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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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ah, a film about family, faith, masculinity, of fathers and sons starts april 16th on d, w. the next target of russia's military might, will be eastern ukraine and on both sides of the border, they are preparing for what will likely be a bloody fight. the ukrainians have proven with the help of the west that they can stand their ground. but for how much longer the 1st 6 weeks of this invasion were a disappointment. we can say a disaster for russia's army and navy. vladimir putin now has a score to settle a score to settle with ukraine. i broke off in berlin. this is the day
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ah, the future of your grade will be decided on that, that the field said defeated russia in the 1st days of an key from bali. now they had the defeat russia and east beneath the free pinks. we've been with them. and with marilyn has the capacity to help us stop this war and still put in with them hill. it's late, late, elite yuki, las everything that we need and we fight. we fight to stop the war in europe. also coming up the youngest victims of the war in ukraine between teddy bears and trump, the children who are now refugees and matt as king k galli, his men, when he experienced who has a child. yes, scott, for life and this,
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and that cannot be changed. it can be suppressed, it forgotten, but it comes back in dreams. it comes back in pictures. it is in the wound on either as it shane long, head ah, went to our viewers watching on p b. s in the united states, and to all of you around the world. welcome, we begin the day with the sound of air raid sirens across ukraine. russia appears to be striking back after a naval disaster. the sinking of its main worship in the black sea and ukraine says its missiles were responsible of the loss of the warship is a setback. that is influencing the war on land and in the air for the 1st time since the invasion, the russian military is using long range bombers to attack the besieged port city of maria pope. the kremlin also warns that it will intensify its missile attacks on the capital key, and there are reports of fatalities after strikes on cities in the east and south
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of the country. the strikes appeared to be in retaliation for the sinking of that russian warship the most. but it sank while being towed back to port in stormy weather. yesterday ukraine says its missiles hit the ship of the port of odessa. moscow denies its claim saying that the vessel went down in a storm after an explosion tore through its whole either way. the moskva was a symbol of russian. c. powered the pride of its fleet. its loss is a blow to the kremlin naval prestige. and to the war machine of president, but a mere pu we do believe that there was a significant explosion on this cruiser the moskva of the slavic class of cruisers in the russian navy. we do believe that that, that, that explosion caused a significant fire. we cannot confirm the ukrainian reports that it was hit by
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a missile, but we are also not in a position to refute that. it's going to have an impact on their capabilities. certainly in the near term, whether it has an impact on their naval capabilities and long term is just a we just unclear right now. when you crane is calling on its western allies to send more heavy weapons to help its forces, defend the east of the country. from that expected russian assault, the military was able to repel russian forces at the gates of key. but as des alexandra phenomena reports to night, soldiers say that they had to use weapons that were made in the last century. on the move with members of the 114 brigades, part of ukraine's territorial defense force. we are in misread scott. one of the villages that were in the way of the russian invaders and their offensive on the keith. all members, local drama convoy was approaching on the street, the boucher,
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we were holding our positions at the neighbouring village and the highway. one of us was the, came from the left, we were told to re position to strengthen our line, and then the squadrons commander gave the order to open fire on the modem of my cousin, the room lawyer. that's his nickname, shows me john footage of the attack. the russians where it is oriented, he says they didn't seem to expect resistance. they tried to break through, but lawyer with his soviet major rocket launcher, stood in their way. they boomers was between modern weapons. we would have destroyed them all forwards. we'll see that we had to use what we've got a muster weapons from the last century. for robert earth rims is just religion. the ukrainian forces do not lack and through the as or the courage to fight against all odds, but what they say they need are happy weapons as soon as possible as the whole country braces were a great battle in the only better equipped and armed they say they can repel russian attacks and prevent more war crimes from happening. many fear destruction
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left behind by russian soldiers around keith is a grim omen of what may be in store for the east. cook is originally from the internet, screeching in eastern ukraine to some logo on your system that have mixed feelings . casual is hard with field haine. grief. now we are soldiers, so we have to pull ourselves together and we must not shore pain and fear for our children. and wives depend on us for your zone in awesome, and they depend on each other. the worst moment is the one before the battle. cook says that when it starts, he adds, it fear is gone. well, my 1st guest tonight is tim ripley. he's a defense journalist and a writer who joins us from lancaster in the united kingdom. it's good to see you again. what weapons and heavy equipment, would you say? ukraine needs the most right now. well,
