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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah, this is the only news life from berlin rushes ambitions full kremlin control of eastern and southern new great. russian general says the goal is to build a land bridge to occupy crimea, but ukrainian troops traps and where you pulls us off tops, stainless steel plants were made. an obstacle to those plans. also coming up. packing military communications intercepts of russian radio traffic in ukraine reveal moscow's tactics and it is down to the wire on the final day of campaigning
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and frances presidential election incumbent. in many, when michael and his math in the band are showering attention on undecided voters ahead of sundays, one off vote. ah well everyone, i'm layla iraq. thank you so much for joining us. in ukraine. it is a bitter struggle for the country's future. ukrainian president vladimir zaleski says the last fighters in the port city of money who paul wants to render. moscow has decided to keep them trapped in the cities steel plant, otherwise declaring victory over multiple brushes, defense ministry, said it would offer safe passage to those still there if you green soldiers surrender. however, similar offers have often collapsed, giving the estimated 2000 and hold outs,
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and 1000 civilians. reason to stay port. here's the look now at the vast industrial complex that has become a symbol of ukrainian resistance. the huge is of style steel plants seen here and footage from russian state television. ukrainian forces are holding out inside. mario paul has witnessed nearly 2 months of heavy fighting with much of the strategic port in ruins. president putin has claimed a victory in the city. and told his defense minister to seal off this last stronghold. but of lagoon i considered the proposed storming of the industrial area pointless by order to aborted uniformly. there is no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl underground through these industrial facilities block off this industrial area. so the not even a fly can get through moving will never said in washington,
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u. s. president joe biden dismissed to since claim that will not happen as questionable whether he does control. mary. one thing for sure. we know about variable. he should allow you managerial corners to let people on that steel mill and other places are buried under rumble. to get out ukrainian authorities have also as moscow to open humanitarian curry doors to allow those sheltering in the heavily bombarded plant to flee. these pictures were filmed by the far right and nationalist ukrainian group. as of battalion defending the plant, the footage shows some of the hundreds of civilians said to be sheltering in the bunkers below the steel work. but previous efforts to organize evacuations from mario pole have had little success. some $100000.00 residents are thought to be still living among the ruins. but the dead may lie elsewhere. mary poles,
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mia has accused russian forces of hiding the true death toll. by burying bodies of mary poll residence in a neighboring town. us satellite company, mac sa, released photos, which it says show new mass graves in man hush. west of merrier poll attempts to break or cease fire ahead of the orthodox easter festival. this weekend failed the salarous. yet the, unfortunately, russia rejected a proposal to establish an easter ceasefire daughter. this demonstrates very well how the leaders of that state actually feed about the faithful, about one of the most joyful and important religious holidays. but we maintain hope, hope place misery. i am, and i do let you know a little bit from the as of style steel plant hopes for peace seemed far away. the blockaded ukrainian fighters say they do not plan to surrender. and there's growing
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concerned that those traps inside could stove earlier did have your correspondence, emma, who has shots, gave me this update on the situation in multiple the men ran out of option layla, but surrender ease, certainly not an option for ukraine ukrainian of forces. these has been said again and again they are are, there are indeed other style as steel plant and they do not plan to lay down the arms or despite repeated renewed cause of from the russian forces to do or to do so. i was reading earlier today or the testimony of one of their cell d, as a trapped in my you pause to plant and he was talking about the tall that these seas is taking on people who are still inside for security reasons. he's not there . he will, he wouldn't mention harmony, so these are here, but he talked about 500 people injured with no access to medicine or to clean
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awards or people so injured in very poor shape, women, children, elderly peebles stacked there was no option to leave the plant or with russia only allowing our people to come out of mario balls sealed, plans effect. so these laid on the arms. this is absolutely not planned on the ukranian side. and despite russia's claim to victory over mar, you, paul, even washington. and we have said it's, we're seeing it in the reports, denies those report saying that there was very much an active resistance and inactive resistance, ukrainian resistance in the city of mario, paul. and then the am i, there are, those were hipaa ports of mass graves near him are you for exactly does sir, as satellite imagery is showing what appears to be mars grades and dis, just highlights just how important does evidence that we see right now emerging
