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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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it watching it, every news coming out an extended only news asia, 3 covert deaths and $25000000.00 in lockdown. why shanghai official numbers leave more questions than answers that story a whole lot more coming up in just a moment in the w news. asia with the russia battery on my rock on behalf of all of us. you thank you for making is part of the day. we'll be back at the top of the sheet up to date. don't miss our highlights. the d w program on line d, w dot com highlight hello guys. this is the 77 percent the platform for africa. you beat issues and share ideas you know, or this channel. we are not afraid to happen delicate the tub because population is
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growing fast. and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to you is 77 percent. every weekend on dw visit the dublin years, asia coming up to date, shanghai reports, it's fast, deaths from covered in an outbreak. they're all thought of the say, 3 people out of 25000000 are the only fatalities sofa in china's financial help. we ask how true are these figures and what do they say about china's 0 covered strategy plus a guided weapons tests that brought a smile to north korean leader came john owns face. but how dangerous are these
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weapons? and north korea specialist explains ah irish energy, welcome to dw news, asia, glad you could join us. shanghai has reported its 1st 3 debts from covered 19 in its ongoing outbreak. more than 23000 cases have been reported in 24 hours alone as spike's leg. these have led to authorities locking down the city of 25000000 for 3 straight weeks. it's part of the 0 covered policy dictated by b ging. but this strategy of immediately isolating people to break off infection chains has led to non availability of essential items resulting in anger on the streets of rare scenes of descent. hinting at growing anger
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under shanghai lockdown, police and protective gear put an end to what was reportedly a protest against plans to set up an isolation complex in this neighbourhood. oh, all of us here are law abiding citizens. we want to do what we can to help the country . you prohibited us from meeting others or even going outside anywhere. and we complied. but now you want to put highly infectious people less than 20 meters away from where we live. what more do we have to put up pretty bad? loudspeakers, some and residents to come out of their homes for mandatory testing. any one who tests positive is sent to an isolation center for at least a week of observation. regardless whether they show symptoms with as many as a 1000 people packed in to make shipped facilities living conditions. there are
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also a source of frustration. going to him only the bathrooms are not very clean. that's understandable because so many people are using them and cleaners and volunteers can't keep up for their little dirty. and we haven't been able to take a home shower. the lights are on all night long and so it's hard to fume asleep. these are the things that people are complaining about most, pushing them onto sanisha. okay, and with hollywood and yvonne was elisa, doctors come by twice a day to take patients temperature with many exhibiting no symptoms at all. increasingly, people are more concerned about the hardships the outbreak is causing than the virus itself. or it has to do at 1st, people was scared of the virus and were panicking. but with the figures that are being published every day, people have started to accept the fact. but this particular virus is not that horrible. then additionally, i think there's been a change in every once thinking no, no. but so far, there is no sign of a change in thinking by china's communist leaders. they continued to insist that
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the country must stick to its tough measures, aimed at eliminating the virus. gentlemen, hours correspondent, far beyond, crouched by her is based in bay. jing fabi em 3 corbett debts in a population offer 25000000 in shanghai. it sounds incredible. there aren't more fatalities were and we know at least of another dozen and elderly who died after contracting the virus and they died in a nursing home and they all didn't show up in the official statistics m. so at least it's safe to assume that and yet it's not transparent of 2 or what criteria the authorities use of underlying conditions or whether the viruses are responsible for the death. and i wouldn't take the official data at face value and probably the death rate, especially as a much higher. and we should also not forget that there's an increasing number of
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death people and not caused by the various itself, but by the looked on measures. for example, asthma patients, cancer patients, a patients who have not received treatment on time because of the locked on restrictions or because, and these logged on restrictions are also appearing to force many shanghai residents to deal with the number of shortages. can you talk a bit about that, liz? yes, me for most residents and i talked to em. basically food supply and water supply is still the biggest topic. they're worried. however, to some degree, the am supply situation has improved. however, only at a very slow rate and, and most of the voices that we, he and also the resident that i talked to are rather privileged. they are many m. so muted voices. basically let's say migrant workers, less privileged people. and their situation, of course, is it even more dias? i would say it's still quite a precarious situation for most of the $26000000.00 residents are. you spoke
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a bit of earlier about a number of firms, elderly people are dying because possibly because wonderland conditions may be exacerbated by covered. i'd just like to sort of focus on that. there are also reports that a majority of the people above 60 aged above 60, in china aunt vaccinated. i wonder why that is. yeah, means the rate is quite low or shantay residents over 60 only 38 percent have received 3 shots of the local mate. perfect, seen that is really low. i think there are several reasons for it. one is said until very recently, the 0 corporate strategy here was a rather successful the daily infection numbers were so low that we felt very safe and the incentive to get vaccinated was maybe not as high as in other countries. and also, especially among the elderly, and there are quite a lot of skepticism against the vaccines also and against western mid air signs in general. so i would say there are a lot of rumors, dis information. so people are quite cautious of getting mixed needed. we actually
