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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. cities across ukraine come under renewed russian attack, multiple missile strike, levine in the west, killing several people. meanwhile, ukrainian forces are battling for survival in mario polls last pocket of resistance . also coming up distributive router, if i'm cold up, i think i'm ready even though i've never held a weapon in my life. the everything can be learned. step by step, hair dressers,
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journalists, pacifists, ukrainian men have been ordered to stay in the country and fight. they tell us how it feels to bid farewell to their families and prepare for war. and china reports its 1st death from its latest corona virus way. shanghai says, just 3 people have died after a tough weeks, long city wide lockdown, but with hundreds of thousands of cases, some are casting doubt on those official thinking ah, blow him, terry martin, thanks for joining us. major ukrainian cities are coming under renewed attack from russian air stripes, powerful explosions, hit the western city of la b this morning. regional officials say at least 6 people were killed and several others injured. initial reports suggest the arrest targeted military infrastructure,
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but several civilians have been reported among the wounded leave had been spared the worst of the violence until now. d w corresponded. manuel shaws is in la beef earlier asked her for more details about the explosions. while early in the morning, terry, there were there was in the and the lights on the air me sol alerts and they were us is 5 blast that were confirmed later around by the mayor of eve. so when such an allotted takes place, everybody takes shelter. everybody goes to the bunker. our people here are really quiet, really calm because they are used to it. even if the west, as you were mentioning it, had been relatedly spad such attacks. but to day 5 blasts on, levine and dead does been at least 6 people dead. 11 people injured in 11 persons injured, including one child does also lot of materials damage damage on 40 cause, but oh,
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so windows glass, windows being sat said in a hotel in a nearby hotel where civilians were staying. now russia says it's targeting military infrastructure in ukraine. what can you tell us about the target of these attacks in libby? well, just like in any other big city as you are bound to find places which will be of interest as a target for russian military, of course, did your credit on government is not gonna tell exactly what is of interest in the city of the for russians but you can also, you can think about the a railway infrastructure as you can think about military training grounds, for example, which would be of interest as a target for russian ortz ortiz. but like i said, here, people in the we've had been as bad, relatively is bad so far. and it's
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a city where you find thousands of people who have fled from the eastern part of ukraine who was thought and they had foreign shelter are here. and it appears to not be the case anymore from roster. and thank you very much. our correspondent manuel shows there in louise. meanwhile, in the eastern city of mario paul, a few 1000 fighters and some civilians are believed to have been encircled in a vast still works near the port is the last pocket of ukrainian resistance in the city roster claims to have complete control of all of mario polls urban areas and has left much of it destroyed. mario pole has not fallen yet. the port city have suffered the brunt of russian attacks in ukraine. it has been under siege for several weeks now. ukraine says at least 21000 people have been killed. and those who remain in the city are trapped without the barest of
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necessities. what is happening here and mario pole is expected to soon spread to other areas too. or is he sca russian troops are preparing for an offensive operation in eastern ukraine in the near future. what they want to literally finish off and destroy the don bass. this you destroy everything that brought fame to less industrial, regional, russian forces or destroying mario poll. the want to wipe it off the face of the earth and other cities in the done yet and low hands, regions ramadi, the net, he will as go velocity on sunday, ukraine's remaining troops and mario pole defined russia's surrender, or di ultimatum. some tuna, half 1000 ukrainian troops, and a few 100 foreign mercenaries are dug in here at the sprawling as of stall steel plant. it is now the only known remaining pocket of resistance. many civilians and
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children are also sheltering here. with the passing of the surrender deadline, pro russian separatist forces say they are now preparing for attack. who but is there only 2 blocks of buildings left before the mill? yeah, there's a small area around the factory and the enemies. they're hiding, the basements. they just forget over we're preparing the ground assault. the artillery will show them 1st before we send in close quarters, assault troops was all over about a quarter later. meanwhile, mario pulls defenders are set to fight till the end. short while ago i spoke with t w. rebecca ritters, who's in air pin on the outskirts of keir. i asked her about the ukrainian president saying he'll pour all whole out of peace talks of russian forces kill those soldiers depending. maria pull at just after that surrender or die order was
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given by russia are present. salenti came out and said if those soldiers of the ukrainian so does are harmed, if they're killed, then the pace talks will die with them. but in reality, the face talks have been dead in the water for a few weeks now. ever since the russians retreated from areas like air p more, i'm standing right now, like boot church is famed across the world. now for some of the worst atrocities we've seen in this conflict, so far, the peace talks really stalled. after that, i mean that the of laudermill zalinski continuing to say that pace talks were important and that he wanted to continue them because ukraine needs piece. but obviously as the of the atrocities came to light, it makes it very difficult for those talks to continue. and what happens in mary upa will be make or break for those whole 1st floor midlands. he has said it has been rumored that on the weekends a russian oligarch roman abram avila was in keith to try to revive those talks about the foreign minister of ukraine,
