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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2022 4:30pm-5:01pm CEST

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the w. a b. hello and a very warm welcome to yet another edition of the 77 percent. the show where we discuss issues of importance to you. africa's youth. my name is joe catchy, and i'm your host for today. well this week we want to have a conversation around tina pregnancy and early marriage and coming up with me to be bought a dance, always using us to demand respect for walking women. we talked to teenage moms about whole pregnancy changed their lives and we meet a young,
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the median woman with child marriage. now we've got a few emotionally top topics to tackle in today's show, but we'll start by meeting a 1000000 dancer, b butter ibrahim, mega. she is a bummer, called best artist, using artistic expressions, to speak out against gender inequality. this outstanding dancer has tom ta footprints internationally, but home in bama co. she has intensified the call for respect to women. i have a baby, but my name is deborah abraham. my again a before i am an artist dancer performa, create an interpreter directory sheet that i am currently with a fast. so dan,
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here to run by sir g. me globally be bought. it is in her element. she's performing her solo on the streets of the home town. bummer! go in. and she dramatize as women struggle for recognition and he brought them in usually where men is coming near all, many dresses and i work around them all day. that doesn't mean i'm a whole that it's like, it doesn't mean that i'm fulfill and she go, or that i'm losing myself was to pick you up. no, no it is that i have principle. have things that i respect you for that is make lose one self and that makes people respect me. it was in her performance be better uses her skill as a dancer to fight against the assignment of traditional female roles. i
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do. it's about a woman who is looking for and is told chef she's. ready beautiful for me to throw a bell. you don't need to walk to marry you or you'll be my girlfriend or my mistress, and i'll take care of you on this one. and i'll put you in a nice house and take care of you. a new wide be boss has had similar experiences, patronized the simply being woman being taken for granted in her work. you did. there were times when i was just wanted to give up if i wanted to drop everything on but then, but it was something in me that doesn't want to keep up on the age. second, i know that one day things will be better colors. and when women finally climbed higher and higher, i hope the men won't be resentful. because it does create
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a bit of jealousy. that's all, that's good, but that's not such a big deal. but a normal, normal marlene society is still very much dominated by men. and there's a long way to go to reach equality, but it's just changing. and i think that as time goes by, things will change. and those who don't understand that they'll be the ones who i ah, suddenly change may be uncomfortable for some, but as be butter says, if you don't understand the importance of equality, you may be soon be the one to suffer for it. well, speaking changes in life, let's talk about teenage pregnancies and unprotected sex is the reason why young girls may find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. but there are numerous underlying
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reasons for these. and if gemini and o r st. deborah, tim headed to windows in namibia to find out more hello and welcome to another episode of the 77 percent this week we are in fin took in a me be a more specifically in havana, the informal settlement that you see behind me. and it's because statistically low income countries are more likely to experience that problem of early pregnancy or teen pregnancy as compared to high income countries. and particularly in this area, you can imagine that it's a serious problem. and that's why we're here and we want to find out, why does this problem exist? what are the consequences and what can we do to put an end to it? who better to answer these questions for me than some nubians. and we're going to begin with by grace she is actually looking very scared. right? i thought, but at the right, so by grace, you're a teen mom. and you made headlines, hey, namibia. because you actually got pregnant at the age of 14. can you tell me what
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happened? my parents had like a funeral of my grandmother in the go like big and for the village. but then when they found out that i had a quick friend, it's when they started asking me christians, they did just that having sex in all of it. then i told him that yes, i've had sex in. i didn't get my period for so long in all of it. what was going through your mind? okay. am i was there just actually time where was depressed in i was to amaze course at school every week. i also kind of thought about like having abortions in order for it. so the thought crossed your mind, but you locked it against it. told was your boyfriend at the time, by the way. $21.00 is $21.00. so you are a 14 year old dating a 21 year old. but you're back in school now. yeah, i'm right. you haven't been able to come back to school. you're working in a touch up at the moment here. so did you have to drop out immediately? you got pregnant or what happened when i went to school until i was 8 months pregnant to who in been like my weather broke at school. your water broken,
