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tv   The Church of the Holy Sepulchre  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2022 6:15am-7:00am CEST

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things won't get back to normal any time soon. the south african says, but at least fortunately, his company was in short. this is deed of the news you're up to date coming up next is doc film. i am told me all last bought from myself on the team. many things with started out with spooky intimidation and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states found it over 150 years ago . it's repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d. w. ah
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ah ah, ah. this is my home i came here 60 years ago.
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the choose of the holy city, the holiest place in the world for christians. he was he is the church was founded 60100 years ago. the different forces that inhabit the church are struggling were territories, rights and power or the control of the church on the whole a civil occur and the entire cushion work indeed, many things will curry aside. the church of the whole is simpler. most of them are under the surface hidden from people's sight. ah, there ah oh
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oh. 1 ah, the ah, a in the beginning there was nothing. well, maybe not nothing, but only 2 school chapels, one and go from the place where jesus was crucified. and the 2nd at the tune of jesus christ. throughout the centuries, the church was ruined and rebuilt. time after time by the conquerors of jerusalem.
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so you see it's a miracle that displays stim stance. there are 3 big denominations who overseas, the activities inside the church. and they are the facto owner of the church. o. griggs, they are meals. oh. and the catholics.
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clinician, the 3 major denominators, there is also the soon church and the catholic church which are very all churches left on the roof early. if you abuse, lost all din riots in the middle of 8th, you sanctioned in a clash of powers, but i'm getting ahead of myself. what guides the daily life in the church is an ancient, fragile thing called the status school. it is a complex and confusing a reason. thank you very much to decide the borderline. it's very difficult. you know if the column stays in the, in the middle we take half of the column. this side is greek,
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so the bigger half of the color was griggs, the other half is our mean when they separated the area. this is you, this is mine. welcome to the borderline one. what's yellow? ok, we'll share the of the column that's on the, on the line to as to where it was. i think there's a jealousy between the churches. everybody wants to grab more space for himself than the other. so each one did it last to expel the other guy. out to have it for the so it's not tricia what the do, what you see sometimes. well they that's life.
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so this is the the science with it shows that christ was crucified. and that according as serious now. ah. ok. oh i, when that's with dandy means. oh no, no, we're start playing about an hour so i will go to lunch 15 minutes. you're going to have it should wish somebody has a family that probably now belongs to the greeks until 1539, the gold gold that belong to the odd meters. so they bribed the salt salt on game
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order fitting got me to transfer the phase 2 georgians. then we went to the assault. he bribed him. if you could, back the army would do what they would, they had either they sold to the greeks or groups to could overt now it belongs to that which we steal things from each other, you know, something like that. unfortunately. now when we lost a place, then we went to solve the we give some money when we purchase that area that we went off all the way up there, then we'll bill them for all we call that. second ago we lost the 1st one. the 2nd bill with
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these riley please has to respect the rules of the church. if be able to invite the police to come, they will come. if you do not feel white, they have no right to come out with. busy johnny was preparing for the job, an arab christian from nazareth, who had served the church as a child. he said, there are few churches should agree with this other in advance, and he should tell us what is the agreement so that we can follow. we are here walking together, securing and taking care of the holy sub that got together. so we, i think that we are part of that church over the holy 2nd
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a police. so we are here to say merry christmas and happy new year for everybody. we are here to help, to serve and to protect everybody, and to reserve the status ro here in the, in the holy sex. christmas holiday is a holiday or christ booth. like we celebrate our birthday. oh the mill is a bell then god has prepared his way to come and give birth of christ to be the savior of man. oh that's the whole christmas meaning as truth
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yes ah o z a z as in a bonnie here ah oh, the weakest of the churches to day this will be the most powerful of all these european church. they used to have many whites and dedicated spaces inside the church,
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but today they don't have any place, not the 11 inch. this is dead as so tongue the ethiopian monastery. all this belongs to the ethiopians, fiala from the door to hear hardly. we sleep here and here and here. 25 monks spend a whole day here for them, but we also got the place to live. this entire courtyard belongs to the ethiopians . she escalated shop. what does one do when he doesn't have any room left? he goes up to the roof, was up on the roof. the ancient darrell sultan monastery,
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which the clubs claim that it belongs to him. no, he's so long. we have our rights as a result on his scope the monastery under his equal tongue. his meaning to some tongue tongue is a, is this, this is addiction. name 0. look this from the name. you know, this is for us not for as, as you can distribute, not have, it does not have a name, lay existence as tradition. ah,
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you know, there was a problem in the 18th century, where am egyptians case? it? comp 41 was named abraham ju hardy became and said to the ethiopians to let me live with you. we share the same faith hud immune to 100. could love them. sorry for the then he went back to egypt and told them ish market. there's a place a large monastery that belongs to ethiopians alerted, but they don't know how to run it. they don't know what they're doing. it. they don't have power. they're weak. heavily. let's take it from them. hello, ship abraham, who spoke to the cop take patriotic hockey. later he put up a big door and locked the place. then when our people returned, he told them, there's no room for you here. oh,
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away. a few years ago, there was a conflict here. mister cox came during france as a matter to freed up. they came and beat us. glad the cops. there's no trust now. the trust went up to heaven hellish. and if you question the europeans since they've been then for centuries, the acid catholic church every day for centuries. i don't know which one you have to believe because will destroy the in the old days. and now whoever lives then he has the right to say it belongs to him.
