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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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from the nearby, i wait, so at least the traffic can flow again. ah, things won't get back to normal any time soon, the south african says, but at least fortunately, his company was insured. it's sure up to date, let us a chance. how's the w news? asia in just a moment and i'll be back at the top of the gardens of truce exiled turkish journalist john dunn. darn. i have paid almost every price of being a journalist in a country like cookie and mexican investigative journalist. annabella, man, this people are, is, are you every day the government is involved. she's digging the country soil to find out the truth. they want to kill me and they try
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many times. facing with a gun can change your life because wants to know what is happening. their guardian, the truth starts may 3rd on d w. you're watching d. w news, asia coming up today. hong kong next to leader will be a man called john lead handpicked by aging. his selection is all but a foregone conclusion. so who is he? plus another controversy in hong kong? this one in the entertainment industry, one actress as portrayal is being called racist. and in pakistan, a dying ard, and attempt to preserve the sound of an ancient musical instrument. ah,
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i melissa chan, thanks for joining us. it's official, hong kong, former 2nd in command, will soon be 1st in command. john lee is set to be the next chief executive. this week. he formally registered as a candidate which will be voted on not by the 7000000 people of hong kong, but by committee of about 1500 electors. this is john lee submitting his candidacy to become hong kong new leda. he's came to draw attention to his application form. but critic says, application is little more than a formality because he's the only person running for office. even so he took the time to explain how he won the backing of more than half of the prob,
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aging election committee. they have, in general, supported the 3 directions, which is a use a result oriented approach to solve problems are to enhance the competitiveness of all and call and also to consolidate a firm. foundation for the development home call. earth lee is set to take over from carrie lamb, who's not standing for a 2nd term after a difficult period in office, evolving the coven. 19 crisis. i violent pro democracy protests as lamb's deputy and 2nd in command. it was lee who oversold the police cracked down on the demonstrations and it was lee who was instrumental in pushing for the new extradition law that sparked the protests in the 1st place. this has led some to speculate, but his appointment could lead to
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a further tightening of control by, by jing over the territory for his part, lee has said he wants hong kong to maintain at status as an international metropolis. he's also spoken about upholding values of inclusion. and diversity and openness so far though, he's failed to detail any concrete plans of how this could be achieved. such james also seem to run counter to the draconian changes that have been imposed on hong kong in the last few years. joining us is phoebe kong from hong kong phoebe, do we have any sense how publicly popular john lee is? while it's only has served as one of the key officials in carry a lamb's cabinet. first is security hat and then i got promoted to the number 2 officials off the government last year. so we could say that john lee is probably
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of an unpopular and contagious political faker in hong kong. when we look at the statistics that are like left throughout his term, his i, popularity, ratings are actually was, are one of the lowest among his colleagues. and on the things they very often found . and our 2019 antic i'm and protest which was handled by john the mainly that john . these are popularity ratings and a bit. this approval ratings have been outnumbering the approval factors that can tell like a sense of unpopularity, like in hong kong about these political factor. and many lay people, as we have spoken to a citizens in hong kong, they attributes on his popularity to his heart, lie handling the protest and the subsequent crack down on the sense. so it doesn't sound like he's well liked. at this point who leads hong kong is very much a decision made by bay gene despite the performative election process. so what
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message is badging sending with this choice with this choice that isn't well liked? so that means a lot to hong kong that's light throughout the past 25 years on hong kong hat for 4 chief executives who were entropy, nerve, administrative offices and professionals. and these time john lee will likely be the 1st security official to take that the top job. so are many see that as like a reflection of beijing's sheep tang approach to rule hong kong that on beijing seems to talk to all black needs. some one who is like absolutely loyal to the central authority and who has laid out a definite obedience. and also that the will to carry out b jane's our policy and in any kind of flight meshes in the future, especially when we are talking about light in the coming 5 years. we are expecting
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a fertile of an act men of national security. that's your station and, and there might be a 3rd, a tightening grip in the cfo society, so they meet some one hoist harsh enough to carry out those policies. yeah. phoebe com. thank you so much for joining us. sticking to hong kong, but pivoting to popular culture where tv show has sparked anger and controversy. louisa. my wife ah, nice to meet you ha. in one episode of the drama series, an actress plays a domestic worker from the philippines. in addition to adopting a stereotype of filipino accent, she had darkened her skin with makeup critic say, it's brown face and racist. and wonder why the producers couldn't find someone actually from the philippines. for the part, you can imagine the reaction on social media and estimated 200000 filipinos live
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and work in hong kong and many face discrimination. even the philippines consul general in hong kong called the portrayal. quote, downright, ignorant, insensitive, and totally disgusting journalist, kathleen, my. grandma points out that there are quote a lot of filipinos in performing arts in hong kong. you could have cast id and vivian chow says initial reaction had actually raved about the performance of the local actors. painting her face dark to play the role of a filipina and asks, why does this still exist in this day and age? well, we have vivian chow with us. she's an arts and culture journalist. welcome to the program vivian. before we begin, it's just worth pointing out that the latest is that this particular episode has now been pulled, so it won't air. but let's start with the question. you asked on twitter yourself, how can something like this happen in hong kong in the 1st place?
