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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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ah, love and respect, ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. ukrainian troops are digging in the cost eastern regions as they prepare for a new russian offensive. meanwhile, russia has intensified challenge in ukraine. second largest city car, key germany chance are sold officers criticisms of dithering over age to ukraine. he promises a 1000000000 euros that here can use to buy weapons. ah,
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and the ukrainian band hoping to highlight the plight of a country by winning the eurovision song contest. ah, i'm really mohammed, thanks for joining us. ukrainian troops are digging in across the country's east and anticipation of a new russian offensive. pockets of defenders still hold out in the ruins of the besieged port city of mario paul and russia has renewed heavy shelling of ukraine, 2nd largest city car. keith, military, experts, fear the next attack will be much worse. more russian rockets falling on kind of keys. it's the latest strike to hit the city in
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a deadly week with many civilians among the dead and injured. at this time, at least 2 people were killed with over a dozen more wounded ukrainian officials here the bombardment is just the prelude to a new assault on the strategically important city. just 40 kilometers from the russian border. far to the southeast brushing forces gather for a new offensive on another key target. mother, you pull the port city has been besieged for weeks. now moscow says it's defenders have been forced back to hear the giant as of style industrial district juggles. go to diploma into urban areas. mariposa has been completely cleared the militants of the nazi formation as all vulnerable unicorn must reason ukrainian troops. i'll spell the remnants of the ukrainian group
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a blocked in the territory of the as of stone, that logical plant visuals, and the only chance to save their lives is voluntarily lay down their arms and surrender over the world was we got over is thoughtful, ukrainian, president zalinski warned that russia risks jeopardizing further peace talks was michigan nation. she whole 2 minute, the elimination of our troops, the issue of our men and mary pull, will put an end to any negotiations. monica started to cut off gonna bridget for a month or more with matthew poles. last, defenders cut off and russian forces poets to strike ukrainians for the city may well soon. finally fall on the w. 's, yan philip shalt has more on the fight for murray up all the russians have apparently made some advances, but they still haven't been able to take over mary or poll completely. there
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are still battles going on, and confirmed reports that some ukrainian soldiers have surrendered, but others, especially the famous i saw a regiment to this voluntary group. they keep fighting around to steal factory in the city. the good news is that hundreds of residents have been able to to, to flee the city today. and so, but another very worrisome development is that you, cranium officials, claim that russians have attacked 8 workers again in the city. meanwhile, in the liberated areas around the ukrainian capital, keith, the scale of russian atrocities is coming to light. 30 say they found the corpses of more than $900.00 civilians. off the russian forces pulled back police
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a most victims were shot dead while bodies are being uncovered every day under rubble and in mass graves. these men should be preparing for the jewish holiday of passover, but instead of celebrating freedom from slavery their morning, one of their own. the rabbi overseeing this funeral on friday, said russian force his gun. the man down in boucher, a suburb of ukraine's capital keith. they killed him. the key of the shut him. no, let him. at least 900 civilian bodies had been recovered from the cave region. according to police there. more than a 3rd had been found in boucher. the scene of some of the wars worst brutality. investigators are looking into possible war crimes. alexander memory of lost his entire family along with much of his leg when russian troops and boucher shelled the car they were driving the new plan did. they fired at an ordinary car that they
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weren't interested in where we were going and why the shelling just started. they didn't care what and god is their judge. yeah, he will punish them for this. overnight russian forces killed at least 2 more civilians and attacks across the country, according to ukrainian officials. that follows a strike on a factory near keith which may have produced the missiles that both ukrainian and u. s. defense officials say were responsible for sinking rushes mosque for warship on thursday. russia says it will keep up its attacks in the key area, as it warns against western arm shipments. but fighting is mostly moving east. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski said his troops were trying to break the siege of maria pole where thousands of civilians have likely died from weeks of russian bombardment. more humanitarian corridors had been announced to try to get
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people out of maria, pole, and other areas under heavy shelling. 52 days since rushes invasion. zalinski gave cnn ukraine's casualty list. 3000 soldiers killed. another 10000 wounded. he put russian troop fatalities at 20000. the numbers are impossible to confirm, but scenes of death around ukraine look only to multiply as this unpredictable conflict presses on. leora some other developments in the war in ukraine. the russian navy held a ceremony in the crimean city of sylvester, palm full, the sunken flagship of its black sea fleet. the mosque of, uh, sank after it was damaged by fire, and the crew was evacuated. ukraine says its forces hit the vessel with muscles of frances, cool for peace amid the war in ukraine. during an easter vigil in st. peter's basilica, the mayor of the occupied ukrainian city of melody topple,
