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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin tonight, a warning from russia of more rocket attacks on keep, ah, airy tyrants are sounding more frequently in the you gradient cap at old. this comes a day after you grades military says it helped seek a russian worship. also coming up tonight, a traumatized generation, a german survivor of the 2nd world war, reflects on the similarities between his experiences and those of ukrainian children today. and they asked, what are you taking here?
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he said a grade for my dog. they told him, if this is your grade now, and i just shot more reports of atrocities committed by russian troops in ukraine, dw will talk to survivors in the town of mockery. near keith and south africa, start the cleanup after devastating floods. thousands are homeless, entire neighborhoods have been wiped out, and the search for the missing continues. the death toll nearing 400. ah, i bring golf to our viewers watching on p b. s in the united states and to all of you around the world. welcome to night. russia says that it has struck a missile factory on the outskirts of key,
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and it appears to, in retaliation for the sinking of russia's largest worship in the black sea. with the u. s. now saying that it believes the vessel was struck by at least one ukrainian missile. moscow was knelt vowing more attacks on ukraine's capital. meanwhile, ukraine says that russian forces have used a long range bombers for the 1st time to attack the port city of mario pole. and there are reports of fatalities after strikes on cities in the east and south of the country. as this war now passes its 50th day air raid sirens have been sounding across all of you. cree ah 50 days into the wall, and this is still the wake up corn and keith. heavy explosions were heard here of nights. they said to be the most powerful, since russian forces pulled out of the region around the capitol. russia says it will step up its attacks in a ship, sir william ocher with night,
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the sea based high precision long range missiles hit, a military facility on the outskirts of keep the number and scale of missile strikes against objects and keep will increase in response to any attacks of a terrorist nature or sabotage on russian territory by the keyed nationalist regime, the distorted sama asking if it's also in retaliation for the sinking of this war ship them moskva. russia is acknowledged, the ship has been lost. but not that it was due to ukrainian missiles either way, a big blow, according to the pentagon. this is a cruiser. they only have 3 in his class, and it's basically designed for air defense. that's, that, that's what the ship is designed to do. not unlike our own cruisers, so it's going to have an impact on their capabilities, certainly in the near term. but this footage from the southern port city of mary paul serves as a reminder of moscow's military might and brutality. with russia now focusing its
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attention on ukraine's east, mary, you, paul, would be key and connecting the southern and east and france despite a strong russian presence. ukraine says the city hasn't fall, and yet the country's president used his nightly address to praise ukrainian resilience, yackel gushing if tunable for to put it mildly. no one was sure that we would survive. she's beat everyone's sympathised hug of dora. many advised us to leave the country and i go for the advisors to actually surrender to tyranny. i'll even if they didn't know us either loneliness and they did not know how brave ukrainians asked me how much we value freedom, national our opportunity to live the way we want to watch some family. this war continues and ukrainians will need to show even more of that bravery if that repel the imminent russian onslaughts in the east. well
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i asked w's russia analyst konstantin anger whether the kremlin has stepped up, strikes on, keep in retaliation for the sinking of that worship the moscow. well, officially, it isn't. because officially the ship sang because of mysterious bar which damaged it's essentially so weapons supply. and because of that, so no, and so yes, because of course the loss of the mosque law must have really hit the the, the russian is a leadership very odd lot. as we've heard from the russian spokesman. it isn't the retaliation for those mysterious explosions near the southern russell city of balance, which as the russians say, were caused by great attack. so there is a way of putting it who is and, and creating this kind of smoke screen. but i think that if and i think it is,
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as you said, retaliation from what's, what is a bit of a sign of desperation and irritation which it should be by law. and how, how does the kremlin report this to the russian people. i mean, you've got the main warship in your black sea fleet that is now at the bottom of the ocean. our ordinary russians, are they going to believe the claim that the ship was lost in a fire? friends? i think if you're talking about the russians on the continues west on the stand, the support for coaching, which is all in the center for the last, most of it is no people believing the government. but it's people choosing to believe the government, which is a significant slide, but significant difference people who prefer to stay in the company or not to face reality. and yes, these people will say, oh yeah, there was a fire and, and things that didn't go well. the official russian news agency,
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top publish photos all were kind of good by far, well, ceremony to, to, to the cruiser in the, in the crimea, the main base of the russian. basically it, it was, i mean, what's truck, the actually in the photos from the ceremony that read level read that will put that had the ribbon which said to the ship into the same. so the ship go steps that probably tells me a bit about the atmosphere in the russian navy and what goes 1st in the pecking order for. but you know, there are some estimates that may be as many as 300 semen could have lost their lives in this seeking. and if that is, so that's $300.00 people who will not be going home to their families. at some point, the public has to see, you know, body bags coming home and then hear what the news networks in russia are, are telling them, and there has to be some cognitive dissonance. there are not. well,