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ease to assess whether or not, or russia has been committed, war crimes against their de ukrainian population. there's also very worrying reports on a russia are making use of a mobile crematorium. a 2 apparently are burned bodies dare. so you raised the evidence of a mass crimes against the population, which again highlight the importance of documenting what's happening there. it's very difficult with a no a journalist on the ground, the more you pull to a test or the presence of does more bar crematorium of does mass graves. but that shows why also a foreign powers, such as france, such as, as spain, are sending a forensics or a forensic investigators here in ukraine to document carbs, that are happening to document what is happening right now in his and ukraine. and in a few words, or am or any news on
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a possible evacuation corridors out of multiple there hasn't been any evacuation possible today. some people are managed to get out some buses or collected some people yesterday. out of more you, paul. but russia only allows an evacuation a corridor etha sold is laid on their arms. and like we said earlier, this is not about this is not going to happen here in your crime and machine reporting from western ukraine live. thank you so much for your continued college. thank you. the united nations migration agency says almost 8000000 people are now internally displaced in ukraine. air groups are trying to help those who flat their homes, as well as those still stuck in cities under bombardment. people face a daily struggle in places like ukraine's 2nd largest city harkins. it's been the target of intense shelling for weeks. their homes are unlivable after weeks of
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bombardment. now the people of hock eve survived by collecting rain water and cooking on fires, fueled by debris or last year. we don't have electricity, water, any communication at all, including gas in the garza her bertha from. you can't really cook here because the water will be of earth gold soon. it's hard to get it, honey. if a garage has hit you go and pickup panels. where else can we get a lot of it re a said, we'll pull it and cut it. there's no other option with bombs still flying above many are now living below in hockey metro stations. some have been camped here for weeks once and we brought several blankets with us. came here and now live next to the ticket machines. now i believe that was the best decision that they paced the platforms to stay. active. doctors tried to help the many elderly with medical conditions,
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parents distract their children from the realities of war. for many finding food has become a daily challenge. these hockey residency, gather what vegetables and can goods they can find to cook bosch sharing what little they have been crime. i talked neither frontline, public transport still operates, but medicine is running out walk on. yeah. it's bad that there are no drugs in the pharmacies and that only a few pharmacies are still open to publish it. more pharmacies were open, it will be better. millions of ukrainians have fled to cities further west living and cramped shelters like this one. in ne pro, remembering the comforts they used to have such girdle known as will, i had a small piece of land value. lee planted everything there, tomatoes, cucumber, and greenery, or brittany. there was
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a flower bed in front of our house. the volatility now many rely only on donations aid groups warned. the humanitarian situation is worsening as the tide of internally displaced ukrainians grows. for every person they help more are waiting . christopher stokes is an emergency coordinator for doctors without borders in ukraine. he told me what the main challenges for ukraine's internally displaced population are. one of the issues that the, the, until the display people are facing right now. the lack of access to cache basically. so you've got a lot of people who are on the move and move from the east to the west using the savings and they're running out of money. and the situation is becoming checking for carriers. so that's one problem. the 2nd problem is just move, getting people out from the rules. so we've been focusing on medical evacuations, getting people out from the move from the hospitals because there are so many would
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. and they and the prisoners upon the very difficult to move the wounded out quickly enough to say, are you able to get emergency supplies to those occupied and besieged to areas? oh, very difficult. i was in come, i really run to the 30 kilometers from the front line and the east just a couple of days ago it's. it's a pretty tricky environment. it's very, i'm science, a lot of civilian infrastructures have been hit. and i have to say it's one of the more difficult humanitarian environment. so the answer is globally yes. but with huge difficulty and, and quite a bit of risk. um, fortune. okay. tell us a little bit about the conditions in the hospitals. what are they like? well that's an interesting so this is the and we working in a host of hospitals that are in activates in front line area. what is the model shelling going on?