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has said that russia and ukraine still not talking. so it'll definitely wait and see what is going to happen in mary paul was staying with mary paul for a moment. were we heard in our report there around 2500 ukrainian soldiers and also some civilians we understand or are currently holding out in that steel works in mario pl. what, or can you tell us about the situation there for that steel or that steel mill? as you say, a is a vast network of factories of warehouses has been called a fortress city. there's also an underground network of tunnels, and that is what, where they have managed to, to stay still stay away from the worst of the russian fire. and the reason that the, the ukrainians have been able to push back in this massive david and goliath fight . we're seeing in mary you, paul. it's also one of the reasons why last week this time, last waker folks, person for the russian military said that they could and would use chemical weapons
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to try and get them out of there. there was been reports that same day that a chemical attack was used on the steel plant that still remains unconcerned whether or not that did actually take place. but definitely a sign that russia is struggling to get hold of that last ukranian stronghold because of the vast network of underground tunnel than the urban warfare that ukraine definitely have. an advantage over w rebecca richards, they're speaking to me a little earlier from peen near key as well as the ukranian army suffers losses in battle. more men are being called up to serve for now. only reservists must answer the call, but all men deemed eligible to serve our band from leaving the country and could be drafted to the front lines g w. i means us of sat down with young men in the western ukrainian city of la beaver and asked them how this was affecting their lives. we'll have to grab
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a gun if i will have to fight for ukraine. so i think i will stay and i will do what i need to do when were you shipping the router? if i'm cold up and i think i'm ready, even though i've never held a weapon in my life, and everything can be learned to step by step, i'm following a him saw. as that said, no, no harm to any living creature. i didn't help some power personal, hate or desire to use a wireless like right to be against people, but to well, if, if there was, if there was no option well and then an interesting in defending this land from intruders. and there's lots of other interesting ways of doing this currently working, working as,
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as her dresser. it's my profession and i miss for journalists and i'm just derived from virginia lympics. like on 23rd of february. and like next the next morning, divorce started. ah, that'll say your present on our public broadcast has been moving equal. we evacuated for keep and we're continuing to work on the information from martini from that of it's a very important moment now to most of based on what we would love it up with someone may i ask why we men aren't on the front lines, but i would say anthea, we're also on a front line right now, but a very some of that of and i didn't know what will happen, like in 2 days in 3 days here, but i suppose like every ukrainian have to who have to do their job. what to do? it's a main question. my wife and my daughter are in another country now and in
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poland. i can probably only see them off the wool when they can return to ukraine river in it, because i never get a photo green. my mom and my girlfriend's parents sold, they left on either on the road and i got the hod, i didn't call my daughter for the 1st 3 weeks from like, cuz it was very emotional and i couldn't hold back my tears. but so i didn't call the 3 weeks since i started to calm down because we've been in touch with miss shelf. mrs. warner, my chance. now just stay here waiting for something i don't know actually waiting for victory of the ukrainian army. andy w's. i mean, s if who filed that report joins me now. in the studio. i mean, you traveled in ukraine,
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you spoke to many young ukrainian men. what's your impression of their feelings surrounding the topic of fighting for their country? well, terry, there was as many opinions as there are men in ukraine, i think. and i say that it was very difficult to do this report to get people to talk to me because of how emotional this topic is and how taboo it is as well. a lot of people didn't want to talk on camera because they thought i was asking them to tell me that they were cowards or to, to get out of them that they didn't want to fight, that they didn't want to join the ukrainian army. but i said, look, come to my studio, i'm going to ask you how this law has affected your life and you tell me whatever you want to. and in the end, i got to talk to several people. and the picture became clear that you have people who were disappointed because they signed up on the very 1st day of the war and were turned away because the ukrainian military at that point was not taking anybody except people who had combat experience. and so they've been trying since then to fight. you have other people who are like we saw the support,
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who followed buddhist practice of a him sir, and would never kill anything as small as the mosquito, but at the same time have stayed in ukraine. and because they want to help the country and fight off the invaders. so in general, the opinion was that they did, they wanted to help. the question is how they can help. you mentioned the law. we're talking about conscription law that also keeps people from leaving the country. men. what exactly are the rules for young ukrainians when it comes to either fighting or not fighting for their country? so at the start of the war, zalinski said no men between the ages of $18.60 could leave the country. and every man between the ages of 18 and 27, which was this is already in place before the war had to and has to sign up to be conscripted. now at the moment they are only on phase 3 of the conscription, which means that in the beginning they took men who had military experience, who had combat experience already. now they've moved as far as taking men who have
