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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2022 4:30pm-5:00pm CEST

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please places in europe are smashing all the records. step into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you will record breaking sites on google maps, youtube and now also in book form. hello and a one welcome to the 77 percent. our program for you africa youth. i'm either kimani and this week we have a very special so for you coming to you from l door, it's the whole of champion this week we take a deep dive into the world of sports across the continent. here's what we have for you. we investigate how to tackle corruption in kenneth sports institutions. marathon legend anyway. she'll get till the c secrets and how to keep your mind on track. and in south africa, we meet the be
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a mix. been as of the west. africa has produced some of the greatest names across different sporting disciplines from footballers to basket bowlers. and of course, from right here, distance runners. yet the continent continues to grapple with lack of government investment, for example, or growth, mismanagement of teams. and perhaps was of all corruption is bosses, do sions, one of the continent lagging behind despite the immense and natural talent? well, i spoke to a few people here in kenya to try and answer the question. when webster lucas is getting ready to lift, it looks like he is preparing for war. a battle between himself and an unimaginable 150 kilograms over his head. this is the life of
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a weight lifter. and webster is one of the best in kenya. he was well on his way to becoming an olympian, but things didn't go quite as planned. i played my bud, i should, i showed up in the gym. i put on there with a good. but unfortunately, for example, for my, for the russian, which was supposed to be like go my link to the scholarship and olympics of william is appropriate in front of me for i ended up not making into the political event and not finding enough points to be able to qualify for that same year, webster was locked out of the olympics. the sports ministry was riddled with corruption scandal that left the former minister facing jill time for misusing olympic funds for webster. the experience was too much forcing him to quit the national team and say good bye to his childhood dream. really like
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depressing the point where like i was like yes. so the lot of mental strain but like i never accident before. and based on that, i think i just decided on my goods. so i ended up fighting alone. and then unfortunately, to my knowledge, like them fires you've seen and given spots, journalists, but not, don't tell me. webster's case is not isolated. that in fact, most kenyon sports people, are amateurs. he, at all around us of football use leagues, purportedly training, the future styles of africa. so way, the disconnect it's only been can you find a player playing in, in football, stuff like this one. and then you move on to play in professional artificial stuff . you have what's called culture shock because you not exposed to such facilities. and that is usually the biggest, biggest, biggest problem which comes to sports in general because there's no system. and if
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the some semblance of our system, it's usually very adult, it's very positive. and you find that if i want to start playing sports with a young age, i want to show about the future. those the do make the cut to compete at international games like the olympics face, a different kind of struggle. photos like these showing stranded athletes at airports or videos like this one. showing the dilapidated accommodation of elite athletes are not uncommon. the most common complaint, however, is delayed payments or none at all. one person trying to change that is simply a mumble under her company's port connect africa. the former basketball player is hoping to create structures that generate profits at multiple points of the ecosystem. all for the benefit of the athlete from buying a phone, the owner of the product, what the foreman competent was behind the scenes, who's creating that?
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who's selling that form? who is making sure the experience for you know, the quality is good for, for, for the person who find the exactly the same. the, the only difference of the biggest difference is that you're dealing with human beings. and that's where the value for proficient comes because you must respect. you must respect the fun. everybody else is in. for the young players of the v capital basketball camp, it's easy to remain optimistic. back at the gym however, webster is not so sure. while he believes, can you me one day be represented in difference post disciplines at an elite level? he doesn't think that day is coming any time. soon. at the beginning of 2022, the cannon government directed all spots, federations and officials to prioritize mental health in their programs. now, while kenya continues to produce some of the best distance runners, spots in this country has been grappling with cases of sexual harassment,
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mental health, and even and unfortunately, gender based violence. well, i had the pleasure of sitting down with chill gay, arguably, the world's greatest marathon runner to see what can be done about this. i also had a chance to ask some of the cuff questions and his answer, they might surprise you. the press called him goat, which was short for the greatest of all time. and marathon runner elliott keep sugar, indeed, defies human standard, especially since a kenyan broke records in vienna in 2019. as the 1st human in history keep choke, it broke the to our barrier at an astonishing average pace of completing one kilometer in 2 minutes. 50 seconds in 2021. he won his 2nd olympic gold medal, but that's still not enough. now it's $37.00. keep taya dreams about winning all 6 abbot world. marathon major. but who's the person behind the world famous athlete?
