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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2022 10:00am-10:15am CEST

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on d w ah ah ah, this is d to be news life from berlin, russia calls on ukrainian forces and maria paul to surrender by sunday morning. as it renews its attacks against the country. second largest city are keep. also coming up german peace activists hold their traditional easter marches with visible signs of support for ukraine. germany has promised a 1000000000 euros and military aid to keep a pledge. some campaigners are struggling to accept. ah, had
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a ukrainian band with winning the eurovision song contest, and in so doing highlight the destruction brushes war has brought to their country ah and william bluecross welcome to the program. russia has demanded that the last offenders of the ukrainian port city of maria paul, to surrender. by sunday morning. small groups of fighters had been holding out in a steel plant in the city. russia also hit the capital key with missiles and stepped up shelling of the city. hockey's more russian rockets falling on. kind of keith. it's the latest strike to hit the city in a deadly week with many civilians among the dead and injured at this time, at least 2 people were killed with over
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a dozen more wounded ukrainian officials here the bombardment is just the prelude to a new assault on the strategically important city, just 40 kilometers from the russian border. far to the southeast, brushing forces gather for a new offensive on another key target. muddy you pole with the port city has been besieged for weeks. now moscow says it's defenders have been forced back to hear the giant ads of style, industrial district juggles, go to the bottom of the entire urban areas. mariposa has been completely cleared the militants of the nazi formation. as all vulnerable unicorn must reason ukrainian troops all thought the remnants of ukrainian groups blocked in the territory of the as of storm at logical plant visuals. and the only chance to save their lives is voluntarily lay down their arms and surrender. but
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a war lawful. we got over is docile. ukrainian president zalinski warned that russia risks jeopardizing further peace talks. this machine in the ocean. she hopes of winning the elimination of our troops. the showing of our men in mary. apple will put an end to any negotiations, wonderful style to cut off on a budget for a month, but a more with matthew poles. last offenders cut off and russian forces poised to strike ukrainian sphere. the city may well soon. finally fall. our correspondent rebecca rivers is in keith and she told us what she knew about the situation. and maria were william for several days now. it thought that with the city mary, hold close to falling. a couple of days ago, russia reported that they took, they managed to take the actual port of that city where that was being guarded by
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the circle 36 battalion. more than a 1000 soldiers. ukrainian soldiers from that battalion were reported to have been taken, and others managed to get into the as of steel factory, which is where the other battalion i have managed to be holding out. that's where the last ukrainian stronghold in that city now lies an overnight around 3 am, local time. russia saying that they will very, very close to capturing and that city, obviously a key target of vladimir putin in the school. he wants to have something to be able to report back some good news if you will, for the russian side and taking over mary's whole would be that victory that he's looking for by all accounts, certainly ahead of the may not victory day in russia. and you've just mentioned that we heard it in the report and the lensky warning that the peace talks with russia will. and if russian forces execute ukrainian troops in that capture of
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maria paul, what's been the reaction to that? that's right. he did say that in response to that in a statement overnight, but in all honesty, the p thought have been sold for days in fact, weeks now, ever since russian tricks retreated from those northern region regions around here and the atrocities came to light of what like what happened there under russian control to the people pretty much dead in the water in the last few weeks anyway, although we are getting reports that roman abram of the russian oligarchy is actually in a key this weekend. he's here trying to revive those. but little information come out as to whether he will be successful. and of course, as he was saying, a whole are killed by the russians in peace. hope a really dead and try to help us understand. because russia says it's moving, it's,
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it's focused to the east and yet attacks have intensified across the country, including in the capital keys where you are. so what exactly is the situation in keys right now? full ukrainian authorities of preparing for renewed attacks on ukraine of their st . retaliatory attack for other attacks. ingredients have made on 2 russian sides, namely the warship that was sunk in the black sea. and you know, and i would say that the city is trying to find some kind of normality in this terrible situation that people find themselves in. people are out in the streets. i mean, maybe not right now. the weather is not that great this morning. it is sunday morning, so people at home, but we have in the law in recent days, they'd say a lot of people out on the streets trying to kind of get on with their lives as best they can. some restaurants are starting to open. we're seeing on a central shelf opening as well, a half, if you to really weeks of,
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of nothing in the city, people living in doors, people living on the ground. and people now really just trying to make the most of this sort of relative calm. although having fit that where there were a couple of successful attacks by roger over the weekend to munition factories were hit both yesterday and the day before. so sarmens ringing throughout the night and also 3 day. so it's definitely a target and a all 40. the remaining people who are wanting people to remain vigilant. his d. w course on a record or speaking to me earlier from keith. and let's turn to some other developments in the war in ukraine. russian navy is held a ceremony in the crimean city of sylvester paul for the sunk flagship of its black sea fleet. the muskrat went down after a fire appears to have ignited munitions. ukraine says its forces hit the vessel with missiles. russia denies that it says its crew got off the ship safely. lucko as a bar to british prime minister boris johnson and several other