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you did that happen? she had to put as even protecting you country the other side wants to get it from you to kick you out in a way that's the mentality which is not fly it in cushion. ah, when chris was after his death on the cross, was taken down. it was put on a stone there, washed by the annoying to like go to the jewish custom. did they, they buried him in the tube that's lies. cold anointing. a stone
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or so no function. kilograms. i said that as a whole new storm. so they're being with them switch centered oil, they put on the swan and they pleaded the dead cloth, then take it with them. and those who cannot come here. he take it and give it to the 2 bullets in the beginning. really emotional and you cannot stop and crying as long as they're still used to go outside the church in the quote yet because the pilgrim used to come and cut pieces of that. so take with them. so they brought in,
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they put a dead pilgrim sub doing the same thing inside the church. will they put another slab on top of it? at one day my mother came from the church say there's an it priest came from jerusalem to recruit the students. it all and she told me he want to become a priest and then because my mother said, so i couldn't say no without knowing what i'm saying. i said yes. how well you have to. what would you go through? what did you learn from it myself? well, i don't want him going on the bus from linen on the bus. we used to go from syria, all of us in those in 1956. so i can my,
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i stay in 7 years without going home. lo, my mom up of 7 years. there's the collision. if you go home and come there, you will be a textual father and mother. he will not be attached to the church. i've told my parents, i'm much use an emotion. my parents, my brothers, that's it. and love news. i am for everybody. oh says then i'm stuck with the church. oh hm. mm hm. oh i think it showed up on us as, as a kid,
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liaison officer or christian communities is a demanding job. it's year and it's not just about being in contact like the churches have a problem. they call johnny, but it's not that simple. the low to high alice time responsible for upholding the status quo side to for. and that is the most complicated thing. there is the greatest area in the christian world i'm, i'm not dealing with one denomination. mm hm. but the 5 different denominations inside the church of the holy supper and one outside of it. and every problem that comes up between 2 denomination december over control, possession, power, sovereignty, all those things a clock. i've learned one thing here in the old city, patient them and more patient. i sure i think that in itself is a challenge. it's have little it gathered now will, from an outsider's point of view, someone would ask,
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what the laws them have to be in the christian church. naturally in the door had the log and the keith. but this was not an ordinary case. it was a quarrel among the christians. each one of them wanted to hold the power when the seller had deal conquered jerusalem, he came up with an unfortunate looks idea. the moslems would guard the key. there were 2 very respect of muzzle families in jerusalem. no one knows exactly how it was in the beginning. who was locking was unlocking their little rick has. so everyone been up his own the tradition
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bombers lot. she nathan, me the time my late father, let me hold the key and open the gates of the church. of the holy sepulchre, i was 8 years old lincoln. he said that i was very excited as if i were holding the whole world in my hands. miller's among the key had been passed down through 20 generations. and now i was custodian of the keys of the church of the holy sepulchre. female. my father was the last shake, descended from a long line going back to 1187. i chose not to be a shake, and my oldest son doesn't want to be the custodian of the keys a little telling her name and i'm off to hopefully get off to the orchard. and you are full of what will i get? la, lana jim, johnny, johnny got the key holder, but not the dorman, my jobless custodian of the keys, along with all the kids here with
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the kidney, with those and charging us for the church. every morning we opened the church for it was you. no one has done at 7 days and the key remained something to i as you're with me or we have. we have a place here beside the church where you play, i so basically live. it was the joy this on the coming there was for me when i am coming a give it to me. i find another opening, and after i finished, i well, these change last history seems to have all this changed and may be the day will come when the churches will take over the key.
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when the english came to jerusalem, they realised that there was a problem. but they could not determine what was right and love was wrong. they formulated something for themselves in order to govern the christians here. so what we know to day as the stair, the school was actually made by the english 260 years in each the nomination has its own conflict between its tradition and the stetsco. what room must abide by it, even if you don't like. so this way the church is functioning, forsaking us this
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area for is that means common area ah. including the entrance, the doors and all this area is common area. the 1st one and the 2nd one belongs to the armenians. catholics have only won. griggs, have 4 with the golden eggs to call it. they have fall and the catholic church has only one. i cannot clear myself because the middle is to the 3, then 3 hours should be there at the same time. if they do with all the time,
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then i lose my rights. it's a lie and it is, there are yes, sometimes meaning for some time meaningless. the limits on the status school are tested almost on a daily basis. it gets drastic when a denomination wishes to perform services in an area they don't own when the griggs demanded to into st. helena church, which belongs to the arminius, and we refused. then the police had to get involved decisions from the police?
