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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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gordon starts me 3rd on d w ah ah, this is dw news life from berlin a clearer view of the scale of atrocities in russia occupied areas. if ukrainian authority say they recovered 900 bodies following the withdrawal of occupying forces, police report that most of them were civilians, shot dead by russian soldiers. also coming up as russia threatened se further escalation of the war. at least 7 people are killed and dozens more injured in the
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latest shelling of a residential area and ukraine's the 2nd largest city hockey. ah . hello, i'm monica jones. welcome to the program. ukrainian police say more than $900.00 bodies have been recovered in the area around keith. following the withdrawal of russian troops, police said most of the dead civilians have been shot, an indication that many may have been executed. the bodies were found abandoned in the streets or in temporary burials. the number of dead is double that announced by ukrainian authorities almost 2 weeks ago. and he is the head just keeps regional police force or short dark horse covered. i also want to say that shooter has the most significant number of victims algebra. this suggests that the occupiers, the units that operated in boucher, the boy with the most brutal issue may be the most victims were found in future was
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where there are more than 350 corpses. if you're very hibler, russia's defense ministry says it destroyed an armored vehicle production planned on the outskirts of key. if early on saturday, moscow says it used high position long range to weapons and the strike caves may assess rescuers and medics are at the sight of the attack, assessing the damage. our correspondent rebecca written is in key if and has given us an update on the latest in the ukraine in capital and the atrocities committed in the town of pulcher. yeah, monica, her butcher really bore the brunt of some of the worst atrocities we've seen, or at least in the cave region. or we were there yesterday as you say, and talking to people who survived that horrific occupation. they're, they're clearly shell shocked. as you can imagine, i mean people, they're trying to get on with their lives. but obviously finding that very difficult, something that surprised me was how quickly that city is being cleaned up. for the scenes that we saw of all those burnt out tankers and munitions in the street that
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has all almost gone, and obviously the buildings are still destroyed. all the shops are burnt out and looted, and many of the houses are destroyed too. but the streets itself have have been cleared up, and the body is counted and collected, and we spoke to people. 11 gentleman showed me in the backyard in a makeshift grave where that they had dug for his wife's cousin. the body had, has now been zoomed, and just yesterday they were on the way to give him a proper burial. these people have been through the most horrific instances, as you can imagine. and people are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives. but so many destroyed the scars on that city are going to remain for some time yet. yeah, and of course, russian troops have only just recently retreated from areas around cuba. now moscow is already threatening to target the city again. or have there been strikes since
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ukraine is preparing for renewed strikes on the capital? as you say yesterday, i saw a strike on a munitions factory about 15 kilometers from where i'm standing right now. and this morning mer vitale. clinico has announced that there were also some attacks on the left bank of the city, key of is, is cut into by the need to river on the left bank in a suburban area. there were some attacks in the early hours of the morning, apparently details yet to emerge of what exactly was the target there, or whether there were any casualties. and the sirens have been sounding overnight early this morning. and even not long before we came to air. so, so definitely a city that is preparing, but you know, i don't know whether you can see behind me, i'm standing right near it made on square. there are sort of people trying to get on with their lives here as well as best they can. you, we are starting to see people out on the streets, some restaurants, reopening some non essential shops. it is definitely not anything like normal here in the capital, but people trying to get on with their lives,
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despite the situation going on. but definitely a city that is preparing for potential renewed attacks in retaliation for certain attacks by the ukrainian side, namely, a russian warship that was sunk in the black sea. and something that moscow russia denies that it actually was done by ukrainian forces. the pentagon seems to think differently. that's right, a ukraine came out and said that, that it with did that boat, that or, or that sea ship, sorry, that tank a ship was actually sung by the, by their rockets, something that rush, russia said no, no, it was a fire on board and, and that lit up the munitions and in that and sank. it, it did, and russia has actually said that the ship has sunk, so they've agreed to that, but they didn't, they, they deny that it comes from ukrainian or ukrainian attack. but the pentagon has actually supported that and said that yes, it was indeed ukrainian or the attack that, that sank that ship. so that's a definitely a boost for the ukrainian side. but something that will obviously see retaliation
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from the rush right. rebecca richness reporting for us from kia. thank you so much . rebecca take care. ukrainian troops have been digging in throughout eastern ukraine and anticipation of a new russian offensive. military experts are predicting this refocused assaults will be the largest and most brutal so far. meanwhile, 7 civilians were killed and at least 30 wounded by russians shelling in the city of kai chief on friday. a note here to all of us, some of the images you are about to see are disturbing. nina chef jenko is crying for her dead son campus. if you haven't, you can. when she begs him to open his eyes in the boy's grandmother arrives. the paramedic tries to soothe her grief with it was the rock had like this when the killed the 15 year old and dozens more civilians and fried his attack. the signs of the
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shelling litter this residential area. the injured law in the streets where they fell with mud in creek rune was also injured in the attack, i simply cluster bombs exploded in the air about a 100 meters above our heads. we just fell to go post to spill alina and her daughter's also just narrowly escaped death. to that, i knew there was an explosion. i tried to run it, it fell near me. i ran. it fell near me again. this, but shrapnel is flying and cracking. some woman, god bless her, covered me with her body. oh, it's okay. don't cry. it's fine. don't cry, my little one. ah, no dish to alexandrovna also lost her son, sergey when shrapnel from