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u. k. officials from entering russia. the russian foreign ministry says it will be adding more names to the band list. it's in retaliation for u. k. sanctions over the war in ukraine. pope francis has called for peace during an easter vigil in saint petersburg, silica granting officials, including a mayor who was detained by russian forces last month, attended the service. he european commission president. it was the fund a lion has announced that the you will be sanctioning more russian banks, which are the new sanctions. includes fairbanks, the largest bank in the russian financial sector, which has so far, been spared from the lion, said the e was also working on quote, clever mechanisms that will include oil sanctions, dominating cranes, ambassadors, germany has been quoted in a sunday newspaper saying ukraine was not informed of the details over a german proposal to provide ukraine with a 1000000000 euros to buy weapons,
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the german government has faced repeated criticism for its slow response to russia's invasion. the proposed increase in defense spending, which includes the money for ukraine game ahead of traditional easter peace marches across germany. thousands of people took part and calling for an end to the war. those marching for peace at this year's easter marches have to tread a thin line. traditionally, the demonstrations are a chance for people who believe passionately and pacifism to make their voices heard. calls for all arm sales to stop and all war and aggression to end all the normal fare. but what to do in the case of putins war of aggression against ukraine. that question has forced some here to rethink their principles. one, she an hats and stick with a heavy heart. i think now we probably have to supply weapons. as i said, i'm actually absolutely against it. and all weapons should be destroyed except in
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the current situation. in the us, since i had seen the green party has always been at the forefront of the pacifist movement in germany. but now in government as part of chancellor schoultz, his social democrat led coalition. they have become one of the voices calling for weapons support for ukraine, even as shots himself waivers. speaking at one of the easter marches, leading green and now economy minister, robert hobbit warned that the principle of pacifism must not lead to appeasement of letting me a putin. i took a moment ago. there was a measure. the easter march is a meaningful and good if they call for peace and the call the peace can only be directed against putin. in this regard, we must now be very careful that we don't call on ukraine to stop fighting. i know if we did that, then i would no longer be with the easter marches. miss read, i read in aust, i'm out. while president zalinski says the quickest way to restore peace to his
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country is to send weapons. the debate continues in germany over weather and how to supply heavy weaponry to ukraine. now let's get you caught up on some other news making headlines right now. north korea says it's successfully tested, a new tactical guided weapon aimed at boosting the country's nuclear capabilities. announcement didn't specify where or when the test took place, but said leader kim jung own, took part south korea's military says it detected to projectiles. launch from the north on saturday. the death toll in the philippines from tropical storm maggie has risen to 172. according to the national disaster agency search and rescue operations continued after the 1st tropical storm of the year hit the archipelago one week ago, causing landslides and floods. in mars,
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won't us said it will pardon more than 1600 prisoners from jails across the country to mark the buddhist new year on sunday morning. more than $100.00 people gathered outside young guns, prison hoping to be re united with those freed. local reports indicate so far, no political prisoners have been released. a ukrainian band has received permission to leave the country so they can take part in the eurovision song contest next month. the musicians hope the hope high profile event will help them draw attention to the devastating war back home. ah, for ukrainian band collusion, orchestra. it's a very special concert. the musicians have taken to the stage for the 1st time since war broke out in tel aviv they play the song with which they hoped to win the upcoming eurovision song contest. ah, ah,
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ah. but for the band members, this is about more than just euro vision. they want to use the concert to raise funds for ukrainian refugees upon the market for younger medica. but it got it done tomorrow. while travelling in israel, the musicians worry about what's happening back home during a stroll through jerusalem's own city, they spread the news about the situation there. rather, she was late, i'm happy to be able to help ukrainians go years. these activities are another chance for us to be a mouthpiece. yeah. to remind people everywhere about the situation there. multiple, that's really important these days are, you know, outside of that us do shock doyle night. but 3 of the musicians had to get special permission to travel to israel. the 1st place, all males of fighting age are barred from leaving ukraine. but there are exceptions . now, the troop has been allowed to travel as representatives of their country. expectations of them are high and the war has made preparing for your ovation. even harder.
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which i know my daughter charlie will live in different towns throughout ukraine. shaw and we didn't have a chance to rehearse in person. it even fitted thought africa. instead we practice on line lollies on line. allah's out of glom. now the with finally together, but we rehearse all the time. what it was. sure. all your vision performance, those are i will run smoothly. then it will blow i a knock and i leaned i supposed to, ah, stephanie is the name of the song that collage orchestra will perform at the eurovision song contest. they had originally dedicated it to their mothers, but now they say they want it to become an anthem for ukraine, according to book makers, they're the favorites to win. ah, why should you have any news? let's give you a reminder of our top story. now russia has called ukrainian forces in the besieged
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city of maria, pulled to surrender by sunday morning saying their lives will be spared in other parts of ukraine. moscow renewed attacks against the country, 2nd largest city hockey, and launch missiles at the cap. that's all for this our up next our documentary films series looking at the war in ukraine possible for you at the w dot com and more again, the top of the hour. see that ah imagine so many portions of lunch us her out in the world. climate change very often story. this is my plastic way from just one week how much was going to really get we still have time to work. i'm going with.


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