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you ain school. yes. can you talk to me through that experience? i mean, that must have, i can't imagine where you in class where you are in the flu playing. where are they being? yeah, we like no changing glasses most. did you also have an older boyfriend here? i was having an older brother and he was like 25. but there isn't. i took all my boyfriend was like, there needs to support. he not all entries, those things. so your parents were not in a position to do this for you. i imagine. yes. but then the guy was even denying when i told him that i'm pregnant and those who has it man says that them he accept it. the child. yeah, because we went for the any. let's come to immaculate. was on this site. she's a senior research fellow. what did the figure say in his pregnancy is indeed a serious concern. lynn, i'm been government have what we call the a vacation monitoring information systems, a significant number of the learners that are not coming big. i actually do to pregnancy. so early in there to concede around 40 percent 40 placements while
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learners are not returning to school. wow. okay. i want to speak to where is he west yet? he is. why is the rate of teen pregnancy so high? a lot of kids are being approached by adults or bit may be bigger boys here, so this is also to get a fresh fruit. well, what do you mean? a fresh fruit? fresh fruit is like a limousine. lisa, i'm proud of myself because i've been breaking maybe 15 gills of virginia or something like that. so it's for us. it's a joke, only be so it's a fun thing. oh ok. let's hear from frieda. what are some of the stories that you've heard from the people you're working with? most girls that usually, um, let me say fall pregnant or the stories that i from it are people from traditional aspects. and traditionally, you are taught to not sort of really refuse when a men approaches you, because this means older than you are mostly that other person is a perpetrator. it's either a puts, you had sex and, and a child that's raped and i personally feel like their bodies are really not fit at
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14, your body's not for to carry to term. you should be given the option of no. if you want to have an a but not even if you want to, you should have an abortion, because very much a young. but isn't it? what, what does that countries constitution say about the legality or legality of abortions here? only under 3 missions. if i'm speaking under correction, 4 conditions, yes contextually under the law, abortion is legal. so it, but legal only under very consider i very restrictive conditions outside of that it's criminalized. which means that if you do go for back to abortion, you will be arrested when you'd be fined 5000 or 5 years imprisonment or both. so i'm guessing, immaculate that given what we've just heard, that the number of unsafe bushes is probably on the rise just as teen pregnancies are. yes, we hear stories of women. oh young goes who blit them from themselves almost to death. it is a, it is really our under stories, the issue of finding a way to liberalize abortion in namibia is a metal witness. the urgency of all the attention. okay. that that, that,
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that we need to put, i'm curious to hear from simpson, what his views up. we have the ladies there who are saying that abortion should definitely be an option on the table, particularly for seriously young mothers. the chat is very clear and is it forbids it? is there no middle ground whatsoever? i don't think we as human beings have the right ah, to take life, we should support the mother in terms of going through this process. okay, frida, you had something to say to me earlier, please go ahead. women should be given the choice because um simpson said we should lead women k to tim. but do we actually asked these women? what emotionally? what have you gone through carrying this baby to you as an important question, which i want to asked by grace the emotional toll that he takes on you to carry a baby when you're 14 and not really being ready to. how was that emotionally? what frida was talking about,
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sometimes i felt like i don't wanna go to school in. yeah. go to church when to be honestly currently since i gave birth, i did not really go pick to church because i felt like it was like a shame to the people. like yeah, they'd me been lookin' a. we're flic ice f seemed or tell me about you alexis, he gave us again my friends, if it should have been supportive indie an offer to the hyatt in many. okay, immaculate. obviously not everybody will have the luxury of having their parents get a nanny for them. or the ability to even go back to school. so what are some of the long term consequences of teen pregnancies? totaled within the community is total dropout for majority of young girls. they can, they get caught into that system where the pac not just want nothing to do with the pregnancy. and parents also have a tendency to continue ostracizing them by putting punitive measures on this youngest. so school dropout is really for most girls, the, the owner after that. and i also read that incidentally, people who are teen mothers are more likely to reach children who will themselves
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become teen paris. so let's now look at the solutions because this is a problem that is faced surely around the globe, but particularly in africa. what do we do so that and in the next 1020 years we don't have another 10. $20000.00 by grace's, i personally say less legalized abortion. but if you don't support abortion, it's fine. you could, you don't have to. but give other people the choice to make that what are out fantastic, immaculate, very quickly, please. the worst case scenarios where pregnancy takes place because of rape or incest. but then there are also cases way where we really need to bring big the joy of the fun, the beauty of sex back into the platform. so that like that, and along with the stigma ties bring it back for the those youngsters who wants to engage sexually can, can applied your minds and, and know that i know whatever bit is there to to know. and i think okay, are where to strapping up this debate and i want to hear from the 2 ladies here. i
