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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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a ah business news alive from berlin, a clearer view of the scale of killings in russian occupied areas near que ukrainian authority. you say they've recovered 940 with all the withdrawal of occupying forces, police report that most of them would civilians shot dead by russian soldiers. also coming up as russia threatens the escalation of the war, at least 7 people are killed and dozens more injured. the latest shelling of a residential area in ukraine, 2nd largest city hockey, and
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a traumatized generation. a german survivor of the 2nd world war reflects on the similarities between his experiences and those of ukrainian children today. ah and told me on lot, boy, it's good to have you with us. you korean police say more than 900 bodies have been recovered in the area around q. following the withdrawal of russian troops, lee said most of the dead civilians had been shot, an indication that many may have been executed. the bodies were found abandoned in the streets or in temporary burials. the number of dead is double that announced by ukrainian authorities almost 2 weeks ago. here's the head of is regional police
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force or should park or scott, they also want to say that future has the most significant number of victims algebra. they suggest that the occupiers units that operated in future with the most brutal issue may be the most victims found the future was whether or more than $350.00 corpses, if you will. the hebrew ukrainian troops throughout eastern ukraine have been dig in n in anticipation of a new russian offensive military experts are predicting this refocused assault on the east of the country will be larger and more brutal than what we've seen so far . of friday, 7 civilians were killed and at least 30 wounded in russian shelling of ukraine's 2nd largest city hockey. give a note to our viewers. some of the images you're about to see are very disturbing. nina chef jenko is crying for her dead son. impression that you will eventually she begs him to open his eyes in the boy's grandmother
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arrives. the paramedic tries to soothe her grief with it was a rock had like this when the killed the 15 year old and dozens more civilians and fried his attack. in the signs of the shelling litter this residential area, the injured law in the streets where they fell with wouldn't let increase. coon was also injured in the attack with the cluster bombs exploded in the air about a 100 meters above our heads. we just fell to go boys to spill alina and her daughters also just narrowly escaped death. to that, i knew there was an explosion. i tried to run by then it fell near me. i ran shot. it fell near me again, but shrapnel is flying and cracking. some woman god bless her,
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covered me with her body. oh, it's okay. don't cry so it's fine. don't cry, my little one. ah no dish to alexandrovna also lost her son, sergey when shrapnel from a russian rocket sprayed through a window in her apartment. then as the body count rises, shock and sorrow turned to frustration and anger. story, but what is yellow? what did this guide you to the russians up? it'll do love to do. and what did a 12 year old boy do? a story he was brought away dead. did he do anything bad to them like the what about the children who were injured here and women duplicate? what about my friend to his killed? what did they did mozilla with whom should we make peace with these monstrous isabella stored in the blue. but as harkey was located just 40 kilometers from russia and a 160 kilometers from the separatists regions and the east of the prospect of peace
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for the strategically important city, looks highly unlikely. oh, what are your phone number? so i missed the bus. lets take a look at some other headlines on the one ukraine. the german government is releasing more than 1000000000 euros and military aid to ukraine. the funds will be given to cuba to buy weapons. german chancellor schultz has faced criticism at home and from give was hesitancy to send heavy weapons to your grade. green and president lansky has called for a band on russian oil to be part of the next round of sanctions against russia. in a new video address, zalinski also pushed for a complete located of russia's banking sector, saying these are necessary steps to achieve peace. people in here have lined up at the main post office to buy a new special postal stamp. stamp depict ukrainian soldier making
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a crude gesture against russian warship reference to a now notorious incident. the ship had a unit of ukrainian border guards to surrender only for them to refuse. thousands of people have taken part in a pro russia march and the serbian capital belgrade. the protest as opposed to government moves to distance itself from moscow over the invasion of ukraine. serbia recently voted against russia at the united nations. on various occasions. children have been among the hardest hit by the war in ukraine. the united nation says nearly 2 thirds of them have left their homes since the invasion, that 4800000 children displaced in just over 7 weeks. unicef, describe the speed and magnitude of the displacement as incredible. many of those who stayed back now, face food shortages of school closures on top of trauma,
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of being trapped in the seed. cities like mario home to find out how some children are coping under the stresses. d. w reporter test volta has been talking to a mother who fled ukraine with her young son at the battery. and now they are he, in germany the playing as if nothing was amiss. but just a few weeks ago, life changed dramatically in my car and his mother svetlana only wake up. ah, because wish over listen, we're listen shouldn't. and the long been in the on that so in black see it so it foam scatter. it's crazy. i dont i now i don't believe what happened. the bombing and shelling of odessa and the surrounding area drove svetlana and her son to fleece they travelled. 400