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there should be, and the someone who lived through the war in afghanistan and know that eventually that sinks in, but i think this moment is a bit far away. for now. what has to understand quite a bit of those soldiers are contract soldiers? i mean, it's a volunteer force and people say, well, ok, they chose to fight that's. that's the kind of price you pay. second, you have to remember, official russian propaganda, which i said most people choose to believe it puts it in a different context and it puts it completely differently. for example, the numbers of semen that will last a, during the thinking of the cruiser. no one, no one knows officially how many died. essentially, the russian government said, well, a lot of that will say, so that is a, there is, there's going to be a dissonant, but i think that's one. now, it's not going to happen tomorrow, and we've got rushes internet authority threatening to find google and we could
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pedia for spreading. what it says is false information regarding the war. you know, you're not even allowed to describe it as a war. is this the kremlin trying to have total control of the narrative? they're trying to have total control of the narrative, but with all the threats, leave them to shut down youtube, which they threatened to shut down several times already. i think there was a struggle going on at the top with the, basically the, the regime trying to decide different factions, the regime, trying to decide what to do next. i have to tell you, right. problem for russia is that as opposed to china of korea, it had a fairly re internet, basically like in a few months ago. okay. a year, year and a half ago. it's very difficult to roll these things back as opposed to china, north korea, where they are, they're kind of internet system was from the beginning that were requested. and frankly speaking, just a very small example. they tried to ben walks,
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but they didn't do that. one simple reason you have parents, groups in schools and kids gotten which are all on what's up. so it's a very, very delicate thing for them to try not to disturb public opinion. my evacuations are now under way in eastern ukraine as an attack there seems all but imminent. the w corresponded. young phillips schultz is covering development on the grid. yes, most the ukrainians, sophia, that this major offensive can't be avoided anymore. the russians have massively increase their troops in the past days and also unsaturated them in the don best region. have years selling has been reported in many places. a lot of the smaller villages in the region are almost completely empty already, but they're still people trying to flee from larger towns in the area. the weather
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has been quite bet in the past days. this might delay the, the russian offensive a little bit since it's much more difficult to, to move off road now. but the almost all observer say it's a matter of 2, maybe 3 days. and we know that in the areas around the capital, a key we're russian troops have withdrawn that we're seeing more evidence of the killings of civilians. more than 900 are reported dead. you have been to this area . i mean, what did you see? yes, we went to the little town of my car, it for close to kia, and we saw incredible human suffering, incredible destruction. the mayors said a $130.00 civilians were killed, sir, and we saw that probably at least half of the town was completely destroy. it's early, we talked to a lot of residents and we heard the most horrifying stories. some people told us
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that they had to witness how their neighbors were shot on the streets. let's take a look at the reports. it's hard to believe that there is still human life among all the destruction basil and his wife natalia. where at home, when russian troops took over mackarath in late february when morning. so just came to their house and accused basil of taking pictures. they tied him up and left him outside in his to a shed, hulu, but it was very cold, especially at night. but in the worse that i had no idea what happened to my wife marbles. one day a soldier came and brought me my special medicine, leaky. this was the moment when i understood that my wife was alive everywhere. it's a similar picture. neighbors of a sealant natalia tell us that in this neighbourhood alone, russian soldiers killed 53 people. a 17 year old gro was allegedly rate 4
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weeks their family had to hide in this small basement room, always fearing that they could be the next target, eager worked as a teacher in my car if before the war started. now he walks through the town distributing donated medicine often he only finds and t ruins. 90 percent of my car . ifs residents have left or been killed. egos, friends seems to live in this house. he doesn't know what has become a new zealous, but we used to have a calm and peaceful life here. this family was just renovating their house with them. they were constructing a little summer cottage in their back yard, in which you all it over there. you see the kindergarten, the ducky, what happened to all of it? says mostly shells near by eager, has more success. he finds an elderly men who still lives amongst all the destruction. he has hardly left the house since the attacks begin russian. so just shut one of his neighbors on the street. usually they asked, what are you taking here? he said
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a grave for my dog will be provided. they told him this is your great now. and i just shot him 3 weeks ago, mockery of was liberated by the ukranian army. since then, many volunteers have come to head with a clean up work about the gruesome memories of the survivors will probably stay with them forever. yes. so much tragedy. they are young, philip levine, the city where you are. i mean, it has been a transit point for many refugees heading west, trying to get away from the fighting in the east kansas city. can he cope with what is bound to be an even larger influx of people fleeing the fight? louisa has learned to cope with it. the city went through very difficult days at the very beginning of the war. when many people had to flee a capital key ash since then the government and also 8 organisations have for established the necessary infrastructure. a lot of the wreckage of her wreckage is