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would prefer that girls pick contraceptives. yeah, it all can. but sometimes the contraceptives out of stock, that's even one thing always is not fair. when you go full up, it's not a soul. thank you. i like that. like race. i'm that thing you should fall pregnant . if you do in the fall spring creek pregnant, it's at the end of the world. hey i, i really like that. that's actually a really positive note to end on. it's not the end of the world if you do become a t mother. but most importantly, going back to what people will see, education is key and making sure that these conversations are happening out in the open as usual. thank you so much for watching and many thanks. it is. and if you live in a community with similar challenges, what would be your solutions if you want to watch a longer version of the debate is up for you. and it's on our youtube channel, a d, w, the 77 percent, and a make sure you comment on that. and now we've heard about the 2 young months and
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their experiences and how about the young duds? and this reminds me personally of 2 friends whom i won't mention their names. now the day these 2 dudes received the news that they had impregnated their girlfriend . i'm telling you the un is uncertainty and fear was huge. how did they end up? that's a story for another day. for now are guards of mute reporters. sylvia a jumble caught up with a tin dad in the robbie. and here is what she learned. a lot has been said about teenage mothers, but there is a forgotten lot deemed as most of these young men i've sent my communities and feel neglected. my name is sylvia nairobi and on guys of live today for carson, i'm with his is that taylor being thrown into father at the end of 17 with us at the high school see touch
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when he was injured 11. she was a grade below him. so he used to help her with her homework. their parents were used to seeing them together, but you know, we are human being. so i had feelings she had feeling, but nobody has ever told each other whether they're in love or not. but they just came inside like that. i just found myself in her, in a relationship. i was in his seat tut such as having sex. and she felt pregnant. i was worried because, you know, she was a school girl, i was a schoolboy. so we were both climbing and it just affected i'd location. and what did you think i did you think of abortion? actually that never came in my mind cause the i've been raised. people do respect life in our community. so it was difficult for me to advise her to our board shoot
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and go to the next move as in. what did you do next? okay, since i was afraid because her parents were harsh, it forced me to move from dabilla to another town whereby i had to go for missing for some few weeks. and some days before i came back after their story had been sorted out. but an almost done, he was arrested, it's illegal for children in kenya and get your sexual acts. however, such a filter involving maintenance are often handled differently to those involving adults under a system called conversion. the lawyer, surely a place to tunes who engage in consensual sex. the chief decided and advised me not to not drop out of school. and he advised me to be attending to in this school each and every day. so he called my parent who is my dad, and he told him that he is the one will be responsible for my child and the god. and that's where i had the freedom to go back to school 3. but despite that,
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he's that hasn't offered this unfortunately did i'm was, has no been forced to take on the responsibility of an adult to support his new family. the girl is at the moment out of school and i've already given birth to a baby. boy. i will sometimes says this much of a taxi to make it this lock. i'm doing it for survival, cause for now i'm on in the bed and boy, and in fact, my dad. so i love my family, i love the guy. so i'm supposed to provide for them so i can just see that i can just get fitted cause they do depend on me. so i just must wake up in the morning, come for my asshole, and do all these for my survival. and because i love them and i must provide for them, the hostility from the baby's mother is still there. but i will says he's going to mend fences and when they're well,
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i find that past me. impressive. and good luck to amazon is a family. and we've got a couple of comments on this video on our facebook page and prince. oh, let me just check on that print. sir james from cumberland sees a great move, a step which even some a mature men can't still handle in our society today. and we have dinner rica, laconia from kennedy says, in my village, i think he must be 19 or 20 years old. we had 6 kids plus him and his wife while dinner rica. that sounds like a lot of responsibility for boy. anybody let alone somebody that to young. now, in some cases, teenage pregnancy runs hand in hand with ali marriage according to the united nations. there are currently about 650000000 women and garza round the world who are married before the age of 18. and if things don't change, there will be 170000000 more. gus?
