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ah ah ah, this is d w news coming to live from berlin. more real poles. last holdout, brushing president putin claims the cities under moscow's control, but ukraine says its troops continued to resist the invaders. satellite images appeared to show mass graves near maria bowl. crane accuses russia, burying up to 9000 civilians. there also coming up, fighting the war with pal ukrainian. hackers are intercepting russian radio trap. they can what they're learning about. the invaders tactics, shanghai,
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china extends. shanghai walked out indefinitely. the authorities, warren 25000000 residents. they won't be allowed out of their homes until coven 19 has been completely eradicated from the city. however long that takes ah! hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us! ukrainian president ballade amused lansky says fighters in the besieged port city of maria poll will continue to resist. despite moscow's claims that it's completely under russian control. russia's defense ministry today said it was ready for a humanitarian ceasefire at maria polls as a stall steel plant. if key of soldiers surrender some 2000 ukrainian soldiers and $1000.00 civilians are believed to still be holding out at the still works is look
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at that vast industrial complex that's become a symbol of ukrainian resistance. the huge is of style steel plants seen here and footage from russian state television. ukrainian forces are holding out inside. mario paul has witnessed nearly 2 months of heavy fighting with much of the strategic port and ruins. president putin has claimed a victory in the city. and told his defense minister to seal off this last stronghold. but of lagoon i considered the proposed storming of the industrial area pointless by order to aborted emotionally. there is no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl under ground through these industrial facilities block off this industrial area is obligatory to so that not even a fly can get through more. you never said in washington, u. s. president joe biden dismissed putin's claims that will not happen. it's
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questionable whether he goes control murray. one thing for sure. we know about murray. he should allow your monitoring corners to let people on that steel mill and other places are burned on a rubble to give out. ukrainian authorities have also edged moscow to open humanitarian curry doors to allow those sheltering and the heavily bombarded as of so plant to flee. these pictures were filmed by the far right nationalist, ukrainian group. as of battalion defending the plant, the footage shows some of the hundreds of civilians said to be sheltering in the bunkers below the steel works. but previous efforts to organize evacuations from mario pole have had little success. some $100000.00 residents of thought to be still living among the ruins. but the dead may lie elsewhere. mary poles, mayor, has accused russian forces of hiding the true death toll by burying bodies of mario
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po, residence in a neighboring town, u. s. satellite company, mac saw released photos which it says show new mass graves in man hush. west of merrier poll attempts to break or cease fire ahead of the orthodox easter festival . this weekend failed. as i receive the, unfortunately, russia rejected a proposal to establish an easter ceasefire. daughter, this demonstrates very well how the leaders of that state actually feed about the faithful, about one of the most joyful and important religious holidays. but we maintain hope, hope peace, liberty. i am when i do let you know a little bit from the as off style steel plant hopes for p seemed far away. the blockaded ukrainian fight to say they do not plan to surrender and best growing concerned that those traps inside could stove d. w, correspond, rebecca ritters is just outside the ukrainian capital key if we asked her if there
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are any areas in mario poll besides the steel plant, which russia does not control. it's not looking so terry, it does appear that russia has full control of mary po. apart from that as of steel plant, as we've been saying for several days now, they're still around 2000 soldiers thought to be underneath in a vast network of tunnels and, and as well as round about a 1000 civilians hiding underneath there. as we know, russia has claimed victory over mary paul that is contested by president zalinski and the ukrainian side backed up by u. s. president joe biden. as you just heard there, they saying that it's still too early to say rush is completely captured, mary. you poll bots, ease looking that they will succeed in taking that as of stew upon at some stage with those ukranian troops outnumbered at least $10.00 to $1.00. but you know, 8 is war neither side wanting to concede to fate until they absolutely have to.
