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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2022 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw live from burly russian president putin claims the city of mario pope has been liberated. ukraine says its troops continue to resist the invade satellite images to show mass graves near mario full. your brain accuses russia very up to 9000 civilians. also coming up now, the massive shipment of american weapons will you credit us president joe biden
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announces an extra $800000000.00 to good arms to go to the heavy artillery and vows booted will never succeed bus fighting the war, the airways ukrainian hackers, intercepting the russians radio traffic and what they are learning about the invaders ah, i'm glad of as well come to the program rush as president vladimir proteins claim to victory over mario pole has been rejected by us president joe biden. he says there is no evidence that the ukrainian port city has completely fallen new satellite images appear to show mass graves near mario paul, ukrainian officials have accused russia bearing up to 90000 dead civilians. there
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in an effort to conceal the slaughter taking place in the city or your pulse, last remaining hold out is the as of style. steel plot where some 2000 ukrainian soldiers and 1000 civilians, i believe to be hold up. i as a closer look at that vast industrial complex that has become a symbol of ukrainian resistance. the huge is of style steel plants seen here and footage from russian state television. ukrainian forces are holding out inside mario pull has witnessed nearly 2 months of heavy fighting with much of the strategic port in ruins. president putin has claimed a victory in the city and told his defense minister to seal off this last stronghold. bigler groom my considered the proposed storming of the industrial area, pointless by order to aborted emotionally. there is no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl under ground through these industrial facilities block off.
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this industrial area was obligatory to so that not even a fly can get through. we never said in washington, u. s. president joe biden dismissed putin's claims that will not happen. it's questionable whether he does control murray. one thing for sure. we know about murray. he should allow your monitoring corners to let people on that steel mill and other places are buried under rubble to get out. ukrainian authorities have also as moscow to open humanitarian curry doors to allow those sheltering and the heavily bombarded as of so plant to flee. these pictures were filmed by the far right nationalist, ukrainian group. as of battalion defending the plant, the footage shows some of the hundreds of civilians said to be sheltering in the bunkers below the steel works. but previous efforts to organize evacuations from mario pole have had little success. some $100000.00 residents are thought to be
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still living among the ruins. but the dead may lie elsewhere. mary poles, mayor, has accused russian forces of hiding the true death toll. by burying bodies of mario po, residence in a neighboring town. us satellite company, mac saw released photos which it says show new mass graves in man hush. west of merrier poll attempts to break or cease fire ahead of the orthodox easter festival . this weekend failed. as i'll receive the. unfortunately, russia rejected a proposal to establish an easter ceasefire daughter. this demonstrates very well how the leaders of that state actually feed about the faithful, about one of the most joyful and important religious holidays. but we maintain hope, hope peace, liberty. i am when i do let you know a little. but from the as off style,
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steel plant hopes for peace seemed far away. the blockaded ukrainian fighters say they do not plan to surrender and best growing concerned that those traps inside could stove o t w corresponded to rebecca. it is, as in a cheer front, i asked her for an update from mario pope and who is in control that well, this is a war gear hard neither side, wanting to concede to fate until they absolutely have to. as we know, a russian president vladimir putin ease claiming victory over mary, who paul, by the ukrainians don't. graham vladimir putin really does need a victory to take home to the russian people on day 58 of this war o. special operation as it is referred to back in russia. um, and this is perhaps the victory that he's looking for. the ukranian sang marybell still hasn't completely fallen because there are still fight as those 2000 fighters
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from the as of battalion on the set. 36th marine battalion at hiding out in that as of still planned as he just reported. and also some civilians under there as well. their welfare very worried about my, the ukrainian side. so you know, that tit for tat will go on until russia is able to take that as of steel plant, which is expected to happen at some said yesterday. we know that they changed tactics on how they were going to try and do that. president putin ordering the halting of a bump, the bombardment of that steel plant instead trying to blockade the area so that not even quote, a fly should be able to pass out of there. so remains to be seen when just how long it will take russia to completely complete their mission there and take all of mary you pull over to this stage, ukraine holding out. and also there are new reports here of suspected mos grades near murray bowl. a visible on a satellite images. what can you tell us about that? yes,
