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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin to night. ukraine says that russia has begun a long fear new offensive in the east. hundreds of missile attacks reported today and for the 1st time brush and strikes a claim to either the western city of levine, also coming up to night in the besieged port city of mario pole, in what could be their last stand. a group of ukrainian soldiers is refusing to surrender to the russians and the coven 19 outbreak in shanghai takes
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a turn for the works. china's biggest metropolis reports its 1st fatalities. the official death toll in a city of 26000000 apparently is just 3 and byron munich, edge coy sir, to yet another germans league, titled the bavarian are back to their best. now, just one victory away from buddhist legal, glory. ah, i break off. it's good to have you with this or we begin with what could be a dramatic escalation in the war. in you crate. the national security council saying russia appears to have begun its long anticipated new offensive in the east of the country. a long front lines around don't ask the hans and her heath. the council believes ukrainian forces can resist
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a fresh assault. they are now. authorities also say that a russian missile attack has killed at least 7 civilians in the western city of levine. russia maintains that it has struck hundreds of military targets in recent days. a warning now the following report that you were going to see contains graphic images over my. this is what russian shelling does. medics rush to help a wounded woman next to her. another person is clinging to life, then sirens and more explosions. the emergency workers rush for covered with they have no choice but to leave the victims exposed and bleeding out on the street. why? sunday shelling of her keys, ukraine's 2nd largest city, killed at least 5 people,
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and wounded another. 13 graphic scenes like this one have become commonplace around the country. as russian forces bear down on eastern ukraine, they're keeping up with attacks elsewhere in an apparent effort to weaken ukraine's ability to defend itself. is the well, i call on all those who live under unending bombardment to leave. our volunteers will help you do that. oh, this is the russian defense ministry said it struck more than $300.00 targets over night across the country and down ukrainian fighter jets. on monday, the governor of the leave region said strikes. they are killed and wounded. several people, including civilians at non military sites. thank you folks long. this is an absolutely barbaric attack and an absolutely civilian target. people came to work in the morning when the grizzly,
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my rebuttal. the western part of ukraine has largely avoided russia's wrath. but it's not been totally immune. russian military planners have said nowhere in ukraine is safe, something the country's civilian population knows painfully well. and joining me now from live eve is our corresponded emmanuel johnson m. i understand i was just talking to our producers. you had to seek shelter. tell us what's going on where you are. hi brian. good evening. yes, i couldn't join you tonight because we have to make a way to a bunker does a 3rd as try alarm alerts over levine right now, so that means everybody has to speak so so. so right now, in a bunker in the basement, with all the people who are protecting themselves from potential view and try this is the 3rd we've heard today. we,
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we know that the city of libya has been hit before you were at the side of one of the last leave has been considered to be relatively safe compared to what we're seeing in the east. can we say that the security situation is now drastically changing? because we have been up until now relate to the story as they have been struck a few weeks ago. a military facility had been tried for today's attack shows that really nowhere is really safe ukraine today. to talk to 7 people that i've been injured, including 3 seriously injured and among the people injured was 2 years old. a child often these people boy escaped to receive parents from hopki. somebody came here to leave to seek shelter, just like houses of other people came from the eastern part of your clients. and
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you can only imagine how they feel like now they've already lost everything. they've already the everything behind. and now, even in the west, part of the claim there, encountering the same, you know, this threat that they have been as a thing in the east. although it has to be said that so far did the west that the western part of ukraine have been spared the atrocities. we see that we're seeing a happening eastern part of the country, d w's among yourselves. to night in the western ukrainian city of levine. emma, thank you and please stay safe. while meanwhile, a few 1000 ukrainian soldiers are standing their ground in a vast steel plant in the eastern port city of mario pole. this is the last pocket of resistance against the russians in the city. authorities say that the defenders
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will fight to the end. russia claims to control all of mario polls. urban areas. most of them are now in ruins. mariel pole has not fallen yet. the port city has suffered the brunt of russian attacks and ukraine. it has been under siege for several weeks now. ukraine says at least 21000 people have been killed. and those who remain in the city are trapped without the barest of necessities. what is happening here and mario pole is expected to soon spread to other areas to what is he sca russian troops are preparing for an offensive operation and eastern ukraine in the near future. what they want to literally finish off and destroy the don bass. this you destroy everything that brought fame to this industrial reachable russian forces or destroying mario poll. we want to wipe it off the face of the earth and other cities in the done yet. and lohan,