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what more can you tell us, rebecca, about those reports of mass graves near merrier full? yes. shocking stories coming out of mary paul the mer saying at least $20000.00 dead. they're that numbers potentially a lot higher than that. he's also said that russians are going around and picking up the dead bodies and throwing them into these mass graves that he says a near cemetery outside of the town with very difficult to verify this information . but as that report suggested, we've seen maxwell satellite images that do suggest those graves exist. and we've also seen similar scenes on the outskirts of keys around not too far from where i am, where the russians were occupied to show that they were also a digging mass graves and burying bodies there. so it is potentially a likely story talks about some of the other flashpoints in this war right now, rebecca, because i understand the 2 sides are now concentrating their forces elsewhere along
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that very long line in the south and east. that's right. we've been expecting that for some weeks now now that battle of don barza as it's being dubbed he has, is entering its 4th day with seeing an uptake of bombardments, particularly in the hockey region. don bass and to the south along the coastline. their cities like make a lie of being heavily bombarded as well. we are hearing that russia has claimed around 40 villages in the east, but president and lensky says that's going to be a temporary taking. and that, that, that russians should prepare to be ejected out of the country and you to be prepared for a, for a ukrainian when we are seeing that the ukraine is a managing to hold back russia to advancing, you know, particularly quickly they've been gains and losses on both sides, but the battle for don best definitely in full swing now. so back to thank you very much. that was the w,
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as rebecca ritter's almost cation just outside g is looked at a couple of other developments related to the war in ukraine. investigators from the united nations have documented the killing of nearly 50 civilians in the town of boucher near kia. they say russian troops executed some of the victims. ukrainian forces discovered mass graves in boucher following. the withdrawal of russian units from the area president below them is zalinski says russia wants to hold an illegitimate referendum on independence in the south of ukraine, a told residence, and they occupied regions a house on and supple rita, not to give their personal information to russian courses the vote, as seen as an attempt by moscow to legitimize it's occupation leaders of britain and india called for an immediate cease fire in ukraine. prime minister boris johnson, and a rendered lote made the appeal. after talks in delhi,
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the 2 leaders signed a new defense agreement to reduce indies reliance on russian. well yes, present, your biden has pledged another round of military aid for ukraine. this latest package of weapon shipments is worth $800000000.00. biden said, it would contain some of the heavy weapons that he have said it desperately needs. vast tanks and artillery are not the only weapons ukraine is using to fight the russian invasion. there's also a war being fought over the air waves, ukrainian computer specialists and radio operators have managed to jam russian communications or intercept them. and in the process they've been able to reveal some shocking details of the wars brutality. this man known as viking, is one of ukraine's most experienced amateur radio operators. he's also a member of radio resistance, a group that interferes with the russian military's radio transmissions. they're
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fighting in the war of radio ways of, you know, one and a mold damage or radios. really forbidden in war time. but our intelligence services quickly realized that radio resistance can help in this war liking shows us how members of the groups searched through long and short waves for the conversation channels that russian soldiers used to communicate, decoding, intercepting, and jamming them is the goal. here a he is an example, a driver of a russian armored personnel carrier since he is coordinates, according to ukraine security service. this conversation took place between a russian soldier and his wife. he asks her permission to rape ukrainian with another. do you allow me to dance as her son? yes, i allow it. she says, according to this protection on the bullet, hinkle, the, we haven't even identified the 2 of them. goals,
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little boards that we know their names are their social media profiles and for might see us to thought we know everything about that and you can leverage cuz even the date they moved to crimea from russia would say much to martha shameka ukrainians like viking a fighting tooth and nail to defend their country. his comrade, known by his code name, murray, has risen to coat status. today he takes radio, jamming a step further speaking directly to russian soldiers, often insulting them. come. ah, this is vance. i learned sad, learned sire radios this russian soldier rich jams to call, stopping reinforcements from coming, and then sends this initial i here. now you see ukrainian intelligence work is serious business. you should love and respect her enemy over. at the end of the battle,
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the members of radio resistance interfere with the signal so that the trident of the ukrainian flag appears on the screen. this is what the war of radio waves looks like. frank lead, which is a university lecturer and former military intelligence officer. we asked him how difficult it is to intercept russian radio traffic. the 1st thing that i need to be able to organize themselves, probably a secure communications that preferably, cannot be intercepted. and in this case, as you'll see, as we saw just that, i'm, it is an open source intelligence there. just let alone, highly capable of creating a nato operators. find it very easy to break, break into russian communications systems. and of course, phoning home which we saw that with the 2 happy couple. one of which on i can say it's non hospital for moons. that's the soldier who was asking for commission anyway. if you don't have secure communications either with each other with home,
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you know on them all, you need to have a culture. what's the need to know culture. and that's far more important than the communications that's a cultural matter. western on co star operations, if you're, if you're upset and even if you don't have secure communications, you can impede the enemy. so for example, when i was in iraq in 2003, 2004, we have old phones. your viewers will remember, highly insecure, the insurgents could listen to us. but what we would do is we, our conversations will be brief in coats only we knew and be changing every day or so. so instead of being in a particular place with a read for south south particular code, and that provided you with protection, because then of course and said no way, you couldn't be intercepted. and of course, in this case, it got some people at the professional level later with