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shocking reports in mary you poll of some 20000 people potentially killed. of course, that number could be a lot higher. the mayor has said, given that figure of $20000.00, he's also said that russians are going around trying to hide the evidence, collecting bodies, and taking them to a nearby cemetery and dumping them in mass graves. so hearing report says mobile crematorium, so literally burning the evidence. they're very hard to verify that information, obviously as access into mary paul is almost completely impossible in fact. but we have seen those max on satellite images as you just heard in that report. the do appear to show those mass graves out in that area near the cemetery, given what we've seen and the out good here is the russian soldiers were treated all the mass grades, other, hiding all dead bodies. it is definitely plausible and likely d w, responded rebecca,
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written speaking to us earlier. and now we can go straight to constantine edgar. he's our russian expert and joins us from the lithuanian capital. vilnius constantine putin has claimed victory and mario po, most alice and even his own advisors say that's a bit premature. what's really driving, put in there. well, just needed 2 months of this campaign, which was supposed to last just a few days and still has to present some kind of decisive victory that could be explainable to the russian people. especially on the eve of the day 9 to my way which, which is made into the main sort of state holiday in russia. and i think that marty will claim, the more you, even if you doesn't control it completely is important. you can say that russia
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now has more or less secure land corridor between the occupied by me and it's in the international recognize category of the russian federation. think this is what drives into now. so the early days of the war, we saw at least some protests across russia that appears to completely vanished. what happened is everyone in support. now this war? well, garrett let, let's, let's say that they will not mass and they were frequent. and i had the very wide geography which it, which, which is important. ah, but by now there are still protest, you get every day you get dozens of records of the people putting out leaflets against the wall or standing in pickets in front of administrative buildings buckle . yes, i understand, since this was the 2nd phase of food, as one was launched on the 24th of february and the government and enacted quite
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a few, very har flows regarding fines and imprisonment for a mentioning this as a rule, it's called special abrasion in russia so people get in prison, people get huge fines, and i think that that's time in the, the protest. i mean, that's quite natural. people are afraid for themselves of their family. now, vladimir putin is considered a master of stage croft. and when you look at, put his recent meeting with his defense minister showing you discussing mario, pull a, what do you see? what can be read into that? well, 2 things. first of all, show good showed up not in a military uniform, but in a suit. maybe to put in maybe just to indicate that yes, i happy holidays, the war is very soon over. and secondly, that is what is being massively discussed now on our, on russian to the city. a rich i follow. it's put in state of health because everyone mentioned everyone sold that and put in is clutching at the table. his
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right arm is constantly clinging at the table edge. some people say that could be an attempt to control ham tremors, which may indicate who parkinson's disease. but of course got when a doctors and speculations about his health have been going on quite some time. no, she still come on the operations. you still domencio rank d w correspondent, concent an egg is bad. thank you. constantly thank not a major display of support for ukraine. u. s. president joe biden has pledged another round of military aid and has vall that russia will not win the war. this latest package of weapons shipments is worth $800000000.00, and it comes on top of the $2600000000.00 in military assistance. the u. s. has already delivered to ukraine. biden's said the package would contain heavy weapons that keith says it desperately needs. today,
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i'm announcing another $800000000.00 to further augment ukraine's ability to fight in the east of the dom us region. this package includes heavy artillery weapons, dozens of howitzers, and $144000.00 rounds of ammunition to go with those howitzers. it also includes more tactical drones. this president joe biden there, and he w. washington correspondent to mister misconduct, took a look at this new ops package and gave us this assessment. president biden in washington announcing another $800000000.00 package of aid for ukraine. any detail what that would include more weapons, including howitzers, a tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition, tactical drones, as he said, he also pointed out that the u. s. has already supplied plenty of anti armor systems that have been, as he said, particularly effective against russian tanks. and he pointed out as well that us intelligence with what he's continued to share their information with ukraine to help the country defend itself. so that was the core message from president biden,
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how it will help you crane. but he also made clear that this package of aide is tailored specifically, especially with the type of weapon supplied here to help you crane defend the east where russia has now ramped up this offensive. in recent days. it's a very different battlefield to that of the cities like here where you've seen urban warfare. a force is holding defenses on the outskirts of the city. now present by new saying, the topography of the east of ukraine presents a very different challenge. and that this package is going to significantly aid that effort according to his administration, a lot of money being spent on ukraine here. and there is still broad support for these measures from the american public. in fact, there was a pole recently done by the associated press showing that 54 percent of americans think president biden has actually not been tough enough in his response to russia . so the support is broad there. what will be interesting to watch, to observe as, as inflation continues to store the gas pumps at the grocery stores,
