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a starts may search on d, w ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is easily news. live from berlin. ukrainian troops are digging in a cost eastern regions as they prepare for a new russian offensive. meanwhile, russia has intensified jelly in ukraine, the 2nd largest city hockey. thousands joined traditional eastern peace marches across germany, but the fighting in ukraine is leading some activists to rethink that long held
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anti war, bernice. and a dream debut in the bundis, vega, daughter, and teenager tom britta, try on friends as his slide beat, volts bugs to qualify for next seasons champion seek ah i'm here to mohammed. thanks for joining us. ukrainian troops are digging in across eastern regions in anticipation of a new russian offensive defenders of the besieged port city of mario pole. still hold out in the ruins and russia has renewed sha heavy shelling in ukraine's 2nd largest city car. keith, military, experts, fear the next assault will be the biggest and most brutal so far more russian rockets falling on hockey. it's the latest strike to hit the city in
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a deadly week with many civilians among the dead and the injured. at this time, at least 2 people were killed. go with them with over a dozen more wounded. ukrainian officials fear the bombardment is just a prelude to renew assault on the strategically important city. just 40 kilometers from the russian border. fall to the se, russian forces gather for a new offensive on another key target. mario paul, the port city has been besieged for weeks. now moscow said his defenders have been false back to hear the giant as of stall industrial district. so girls go to the board, emily into urban areas. mariposa has been completely clear to the militants of the nazi formation as obamacare. only corn must reason ukrainian troops. i'll spell the
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remnants of the ukrainian group, a blocked and the territory of the as of stone, that logical planned to be spoken to the only chance to save their lives is voluntarily lay down their arms and surrender. but our world was we got over is docile with merry poles lost to fenders cut off, an russian forces poised to strike ukrainians, feared the city may well soon. finally, full her rushes black sea fate continued to blockade. the besieged paucity of marielle palm. he, deputies, yet that of shelter has more from live in west than ukraine. the russians have apparently made some advances, but they still haven't been able to take over. or you oppose completely. there are still battles going on and confront reports that some ukrainian soldiers have surrendered bad. so others, especially the famous i saw a regimen. so this voluntary group,
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they keep fighting around to steal factory in the city. the good news is that hundreds of residents have been able to to, to flee the city today. and so, but another very worrisome development is that you, cranium officials, claim that russians have attacked 8 workers again in the city. meanwhile, in the liberated areas around the ukrainian capital, keep a scale of rational processes is now coming to light. authorities say they found the corpses more than $900.00 civilians. off the russian forces pulled back. please say most victims were shot dead. mo, body's not being uncovered every day under rubble and in mass grace. these men should be preparing for the jewish holiday of pass over, but instead of celebrating freedom from slavery their morning,
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one of their own. the rabbi overseeing this funeral on friday said russian forces gun, the man down in boucher, a suburb of ukraine's capital keith. they killed him. they killed the shot him. no, let him. at least 900 civilian bodies had been recovered from the cave region. according to police there. more than a 3rd had been found in boucher, the scene of some of the wars worst brutality. investigators are looking into possible war crimes. alexander memory of lost his entire family along with much of his leg when russian troops and boucher shelled the car they were driving. ne blanket. they fired at an ordinary car which they weren't interested in where we were going and why the shelling just started. they didn't care what and god is their judge. yeah, he will punish them for this. over night,
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russian forces killed at least 2 more civilians and attacks across the country, according to ukrainian officials. that follows a strike on a factory near keith, which may have produced the missiles that both ukrainian and u. s. defense officials say were responsible for sinking rushes mosque for warship on thursday. russia says it will keep up its attacks in the key area. as it warns against western arm shipments, but fighting is mostly moving east. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski said his troops were trying to break the siege of maria pole where thousands of civilians have likely died from weeks of russian bombardment. more humanitarian corridors had been announced to try to get people out of maria, pole, and other areas under heavy shelling. 52 days since rushes invasion. zalinski gave cnn ukraine's casualty list. 3000 soldiers killed. another 10000 wounded.
