputation is still at risk not only because of this path, but also with reference to the current situation. and that's why we have to commit ourselves very clearly. we have to take whatever it needs to support ukraine and we have to do whatever it takes to russia. but let me just continue a little bit there with the german president, mr. stein buyer. and he was foreign minister under former transfer uncle, a miracle miracle was a conservative such as yourself. shouldn't there be some apologies coming from miracle or from those conservatives who supported this pro russia stance for the last 16 years? many, many stakeholders were involved in this energy policy. and by the way, the russian energy deliveries are not only used by germany, but by many u. s. and if we decide to end our new peer
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a chance and our prior chance, and at the same time, there is no political majority at all sides. to use victims by natural gas or to build new gas plants, gas power plans, and then we get to into travels and this is a current situation. so there is now a broad consensus to end. it dependency from russia as quick as possible. but we now need a forward looking approach. and this approach requires you statement to look at the ukraine, not as our domestic needs, and to be very clear in this respect. the challenge is not to stop this war as soon as possible because this is not in our hands. the challenge is just brush up as soon as possible and we all have to take whatever it needs to stop ration. it sounds like if i'm under any right, mr. warren, let me just ask you,
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are you saying that the embargo of russian oil and gas is just not? it's not going to happen right now. is that what you're saying? no. the european union already agreed on stopped on kohler deliveries. we. 4 are silly and discussions for all the livery is and also gas, but it takes some time, not only for germany, but also for europe in union. but in your best estimate, can you give us a timeline when with an embargo of russian gas and oil in germany, be realistic? i know timeline. so 5 weeks ago, at the beginning of this arrest attack on your brain, we had 55 per cent from our gas supply from russia now with only 14
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percent of our gas supply from russia already. so there is a significant, invisible progress, but yes at all has to be done. and we have to be aware of the possibility that this. ready or may not end in weeks or months. it could also last some years. and that's why we have to now very concrete in a way that can be secured and can be taken can be kept for a long time. i want to ask you, mr. civil, hoary, while we have time about the german military. i know that the ukranian president zalinski, he's been asking germany descend heavy weapons to help fight against the russians. do you see germany and the military? are you in a position to deliver anything that ukraine says it needs right now.
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the politic commitment is the ukraine service every support. this includes yes, heavy reference, artillery air defense and tanks. and yes, there's a variety of options for the german government including offers from our industry and coordinated with our partners in european union. so for example, some you partners delivered beer systems from sylvia time and they can actually be replaced. and we can fill these gas by, for example, delivering our air defense system into our apartment. so they have the rioting options to be chosen in coordinated manner by germany and by our partners. and then they did with ukraine. yes, we have to do more and we have to get faster so far. we did too little and
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too late. there's a consensus in our parliament already more and to deliver also a heavy weapons. our champs are still hasn't changing, but i think they will be. and in due time concrete and significant progress, mr. bar, let me just ask you before we run out of time, what do you think chance are all i should do? should he go to keep? should he get rid of this uncertainty and just make the trip to visit the president of ukraine? but it's not about our chance to keep the best news which you can bring to green 1st. and what i expect is that your commitment will do whatever it takes and certainly a fast track implementation of such a concept. we have to to constantly what we announce not bay. it's not my words but needs and this prove has to be given.
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and then he can travel whenever and wherever he was here that he knew the hers from a civil war with the german parliament for the conservative see issue, party, and the spokesperson for transit atlantic relations. mister stillborn is always we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. but the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court have said that ukraine is a crime scene. he made the comment during a visit to the town of boucher near kee, where hundreds of civilians were found dead after russian forces withdrew. a new 2nd mass great has now been excavated in boucher investigators believe it contains 40 to 60 bodies. they say the bodies have gunshot wounds. ukraine accuses russian forces of indiscriminately killing civilians in butch moscow says that the killings were fake or staged. he was,
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president biden says that he believes windermere putin's war in ukraine amounts to genocide. and it's the 1st time that the u. s. president, as use the term to describe russia's actions by emphasize that this is his personal view and that ultimately a court will have to decide the family budget, the ability to fill up your tax. none of it should he and john, whether a dictator declares war commit genocide, half a world away. yes, i call the genocide. he has become clear, clear that food is trying to wipe out the idea of the baby brain mama, the evidence of money that it was last week. the more evidence is coming out literally that the russians have done in ukraine. we can only learn more and more about the devastation a president biden was speaking there as you, great officials said that russia had largely completed preparations for it's
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expected offensive in ukraine's east and south. of the mayor of the eastern city of car heath says that russian showing of the city has increased significantly and that casualties include dead children and russians. date television has aired footage that it says shows ukrainian marines surrendering in large numbers in the besieged port city of mario poll. ukraine says it has no knowledge of any surrenders. i my next guest is our very own vladimir, as he pulls from d w's russia service. you're in berlin vladimir, it's good to see you. let's talk about the u. s. president for a moment, joe biden. his use of the word genocide. it drew an interesting reaction from the kremlin, basically, the kremlin saying that the u. s. is the pot calling the kettle black or what? but what was your take on? well, the midship is called the spokesperson,
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so prison put in call by the court. unacceptable. and told that graham is strongly do agree with the position of the american president. and then john, to the quite use a line of defense use of rational courage is every time they are back by talking met by the western countries and accusing them down the same before. so it's like we're doing exactly the same thing. think me that the united states before today it's the golf accuse of the states doing, making the same genocide. he doesn't that she didn't use the worked in a genocide, but she told us maybe it's in his new in us history as well. she didn't caught an example, didn't called any countries, didn't called any historical evans. but the general line of defense of the russian authorities is like, look at you, you are not better than us. yeah. if we look at moving forward at what,