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screech ins, ramadi, the net, glasgow bl, estie. on sunday, ukraine's remaining troops scenario full defined brushes, surrender or die ultimatum. some tune, half 1000 ukrainian troops are dug in here at the sprawling as of stall steel plant . it is now the only known remaining pocket of resistance. many civilians and children are also sheltering. here. with the passing of the surrender deadline, pro russian separatist forces say they are now preparing for attack hoopa. there are only 2 blocks of buildings left before the mill. yeah, there's a small area around the factory and the enemies, they're hiding the basements. they just plug that over. we're preparing the ground assault. the artillery will show them 1st before we send in close quarters, assault troops will show up at about a quarter. meanwhile,
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mario pulse defenders are set to fight till the end will. i'm joined now by a glance net cove from university college london. she specializes in russian foreign security and domestic policy is good to have you on the program. let me ask you, how should we understand this, this new offensive by russia? are we talking about a last chance for ukraine to save itself? or is this more of a last chance for russia to try in when this war? say it depends what you mean is sort of the offensive in terms of the dumbass or whether it's about the increase shelling of large sections of ukraine that we have seen over the last few days. there's definitely been escalation of shelling over ukraine like in the v around cave, but there's also sort of the ongoing regrouping of the russians in bass,
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in preparation for the attack that is said to be imminent. for the latest reports is that the russians now have around $76.00 battalion groups stationed in the area . and there for the expectation, is that the attack sort of will come shortly. now, for the russians, that is a sort of last military charms. if they lose the boss of a dumbass, they are affect the sort of lost the war. that is wise expectation is that the russians who really try and sort of focus on this no chuck ration in order to try to get as much out of it as they possibly can. and we have to consider the fall of more your poll to russia, that seems all but certain. that would be a huge loss for ukraine. what will this mean then for the defense and security calculus in cave? so i think in reality we have been expecting the food of mary up or for a while now. and it was a question of when and not a question of if there's been claims and county claims about surrenders the whole
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of last week about whether or not the ukrainians were able to sort of support the fight is in mary awful. but in fact, you know, over the next few days, mary, opal, and there's also will effect to be full. hence a sort of the ultimatum of what it means. go ahead, go ahead. no, does it, would it mean, does it have it mean? so it's, it will be seen as a victory for the russian side. it's important symbolically, it's important because it is a major port in the as of see for the finance a cuts off the kind of control of the as of. and it will also be symbolically important from the point of view of sort of the anti nazi crusade that president pitching has been going on. and it will also allow the russians to reinforce their campaign and dumbass by making the trip to mario pull eastwards from the point of view of cave, because they've been expecting it. i don't think that the for the mario pl will come as any surprise. and therefore tactical and strategically they would mean
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planning for that to that it's not expected they will, would have calculated into this sort of strategic planning and beyond the, the battlefield here. the u commission. chief ursula from july and said in the past few days that it is just a matter of time now before russia goes bankrupt. and i'm wondering, is russia now running against the clock here and running against these economic sanctions? while ukraine finds itself rushing to keep itself armed so that it can continue fighting. are those the 2 background battles that have emerged in this conflict? so some extent, yes, but i think we have to keep in mind that the, at the moment what we have on the battlefield is essentially the ukrainians, having them on power, particularly 3 mobilization, but needing sort of more firepower. the russian major problem is the lack of
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manpower. so even if we hear the stories of sort of time produces no longer being able to produce tags and no difficulties in trying to create sort of new equipment actually does of equipment. the russians have enough, but it's a question whether they have sufficient sort of manpower. so just to be able to fight it in the long run. sanctions will of course, have very negative full backs in terms of russians capacity to rebuild themselves militarily. but i think that unfortunately, the effect may not be quick enough with regards to the actual battle field and that say the decisive battle feel in dumbass. and that's the sanctions and not be going to be able to effect that in a short time in the long run. absolutely. the russians, russian military leave much weakened by the sanctions that have been placed against them. yeah, it's a very good point. the point that i think to volume improvement is finding harder and harder to ignore dr. alliance and it goes from university college, london. we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thanks sammy,
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on where despite the renewed of salt on ukraine, russia has suffered as we just heard a major loss of the black sea flagship. the moscow sank after allegedly being hit by ukrainian missiles last week. now that is something that the kremlin denies were now images have emerged appearing to show the worship on fire and engulfed in smoke just moments before it sank. the missile cruiser was the biggest russian worship lost in action since the 2nd world war while americans war on ukraine is being waged with the blessing of the russian orthodox church. but not all of its followers are standing behind his invasion. one russian monastery here, germany is taking a very different stand. monks at saint j orgs, abbey, north of berlin, have opened their doors to ukrainian refugees. the w news went to visit