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know they've been doing that, doing it for 8 or 9 years in ukraine. and long before that intercepted to fair and russian communications. and of course those fantastic amateur hackers and open source intelligence people as well. so what this speaks to is a lack of russian equipment for a scar procedures and culture is work despite, but i just wanted to comment on this, the kind of people who speak about rape, for example, of war crimes, over the radio or any form of something really should they should be speaking about the kind of people don't have professional culture and are of course the kind of people who will commit war crimes because professional military culture is not permitted. frank led, which they're a university lecturer and former military intelligence officer talking to us earlier. now german foreign minister and alina burbock is in 1000000000, says she wraps up both 3 day trip to the 3 baltic states. russia's invasion of
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ukraine has dominated the agenda during her trip. speaking alongside her lithuanian counterpart, burbock stress, germany's support for the nato alliance and for strengthening regional security in the face of the growing threat from russia. she also played down the prospect of a quick cease fire, much less an end to the war in ukraine. and vacuum stay stand on here. that cannot be a ceasefire at any price. i think todd aden, we cannot accept the dictated piece. i line the only the ukrainians and the ukrainians alone get to decide the future if we should not be in any illusions about that as bitter as difficult as it may be to accept nothing having tried time and again to reach a common security policy in europe with russia is our partner partner putins. russia has forced us to take a new policy or slant yet i'm annoying course. so game today about when we must now protect ourselves from russia,
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was slant germany's foreign minister there saying europe needs to do to protect itself from russia. well, flow alt gulp is a military strategy analyst with the european union institute for security studies . i asked her if europe, at this point is even capable of defending itself against russia without help from the us. well, the question is, what is the threat scenario that you know underpin says idea if we're talking a full scale invasion with tanks, etc. that certainly would definitely one thing, another thing where europe has really grown a lot stronger when it comes to cyber defense capabilities, etc, etc. so i think we are more capable and we realised, but there are definitely some gaps in the systems that russia could exploit. germany is one of the world's top arms producers. when we're talking about the war, new crane, many are wondering why germany is not sending more. can you explain that to us?
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i think it's a combination of things. it's not so much that germany doesn't have these weapons, it's more actually, it needs weapon itself. and 2nd, be the strategic considerations. know what this make the war worse in a way, would it perhaps, provoke russia? i think these are more strategic and most t and long term ideas that are present in gym and decision makers mine. so, as i said it's, it's a bigger whole picture, rather than just having these weapons not want to shannon germany has been slammed not just by ukraine, but also many each member states for not doing more to help you crane. what does this crisis tell us about german leadership in europe right now? i think it's no secret the germans strategic culture. since 945 has been a culture, they much along the lines of you know, dialogue finding, building bridges, corporation, trade, etc, etc. so, and as long as the world was in line with these ideas,
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it was easy for germany to be a leader. now we are in a different world where suddenly these ideas off, you know, people who dialogue to a corporation are no longer as much to it before. and i think that's what you see in german, german foreign policy, wobbling. it's not happening, but it's trying to find its new values in new core in that sense. and so it's too soon for germany to be a leader because of the new world for itself. the german government says it's not ready for an embargo on russian gas. many say that's essential in order to stop moscow having the funds to even fund this war and ukraine. how much of a problem is it poor europe strategy on dealing with russia? that there is knowing embargo? one gas. so i think the problem is that, that we're talking about several different things as you have already announced that it wants to phase out its dependency on russian puzzle fuels gas and oil. but
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the question is, should we do this now? so literally just pull the plug, this is where the german government has been hesitating. it does not against reducing dependency over the long found that it's towards the end of this year, or even next year. success with you things. and so i think that's, that's the problem. which brings into another question, which is what immediate stop of gas and price from not actually end the war. would that make it more difficult for russia to sustain as war effort? the thing is that it's not a straightforward equation. it's not as simple as we wire the money and then putting paste soldiers with this money. he needs this money much more on the domestic front rather than for the war effort. so if you're thinking ok, we stopped, he's got him pause and that will make it more difficult for him to have political consensus at home. that's a valid calculation. if you're thinking he's going to stop bombing ukraine, i think it's a bit more tricky. so i think all of this,
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the complexity of the thing makes the decision making flow and appear in me convoluted. the u. s. has been leading the effort to supply ukraine with weapons. how do you rate europe's overall response in to russian aggression in this war? i think it is spectacular. to be honest. i mean, before you crane europe was very much in line with gemini, strategic culture, a continent and organization actually not just the continent that was a much i'm focusing on. yeah, i think the peaceful resolution of conflict a non military in nature, etc, etc. the fact that most european them is that in fact, member states that in the past such as sweden had a even more, let's say, pacifist orientation foreign policy than germany has made such a turn around, is very impressive. so i think the big supplies here is not just the war itself or