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no, we don't go. okay, we have to, we have to for problem between us and g. okay. no, to come home and you're forced to interview did. this is what you're doing yourself in this, not taking on this side, which i go like it. if there's a problem suppressor, there won't be any fighting. all you do, you are putting the greek priest inside. okay? yes, this is in my a responsible and our responsibility. i'm taking my responses with the put the greeting site. okay, but there's no real close that this is the job to move some squiggle to against, against not the school. okay, the 1st time happen. hey, maurice, john, with course we didn't force anybody. county. so we didn't force you in what you know, we didn't enforce an even better to put this. not that what you have. no, right. we have that. we have to have that. no, you can't. you can do that. we don't have that. i think that we don't have that. i think this in this and it's
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a way off when the verbal arguments do not, and to a peaceful solution, i guess they have some fights. he says that's why the police can do mom. sometimes because of the probably a self fight it would the police sometimes it is a it is my country of my spiritual continue in the way i want to defend that period . there's no other way around the way.
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ah, this is the tomb of christ. yeah, yeah. the good fortune is he in to come his spend some time meditate. it will give you spiritual strength and contentment in life. the force right creeks have to have their mash here every night. and when they finish, it will take into a war at 3 o'clock in the morning. and they'll, i me as want to their mass here after we finish at 5 o'clock in the catholics. we'll take laura do similar to each one has a 2 hours time to do their math inside the tool. when there is no service done here, on the creeks are the cause of a whole
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a on a on a if you don't, kim, what is yours? both right and pivot tories and vigilantly protected. others will take it from a big choose
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became small. and last right. when others grew seized more and more power and became dominant. i'm she has to $70.00. understand my life of course is somebody to kim for to learn it's difficult to to live here is with nazi. he's in our family. this is chris individual, mary lou, because we are langston and also we have the brother here in the hall. so producer, they were living together because it's far
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away from crystal noticed every family they, once the kids to grow up to married to have a child. and what is it difficult for them to understand, but slowly, slowly, with the price of their usage, their believe or leg recreational. that's not religious because i came from young a young age and a full this every guy feel the holy sub with like my house. ah, once and i'm sure it'll pass the consoles from europe, and ramallah will arrive here at 12 o'clock. okay. at 10 or 1030, the greek delegation, the greek foreign minister, the u. s. deputy console or the u. s. console will be a party of 4 plus 6 security people. okay. but there's probably more to come. oh
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oh, is the morning? well then exciting, special day thousands of people from all over the world are coming to celebrate christ resurrection a
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according to tradition fuel with that because happened in the old days only 5 ceremonies signifies the resurrection of christ. the holy fire that comes from heaven, lights all the candles we all believe in miracles. we believe it could happen. but it doesn't exactly work that way.
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each pilgrim comes with the mind that miracles happen and class is visa visa and is accessed you through and who's that you get excited when i want them. i get excited to religious excitement. it's good that if the beginning is she'll be in church the head, big role in the holy fives and recreation near the one who interview side to to and to, to my phone. you know i, me is reesa those churches took the slice a little bit.
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oh good. how are you? great, good. the seal. so you are with everybody. i thought of it shouldn't be like that lap a if you have not. not gotten a
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dog a visit mystery in faith but we believe that it can help you and be at the post
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the speed that we have which is god's spirit and it has to be low rish fed. so that's one church of religion, thus to a person, i love this place. despise all the problems that we had with other churches disagreements or whether it's a nice place to be that it comes at night. sometimes nobody is here and you start thinking, oh my god, you know, is this place real? i'm here now studied, no question yourself. i mean, how happened that i'm here?
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i room it belongs to me, them him. and you take care of the stores, clean it, you know, the das or whatever. so you home like void 12000 years old. how can i touch it? you know, in the light is, you know, ah, hey, summer i don't believe to myself, but it's really, this is my hand touching the rocket or cold rock. and just this is it. whether you crystal not you feel that anyone who is gut according to the bible, god is a spirit. who believe that class is the son of god?
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there is a difference in explaining the nature of christ, not the physical nature, but the union of god and man. ringback ringback they were united as one in separate testy armenian belief, but the catholics and the greeks belief that last 2 natures, although united, but they function separate from that point of view. in the middle of the 5th century, the churches were separated because of different thinking. ringback even wars happen for that judgment of people from outside the church is not the same as the judgment we use.
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it may not sound logical what they do or what we say. but over here is how the church, according to the status quo, it is accepted. that's the way we do it, test to where we are used to the with. and that's probably delay. who will keep doing it. ah
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isolated world of radical islamists film about family. faith, masculinity of fathers and sons starts april 16th on d, w. ah, business d. w. news. and these are top stories. russia has confirmed that the top warship in its black sea fleet. the muscular has sunk while being towed back to port in stormy weather. earlier the kremlin acknowledge that the ship had caught fire following an explosion. ukraine says the blaze was caused by its missiles, which struck the vessel off the port of odessa. a u. s. federal court has convicted of.


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