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who was detained by russian forces last month. and 3 ukrainian lawmakers also attended the ceremony. moscow has bought the british prime, alyssa bars, johnson and several other u. k. officials from entering russia. the russian foreign ministry says it will be adding more names to the band list. the band is in retaliation for you. k sanctions over the wall in ukraine. though, as the fighting in ukraine enters its next phase, thousands of demonstrators turned out across germany for traditional eastern peace marches, which they back to the cold war. the activists call for an end to the war ukraine. but there's also growing support for weapons deliveries to keep germany has decided to send ukraine a 1000000000 euros to buy alms. the funds are part of the substantial increase in german defense spending. these tanks have been the focus of germany's political
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discourse all week. should germany, so heavy weapons to ukraine are not the federal government instead decided to pay over a 1000000000 euros to ukraine directly under the rather bureaucratic sounding heading of strengthening funds. does fidelity or cut this? let's ukraine shoes, which weapons and materials are needed? oh, we supply the means for them to purchase on the free market. you should we not be able to deliver? yes, that's the appropriate step to your shit. to the defense committee, chair and the green parties, anton hopefully later made a surprise visit to ukraine. both are critical of chancellor all of shelters. course this isn't the as for sure, it's the 1st step, but no certainly intended for the direct delivery of heavy arms. it's and it's no substitute for cutting off putins cash flow flows. we need an energy embargo, an oil embargo must stay on the agenda and the opposition christian democrats are also demanding the direct delivery of heavy arms,
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calling up the strengthening funds as window dressing ish needs to vic via it would be quickest for germany to deliver weapons to day, instead of giving ukraine money to then apply for weapons export from germany, that there needs to be approved untruth. chancellor sholtes doesn't want it to happen. this is just another prevention attempt. so for hinder, just 4 months after being sworn in chancellor schultz is under severe pressure. but some stunt allies still have his back normative, 30 inch. i think one of all of shelters strings as this is circumspection. he doesn't put p r considerations 1st, as many others might be prone to do that. he remains very reserved and calm. it says it's all kind one person. but as the stakes in ukraine rise, sholtes needs to demonstrate that his leadership will be strong enough to meet the challenges ahead or has led to some other stories making headlines around the world
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. north korea says it successfully to ted tested a new tactical guided weapon aimed at boosting the country's nuclear capabilities. the announcement didn't specify where or when the test took place. but said, leader kim jong earn was present to observe the launch. south korea's military says it detected 2 projectiles, launched from the north on saturday. authorities into nicea working to prevent an environmental disaster after a ship carrying over 1000 tons of fuel sank of its coast. the tennessee, a navy rescued, all 7 crew members authorities and now preparing to float barriers to limit the spread of fuel before attempting to suction this village. south african rescue teams are searching for survivors of floods in durban and surrounding regions. nearly 400 people are confirmed dead and tens of thousands have been made homeless . the government has declared a state of emergency and promised 63000000 euros in relief. 8 and
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tens of thousands of people took to the streets of sri lanka, capital colombo, calling for the president to resign. there's been weeks of demonstrations in the country to long curs, facing its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948 with power cuts and shortages of fuel and medicine. thousands of supporters of pakistan's, former prime minister, him on con, have rallied against his removal from office. he was also by a no confidence vote in parliament. last week con came the u. s. pushed for his ousting after he sought economic support from russia. now are you crying in music bad that been given special commission to leave ukraine to take part in next month, eurovision song contest. the musicians want to use the event to draw attention to the plight of their homeland ah,
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for ukrainian band collusion, orchestra. it's a very special concert. the musicians have taken to the stage for the 1st time since war broke out in tel aviv they play the song with which they hoped to win the upcoming eurovision song contest. ah, ah. but for the band members, this is about more than just euro vision. they want to use the concert to raise funds for ukrainian refugees upon the market for young. i'm getting somebody bought it in tomorrow while traveling in israel. the musicians worry about what's happening back home during a stroll through jerusalem's own city. they spread the news about the situation there. rather, she was late, i'm happy to be able to help you craniums grading. these activities are another chance for us to be a mouthpiece yet to remind people everywhere about the situation that,
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that's really important these days are, you know, upsize, let us do drugs on able to remove the musicians, had to get special permission to travel to israel. the 1st place, all males of fighting age are barred from leaving ukraine, but there are exceptions. now the troop has been allowed to travel as representatives of their country. expectations of them are high, and the war has made preparing for euro vision even harder. which i know my daughter charlie will live in different towns throughout ukraine. shaw and we didn't have a chance to rehearse in person, but it isn't that a go to hooker instead we practice on line lol is a line. i'll a lot of good. now the with finally together, but the rehearsal, the time it was sure are your vision performance loser? ball runs easily done. it will blow i a knock in atlanta with stephanie a is the name of the song that collage orchestra will perform at the eurovision song contest. they had originally dedicated it to their mothers, but now they say they want to become an anthem for ukraine,
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according to book makers, they're the favorites to win. ah, and that's it's, you're up to date sig, around though. up next is life assistance with a she's got any issues with all say we'll credit you for is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like.


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