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married by 2030. now the un wants to eliminate child marriage completely, but it seems so various still going to be a long way to go now in namibia, almost one in 5 gas experiences a child marriage, we went to cover long or regionally not eastern the media where the highest number of child marriages occur and caught up with a young woman who told us a story much. he called a village in north east and in a bmw the places home to heal them. a footer. she was raised by her grandma, along with 6 other children with her family struggling to make ends meet her grandma arranged for her to be married at just 16. it'll as much as address such as of my grandmother when i came for august holidays. natural my smelled, my grandmother said that there's a mental guy who came to me and then as there which me and for lap and way. and my
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grandmother said the man came and then he asked you, he asked me handing to mary. i asked her, why did you allow them into how, why did you allow them to build the house without hearing from me? hilda married a man 14 years older than herself, but she's far from alone. according to the namibian government, almost 20 percent of golf namibia a forced into marriage compared with only just of a 4 percent of boys. and surprisingly, the marriage took a toll on her t life and education lament us to have her me, and then he never wanted to be friends with my friends anymore. and then after school i guess had to be at home and then working for him all the time. it really felt like it's really difficult for me to do all those things. to me it looked like it's a punishment. a punishment that even traditionalists and hilders village are starting to acknowledge and slowly unravel because of schooler
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i fades in a good child's marriage even though it's their school. but we can make means that they one sees in this cool. she can also come for a 1st period, initiation, then back to school. so attitudes are changing. but in her marriage, hilda was determined to make her own choices. how i needed to have children with me unless i even saw myself very young to have children at that age and, and the router to do that. i'd be out. he has to go to the clinic and get injected for family planning mad gwinnett, or now him to the clinic. i had the mature that he should not know about it. with her husband, frustrated by her inability to get pregnant hilda's marriage became even more strained. the men they let us make their glenn and the night the way i decided to
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leave the guy is he asked forsakes and then i said no, i'm on my bed. and then they gave love to me. so i really got angry. i bet my things when i moved to my grandmother's house, the ill fated marriage caused hilda to fall behind in her education. but now at 21, she's back on track to finish secondary school. and won't be in bed. and she would that a member of the men bad bad giving dead gal denton, that mendoza had barons that sent him to school and never implemented that mess and began somebody because he is better and sent him to school. hilda isn't sure if she wants to get married again or have children, but one thing's for sure. next time it will be her choice. you and this story illustrates how ali marriage can indeed disrupt her childhood. and in my opinion, marriage should actually be a possible choice. and on
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a lighter nor to talking about marriage, her view not as a growing social media, chris about wedding dances. it's almost like a competition between couples about to can lay down the best dance routines and well, the dance trend as also he to gund our. so let's see which move. so trending there . it's becoming more and more popular at wedding this days. after the chat ceremony and the vows the bride and groom entertained their guests with choreographed dance moves in uganda, the man behind the dance craze is alan. we'll have what flounder of jew. so what are dant creations? a local town for move your week when a great and groom wanted attainment at a wedding. what they would usually do is seek out to hire traditional group or musician, nor an artist. so that is when the idea came to me the, how about can we have more entertainment from a brighter room on the entry and then teaches the couples trending down to move
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from around the continent. $1.00 011121 . that was a more into what is going to know them. are the printing move you have are you know, them a piano will get a little bit. i hear mr. young fight about like a with a whole year. and then only really wanted something klein and enjoyable flag. i like music here for the dance aid high school . so we figured we would join them. no fun a whole into a bridesmaid. that main thing
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. and it brings that dancing mood and clearly tells you weddings are becoming so creative these days and they seem to be a big business. and that's are up for to day. you can see more all for content or join in the conversations. and you know what to do to subscribe to our youtube channel or instagram, comment, or drop us a line via email 277 at d, w dot com. we are ending this week. sure. with nigerian artist areas. believe it or not, she is on the main team and that is it from me. my name is due to catching. thank you for a
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me and we'll go take a blue. ah ah ah, ah ah .
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