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had quite a similar problem in hong kong and a lot of death. there were also costs and hong kong because many of the most wonderful the elderly were not vaccinated. you talked about the, the 0 over strategy that people felt comfortable learn with the strategy in place. just generally far beyond from the conversations that you have with people in be doing and, and other parts of china. do you get the sense that there is overall support for the governments or 0 corporate policy when nearly every other country is learning to live with the virus? i mean, the public opinion is quite split and those affected by the locked on some in shanghai. they opened the protesting at many of them are criticizing it and they are even like fist fights against help brokers. i mean, really, it's really an intense situation and i don't think many people in shanghai support it any more. however, the rest of the country are especially in parts that are not affected right now by loc dance. and this basically more support for it and,
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and we also shall not forget it. and that censorship is really deleting a lot of em social media and their postings that are critical and am the domestic media, the only available media, so to speak in china is always spinning it in a, in a positive way. so what they report about shanghai is quite ignorant to the rear suffering of the people father and christopher in beijing relieved their for the time being. thank you so much for joining us to their ah, to not korea next, which testified. a new type of tactical guided weapon over the weekend. the state news agency said it was aimed at boosting the country's nuclear capabilities. chung ang released a pictures of leader kim jong own, observing the launch. it comes as the u. s. in south korea warn that the not that the north could be about to resume nuclear testing. and fears of this grew after came broke a self imposed moratorium on intercontinental ballistic missile testing. last month,
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gentlemen are for more on this from sir. all is young men kim. she's lead correspondent for n k news dot org, a news portal that reports exclusively on north korea. junglin. it's been called a tactical guided weapon. what more can you tell us about the threat that this poses? so the main issue was that they framed this as tactical, not strategic. and when they say tactical, you the technical guided weapon, they said that this is actually for deployment for usage. and i think this is important. parsing this with how the rolled on shim and the state newspaper report it on what can jargon report at least said when guiding the guiding the missile test. it seems that they, it seems that kim jong and talked about how this will be helping the country's nuclear combat forces and considering how, according to the south korean j. c. s. this has
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a very low altitude and shorter range. this could serve as a immediate threat to neighbors, not just the united states, as we usually think about when we hear a tactical guided weapon or tactical nuclear weapon. so this looking at this south korea and japan we'll see, is an immediate threat. and it's also interesting how it's considered as a addition to nuclear combat forces capabilities. because just a few days ago, north korean leader, sister, kenya joan was railing, i guess south korean defense minister is a preemptive strike. remark related remark, saying that if, if and when south cree actually attacks north korea thinking about preemptive strike, it will be a, can you, john was saying it will be unwise for south korea to attack a nuclear state, allegedly, and said that it may be when it's necessary they will have to put their nuclear combat forces on mission. so all in all, it seems that the messaging is not just towards the united states,
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but also towards south korea as well, especially just a few weeks ahead of the incoming administration. and that is what i did want to talk to you about, or i'm a noun soaker. your takes off is a, me, has been elected as the new president. what can we expect from his administration when it comes to north korea and it's weapons program? a preemptive strike, remark and north korea, a criticism against his actually interesting in relation to this, the president elect knew this whole guy has been talking about boosting a preemptive strike. capabilities of south korea called kill chain in the past, among the 3 pillars system. and he talked about reinstating them against emerging north korean, a nuclear missile threat. and we can imagine that after he comes into office, he will talk more openly about building these capabilities. and to you, north korea directly mentioning nuclear combat forces hinting at deterring south
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korean, developing the deterrent capabilities on up and capabilities. it seems that there is mounting challenge for you to handle in the coming years. it seems for germany, we have about a minute left coming on the 21st of april. we are expecting is the anniversary of the founding of the courtroom. people's all me do you expect more work than stressed him to meet up to that? i can't say definitively about a missile test, but i can't say that there have been signs for weeks that a military period is coming. we. many of us thought that it may happen on the april 15th day of the sun, the late leader, cumulus sounds birthday. but apparently they went for just a civilian gathering. so we are expecting potential a true parade there where we may see more weapon rece rolled out on camel sound square, which south korea us intelligence will be probably monitoring very closely as well
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german came from and can use adult. oh good. we leave it there. thank you so much for joining us today. thank you. that's it for today. it is of course mo, from the region on our website, the deborah dot com, forward slash fisher. and as over, you can follow us on twitter and facebook as well, or back to more of the same time with you, been good by a conductor to 1710 d w. what's truly important in life with we take a look at his past and future. meet the artist, a very personal kent nagondo arch 20 d w. did miss tina
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a saxophone operator who wrote her master's thesis on put potato raring to read and not turn on. well, it gets more ridiculous from their d. w literature list under german monk street. ah, the relationship between an orchestra conductor is like almost any human relationship. which is to say, sometimes there is magic. sometimes it really works well with you should not be satisfied. just with the order.


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