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i really didn't really have an answer for that because when i saw that i was shocked. but at the same time, not surprised. i was shocked because in this day and age, why do we still have fits in hong kong television because not long after that was the film course. the human and the film was doing so well and because they cast asia look after and she's an amazing performance and she also won the wards for her performance. there was and she got me. she was like, why the price for her? oh, so i thought that this might make a difference and i make it, you know, things will change at hong kong and people would be more sensitive towards them. the issue raised no good colors and different, you know, a variety of cultural tendencies. but the one that came on and i was really surprised, as someone who's been covering up the culture in hong kong for so many years. do
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you think critic speaking out will change the way local television and film industry? think about for trails of minorities, at least in the future. it's not, you know, in the past i think this needs to be discussed because our other one question is, where do you draw the line? if we look at our previous cases, say 1st on the case of mine to and in the us it was as to start, you know, yellow, yellow, sensory. and then if you look at ok, scott's hand to been cast and you know, the show and that was the keys. i snow white washing and then there was also to pave around the cast off to the chinese actresses playing japanese people and members. okay. so
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the thing is, where do you draw the line for people of different races portraying roles and the difference race? well, there's something that cannot be done. for example, you know, yellow facing black facing. is this the line that we have to draw? so and also the cultural stereotype is it feels really wrong to me personally because they are actually, the 1st color is not white box. so why do you have to do that in the us place? it's a very complex issue, vivian child, thank you so much for joining us to discuss this ah, dating back to the rain of the moon goals in the 17th century, the sound of the ancient surrounding instrument is meant to mimic the human voice. but now this traditional instrument is fading from pakistan's music scene. the. ringback for 7 generations, so he puts sounds,
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family has mastered the surrounding abode, short necked instrument, carved from a single piece of cedar. here in the shadow of the whores, ancient red, brick mosques, and palaces. he, the streets with its rich towns, lou, this rang is difficult to master players are a little financial reward. hassan is also a teacher, but it's a challenge for students. ah, golub law that wasn't even on global button. suddenly no us. my grandfather was an expert sir. angry player that in me, but he didn't teach it to my father madina because he felt he was not appreciate. it was moved up in our ultimate aim is to earn money when he placed the raggy or join any other field is number the why should someone get into learning such a difficult instrument off when the money you get out of it is quite meager as him a little bit of name and then again, the number's going glam,
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thinking together. but the ser, angie is expensive to buy and maintain the cedar is often source locally on its strings are made of goat, gus and steel. but most other parts are imported from neighboring india. from where imports are currently band, the instrument can set a musician back a hefty 120000 rupees around $625.00. yes. oh, my god, nila, would those over at the moment there are not any sir angry manufacturer is. while in are there any surround ghee players left? it takes time to make a survey. i can usually make one in 2 months or so repairing a survey takes between $15.00 to $20.00 days. but for some younger musicians, the romantic allure of the ceremonies melodious sound is enough to take this difficult path. your father lay a little go to organ together. this music plays with the strings of your heart, or was there a little gun milligram? madame very few people who are either learning or playing this instrumental way.
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bizarre new orleans. and it's because of this my, that i played my part in learning the ceramic while dea, they'll go to reminisce. honestly, manage will via the musicians. now hope that new ad let some platforms for the haunting instrument can help save the survey from fading away. oh, that's it for friday. thanks for watching and have a good weekend. simpler chicken, super egg. modern chickens are stressed out. there been bread to produce maximum heels or angles or fat he made in record time. animal friendly farming looks different. could breeders and scientists are searching for old species and new method. next, on p w. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list.
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ah romantic corner chat. hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot d w. travel off we go. ah, this is helena. a very strong minded chicken. she's curious and always on the move. and she's yearning for some human company on tomorrow. sometimes it's like he doesn't even know, she suggested i can, you know, store helena isn't just any chicken, though. she is one of 26000000000 of her kind on our planet.


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