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if the cranial objective is to hold what a got than that that got that pretty well equipped that grounded tank missiles, anti aircraft missiles that's pretty good at holding ground. if they're going to take the offensive and turn the tide on, the russians actually recapture territory been lost to them than they need tanks, need fighter planes attack helicopters, heavy artillery, and then a modern stuff like that a aren't range is and is heavier firepower than the russians, russian equipment, so they need a whole new set of weaponry to go on to the offensive. i think your assessment him is going to surprise some people. so you're saying that what the ukranian military has right now is enough to at least keep the russian military where it is. well, now the russian army was defeated around key f thought, exactly that the equipment and weapons that got now by using a defense in depth,
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they used ambushes, they use guerrilla warfare, and they were very effective. the art was very, very effective warfare they, they drink, they force the russians to pull back up. now, what the ukrainians want to do now is take on the russians in a, in a head to head battle tank battle darn in the southeast of the country. and that because a very different type of weapon that not requires tanks, heavy artillery an attack helicopters fine to planes, they want to be able to go on the offensive to defeat the russians. that's, that's their stated objective. they want to be able to have better equipment and the russians to take the offensive, and they don't have that equipment at the moment. so how do you see this panning out then if let, let's say, as soon as this weekend or next week we've see this new offensive from the russians begin. i think it's underway at the moment that that, that the 1st moves are taking place. as we see that the russians are finishing off the ukranian forces in mary a poll, and that they all as we speak,
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they're attacking and not. the question is, is going to turn into a war of attrition between the ukrainian defense the ukraine offensive, and the russian forces who has got the most will power in this me growing the battle. i mean, we're talking about hundreds of people being killed every day in this fighting. a civilians obviously, but also the soldiers on both sides. and this is a war of attrition. now it is no longer a war need a slightly more blitzkrieg. this is a war of attrition between the russians and ukrainians, who's got most will power to keep fighting, to keep funneling and troops and soldiers into that meat grinder, bartolini on the eastern sector. and you know, with that in mind him, then what about what we so happened yesterday in the sinking of the black sea fleet, main worship. i mean the brushes prestige object is now at the bottom of the ocean
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. if you summed up exactly that prestige, i mean the ukranian navy, what was, was destroyed in the 1st couple of days of the war. they've never been out of poor . i never really challenged the russians. this is a missile attack which has hit a 19 eighties vintage cruiser, which has very obsolete weapons on it. but it's a prestige thing. it's good for morale. it's another one of those in a symbolic, a attacks that keeps everybody's morale up, keeps the hope of victory going rover. they're actually reducing that. the military can't ability, that the russians can throw into this battle cuz they have limited ability to fire at actual target. so it is prestige, it's good for morale rather than changing that. the balance of power on that vital battleship in the east of the grain. we know that in terms of hard or heavy equipment, poland wants to give you, craig,
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it's mig 29 fighter jets germany now wants to provide dozens of its old leopard one tanks. but this is obviously not the most modern equipment. i mean, is, is this going to tip the balance in, keeps favor at all? well, maybe not to imbalances, right? what it means keep me is i can keep fighting against the war of attrition. and they will need a constant supply of new stuff all the time. and they'll need a 100 times to week to feed into this battle to keep going. so if i get 100 times this week and a 100 times next week in a 100 times a week after that, that's what they need. and what about these cheaper drones, for example, and the handheld anti tank weapons, but this, this seems to be where the ukrainians actually have the technological edge on the russians. if they're on the defensive, if they're protecting their cities, if
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a fighting in the streets that the exactly the weapons, i need to slow down, the russians and foot casualties ambush their supply columns, all the stuff we saw that they used to great effect around kiev. and around coke, if so, that great defensive weapons, but they don't allow you to, you know, go on the offensive and take back territory from the russians. there are reports to him, and maybe you've heard this as well, of some russian soldiers, allegedly killing russian generals. i mean, that's how bad the morale is in some units. how do you explain that? well, and obviously the russians have taken heavy casualties. aarons and their armies made of mix of conscripts, contract, soldiers, professional soldiers, unprofessional officers. and they're not always of the same level of training. you've got some elite units, they, they're bone forces,