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o mitchell, about to kneel, earbuds greets his guests. normally his 9 monks would be eating in the small kitchen, but this russian orthodox monastery has taken in about 20 refugees from ukraine. so now everyone takes their meals in shifts. they communicate in ration. the refugees have been integrated into the monasteries. daily routine era has been assigned to the garden. she found sanctuary here together with her parents and daughter. she shows as photos of her life in key if visiting the christmas market with her daughter outings with her mother. she never dreamed that war would break out. and she'd have to flee her own country, not severe i, but it's been ortho natural. it would be in every day. we're in touch with our neighbors on social media, jak ers, of to find out who's lost their apartment and keep the monks and refugees are
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crowded into the small living quarters. yes. will that our housekeeper? this is our house chapel? yes, hunger. we've no set up temporary beds for our refugee families here who it was in a inflicted family. the ring miss quite clotted before any mess would have been tied away quickly. but now father denila doesn't mind. it was in london, converse was crystal cindy. we have to ask, what would christ have done? sinker? i think christ would have a lola's once. yet the russian orthodox church supports the war against ukraine. that pains the priest. he sees how the war victims are suffering and his heart goes out to them. as the dog of a 1st, these were very, very hard. we all cried a lot. even my hair start to turn in green. during those days i'll give all her father an eel receive calls to help almost daily. he death. what he can to assist me. mon,
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at the monastery. politics has to be left at the dual. at this table. all people are just people all with a shad wish for the warning ukraine to end seen art. here's a round of now, some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. turkey says that it has attacked kurdish militants in northern iraq. the defense ministry says it use planes, helicopters and drones to hit camps and ammunition stores belonging to the ban kurdistan workers party, known as the p. k. k. thousands of worshippers have attended blessings and prayed at the western wall in jerusalem as part of the jewish pass over festival. security was tight following recent sectarian violence in the city. and 2 russian cosmonaut are currently on a 6 hour space war. to install a robotic arm on the international space station now the arm will help move
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external payloads and assists the i. s. s. crew with future space falls back here on earth. shanghai has reported its 1st 3 deaths official debts from code 19 in its ongoing outbreak. of spiting cases has prompted authorities there to locked down the city of 26000000 people for 3 straight weeks. it's part of the 0 coven. 19 policy, dictated by beijing, which is increasingly being met with anger and frustration. rare scenes of descent, hinting at growing anger under shanghai lockdown, police and protective gear put an end to what was reportedly a protest against plans to set up an isolation complex in this neighbourhood. oh, hold of us, he on law abiding citizens. we want to do what we can to help the country. you prohibited us from meeting others or even going outside anywhere. and we complied.
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but now you want to put highly infectious people less than 20 meters away from where we live. what more do we have to put up with a bra loudspeakers summon residents to come out of their homes for mandatory testing? any one who tests positive is sent to an isolation center for at least a week of observation. regardless whether they show symptoms with as many as a 1000 people packed in to make shipped facilities living conditions. there are also a source of frustration doing to him only the bathrooms are not very clean. that's understandable because so many people are using them and cleaners and volunteers can't keep up for their little dirty. and we haven't been able to take a warm shower. the lights are on all night long and so it's hard to whom asleep. these are the things that people are complaining about, most pushy them on to sanisha location and with hollywood. and if i was on the doctors come by twice
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a day to take patients temperature with many exhibiting no symptoms at all. increasingly, people are more concerned about the hardships the outbreak is causing than the virus itself, or a high shooter. at 1st, people was scared of the virus and were panicking. but with the figures that are being published every day, people have started to accept the fact. but this particular virus is not that horrible then additionally, i think there's been a change in every once thinking no, no. but so far there is no sign of a change in thinking by china's communist leaders. they continued to insist that the country must stick to its tough measures, aimed at eliminating the virus. when we asked correspondent fabi encroachment, how much support the 0 coven? 19 policy is getting across china, considering that other countries across the world are now starting to ease restrictions when shanghai very little. because the people are really affect the fight. i mean, they really had enough there that they are, am in
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a very precarious situation. they are affected by the locked on a policy there, the victim, so to speak. and the criticism is really very loud and gets increasingly and yet drastic, i would say, especially on social media. however, in the more rural areas and, and are those areas were not affected by the locked ons. right now they're still support, but we should not forget that. and i mean we basically lithium china, dystopian and information control environment. the censorship is huge and am how the estate media and basically covers the virus situation is a quite a manipulator. for example, they exaggerate the, the virus a spread in, in a broad why they basically an idealized the situation here. i mean, how they cover shanghai forks up as quite different than a foreign media would cover it. they sure am. yeah. well equipped and well stocked up supermarkets and show images that basically don't represent the reality.