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it's, it's a mixed picture. the many schools are closed. and so what are some of the hospitals that have remained opening only have between $1015.00 up to 20 percent of. busy staff levels, so you have for example, oncology, 2 accounts that have surgery. the entire department is closed and there are still a lot of people in the civilians you've decided to stay. so the, the, the health situation is particularly work environment and especially also for emergency surgery. let's talk a little bit about that. what are doctors dealing with right now? one of the main issues they have is one, practically the, the, the case load of wounded. so you have the small hospitals that internet sco blast that will may be dealing with a car crash every other day. another getting 5 to 10. we do today and that's heavy for a hospital, especially a hospital,
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but most of the stuff is left. so those kind of issues around having and still having the protocols to deal with wounded that used to it. as i mentioned, it's very different getting with 5 to 10 wall compared to a car accident. when you have a heavy toner as well, which is more, they will be in the fall. so i think that coping, you know, in very difficult circumstances, we put a few of our social regions from doctors without borders. but it's, you know, i don't think any civilian hospital in europe would be able to cope with only 10 percent of their staff and receiving, you know, 1015 day very, very trying conditions that you described there. and finally, just folks, i just want to get your take in terms of psychologically what toll is this war taking on people in ukraine. yeah, i'm not sure that we, i mean we've been looking at this issue or loaded the around the,
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the areas around whether ukrainians are taking back. and so we are doing mental health circle and we're reaching out to people. i have to say that this is something that i hope organizations in the history of how through addressing those . we're mainly focused on the warrant and situation. but it's true that when you go to the hospitals in these war areas, um yeah, the, the level of stress on the medical staff little remained is actually a huge. and it would to launch into this war, very ferocious rule with a lot of civilian casualties. i don't know how long they'll be able to continue this of this right in the civilian hospitals and use christopher stokes, emergency coordinator for doctors without borders in ukraine. talking to us from the viv. sir, thank you very much for your time. greatly appreciate you. thank you. let's take a look now at a couple of other developments related to the war in ukraine. investigators from
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the united nations have documented the killing of nearly 50 civilians in the town of gucho, near keith. they say russian troops executed some of the victims, ukrainian forces discovered mass graves images following the withdrawal of russian units from the area. we can actually present voluntary zalinski says russia wants to hold an illegitimate referendum on independence in the south of ukraine. he told residence in the occupied regions of her son, and that separation not to give their personal information to russian folks. either the votes is seen as an attempt by moscow or to legitimize its occupation for the leaders of britain and in the i have called for an immediate cease fire in ukraine, prime minister, boars, johnson and the ramadi made the appeal. after talks in delhi, the 2 leaders signed a new defense agreement to reduce india's reliance on russian weapons. tanks and artillery are not the only weapons ukraine is using to fight the russian
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invasion. the war is also happening over the airwaves. ukrainian radio operators among them amateurs who prefer to keep their identities hidden work to intercept russian communications. some of the messages appeared to support ukraine's allegations of russian war crimes. this man known as viking is one of ukraine's most experienced amateur radio operators. he's also a member of radio resistance, a group that interferes with the russian military's radio transmissions. they're fighting in the war of radio waves. oh, good. seen the one on the mall, obamacare radios actually forbidden in war time. but our intelligence services quickly realized that radio resistance can help in this war liking shows us how members of the groups search through long and short waves for the conversation channels that russian soldiers used to communicate, decoding, intercepting, and jamming them is the goal. yeah,
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i he is an example driver of a russian and personnel carrier since he's coordinates, according to ukraine security services. this conversation took place between a russian soldier and his wife. he asked her permission to rape ukrainian with another. do you allow me to? yeah, this is shawn. yes, i allow it. she says according to this protection on the bullet gene, we haven't even identified the 2 of them. goals little boards that we know the names of the social media profiles and formats the us to so we know everything about that and you can leverage because even the date they moved to crimea from russia, let's say much too much with the shamika ukrainians. like viking, a fighting tooth and nail to defend their country. his comrade, known by his code name routing, has risen to cult status. he takes radia jamming
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a step further speaking directly to russian soldiers often insulting them. oh, this is on fire. land side were under fire radios, this russian soldier rick gems to call stopping reinforcements from coming and then send this to us. all right, now you see ukrainian intelligence work is serious business. you should love and respect her enemy over at the end of the battle, the members of radio resistance interfere with the signal so that the ukrainian coat of arms appears on the screen. this is what the war of radio waves looks like . samuel r romani is the author of the forthcoming book, prudence war on ukraine and he teaches also politics and international relations at the university of oxford in england. he says, the interceptor communications reveal rushes army is suffering from low morale and