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kilometers, passed devastated towns and villages into rome. laudermill, now they are safe in germany, but the images they saw a see it to them, memories. the boy is traumatized. that isn't bonanza. simply keep the grown cares. when he hears loud noises, he asks if the russians have come here in the mouth if they are attacking us just a minute, if they are coming to shoot us and what we should do now, he asks, ah, do we have to hide? do we maybe have to warn others? one of them was an underneath pretty, pretty neat shelling and destruction. this was also the experience of many german children during the 2nd world war hoist. who doesn't want to give his last name was one of them. he was only 10 when he saw the bombs full either 90 middle hours or no. i went out and watched them fly and all of a sudden it went crash and the bomb hit the feel. that was quite
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a blow so bright then for the 1st time and thank god, never again. i felt such trembling in the legs that i could not control myself. he beat passion, good to day. he's 94 years old. but the impact of the war remains of get through. when i was kinda in k gully, lisman, when you experience was a child, you are scarred for life unless and that cannot be changed. it can be suppressed, forgotten, but it comes back and dreams, it comes back in pictures. it is in the world, hunger eva. as a shared, i said lana and her son. meanwhile, a doing their best to cope with the uncertainty. set on as a doctor and wants to get her license. her son is due to start kindergarten soon. you can shoot me an email right now. i want to give him the opportunity to settle in. i want to show him that everything has changed is that he is here with me and
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that everything that happens he is normal, that he is safe with no one will hurt him as long as he is with me. shakara. now he has time to get used to everything was feel free, brooklyn why, they're slowly settling in germany. they wish the war would come to an end. and that some day they can go back home to ukraine. a last acre look at a round up of offer wold news headlines. flooding in the south, african city of durban has killed almost 400 people after the area, sol, record rainfall, flood waters have washed away roads and bridges with authorities continue to search for survivors using helicopters. some people have been without power or water since monday. the only surviving perpetrator of the 2015 terror attacks in paris as apologize to the victims. in a statement to the court, he asked for forgiveness. 130 people were killed in shootings and explosions and
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might life venues across the french capital. the 3 chinese astronauts aboard the schanzer, 13 spaceship. i'm preparing to return to earth after 6 months. that's longer than any previous chinese mission. the sions who is now set to detach from china space station and land. its crew of 2 men and one woman at a side in china's inner mongolia, autonomous region. the united states says it's deeply concerned over violence on friday between palestine protesters and is ready security forces. in jerusalem. the us state department called on both sides to exercise restraint, more than 150 palestinians were injured and fridays clashes. touch as a high after a series of attacks by palestinian militants in israel. and is ready security operations against palestinians, which have led to dozens of deaths recently ah,
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violence at a time when religious leaders usually called for peace. thousands of muslims gathered at the alex and mosque site in jerusalem for friday. prayers. witnesses say a small group of them started throwing rocks at israel. police police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets entering the mos grounds and making hundreds of arrests. the palestinian red crescent emergency service said it treated more than 150 people for injuries. israeli forces said 3 of their officers were wounded in the exchange, neighbouring jordan and the palestinian authority blamed israel for escalating the situation. and this oppression and this barbarism by the occupation repressed our people and empty the oxen mos compound. while all the world was watching,
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we condemn this. thank you. israel said it had no interest in interrupting muslim prayer, but was responding to violence. the alex a mosque as islam 3rd holy a site. it sits on an area that is judaism, holiest, the temple mount. clashes are not unusual there. and tensions are often high when the religions major holidays converge. muslims are marking the month long ramadan fast. jews are preparing for passover, which marks the exodus from egypt. many christians have come to jerusalem for holy week despite violence, not far away. they participated in the way of the cross, which according to christian belief marks the path jesus took to crucifixion. and okay, for example on says, although the sample knew this holy friday is very important to us. and just some time ago, it struck me to see and mix with the muslim worshippers. i don't know who were
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doing ramadan at the moment. and i told myself, this is great to see all the people of different faiths come together and pray. yeah. and that we all come here together. what i pray for the complications around us. i pray that these that we will find the solution together. and then jerusalem gets to be, as you know, it's name says a land of peace with at least 14 people in israel and 25 palestinians killed in the last few weeks of escalating violence. worshippers can only hope it will be next year into her islam that their prayers for peace are answered. you're watching d. w. news. he is a reminder of our main stories. ukrainian police say more than 900 bodies have been recovered in the area around q following the withdrawal of russian troops. this double, the number of dead announced by training authorities almost 2 weeks ago. and
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with that you are up to date robots will be here with all the latest business news . thanks for watching t w. i'm told me a lot of myself on the team with people and trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away at the border families. the reason for these critical illness is with people being screened around 200 people with around the world.


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