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in football buyer music coach julian la guzman says that he received death threats from fans after the club was not out of the champions league, but the bavarian had better look into bundis league and moving closer to claiming the german title after bidding armenia b. lafelle. julian novels mans bye and have only the bunnies league. it's a focus on now. 3 points in bill of feldwood, edge them agonisingly close to a 10th straight title and speaking of close, not even armenia keeper, stephan ortega knew how he kept this 3rd minute. robert levin dusky had her out. a huge slice of luck for the home side, butts against bye, and nobody stays lucky for long. yackel the parrot laws and sending the ball into his own net in the 10 minutes. slapstick defending from the danish defender. buying made it to nail in 1st half stoppage time. sad snobbery was initially
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flagged off side following a composed volley before your shoe akim, she's past was deemed to be right on cue by the video assistant referee. the bonus league leaders added a 3rd against their hapless hosts, late in the game, young germany international jamal movie allah with his fourthly goal of a breakout campaign. 3 nail a final score have the ends to a tough week, venagas men and his players. by a need, one more wins all that sill. a 10th consecutive meister, shala only on 1000000000. keep rising in the bonus like a table. thanks in part to this man. tie. well, i'm one scored for goals in southern get his 1st house drive up to noon. silly to ya'll win over, i'm fly frankfurt, the bill and club are no 6 in the table and keeping their european dreams. allah!
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the bonus league is other big show down so or be like sick leap frog opponents buyer labor, who's in the table? hungarian, dominique. so boston scored the only goal in the match. you see it right there and important 3 points with leipzig now on the cusp of champions league qualification. and here are the rest of the results from this weakens bonus. we get action as we just saw, wipes and edged out labor cruising frankfurt to come to young and byron thumped bill of health hobbin time and furth drew cologne. b. glad bah dormant with a huge triumph over voicebox. here to believe, beat out boy and mines and stuttgart drew no. all in fryeburg down. bo let's see how the table has shaped up after the end of march. they 30, the title race isn't a done deal yet. dorman, still with the slimmest of chances, despite trailing byron by 9 points in the lower half of the table,
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one point separates, stood, got in the relegation, play off place from head to really the world's biggest carnival. is back with hundreds of thousands of revelers taken to the streets of rio de janeiro. in the coming days, brazil's famous samba schools have been hard at work rehearsing and hard core carnival goers of celebrating their freedom to party again. now that the city has lifted, pandemic restrictions, ah, ecstatic crowds from the streets of rio de janeiro as carnival kicks off over the east the weekend. it's unusually like this year, but the festival was delayed because of the covered 19 pandemic. a major outbreak of the on the chrome varian hit brazil in february. no, the right moment, we're all vaccinated and we can finally let our hair down a bunch come, oh, go elsewhere. people are still preparing their costumes. this is the high point of
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the year for rio samba schools. many of the members died during the pandemic. others spent weeks in intensive care, as i did when, while my so no other other patients died next to me in the hospital. i was completely exhausted. and i felt alone mixed in the summer drum last, rehearsals are underway a few days before the big competition of the samba school's last year. it had to be canceled to, to the pandemic with the return of the st. carnival, the residence of rio are enjoying a kind of rebirth after 2 difficult years to the point. good. it really wasn't easy . but now we feel again that the power is in us, the power to keep going with it, watching a lot of the v and the people of rio once again ready to fully embrace the carnival season that they famous for good to see. all right, you watch dw news. here's a reminder of our top story. ukraine's national security council says that russia
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appears to have begun its long anticipated new offensive in the east. ukrainian authorities also say a russian missile attack has killed at least 7 civilians in the western city of levy. is dw news up next global 3000. looks at how climate change is impacting india's monsoon rank. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day. i have to see that ah ah ah,
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with you used to just wait for the ray. because he used to be able to rely on the money today and feel to predictable if you have climate change, just like over 100000000 farmers in india. he has found some help at the other end
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of the with global 3000. next on d, w o. c double use crime fighters are back to africa is most successful in radio drama series continues this season. the stories focus on hate speech, cholera, prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all episodes are available online, and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. with listen carefully. don't know how to, yes,
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to the magic, discover the world around you. subscribe to the w documentary on youtube with ah, ah, welcome to global 3000 bi, catch how over fishing is threatening. the last remaining stocks of shocks and raised in the mediterranean carbon capture press solution to climate change


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