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had some kind of training, but they would still need to be trained a little bit further before they could be sent to the frontlines face for would be the general mobilization, which would mean anybody, any man between the ages of $18.60 could be sent to the front lines, but most ukraine's believe that we're still far away from that. now the rule that affects most people is this rule that they can't leave the country. and that has actually split up a lot of families. there are a few exemptions to this rule. if you have a child with autism for example or disability, then you could leave the country to be with your family if they fled. ok. what about opposition to these rules? have you, did you see any of that? it's very small, but there's evidence that it is happening that border guards in moldova, have reported over 1000 people having migrated illegally over the border there because there are no fences. people are paying smugglers up to $15000.00 to get out
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. so it's small. but you can tell that there are some men who are trying to get out at all costs. i mean, thank you very much for your reporting and your insights that we use. i me an s a l catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world to day. the death toll from tropical storm meggy in the philippines has risen to 172 with another 110 people reported missing. the storm has triggered landslides and floods, which have devastated communities in central regions. authority say the continued rain and unstable soil are hampering rescue efforts. more than 440 people have been killed in flooding and landslides, in south africa's quasi natal province. it's one of the deadliest doors to hit the area. at least 63 people are missing. many feared dead rescue teams are still searching for survivors. the spanish coast guard says it has rescued. 61 migrants
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off the coast of spain's canary islands. the group, including 9 children, was handed over to emergency services. the rights organization walking boarders says more than $4400.00 migrants were lost at sea last year. trying to reach spain . iran's president has warned that his country's armed forces will respond with force to any hostile action from israel. abraham at ra easy spoke at the annual national army day to parade in turan where the military showcased its homegrown defense systems. rises. comments cam come as international talks to restore the countries 2015 nuclear deal have stalled them. sam's. you call your china's largest city. shanghai has reported the 1st death from coven 19 since imposing a lockdown. 4 weeks ago. authorities say the victims were 3 elderly people with underlying health conditions until nel china has maintained that nobody had died of
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the virus in the city. a statement that has come and question. shanghai is at the center of one of the chinese largest cove at 19 l breaks off more the story, let's bring in, corresponded fabi on crush mar, who's in beijing. ha. shanghai is reported. what it says, or it's very 1st to cobra 19 deaths or those really the 1st victims of the virus in shanghai. most likely not. and we know that in one and nursing home for the elderly alone and at least adapt the person to have died after contracting the virus. and of course, that we can approve whether the virus itself was the main trigger of the death or whether it was underlying conditions. but we don't really know how the authorities, well what criteria they use when they count the code that's i wouldn't take them out to face while you're just from the statistical probability. the death rate should be probably higher than it is in the official numbers. and we should also
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not forget that the locked on itself, the restrictions themselves have cost a lot of beth s. my patients, for example, cancer patients who couldn't get to hospitals and get a medical help on time. they were also more suicides. so those numbers also quite high. shanghai is a huge city. you've got 25000000 people locked down for weeks. did the government not properly prepare for this? where i'm 1st i would argue that, i mean, i'm basically supplying an almost 26000000 people with basic necessities. i mean, food and water and everything is the logistical challenge i, i think that almost no government would, you know, be able to do that without any hiccups. i mean, this is really an unprecedented situation. this locked down, this is a really the biggest in the world and locked down in china means really that most people i would say even now more than 90 percent, a really locked in their homes. so it's re an unprecedented situation and the
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dynamics have changed. they started with a 48 hours locked down, then they said we will lock the city for 4 days each and each part of the city. and now it has been more than 3 weeks and ongoing. so i think the pressure from the central government, he and beijing to stick to covert as he recovered and stick to the locked on policy . and that was not so expected, at least in shanghai. i think m. they didn't expect that the locked on would be ongoing for such a long time. talk to his father and about the government's 0 coded policy. is there still support for that policy given that other countries around the world are easing restrictions? now, when shanghai very little because the people are really affected by, i mean they really had enough there the they are, am in a very precarious situation. they are affected by the locked on her policy there, the victim, so to speak. and the criticism is really very loud and gets em increasingly and yet drastic, i would say, especially on social media. however,
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in the more rural areas and, and are those areas were not affected by the locked ons. right? now there is still support, but we should not forget that. and i mean we basically lithium china, dystopian and information control environment. the censorship is huge and am how the estate media and basically covers the virus situation is a quite a manipulator. for example, they exaggerate the, the, a virus a spread in, in a brought why they basically m idealized the situation here. i mean, how they cover shanghai, for example, is quite different than a foreign media would cover it. they sure am. yeah. well equipped and well stocked up supermarkets and show images that basically don't represent the reality from your thank you so much. are correspond javion crutchfield there in is or rather yes for pompeian chris mother reporting from beijing. ah,