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here in the u. s. how long that support for the war will extend as the work continues on into its 3rd month. now? you send me some, a scanner reporting that of united nations migration agencies, as the number of people displaced within ukraine has risen again, reaching 7700000. 8 groups are trying to help those who fled their homes as well as those still stark in cities. but on the fire, people face a daily struggle in the cities, such as heartless as ukraine, 2nd largest city, and has been the target of indiscriminate shelling for weeks. their homes are unlivable. after weeks of bombardment, now the people of ha keep survived by collecting rain water and cooking on fires, fueled by debris or last thing we don't have electricity. water, any communication at all. including gas near the garza doretha from us. you can't
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really cook here because the wood will be of earth gold soon. it's hard to get it. if a garage has hit, you go and pick a panels. where else can we get a little tree? a said we'll pull it and cut it. there is no other action with bombs still flying above many are now living below in hockey's metro stations. some have been camped here for weeks. i will said we brought several blankets with us, came here and now live next to the ticket machines. now i believe that must the best decisions that they paced the platforms to stay active. doctors tried to help the many elderly with medical conditions, parents distract their children from the realities of war. for many finding food has become a daily challenge. these hockey residency gather what vegetables and can goods they
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can find to cook bosch sharing what little they have in crime. i talked near the front mine public transport still operates, but medicine is running out. walker county, it's bad that there are no drugs in the pharmacies and that only a few pharmacies are still open to cover it, more pharmacies were open, there will be better. millions of ukrainians have fled to cities further west living and cramped shelters like this one. in ne pro, remembering the comforts they used to have such good own as will, i had a small piece of land. riley lee planted everything there, tomatoes, cucumbers, and greenery, or brittany. there was a flower bed in front of our house, the bellagio thinking now many rely only on donations aid groups warned. the humanitarian situation is worsening as the tide of internally displaced ukrainians grows. for every person, they help more are waiting as much as tanks and
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artillery that are used by ukraine to fight back the russian invasion. there's also a war being fought of the air waves, ukrainian computers, specialists and radio operators. i've managed to jam russian radio traffic or intercepted and in the process they've been able to reveal some shocking details of the was brutality. this man known as viking is one of ukraine's most experienced amateur radio operators. he's also a member of radio resistance, a group that interferes with the russian military's radio transmissions. they're fighting in the war of radio waves of the g, the one and m all obamacare radios, actually forbidden and war time. but our intelligence services quickly realized that radio resistance can help in this war liking shows us how members of the group surge through long and short waves for the conversation channels that russian soldiers used to communicate, decoding, intercepting,
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and jamming them is the goal. here. i mean, he is an example, a driver of a russian army personnel carrier, since he's coordinates, according to ukraine security services. this conversation took place between a russian soldier and his wife. he asked her permission to rape ukrainian with another. do you allow me to? yeah, the question, yes, i allow it. she says, according to this protection on a bullet gene call that we haven't even identified the 2 of them. polish little boards that we know their names are the social media profiles. and for march the us to thought we know everything about that. and you can do that because even the date they moved to crimea from russia. let's see which timothy shameka ukrainians like viking of fighting tooth and nail to defend their country. his comrade, known by his code named raymond, has risen to cult status. he takes radia jamming
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a step further speaking directly to russian soldiers, often insulting them. ah, this is on fire. land side learn to fire radios. this russian soldier, rich jams to call stopping reinforcements from coming. and then since this, i know you see ukrainian intelligence work is serious business. you should love and respect her enemy. i got at the end of the battle and then there's a radio resistance interfere with the signal so that the trident of the ukrainian flag is on the screen. this is what the radio wave looks like for more on the battle of the air waves. and that's a brand frank lead, which is a foreign military intelligence officer. and now lecturers in military capabilities and strategy at the university of portsmouth in the u. k. frank,