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the naval infantry who have seemed to put up a good shit, good performance. but got units that come from the far east that have made up of combs grips that have have pretty lamentable to forms. but also you have to bear in mind that there's a psychological war, gary on here between the ukrainians and the russians. they're all trying to undermine each other morale a trunk deserve. sions, under my morale at home, i mean, part of the big ukrainian campaign is to try and convince the russian home population that the was doomed. so you have both sides are putting out all of these stories about cruise in russia are about general. so again, wanna watch a q against president pete. it all is kind of stuff is flowing around as part of the psychological warfare to undermine the enemy's morale. will to fight. yeah, it proves as you say that the findings not only taking place on the battle field, it's also taking place in the soldiers and the generals minds as well. events journal is terrible. yeah. yeah. going okay. yeah, i mean,
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yet if this is what it's all about, this is about will to fight to keep fighting, to keep sending men to die in this battle. and unless you've got the morale and the will power to do it, you're going to give up 1st. yeah, well put him is always, we appreciate your time and your analysis tonight. much a pleasure. but children have been among the hardest hit in this war in ukraine. the un says that nearly 2 thirds of them have left their homes since the invasion began. now that translates into 4800000 children displaced in less than 2 months. unicef, describing the speed, the magnitude of this displacement as incredible. many of those who stayed in their homes are now facing food shortages school closures on top of the trauma of being trapped in besieged cities such as marble. so how in the world you children cope? w reporter test. volter has been talking to a mother who fled ukraine with her young son. let them back in. now they are he
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in germany playing as if nothing was amiss. but just a few weeks ago, life changed dramatically from mecca and his mother, the atlanta we wake up of the course. wish over listen when listen, show didn't, and the long been in yonder. so in black, see it's so it foam scatter. it's crazy and non i. now, i don't believe what happened. the bombing and shelling of odessa and the surrounding area drove svetlana and her son to flee. they travelled for 100 kilometers, passed devastated towns and villages into rome. well, now they are safe in germany. but the images they saw a see it to them, memories, the boy is traumatized. that is not the analysis of picket the grown care. when he
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hears loud noises, he asks if the russians have come here namath, if they are attacking us the minute. if they are coming to shoot us, and what we should do medea he asked, ah, do we have to hide? do we maybe have to warn others? one of them was not doing, you probably need shelling and destruction. this was also the experience of many german children during the 2nd world war hoist. who doesn't want to give his last name was one of them. he was only 10 when he saw the bumps full either now you me the large or i went out and watched them fly and all of a sudden it went brush and the bomb hit the feel. that was quite a blow so bright then for the 1st time and thank god, never again. i felt such trembling in the legs that i could not control myself with the beauty passion, good to day. he's 94 years old. but the impact of the war remains
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of consumers in ranma as kin than k gully this month. when you experience was a child, you asked scott for life friendliness and that cannot be changed. it can be suppressed a forgotten, but it comes back in dreams. it comes back in pictures. it is in the wild eva as a share, i'd love it. i want to split lana and her son. meanwhile, a doing that best to cope with the uncertainty, set on as a doctor and wants to get her license. her son is due to start kindergarten soon could you get when right now i want to give him the opportunity to settle in the way i want to show him that everything has changed, but that he is he with me, the model that everything that happens he is normal that he is safe, if he would no one will hurt an eye as long as he is with me. so harsh now he has time to get used to everything was field pre brooklyn. why they're slowly settling
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in germany. they wish the war would come to an end, and that some they, they can go back home to ukraine. toby for acre is the chief of communications and partnerships at unicef, recently visited children's hospitals in ukraine. they asked him about his impressions there. the impressions are horrific. i mean, 1st food children and hospitals are there because they've been wounded. they've been hit during heavy fighting, even in areas where they've been besieged. also, when they've been trying to get out of areas of heavy fighting. but also then there are other children who have underlying medical conditions issues. so i was enough to the other day where i met a mother and nearly 2 year old daughter. they spent 30 days on the ground in a metro station. in car kid had had cancer form of cancer before that you can only imagine the health impact spending 30 days underground, sheltering from bombs from
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a right. sorry, it's actually heretic, and now she's been hospital trying to recover from that will deal very hard to say exactly what the logically impact will be because she's a young, very young girl. but clearly it will be long lasting as we just heard in your report. that's why getting the psycho social support on top of the medical support, obviously to treat children who have been injured is that the vital emotional support emotional well being and parents play a very key road in that. and parents are the sort of 1st line in the response, but they're also going through such trauma. sure. incredibly difficult time. yeah, and you know, our 1st reaction is to think of if there is danger, we need to get the children out and then they will be fine. but as you say, that's not always an option. and what can unicef do that for children when you are in an active wars zone? i mean what, what are your realistic goals?