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the invictus game say competition for wounded military veterans is now underway in the hague, in the netherlands. despite the war ukraine has sent a team. they're hoping to raise awareness of what's happening in their country and to win some metals. once this is over demitra, we'll get back to defending his country. he's one of 19 ukranian veterans competing here, given special permission to do say, by president, relative me as the lensky us would have put in. nobody uses, all government decided we should be here despite a difficult situation to us. i talked to the world, tell the world that people are dying, but will say that others are fighting and surviving. the northshore of the t made is out there archery coach to meet true, see, dork was killed in fighting earlier this month because of that, all of the saline ski used his nightly address to congratulate the ukrainian team
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on its early success with the competitions fast day which started in the netherlands, the ukrainians won gold, silver, and bronze labor. also, they may be away from ukraine, but the hearts mine's is still back home. and a sophia's mother paramedic was also supposed to take part. but she said to have been taken hostage by russian forces in mary u. paul troy to people. now this sedation never forgets what's happening. whole ukraine, this is terrifying, and this is awful. this laurie must is not, and that's the sentiment echoed by everyone competing in the games. in football, but munich coach julian. now guzman says he received death threats from fans after the club was knocked out of the champions league. but barbarians head better luck
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in the bonus league, and moving closer to claiming the german competition titled this weekend after beating our median armenia bill of held julian novels mans bye and have only the bunnies league. it's a focus on now. 3 points in bill of feldwood edged them agonisingly close to a tent straight title. and speaking of close, not even armenia keeper stefan ortega knew how he kept this 3rd minute. robert levin dusky had her out. a huge slice of luck for the home side, but against by and nobody stays lucky for long. yeah, called the barrett lawson, sending the ball into his own net in the 10th minutes. slapstick defending from the danish defender, buying made it to nail in 1st half stoppage. time serge gabrey was initially flagged off side following a composed volley. before your shoe chemist, his pass was deemed to be right on cue by the video assistant referee. the bonus
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league leaders added a 3rd against their hapless hosts late in the game. young germany international jamal museum with his fourthly goal of a breakout campaign. 3. now a final score that the ends to a tough week, venagas men and his plays by a need one more wins all that sill. a 10th consecutive meister, shala when young berlin keep rising in the buddhist league a table a 1st half strike from odd ty, wo, i won't eat, helped union seal a 2 mil when over until i for. he has now scored 4 goals and his last 7 games. the berlin club has risen to 6th in the table. but as long as the other big showdown saw our be leipzig, leap frog by labor cruising in the table. hungarian dominic so boss life scored the
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only goal in the match and important 3 points with leipzig now on the cusp of champions league qualification. and here the rest results from this weekend's bonus league action, hoffen haim drew with fruit clone beat. glad back in the local grudge match, dorman thrashed wolf's board. how to berlin, edged out org mines, and stood got drew near all and fryeburg down bottom. and here's how the table looks after match day. 30. the title race isn't quite over, but it'll take a lot for doctrine to catch by and they trailed leaders by 9 points. and there is a fight for survival at the bottom of the table. despite their when had to berlin are still just one point off the relegation places. you are watching d w news. just reminder the top story we're following for you this. our major ukranian cities are under renewed attack from russian air strikes. powerful
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explosion struck the western city of levine this morning. ukrainian authorities say several people have been killed and more injured. you are watching dw news can correspond all the latest news information on our website at d w dot com. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. ah, in with
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you in used to just wait for the raise because it used to be able to rely on the month to do today robbie bottom field the m predictability of climate change. just like i have a 100000000 farmers in india. he has found some health out the other end of the wealth global 3000. next on
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d, w eco, india. it once was a bio diversity hotspot, lake billy cat in southern india, but pollution and climate change have destroyed the rich ecosystem. yet people keep going out of desperation. i don't know denying, i don't want to let out when i went to law they've been. busy they've been melody living with me and i'm at the one with a gun with was alternatives. do they have in 60 minutes on d. w. ah, it started speaking to dish and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states. it's members fight for
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a racist state, ruled by white supremacy. what we're talking about here is not only disorganized violence, it's not only terrorism. it's politics. found it over 150 years ago. it's repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d w. d. ah, ah, ah, welcome to global 3000 bi, catch how the fishing is threatening. the last remaining stokes of shocks and raised in the mediterranean cobb and cap chap press solution to climate change or a dangerous.


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