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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2022 6:15am-6:31am CEST

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reporting from across ukraine. remember, you can always get the latest news and information on d, w dot com, or you can follow us on social media via the address is asti w news on twitter, and on instagram. i'm will also in belin, and for me and the entire team here. thanks for watching season. with closely listen carefully. don't know how with to the goal.
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ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. with this week on world stories, odessa, safety of the catacombs, germany, russian monks sheltering ukrainians. we begin an ear pin in northern ukraine. russian troops have withdrawn from the area near ki, of, but things remain tense. still,
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europeans residents are planning the reconstruction of their city. one thing that strikes you when you enter a pain is the silence. these once bustling streets now scorched and deserted, then sometimes the silence is broken. by the sound of people trying to put their lives back together. i have nothing to my wrath. 300 square meters of roof is missing. above full of the apartments. there's nothing but the blue sky above a pop up of the senior neighbour ogre is the caretaker of these $82.00 flats. and she lives in one of the top general with my apartment is in this part of the building that was damaged by missiles. she stayed right through the occupation to try to save them from russian soldiers taking them over, but was helpless to stop the missiles. moreover, now it is in this state, the house is uninhabitable until we rebuild it. do you more next door to olga.
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another group with a similar story. they tell me this wasn't the 1st time they've had to flee. one of putin's was 11 year old here, maybe live here as a last resort. do you understand what many of us are from done boss? we came here from war just to simply live and war came here after us. i think we are peaceful people. we don't want anything bad. we just want to live what law horror knew like you were brought the human robert. the most important thing is that it doesn't happen again. person could come back at any time even to morrow. there building was also badly damaged by rocket fire. one woman shows me where her flat used to be several, almost finally, this was my bad dream and there was a balcony behind it larger and no, there is no balcony there at all or so. um my things were there like a little away switch of it, which had never, it's gone. oh,
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with butter on them while for many who fled when the war broke out. they have little left to come back to. but for those who stayed behind many will have an even bigger recovery to contend with the dye dye. if the wall comes again, i will survive in any case, i will always survive because i have a bear and he protects me. oh, near shy one. yes. the shad yards the shortness i still get frightened by every loud noise which i don't know if it will ever go away. but for now and that's how i am more than less your ordinance of talk. the not so silent trauma that may live on in their lives forever. ah, the russian attacks are currently focused on eastern and southern ukraine. the port city of mario pole has been largely destroyed. now,
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the residents of odessa are preparing for the worst of the road to safety, leads deep beneath odessa to more than 20 meters below the port city is a 2500 kilometer long tunneled system. nobody knows this underground labyrinth better than engineer roman mazda and his friend, alexander, when the 1st to rocket said odessa, the pair began converging the tunnels into shelters almost every night doesn't. so families seek refuge here during air, rage alerts. we're really deep on to ground. and we don't, he has explosions on the surface. the whole house is shattering the windows shattering the so where is carrie and her here? children behaves them very come. the tunnel system is actually an old curry where limestone was minds more than 100 years ago. since then, they've provided a retreat for gangsters and soviet troops during the 2nd world war. the channels
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were used as a hide out for resistance fighters. their messages are still on the walls to day dated 1941. this catacombs for used by partisans to fight against nazi and the nowadays, we also use this catacomb in this war is new war. and i think in, sometimes in sometime further, we have to write new inscription here, 2022 above the ground. odessa, residents are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain some kind of normality . the city was supposed to celebrate its world war to victory over the nazis last weekend, but the events were cancelled for security reasons. instead, a 36 hour curfew was imposed. the security forces in odessa, looking with concern towards other black sea cities where the fighting has been intensifying. many military analysts believed putin as planning to cut ukraine off
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from the c tucker this at sir odessa. i said very important city we calling the pearl of ukraine unless it is also a port city. this is why it's so crucial for us, lou, and of course, also for the enemy, for putin, which in the best wishes roman mouser, fierce defending odessa will involve many more nights spent under ground, is even started to install an internet network in the tunnels. in preparation for a possible long bachelor het ah, now to western ukraine, hundreds of thousands of ukrainians have fled to safety in the city of live among other places. but russian strikes are continuing there as well. everyone is longing for a bit of normality. oh,
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for the 2nd time today, air raid sirens and leave, people rush off to find shelter. whoa, whoa, whoa, now when the all clear is given a different sound is heard, lou street musicians have always been a part of the city. but since the war began, a familiar song means something more. oh, yeah, was i show, i think street music is exactly what we need right now. because it takes us back to the time before the war. the time when we didn't have problems with the what law julius, lazy jose, i should say, a problem with them. we're showing that. i think it's good because it helps people stay calm. quiet. it's a tough situation right now. and when you're walking the street and you see musicians still singing, gives you a little bit of a, he's lucky sort of thing because i'm tuck level will block off that she was crying
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. it was her favorite song. when my husband is not home all day, i listen to this music, they will listen to that song at home when i'm deployed local minima. ah, hers were the only tears in the side street off of ran off, square lou . even those headed home before the curfew seemed to walk a bit slower. ah, there is a tremendous willingness to help refugees from ukraine just now. even a russian orthodox monastery and germany is offering shelter to them in opposition
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to the official position of the rush orthodox church. oak, oh much law damn up at the new greets his guests, that normally only has 9 monks would be eating in the small kitchen. but this russian orthodox monastery has taken and about 20 refugees from ukraine. so now everyone takes their meals and shifts said, oh you'd have dog. sonya has found refuge here too. is good. now, one is never, she's innocent to give just as we are, as i'm going to cry, we're all just waiting for peace. will no peace everywhere in the world. that's my greatest wish. now that with their common language is russian habit to neil has integrated the refugees into the monasteries daily routine, including the chores. by you'll see here in the monastery you live by the principal
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audra at la bora, labord, a pre and work that we have for pictures of land. and so there's plenty to do to low butte has been assigned to the hosting together with her daughter and parents. she's found sanctuary in the russian orthodox monastery. as a practicing christian, she assumed the monks would help her family. she got to know father de niel some time ago by a facebook could i believe i knew it. so mr. lemme knows. my chair, to me being here is heavenly, peaceful as spooky in the night require what she and we help and know we'll wake up every morning and i d. m santa fe assure and everything will be peaceful and calm. he said that the whole emma are not from the outside. the russian orthodox monastery looks impressive. but the manor house is dilapidated and unsafe. the monks and refugees are crowded into the former servants quarters. these every little bit of space?
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yes, all that i housekeeper. this is our house chapel gets hubble via, you know, set up temporary beds for our refugee families here who it wasn't a. if looked at the family, the room is cluttered. before any mess would have had to have been quickly tidy. but now father de neil doesn't mind that hobbs are had the food. and what's important is that they feel good here and 0. that's the mean thing for me. just safety, stephanie was emma duncan bus was crystal cindy that we have to ask, what would christ have done? thinker i think christ would have a light lesson. also aberdeen. neil is convinced that christ is on his side. yet the russian orthodox church supports the war and ukraine. that pains father de neil his monastery was built partly with funding from russia.
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the to citizen glitches with the singles juice loves little fish which comes out in the see the can cause any war is terrible. and it doesn't have to be this way. and the missing ali, we all have to live together in peace. and if needed, us diplomatic solution should be fine to do my children. but please, like i never wore not the russian orthodox cleric is standing by ukrainian refugees . elizabeth elizabeth. he sees how these war victims are suffering and his heart goes out to them. at this table, all people are just people all with a shared wish for the war. in ukraine to end soon
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