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have continued to westlan countries. others returned to places liberated by the ukrainian army. so yes, so there will be probably new refugee movements. there will be new challenges coming up for the beef. but i don't think it's anything that that said she can't cope with them to have very engaged people here. can't cope with that was young phillip sholtes, they are reporting well children have been among the hardest hit by this war in ukraine. united nation says that nearly 2 thirds of them have left their homes since the invasion began. of consider that $4800000.00 children displaced in less than 2 months. unicef describes the speed of the magnitude of the displacement as incredible. many of those who stayed in their homes are now facing food shortages school closures on top of the trauma of being trapped in besieged cities,
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such as mario pool. so how in the world did children cope with his stress? d w reporter test of alter, has been talking to a mother who fled ukraine with her young son. but the fact that he and now they are he in germany playing as if nothing was amiss. but just a few weeks ago, life changed dramatically from mecca and his mother svetlana we wake up of the course. wish over listen, we're listen, show it didn't, and the long been in the on that so in black, see, it's so it foam scatter. it's crazy. i don't, i, i, now, i don't believe what happened. the bombing and shelling of odessa and the surrounding area drove svetlana and her son to flee. they travelled full 100 kilometers, passed, devastated towns and villages into brimley. well,
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now they are safe in germany. but the images they saw a see it to them, memories. the boy is traumatized. that is not the analysis of clicking the grown gears when he hears loud noises, he asks if the russians have come here in the mouth if they are attacking us. if them, if they are coming to shoot us and, and what we should do now, he asks, ah, do we have to hide? do we maybe have to warn others? one of them was andrew gifted, the pretty neat shelling and destruction. this was also the experience of many german children during the 2nd world war horst who doesn't want to give his last name was one of them. he was only 10 when he saw the bombs fall over no middle hours. when i went out and watched them fly and all of a sudden it went brush and the bomb hit the fears info that was quite a blow or so bright then for the 1st time and thank god,
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never again. i felt such trembling in the legs that i could not control myself. you beauty, pouting, good. to day he is 94 years old. but the impact of the war remains of get through. grandma has kinda and he galli. fisma, when you experience was a child, you are scarred for life unless and that cannot be changed. it can be suppressed a forgotten, but it comes back and dreams, it comes back in pictures. it is in the wild longer eva. as is shown delivered. i was said lana and her son, meanwhile, are doing their best to cope with the uncertainty set down as a doctor and wants to get her license. her son is due to start kindergarten soon. yes, i should get him at no one to give him the opportunity to settle in the way i want to show him that everything has changed since that he's he with me from that everything that happens he is normal to do that. he's safe. no one will hut in as
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long as he is with me, so harsh now he has time to get used to everything was guilty with that asked slowly settling in germany, they wish the war would come to an end and that some they, they can go back home to ukraine, for here are more headlines now connected to the war in ukraine. german chancellor, olaf sholtes reportedly wants to increase defense spending by an additional 2000000000 euros. 4000000 of that would go to fund e u, shipments of weapons for ukraine. finland is reportedly close to saying yes to applying to join nato, and that despite threats from russia, the countries europe minister says that the fins have already made up their minds and that polling shows strong support for joining nato. russia says the move would risk a nuclear escalation in the baltic region. moscow has told 18 european union diplomats
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to leave the country. russia's foreign ministry blaming the year for destroying, longstanding bilateral dialogue and co operation. it follows the expulsion of 19 russian diplomats from the e. u. his around up now of some other world news that were following this hour. the only surviving perpetrator of the 2015 terror attacks in paris has apologized to the victims. in a tearful statement to the court, he asked for forgiveness. a 130 people were killed in shootings and explosions at night life venues across the french capital. residents of a housing compound and shanghai have clashed with police in hazmat suits after authorities tried to use their apartments to house coven 19 patients. people who test positive must isolate at a government run facility,
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as part of china's 0 cove. at 19 strategy, china's largest city is currently reporting more than 20000 cases, new cases, a day. violence between israel and the palestinians is once again escalating as jews, muslims, and christians, mark holy holidays on their respective calendars. at the same time. good friday events are being held against the backdrop of clashes between israeli security forces in palestinian pro jesters at the oxer mosque site in jerusalem. more than a 150 palestinians were injured to day violence at a time when religious leaders usually call for peace. thousands of muslims gathered at the alex and mosque site in jerusalem for friday. prayers. witnesses say a small group of them started throwing rocks at israel. police police responded
