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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] hey, this is dw news live from berlin. russian president, putin claims that city of mario paul is under moscow's control. but you, craig says it's troops continue to resist the invaders. new satellite images appear to show mass graves near the city. ukraine accuses russia, bearing up to 9000 civilians. also coming up fighting the war of the airways, how ukrainian hackers are intercepting the russians radio traffic,
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and what they are learning about the invaders tactic. ah, i'm good health as well come to the program. russian president vladimir putin claim to victory over maria paul has been rejected by us president joe biden. he says there is no evidence that ukrainian city has completely fallen. meanwhile, new satellite images appear to show mass graves near mario ball. ukrainian officials, half accused rush of bearing up to $9000.00 civilians there in an effort to conceal the slaughter taking place. in this city, mario calls last remaining hold out is the hours of star steel plot, where some 2 thousands ukrainian soldiers and $1000.00 civilians are believed to be hold up. yes, look now at the vast industrial complex that has become
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a symbol of ukrainian resistance. the huge is of style steel plant, seen here and footage from russian state television. ukrainian forces are holding out inside. mario paul has witnessed nearly 2 months of heavy fighting with much of the strategic port in ruins. president putin has claimed a victory in the city. and told his defense minister to seal off this last stronghold, bigler groom my considered the proposed storming of the industrial area, pointless by order to aborted human lives. there is no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl underground through these industrial facilities block off this industrial area. so they're not even a fly can get through moving. never said washington, us president joe biden dismissed to since claim that will not happen as
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questionable whether he does control. mary. one thing for sure. we know about variable. he should allow you managerial corners to let people on that steel mill and other places are buried under rumble. to get out. ukrainian authorities have also as moscow to open humanitarian curry doors to allow those sheltering and the heavily bombarded as also flaunt to flee. these pictures were filmed by the far right and nationalist, ukrainian group. as of battalion defending the plant, the footage shows some of the hundreds of civilians said to be sheltering in the bunkers below the steel works. but previous efforts to organize evacuations from mario pole have had little success. some $100000.00 residents are thought to be still living among the ruins. but the dead may lie elsewhere. mary poles, mia has accused russian forces of hiding the true death toll by burying bodies of
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mary poll residence in a neighboring town. u. s. satellite company, macs are released, photos which it says show new mass graves in man hush. west of merrier poll attempts to break or cease fire ahead of the author, docs east, the festival this weekend failed. that address? yeah, the unfortunately, russia rejected a proposal to establish an easter ceasefire daughter. this demonstrates very well how the leaders of that state actually feel about the faithful, about one of the most joyful and important religious holidays. but we maintain hope, hope lace lose bri, i am. and i do let you know a little bit from the as of style steel plant, hopes that piece seemed far away, the blockaded ukrainian fighters say they do not plan to surrender. and there's a growing concerned that those traps inside could stove w correspondence.
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rebecca orators is in kiff and i asked her for an update from mario paul and who is in control there. ah, well, this is a war gear hard neither side, wanting to concede to fate until they absolutely have to. as we know, a russian president vladimir putin ease claiming victory over mary, who paul, by the ukrainians don't. graham vladimir putin really does need a victory to take home to the russian people on day 58 of this war o. special operation as it is referred to back in russia. and this is perhaps the victory that he's looking for. the ukranian sang marybell still hasn't completely fallen because there are still fight as those 2000 fighters from the as of battalion on the set. 36th marine battalion at hiding out in that as of still planned as he just reported. and also some civilians under there as well. their welfare very worried about my, the ukranian side. so you know, that tit for tat will go on until russia is able to take that as of steel plant,
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which is expected to happen at some stage yesterday. we know that they changed tactics on how they were going to try and do that. president putin ordering the halting of a bump, the bombardment of that steel plant instead trying to blockade the area so that not even quote, a fly should be able to pass out of there. so remains to be seen when just how long it will take russia to completely complete their mission there and take all of mary you pull over to this stage, ukraine holding out. and also there are new reports here of suspected mass graves near murray bowl a visible on a satellite images walk. can you tell us about that? yes, shocking reports in mary you poll of some 20000 people potentially killed. of course, that number could be a lot higher. the mayor has said, given that figure of $20000.00, he's also said that russians are going around trying to hide the evidence, collecting bodies, and taking them to
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a nearby cemetery and dumping them in mass. gray is also hearing reports as mobile crematorium, so literally burning the evidence. they're very hard to verify that information, obviously as access into mary paul is almost completely impossible in fact. but we have seen those max, our satellite images, as you just heard in that report, the do appear to show those mass graves out in that area near the cemetery. given what we've seen and the outskirts here key is the russian sold is retreated. other mass grades, other hiding of dead bodies. it is definitely plausible, and likely record as they're speaking to us earlier, is look now as a couple of other developments related to the war in ukraine. u. s. president joe biden has pledged another round of military aid for ukraine. this latest package of weapons shipments is worth $800000000.00. instead of books contained some of the