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the performance of ukrainians, but it's also how europe managed to change in strategic direction basically overnight going scale from the european union institute for security studies. thank you very much for talking with us now some other stories making headlines around the world today is really police and palestinian demonstrators of again, clashed at the alex a mosque in jerusalem. the storm to compound after use threw stones at them. the site is fully to both jews and muslims. tensions is high after a deadly attacks in israel and israeli raids in the occupied westbank. portuguese prosecutors say a man in germany is now an official suspect in the disappearance of british toddler madeline mccain. the prosecutors said not, i did not name the man publicly, and he has not been officially charged. the 3 year old girl went missing in portugal in 2007 triggering an international manhunt. lawmakers and florida have
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voted to strip disney world of its special self governing status. that's after the company condemned a law banning the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools. the special status allowed is need to maintain its own roads and utilities and return or tax relief. kenya's former president in white can baki has died age 90. the cause of death is not yet known. a voc, he served 2 terms as president from 2003 to 2013. he's credited with reforming the economy and passing a new constitution, but he failed to stamp out rampant corruption french prosecutors of issued an international arrest warrant for carlos gordon, who formerly ren renault and nissan. goen is accused of funneling millions of dollars of renault funds through a car distributor in among his personal use, including the purchase of
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a $120.00 yacht. chinese authorities in shanghai say residence will have to stay in their homes until coven 19 has been completely eradicated from the city. as many as 25000000 people have been confined to their home since the beginning of april to contain a spike in corona virus cases, the strict measures are part of china's 0 covered strategy, which is being met with growing anger and frustration. the economy is also feeling the strain. the lockdown has caused chaos at shanghai in port, which is disrupting global supply chains and pushing up prices. for more on that were joined here in our studio by d. w, correspond clifford clifford chinese lockdown measures. in dealing with cobit are severe, what sort of economic consequences will all this? well, it's going to very severe economic consequences. i mean, it's a truly remarkable lockdown. a quarter of the population of china is under some
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form of lockdown, and it's even more remarkable when you think that there is a 134000 cova debts in germany. and china has had 4600. and yet they've completely shut down the whole economy in shanghai, in particular, and other major cities in china. so it's hitting real estate sitting exports. it's hitting retail and it's causing major problems for supply chain. we have shanghaied, you know, the busiest port in the world. and what they've done in a lot of chinese factories, for example, that they've created bubbles because the workers all live in dormitories on site. so sometimes the production has been fine, but you can't get your products out because the truck drivers are in there. in florentine, you know, so there's all these sort of things and also in china for example, you use a chop to add to a stamp government stamp to get business done. but all the government offices are closed. so really the economy is kind of seizing up and, and the economy grew faster than we were expecting the 1st 3 months, but already this month, as signs of that it could be dropping quite severely. most other countries in the
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world have accepted that they are going to have to learn to live with the corona virus, that the virus isn't just going to go away. why is pop wise china sticking to its 0 coven policy? well, i think there's a couple of reasons. i mean, one of the reasons is that the public health services is still under developed. and there is a genuine worry that if there is a mass infections that the hospitals won't be able to cope, there won't be enough beds that there won't be enough. i see use and to, to look after people. but there's also big political backdrop to this. i mean, this is the year where she's been paying go for an unprecedented term term in the autumn. and he needs to make sure that he put a lot of political capital into this saying that we're going to get rid of of coverage. and so he now has to back that up and, and there's a problem as well with the vaccinations in china. the chinese vaccines don't work. so he has to really, as they don't work as well anyway as,
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as western vaccines. and so they're, what they're doing is they're sticking their, he has to stick to his guns. and in this one i'm, there's also a geopolitical aspect where china has sort of been housing its success in combat and covered so far with the 0 coven policy as a way of highlighting the fact that, you know, in the u. s. for example, things weren't handled as well, you know, to 1000000 deaths. you know, so there's a big geopolitical aspect to it as well. so he really needs to kind of stick to this 0 cove policy just for the political capital save face to china and even created a museum of celebrating its victory over covert which well, i think that's still a little ways all good. we're thank you so much good for coming in from our business unit. you're watching the w news. just reminder the top story we're following for you at this hour. the cranium, president obama lansky says pinehurst and the besieged port city of mario pulse will continue to resist. despite moscow's claims that it is completely under russian control. moscow says it will provide humanitarian cease fire. mario poles
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as of stalled steel plant, if key of soldiers surrender. watching dw news up next to our health show in good shape. looks at how to provide 1st aid in an emergency. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. ah ah. with
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ah. in making the headlights and what's behind them? dw news africa. the show that schools, the issues have been the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally on the streets to give you enough reports on the inside of our cars. funding is on the ground reporting from across the continent, all the trend stuff, the mazda u. t. w is africa every friday on d w. it started out with the spooky intimidation and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states. it's members fight for a racist state, ruled by white supremacy. what we're talking about here is not only disorganized
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