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yes, i said children stuck in hair areas of heavy fighting is extremely difficult for us, but we need to get the humanitarian access to provide some form of relief supplies to try and help provide some emergency will to service for example. so children without access to water, people without access to water and power, but also to get safe passage out vote for those children. and if they want to leave families need to leave is absolutely vital. and as soon as they do, it's about getting that sort of psycho social 1st aid essentially to children as quickly as we can to help that recovery process immediately. because the longer the law goes on, the more trauma they'll be. but if we can reach those children as quickly as possible, then we can help them to recover over that period of time. as long as that with their mothers, with extended family, we can provide that sort of care and nurturing support along the way. yeah, and even if they are with a parent, you know, i'm thinking of the thousands of children who are arrived here in berlin. most of them have just been with their mothers, many have no parents with them. and there are reports of them being targeted by
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human traffickers. for example. what is eunice have doing to protect children from being exploited? it's a massive risk whenever you have so many women and children with the men left behind on the move, there is a huge risk of trafficking of gen, device violence. so what we're doing is that inside you crying, we set up what to call the spill. no senses where we work with child protection authorities and provide a integrated sort of holistic service that points where this place people are moving through. and that means access to information such as, where can i go to get health care? it means providing information about the dangers along the route and also the folders. so when women and children cross over into neighboring countries, we can provide access to information to guidance on the risks of trafficking, but also screening. so making sure that that child is with an adult who's carrying them the hopefully their mother, but it's not extended family. so improving that screening on those
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t transit hobbs along the way, working with the national authorities with child protection authorities. yeah, it is so crucial and you ever want to, you know, so if you're doing very, very important work, toby bricker with unicef, joining us tonight from the new pro in ukraine. thank you. ah, violence between israel and the palestinians is once again escalating as jews, muslims, and christians, mark holy holidays this year. at the same time. good friday events are being held against the backdrop of clashes between israeli security forces and palestinian pro gestures at the alex and mosque site in jerusalem. more than a $150.00 palestinians were injured to day violence at a time when religious leaders usually called for peace. thousands of muslims gathered at the alex a mosque site in jerusalem for friday. prayers. witnesses say
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a small group of them started throwing rocks at israel. police police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets entering the mos grounds and making hundreds of arrests. the palestinian red crescent emergency service said it treated more than 150 people for injuries. israeli forces said 3 of their officers were wounded in the exchange, neighbouring jordan and the palestinian authority blamed israel for escalating the situation. let them come. whether this oppression in this barbarism by the occupation repressed our people and empty the alex and mos compound. while all the world was watching, we condemned this. thank you. of israel said it had no interest in interrupting muslim prayer, but was responding to violence. the alex a mosque as islam 3rd, fully a site. it sits on an area that is judaism, holiest,
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the temple mount. clashes are not unusual there. and tensions are often high when the religions major holidays converge. muslims are marking the month long ramadan fast. jews are preparing to pass over which marks the exit is from egypt. many christians have come to jerusalem for holy week. despite violence, not far away. they participated in the way of the cross, which according to christian belief marks the path jesus took to crucifixion. it looks, it hasn't balked on, says although the sample knew it is holy friday is very important to us. and just some time ago, it struck me to see and mix with the muslim worshippers my daughter who were doing ramadan at the moment. and i told myself, this is great to see all the people of different faiths come together and pray and that we all come here together. well,
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i pray for the complications around us. i pray that these that we will find this illusion together. and them jerusalem gets to be as it, its name says, a land of peace with at least 14 people in israel and 25 palestinians killed in the last few weeks of escalating violence. worshippers can only hope it will be next year in jerusalem that their prayers for peace are answered. ah. and finally, france is marking the 3rd anniversary of the fire that damage the iconic, notre dame cathedral in paris. ye remember these images from the 15th of april, 2019. they shocked the world when a fire started in the gothic masterpiece in the heart of the french capitol. it's thought that the electrical short circuits for the blaze and it brought down the wooden speier and melted the lead roof. the immense task of reconstruction began
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almost immediately and the french government now says that it hopes to restore the church to its former glory completely. in the next 2 years, a day's almost done, the conversation continues online. you'll find us on twitter your find me on twitter, it brent. gov tv. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we will see you again on monday. have a good weekend everybody ah, [000:00:00;00]
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w ah ah, ah, this is the w news live a promo berlin tonight, a warning from russia of more rocket attacks on keep, ah, air raid sirens are sounding more frequently in the ukrainian capital. this comes a day after ukraine's military said it helped sink a russian worship also coming up tonight. okay. and what are you taking here? he said a grade for my dog. you know,


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