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heavy weapons that chief says it desperately needs. president vladimir zalinski says russia wants to hold the illegitimate referendum on independence. the south of ukraine he told residence in the occupied regions of caps on and as up richer not to give their personal information to russian force wrote to seen as an attempt by moscow too. much to legitimize, there is not just tax and artillery that are used by you ukraine to fight back the russian invasion as also a war being fought over the air, waves, ukrainian computer specialists and radio operators half managed to jam russian communications or intercept them. and in the process they've been able to reveal some shocking details of the was brutality. this man known as viking is one of ukraine's most experienced amateur radio operators. he's also a member of radio resistance,
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a group that interferes with the russian military's radio transmissions. they're fighting in the war of radio waves of it's either one of them all obamacare radios, actually forbidden in war time. but our intelligence services quickly realized that radio resistance can help in this war liking shows us how members of the groups searched through long and short waves for the conversation channels that russian soldiers used to communicate, decoding, intercepting, and jamming them is the goal. harrington company in he is an example driver of a russian army personnel carrier, since he's coordinates, according to ukraine security services. this conversation took place between a russian soldier and his wife. he asked her permission to rape ukrainian with another. do you allow me to? yeah, this is shawn. yes, i allow it. she says,
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according to this protection on the bullet gene code that we haven't even identified, the 2 of them both little boards, we know the names of the social media profiles and for march the us to so we know everything about that and you can leverage cuz even the date they moved to crimea from russia puts a much timothy shameka ukrainians like viking, a fighting tooth and nail to defend their country. his comrade, known by his code name routing, has risen to cult status julia. he takes radia jamming a step further. what, speaking directly to russian soldiers, often insulting them. ah, this is vance. i learned side were under fire radios, this russian soldier rich jams to call, stopping reinforcements from coming, and then sends this initial line. now you see ukrainian intelligence work is
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serious business. you should love and respect her enemy over. at the end of the battle, the members of radia resistance interfere with the signal so that the trident of the ukrainian flag appears on the screen. this is what the war of radio waves looks like. franklin, which is university lecturer on a defense topics and the former military intelligence officer. i asked him how difficult it is to intercept russian radio traffic. well, what this speaks to go to is pull russian equipment, training and culture. the 1st thing that i need to be able to organize themselves property is secure communications that preferably, cannot be intercepted. and in this case, as you will see, as we saw just that image is an open source intelligence there. just let alone, highly capable of creating the nato operators. find it very easy to break, break into russian communications systems. and of course,
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phoning home which we saw that with the 2 happy couple. one of which on i can say it's known hospital for moons. that's the soldier who was asking for commission anyway. if you don't have secure communications either with each other with home, you know, one of them all, you need to have a culture. what's the need to know culture. and that's far more important than the communications. that's a cultural matter. western armies take that from start operations, security upset. and even if you don't have secure communications, you can impede the enemy. so for example, when i was in iraq in 2003, 2004, we had a phone interview as well. remember, highly insecure, the insurgents could listen to us. but what we would do is we, our conversations will be brief in coats only we knew and be changing every day or so. so instead of being in a particular place with a read for south south particular code, and that provide you with similar protection because then of course and said no way,
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you couldn't be intercepted. and of course, in this case, we got some time it got some people at the professional level later with no, have been doing that, doing it for 8 or 9 years in ukraine and long before that intercepted to fair and russian communications. and of course those fantastic amateur hackers and open source intelligence people as well. so what this speaks to is a lack of russian equipment for a start procedures and culture. it's work despite just one of the comments on this . the kind of people who speak about rape, for example, of war crimes, over the radio or any form of something really should they should be speaking about the kind of people who don't have professional culture and are of course the kind of people who will commit war crimes because professional military culture is not permitted friends, which they're
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a former military intelligence office of talking to us now to some other stories making headlines around the world is really police and palestinian demonstrators have again clashed and alexa moss in jerusalem, please storm the compound of the youth stones at them, the site is wholly to both jews and muslims. tension is high after that the attacks in israel and israeli rates in the occupied with portuguese prosecutors say a man in germany is now an official suspect in the disappearance of british topler . madeline, the can. the prosecutors did not name the man publicly, and he has not been officially charged. a 3 year old girl went missing in portugal in 2007, triggering an international madhouse. french prosecutors of issued an international arrest. lauren for college goen, who formerly ran reno nissan. going is accused of funneling millions of dollars of
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reynold funds through a car distributor in all man for his personal use, including for the purchase of a $120.00 foot. that's it from me and the news team don't go away. up next l documentary program doc film takes on a train. right to see disappearing place. i've got office in berlin export with


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