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let me put plans to do. i mean, it seems that his plan is to go as long as possible in ukraine until unity here in the west begins to crack. how much endurance does polluted and his military, how much do they endurance, do they really have we don't really know it's, there are some reports about ross and military being all of our day offensive and on the of the tourist, very from offensive in the ukraine, seemed 5 or 66, the whole rigor removal of the russian troops from ki, if in your movement the eastern part of their grant in the new state of the military parish. my dear saying that there are a stringed already, and parts of additional troops being committed, committed to the, to the ukraine from different parts of process and even from abroad, from syria, my science of this stage as well. so no one really knows how,
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how much insurance they have, but i'm sure they will do as long as they can, as long as the president wants them to go. and they have a very symbolic date, and i and i, 9 of my interest, it's a big 30 days, a very, very big national holiday, really big national day holiday end of the 2nd world war. so there are reports that which in this military operation to be, to bring to be brought to some kind of and at least a 9th of mine. yes, we know the 9th of may is not very long off either. i want to ask you, let me are you in the, in the eyes of the kribble it has germany been the weakest link in, in the whole western alliance be dado or the european union. i mean, is it possible to say that putting considers germany to be a useful friend? no matter what berlin says about shared values with the us or the bread? i would not use the word friend anymore describing agency between it in mosque and
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germany is a declarative, an unfriendly country by a rational authorities that reports about the nickel germans being harassed by russian by russian authorities all across the country. i just spoke a couple of days go to the german governmental invoice for a settled, central or national minorities was like who is in charge for a so called trust and germans in russia. and she told me stories about people being harassed and ross and being reminded of nordstrom too and unfriendly acts being made by an examiner doris and deutsche a valid even. the dutchman is declared to the earth flooring against it, jensen rossi in bathroom rocking interests. so there is no more friendship as such . yeah, that's a very good point to make. we, we are no longer able to do our work as journal it, it, in russia. yep. vladimir as he pulled from d w 's russia service. let me,
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it's always good to get your take on events. thank you. thank you. ah, we're more than 4 to half 1000000 refugees have fled the war in ukraine. that's according to the you. when the majority of these refugees end up in neighboring countries, such as well, dover, among them are tens of thousands of ukrainian jews, dw corresponded tanya kramer traveled to the moldova capital kitchen. now where the jewish community is rallying to help. a former printing house in the mold oven capital kyshay. now now a refugee reception center. it has been set up by israeli 8 organizations to support jewish refugees from ukraine and to help them immigrate or make a yard to israel. forgot the tire man down from tel aviv. this work is very close to his heart. as a child, he left ukraine for israel with his parents of the long journey a good night and leave and resolute before the fire. this is our goal to send the
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boat as fast as possible, all the basically that they need to ease her, say new year has already started over once before she was uprooted from her home because of the conflict and the new hunt region in 2014, she hoped she has the necessary documents on hand. it did betty, but i'll stop at your. i just want to finally start living. normally. i want a family kid to live in a place on a peaceful country under peaceful skies and yet, but mew, i don't want to run from the war again for the 2nd 35th time. my, me, if i'm sorry, not everybody gets permission. documents are checked by israeli counselors stuff onside by israeli know someone with at least one jewish grandfather is eligible to receive citizenship. we hope the community and under jerusalem's ocean to hold them
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in time to live somewhere to view 2 of the condition. for the few days that their hill is joking though, the command if the of the wire to came to his lord word the low and enzyme to resolve all plans, some of the refugees also want to go to other countries like germany or stay in moldova. the local jewish community has also stepped in to help. the habit synagogue under renovation has opened its doors to refugees in the soup kitchen, cook natalie, beliefs a daily hot meal helps people in crisis a whole lot better where we made lots of soup lentil soup, bosch salads and that sort of thing to make them feel better invite him to give people strength and happiness. talk about some math, some bittersweet moments at the airport. irina, you have him over and her mother from cocky in easton,
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ukraine are among the 80 people are permitted to board the flight to tel aviv a will agree we're already ready to move. but of course, it's very scary to leave what you've learned for the place where you live do studied and worked. the war, of course, sped up our decision. nothing is neither so scored as well as relief even as says her thoughts also with those left behind with a day's almost done, the conversation continues online. you'll find us on twitter either w news. you can follow me on twitter at brent golf t v. and remember, whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody ah,
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with ah, the war hoses, a challenge for the economy calls for a boycott. rushing gas are growing louder. but what would a supply fries mean? countries with their only good gas reserves have a clear advantage. how can europe free itself from gas dependency made in germany? next, on d, w into the conflict zone with sebastian.
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fresh allegations with russian forces is ukrainian civilians outside t f have rapidly found their way to the un general assembly. because russia really care what the world thinks about its invasion. my guess is rico moscow was a former deputy for a minister under a few other conflicts own in 60 minutes. on d, w o is increasing every year in many im gonna working on lunch with holiday destinations drowning in plastic white we. we line that take a look at the causes every year of the exports of $1000000.00 tons of plastic with
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there. another way, after all, the environment isn't to recyclable. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines with ah, it's a contradiction at the heart of europe's response to the war and ukraine that you ascending ukraine weapons to help defend itself against russian attacks. but at the same time, the block is financing putin's war by continuing to buy its fossil fuels. 35.


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