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a russian rocket sprayed through a window in her apartment. the body count rises, shock and sorrow. turn to frustration and anger. story. but what is your what? what did this guide you to the russians up? what would you love to do? and what did a 12 year old boy do? was thought he was broadaway dead. did he do anything bad to them or like how to read? what about the children who are injured here and women do couple. what about my friend who has killed? what did they did that was you and with whom should we make peace? with these monsters published what amiably, but as harkey was located just 40 kilometers from russia and a 160 kilometers from the separatist regions in the east, the prospect of peace for the strategically important cities. so looks highly unlikely. oh, what are your for your muscle done with? the german government is releasing more than 1000000000 euros in military aid for
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ukraine. the funds will be given to key if to buy weapons. the ukranian military was able to repel russian forces at the gates of keith. but earth dw alexander phenomena reports soldiers say that they had to use weapons made in the last century. on the move with members of the 114 brigade part of ukraine's territorial defense force, we are in mitrovica, one of the villages that were in the way of the russian invaders and their offensive on the keith. all of his local drummer convoy was approaching on the street. roger, we were holding our positions at the neighbouring village on the highway. this was the, came from the left. we were told to re position to strengthen our line than, than the squadrons commander, gave the order to open fire or to morrow m of o, my cousin, the war lawyer. that's his nickname. shows me drawn footage of the attack, the russians were disoriented. he says they didn't seem to expect resistance. they
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tried to break through, but lawyer with his soviet major rocket launcher stood in their way. if boomers was but we had modern weapons, we would have destroyed them all forward, proceed. but we had to use what we've got or for weapons from the last century for word, for, for prince useless for losing the ukrainian forces do not lack and through the asthma or the courage to fight against all odds. but what they say they need are happy weapons as soon as possible, as the whole country braces for a great battle in the east. only better equipped and armed, they say they can repel russian attacks and prevent more war crimes from happening . many fear the destruction left behind by russian soldiers round key if is a grim omen of what may be in store for the east before the cook is originally from the don't ask region in eastern ukraine to some more go on your system. i have mixed feelings. casual is hard to fuel haine. grief. now we are soldiers. we have
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to pull ourselves together. we must not sure pain and fear for our children, and wives depend on us as a moment for your zalman ocean, and they depend on each other. the worst moment is the one before the battle cooks s. but when it starts, he adds that fear is gone. and he has a round of up of some other stories making use around the world. north korean leader kim jong own has attended a public parade to mark for 110 cent of us re of the birth of his grandfather, kim il sung. the annual celebration his hold the day of the sun and his north korea's biggest annual public holiday, kim il sung, who died in 1994 founded the authoritarian regime. demonstrators in the us state of michigan took to the streets on friday to protest against the police, killing of an unarmed black man, patrick leo, r. a 26 year old kong elise refugee was killed during a routine traffic stop after he struggled with an officer over
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a stun gun. the united states says it's deeply concerned of islands between palestinian protesters and israel. the security forces in jerusalem. the west state department called him both sides to exercise restraint. more than 150 palestinians were injured and fridays clashes tensions a high after a series of attacks by palestinian militants and israel and israel security operations against palestinians which have led to dozens of death recently, o violence at a time when religious leaders usually called for peace. thousands of muslims gathered at the alex a mosque site in jerusalem for friday. prayers. witnesses say a small group of them started throwing rocks at israel. police police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets entering the mos grounds and making hundreds of
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arrests to palestinian red crescent emergency service said it treated more than 150 people for injuries. israeli forces said 3 of their officers were wounded in the exchange. neighboring jordan and the palestinian authority blamed israel for escalating the situation. whether commer, who had this oppression in this barbarism by the occupation repressed our people and empty the oxen moss compound. while all the world was watching, we condemn this job. we should israel said it had no interest in interrupting muslim prayer, but was responding to violence. the alex m mosque is, is launched. 3rd fully a site. it sits on an area that is judaism holiest, the temple mount. clashes are not unusual there. and tensions are often high when the religions major holidays converge. muslims are marking the month long ramadan
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fast. jews are preparing for passover, which marks the exodus from egypt. many christians have come to jerusalem for holy week, despite violence not far away. they participated in the way of the cross, which according to christian belief marks the path jesus took to crucifixion. it looks, it hasn't brought on says, although the central knew it is wholly friday, is very important to us. and just some time ago, it struck me to see and mix with the muslim worshippers. i don't know who were doing ramadan at the moment. and i told myself, this is great to see all the people of different faiths come together and pray. yeah, and the we all come here together. well, i pray for the complications around us. i pray that these there we will find this illusion together. and on jerusalem gets to be as it, its name says, a land of bees with at least 14 people in israel and 25 palestinians
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killed in the last few weeks of escalating violence. worshippers can only hope it will be next year in jerusalem that their prayers for peace are answered here watching the de leon use up. next, we have the latest edition of sports, life racing and silence, which is about a spanish raisa, who is successful despite being a woman. and dev, thanks to what you need help with these places in europe are smashing all the records. stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you up to record breaking sites on google maps, youtube and now also in book form. ah, let us issue when i arrived here, i slept with a single people in a room as
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