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the people in this report make intercepting russian communications look very easy. is it really well what this speaks to go heart is pull russian equipment, training and culture. and the 1st thing that i need to be able to organize themselves, probably a secure communications that preferably, cannot be intercepted. and in this case, as you'll see, as we saw just that i'm, it is an open source intelligence there. just let alone, highly capable of creating a nato operators. find it very easy to break, break into russian communications systems. and of course, phoning home which we saw that with the 2 happy couple. one of which on i can say it's non hospital for moons. that's the soldier who was asking a girlfriend for commission anyway. if you don't have secure communications either with each other with home, you know, on, on them all, you need to have a culture what's called a need to know culture. and that's far more important than the communications that's a cultural matter. western armies,
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cult take that from star school operations secure if you're upset. and even if you don't have secure communications, you can impede the enemy. so for example, when i was in iraq in 2003, 2004, we had a phone interview as well. remember, highly insecure, the insurgents could listen to us. but what we would do is we, our conversations will be brief in coats only we knew and be changing every day or so. so instead of being in a particular place with a read for south south and particular code. and that provided you with similar protection because then of course and said no way, you couldn't be intercepted. and of course, in this case, we got some surgeons, we got some people at the professional level and nato with credit intelligence, with no, have been doing that, doing it for 8 or 9 years in ukraine. and long before that intercepted to fair in russian communications. and of course,
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those fantastic armature hackers and open source intelligence people as well. so what this speaks to is a lack of russian equipment for a start procedures and culture. it's work despite, but i'm just one of the comments on this. the kind of people who speak about rape, for example, of war crimes, over the radio or any form of something really should they should be speaking about the kind of people who don't have professional culture and are of course the kind of people who will commit war crimes because professional military culture is not permitted. like you mentioned these communications about about right and, and other war crimes. the how reliable is this? these are these conversations, this recordings as evidence of a rape amount of civilians in ukraine that will depend of course, on how the information quick triangulate it. now in the case of,
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of the russian soldier who's been names revealed, it's all over the all over the internet. and after his girlfriend, he was identified very funny. in fact, what they did, they rang up this man and his girls, and he's in all special confirm their identities and all the other things that are in the report. so in that case, when you have straight up or communicating confirmation that might in court counter evidence. otherwise, what you have is information. this is information intelligence. it can't be confirmed really. and of course, let's not forget the ukraine, as with russia, ukraine is far better. it is conducting information operations campaign, and that needs to be taken into account have a message to deliver and the delivery pretty well. now do you as a former military intelligence officer following the development of this war, this will commenting on it for us, among others. what about your own sources? do you have sources that it can really trust? oh yes,
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there are some people i speak to for background purposes. course one also has to be careful of the military culture of operational security. i don't want to reveal anything, even if i to find it out. i don't, i don't have privilege access. i don't have that kind of clearance, but i'd be very careful of giving us information. it might be helpful to to, to reverse reese. but of course, i mean we'll have, we'll have our connections and our experiences. right. which, that, thank you very much for your input. thank you. get out. and now let's have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world is railey police and palestinian demonstrators have a gun clash at the ox. some also in jerusalem, police told the compound of the youth with stones at them. the alex m oscars. holy to both jews and muslims tensions it. high off the deadly attacks in israel. and is
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there any rights in the occupied with a former honduran president has been extradited to the united states on drugs and weapons. judges, one alondo and on this has been charged with allegedly taking part in a cocaine in port phone spirit. and on this was the president of congress until the beginning of this year. and was us ally why both geese, prosecutors say a man in germany is now an official suspect, in the disappearance of british toddler, medlin mccann. the prosecutors did not name the man publicly, and he has not been officially charged. the 3 year old boy, a girl went missing in portugal in 2007, triggering an international man. at least 10 people are dead and dozens more wounded after an explosion of the mosque in afghanistan. the bloss targeted targeted she,
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i'd worship is in the north and afghan city of marseilles sharif so called islamic state group health plan responsibility. you're watching t w news. he is a reminder of our top stories you as president joe biden has that rejected. russian president vladimir putin claim of victory over the ukrainian city of mario satellite images appear to show mass graves to the m arguable train accuses rochelle berry up to the $9000.00 seville. that's it for now. don't forget, you can always get the w news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the app stole. that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world. let us push notifications. any breaking news, if you happen to be part of a news story, you can also use the d w app. send us your photos and your videos of what's
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