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he put russian troop fatalities at 20000. the numbers are impossible to confirm, but scenes of death around ukraine look only to multiply as this unpredictable conflict presses on. well, here's a look of some of the other developments taking place in the war in ukraine. the russian navy has held a ceremony in the crime in city of sylvester pole for the sunken flagship of its black sea fleets. the mosque of us sank after it was damaged by fire, and the crew was evacuated. ukraine says its forces hit the vessel with muscles. moscow has bod bushes, premonition bars, johnson and several other u. k. officials from entering russia. the russian foreign ministry says it will be adding more names to the bad list. the bad is in retaliation for you. case sanctions over the war in ukraine. now, germany is sending ukraine a 1000000000 euros to buy weapons. the funds are part of
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a substantial increase in german defense spending. meanwhile, thousands have been taking part in traditional is to peace marches nationwide. many calling for an end to the war, but some activists on our rethinking long held pacifist and anti war beliefs. those marching for peace at this year's easter marches have to tread a thin line. traditionally, the demonstrations are a chance for people who believe passionately and pacifism to make their voices heard. calls for all om sales to stop and old war and aggression to end all the normal fare. but what to do in the case of futons war of aggression against ukraine. that question has forced some here to rethink their principles while she unhappy sins. think with a heavy heart. i think now we probably have to supply weapons. as i said,
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i'm actually absolutely against it and all weapons should be destroyed except in the current situation. however, in the, at, since i had seen, the green quality has always been at the forefront of the pacifist movement in germany. but now in government, as part of chancellor schultz, his social democrat led coalition, they have become one of the voices calling for weapons support for ukraine, even as schultz himself wavers speaking at one of the easter marches, leading green and now economy minister, robert hobbit warned that the principle of pacifism must not lead to appeasement of letting me putin, my dog in my room. so, there was a matter, these marches are meaningful and good if they call for peace. and the call for peace can only be directed against putin. in this regard, we must now be very careful that we don't call on ukraine to stop fighting. i know for if we did that, then i would no longer be with the easter marches. miss read, i read in aust,
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i'm out. while president zalinski says the quickest way to restore peace to his country is to send weapons. the debate continues in germany over weather and how to supply heavy weaponry to ukraine. and russia has warned the united states and its nato allies, they could face unpredictable consequences if they continue to send weapons to ukraine. gustavo gretel is a russia analyst, and the military acts that he explains what this message could mean. it's usually the language that points towards a nuclear war, but that is certainly a bluster. moscow itself has supported reform groups, including those who find us on the taliban to be remembered about also father iran hosta in syria, and they delivered a lot to barring middle eastern parties, vietnam, north korea,
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whatever. se, sending alms is neither eagle, something unusual, and united states already made it clear that they will continue to pursue this part . however, especially in europe, of course, doesn't lose public opinion looking at russia and a lot of people just don't know the details behind what is allowed in on conflict and hold on for them. such wording of course means no city and they start back down to stop question hate, which is exactly what these kind of knows trying to achieve. or he has like some other stories making headlines around the world. tens of thousands of people took to the streets of sri lanka, capital colombo, calling for the president to resign. demonstrations have been going on for weeks, shall anchor is experiencing its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948 with power cuts and shortages of fuel and medicine. for african rescue teams are
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searching for survivors of floods in durban and the surrounding region. nearly 400 people are confirmed dead and tens of thousands have been made homeless. the government has declared a state of emergency and promised 63000000 euros in relief. 8 relatives of people missing and landslides in the philippines have urged authorities not to call off the such, despite concerns over the safety of rescue teams. more than 150 people have been killed in the eastern late a province. heavy rains and tropical storms of tropical maggie triggered floods and lance lives that thou in the bundis league, up 3 points against bolts berg or a must for bruce endorsement had only to maintain their grip on by ins, coat tails, but to secure qualification for next seasons champions league and they made light work of a woeful visiting side. adornment were depleted by injury but backed by
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a feverish capacity crowed. they still destroyed a wretched ropes. berg site. one of the stunned and toma water to them one miller after 24 minutes. a clean d views for the city dinner read 2 minutes later. actual that silk bag. the 2nd sign post and hurling holland and the belgian made no mistake. monroe electron d submitted 3 ah. before henry jones, which short somehow slipped beyond vicksburg keeper, could castillos inevitably, holland got in on the act side, keys and a 40 minute burst for diamond and the game effectively over by half time.
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more slick sit bull after the break. so holland, under 6 the norwegian, smashing hole 1000000 friends. first thing 3 ball bull spokesmen some consolation in the gold the day i read it back to not that it stopped the inquest at full time. the for document, it was 3 points gained champions. lexical secured and slim hopes of a good dislike, a title maintained and clone beat barissi i mentioned, got back in the rhine derby after an efficient 1st half among the gold scores was frenchman. and tony were dest, who scored his 16th when the sig ago of the campaign club went on to seal a 31 victory, and are on course for european football next season. well, here are the results from saturday's been the sticker action as we saw, clone big,
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glad back, and osmond with of a huge triumph over volts bug. meanwhile, hurts out berlin edged out of spec mines and stood got drew. no all fryeburg down bottom. and there are formal matches coming up on sunday, including league leaders by and munich against peter felt when you're up to date, the sol up next is sports life. o mother, you can find much more use analysis and video on a website at his d. w dot com. thanks for watching season by oh, i'm skin that. i think that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot us to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this


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