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with tear gas and rubber bullets entering the mos grounds and making hundreds of arrests. the palestinian red crescent emergency service said it treated more than 150 people for injuries israeli forces said 3 of their officers were wounded in the exchange. neighboring jordan and the palestinian authority blamed israel for escalating the situation. whether commer, who had this oppression in this barbarism by the occupation repressed our people and empty the oxen moss compound. while all the world was watching, we condemned this. israel said it had no interest in interrupting muslim prayer, but was responding to violence. the alex a mosque as islam a 3rd fully a site. it sits on an area that is judy isms, holiest the temple mount. clashes are not unusual. their intentions are often high . when the religions major holidays converge,
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muslims are marking the month long ramadan, fast. jews are preparing to pass over which marks the exit is from egypt. many christians have come to jerusalem for holy week. despite violence, not far away. they participated in the way of the cross, which according to christian belief marks the path jesus took to crucifixion. it looks, it was on talked on says, although the sample knew this holy friday is very important to us. and just some time ago it struck me to see and mix with the muslim worshippers. i don't know who were doing ramadan at the moment and i told myself, this is great to see all the people of different faiths come together and pray. yeah. and that we all come here together. what i pray for the complications around us. i pray that these that we will find the solution together and them jerusalem gets to be as it, its name says,
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a land of bees with at least 14 people in israel and $25.00 palestinians killed in the last few weeks of escalating violence. worshippers can only hope it will be next year in jerusalem that their prayers for peace are answered. south africa is cleaning up after one of the biggest natural disasters in its history. devastating floods triggered by 2 days of intense rain. this week have killed nearly 400 people in the region around the port city of durban. w corresponded adrian creek reports to night. from up, les look like toys, but they are heavy shipping containers moved away by floss. sachi harry suncoast company store 1500 containers at this depot. they are now trying to recover them. what data to this, sir? the atrocity is the looting. did they did earth offices,
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digital computers. they basically cut all the cables from diseases fridges of microwaves, area spares, whatever was it, whatever the conservative a visually took it out. so, oh, hard work. you know, but it is what's, what it is we just have to label from you. but the 1st question for the team is, where do you even start? you can see this massive destruction and the force of nature right here, the economic consequences of these natural disasters. they are very visible now, but they are likely going to be troubling this region for a long time. the destruction is visible in many parts of gibbon. thousands lost their houses and help hasn't reached every one. like a corn. our house is on this. i'm of us, don't have jobs and no money, so we don't even know where we would like to not be okay. we have lost food,
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grocery, everything, even our clothes and property looks like we don't know what we are going to do. so many people have the idea of being pleading for assistance that we don't want on the promise of us. morgan lewis dinning accord, hey up, it's a very, very, very bad because i have no place to sleep. i'm sleeping, i'm sending this but i can sleep. so i can do nothing my, my children, my dad children now went mad on the bus because we have got no place to sleep. rescue operations by helicopters and away as some places are still not accessible by roads, the death toll is likely to continue rising. the 1st 2 days we were all going for the risk using risk isn't just trying to make a difference and getting people out for the last 2 days. and i think the couple of days to come in, it's just body recoveries, sir. we all, we've all got that that, that urging us and that, that hope that we still find a few people alive, folks,
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yards just mostly body recoveries. back at the container depot, such in her resume current as t must still busy removing containers from the nearby highway. so at least the traffic can flow again, things won't get back to normal any time soon, the south african says, but at least fortunately, his company was in short. after a short break, i'll be back to take you through the day stick around. we will be right back. ah ah, with
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ah ah, what's making the headlines and what's behind them? dw news africa. the show that was the issues shaping the continent. life is slowly getting back to normal. yeah. well, the streets to give you in the reports on the inside our correspondence is on the ground reporting from across the continent. all the trends doesn't matter to you in 60 minutes on d,
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w. o, what does war do to people? are hatred and violence inherited from generation to generation and award winning documentary searches for answers. for 2 years, the author accompanies a cell, a fist family in northern syria. insights into the isolated world of radical islamists and into a spiral of violets without end
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of film about family. faith, masculinity of fathers and sons starts april 16th on d. w. the next target of rushes military might, will be eastern ukraine and on both sides of the border, they are preparing for what will likely be a bloody fight. the ukrainians have proven with the help of the west that they can stand their ground. but for how much longer the 1st 6 weeks of this invasion were a disappointment, we can say a disaster for russia's army and navy. vladimir putin now has a score to settle a score to settle with ukraine. i broke off in berlin. this is the day.


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