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supply problems. well, 1st of all, it shows that the russians are not very good at keeping their data encrypted. they aren't using a silly encryption devices using smartphones that can be easily targeted. and the 2nd thing is that is a repeated set of messages that have been coming through from the s b u interceptions as well as interceptions from other western countries including germany. the 1st that is low morale is food shortages as he used to be as supply chain problems and disconnects between the senior commanders and the local officers . and the 2nd is a, this seems to be a coherent policy of targeting civilians which is revealed. i'm some of the lead footage that came out from boucher by german intelligence. now senior military commander today has said that german now germany, russia, once control of eastern and southern ukraine at the start of the war, president poon stayed at principal object of was the so called d notification of ukraine. so what's the game here? so i think that russia just been using you from isms for imperial ambitions from the start uses phrases like liberation like a try d as in mary of paul
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a uses phrases like denotes vacation demilitarization. but now, with this statement, russia is basically admitting what we already know, that they want to establish a sphere influence in solving ukraine at which includes a death and land locks ukraine off the back see coast, they possibly want to make a move into transistor. and they also want to secure land bridge in crimea, and on bass, which, why marable was so important to them. so the russian assman today basically told us what we already knew by said in a much more overt, plainly new imperial way. rather than through you from isms and other phases of these before. so is this only about conquering ukraine basically, or does the kremlin have a more global long term strategy? why i think for the moment, i mean, phase 2 is going to be largely focused on how they can achieve success in eastern as al the new grand. interestingly, when they saw the new grand on math as a very vague phrase, what does that mean for a city like hark, heave, which doesn't really fit that neatly into either those 2. i categorizations as
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human the dumbass is just an absolute husk. so for now, i think they've already set an object as that their military track record to just are unrealistic. but definitely in russia is allowed to succeed in, don bass is very likely to make a move for keith. as many people in the duma prunes advisory circle, ministry, defense, cashier's liter, could europe in the same media would want that at that happens then russia could potentially it takes expansionism elsewhere. now the focus is now very much on eastern and southern ukraine. does present, couldn't believe that is an achievable goal why he definitely does lay was as you will go, i mean the, at all the reports them coming to from western leaders who interacted with them. whether it be the austrian chancellor, who just as in moscow who said he was on a war footing, he's convinced he can win or even tie in prime minister maria druggie said the talking with him is useless because he's committed to this war. would say that yes, he does believe it's achievable, but the empirical details just that reservation is an uphill struggle. all they managed to achieve so far, think over cremona, which is a town that
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a pro russian mer as of a month ago. they yeah, aren't losing heavy casualties in papa 9 other parts of lou hans, cuz they try to advance their stall and have to heave out, which is another key city. and the craniums have also been making advances as all these younger cave holding out in odessa and also. busy a taking over marine k and danielle, which was another area that russia focused on so so far as the stalemated best and rushes losing heavy casualties with very little results so far. samuel at romania, author of the forthcoming will put his war on ukraine. thank you very much for your time and your insights. thank you very much. sorry about some other stories in the news right now. for today's prosecutor say, a man in germany is now an official suspect. in the disappearance of british toddler madeline mccann. the prosecutors did not name the man publicly, and he has not been officially charged. the 3 year old girl went missing in
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portugal in 2007 triggering an international manhunt. french prosecutors have issued an international arrest warrant for carlos gong, who formerly ran renault. and the son going is accused of funneling millions of dollars of, or no funds through a car distributor in oman for his personal use. including for the purchase of a $120.00 foot yacht. what's it about? the french president ame anyway, michael and his far right challenger. mine live and are making a final push for votes before sundays. presidential run off. polls show the race is much tighter than 5 years ago. when french voters faced the same choice. though my call is expected to when many people say they're undecided or ambivalent, the candidates are taking nothing for granted. his campaign slogan might be olivers, but it's not clear enough of france will be with emanuel micron at the ballot box
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on sunday night. both the incumbent president, he and his far right opposition. marie le pen fair had be making a final push for votes entering the t v. stations on friday morning them. but they're not speaking to their called demographic. instead, mine for votes from supporters of fall live confidential new melanie sean, who went 20 percent in the 1st round on the streets of paris. neither la, penn nor mac. ron, a popular with this key group of voters that we haven't had a choice in the 2nd rounds ages. i'll get the least worse choice. i went voting for the right or the extreme right? so it's become a campaign of style over substance micron attempting to shake off a reputation of arrogance and connect with work and class motors le pen trying to betray herself as a serious states woman in a tv debate earlier this week,
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let me micron attacked le pen stance on russia. huh. she refuted the accusation. instead, trying to focus on the cost of living. as good did on, did you depend on russian power? you depend on mister putin as a few months after saying that, madame le pen, that you took out a loan from a russian bank in 2015 for the 1st check russian bank left to cushion bank, objected at court. what shall i agreed on? all the sanctions that was taken against the oligarchs against the bang us last. so the only sanction that i disagree with is the one blocking russian gap is a coil in port zuka. why? because i think that's not the right method. this is not what we'll actually hurt russia mix and above all, it will hurt the french people along which she micron is expected to keep the keys to the elisa palace. and even though it was a tougher fight,
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the many expected boats with millions undecided and unhappy with both candidates. there is no clear win in sundays, deciding round of my chrome best le pen it washing every news life from berlin up next is d w. new zation i will be back with ah,
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