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where does he get his unbreakable mental strength from? we wanted to find out and travel to his farm near elder it an exclusive private moment with elliott keep chuck. yeah. it's a very big form. it's very beautiful. you don't plan on retired simply. ah no, but though not yet, but they both bowling all over the phone. so we all will eventually here. but you won't stop running, i'm guessing maybe not competing or not so from here. yes. how many years has it been now? it's, it's a been in teeny as this is the 18th year. when you see everything that you've accomplished, surely you must feel very proud of yourself. oh, so i'm proud of myself. i am proud of those who are clued over in, in, in, in my, my surrounding the tow tomorrow collier could tear piano. yeah, that's actually what i wanted to talk about the people who are around you and how
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you are able to keep a very strong mind despite all the challenges. so is it okay if you go sit in your bun, i saw some haystacks to dubia going to take you back to earth and put you in hysterics . oh can okay. it's good athletes in particular endure a lot of stress and pressure. they have mental challenges, which they sometimes don't talk to people about here in our country last year. 3 great athletes, unfortunately, losing their lives. how would you assess the state's own spots, men and women, their mental health, particularly in kenya right now. i think i could have justice with good sportsmen on whom i natalie's is increasing. anderson fortunate bus. tow it to san diego. it's a, it's a, it's a sat, a silo po, leaving would have been surrounded by a negative people. have you ever found yourself in that situation where you were
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experiencing these high levels of stress? and if so, how did you deal with it? i have been surrounded for the dinner for the last year at the nurse with ben boston, people for tuck jolene in sport and i'll take the sport. so now my lucky one, i've been ugly lu over a globe following now. that ain't her failures, and i've been a failure totally myself with a call which i can't live without it. i hope things are they're gonna die with those things are what are these values that you see? you know, they're so important to you that you actually country without them the fall. you are kalu for integrity in sward. what they mean by integrity is crated the quarter, the next to mile carried to face and had been wound in, in your life, to find you of the family to find yourself discipline, the failure of consistence so i can live without, without those values. then there is no age. so who are these people that you've surrounded yourself with? will you see you know that the ones who called you together when things are
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a bit shaky? oh, i'm surrounded by my a coach, but jackson am getting older. fellows am cortina. what's needed from him, as far as steven know, leaving his cancer? yeah, yes. can you tell me maybe some of the, the key points that, sir, he is his taught you over the years that you've been with him a long time, is that you the 1st of a boy in his trust and myself. oh, to, to myself asked the piston leading owens to life. those are 3 points. colutus which he told me that when i was still young. yeah, i guess i'm trying to understand how you manage to control your emotions. so well, because he said in previous interviews, a discipline is one of the ways to do that. is this the only way because you're very tempered, i understand life, no, no in this world so. so you need to understand life and anything comes in no way in a negative, we need to understand who was they see where they to slave, then there's a challenge. so how do you deal with some of these challenges or how have you dealt
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with them in the past? because, you know, at least get injured all the time physically. and they can imagine that causes a lot of pressure losing a run that doesn't feel nice, not having a good training day. maybe you're just feeling off here at those. all of them are challenges if you don't or if you don't feel of the best to introduce them to maurice any both told school to to have the worst of training and dirty but, but finished a training with can give her would, can give my i can give myself, i'll call you my man to come quasi when you buy it. awesome. the training was a little faithful, but i finished. yeah, that's wonderful. and how would you advise, you know, these young professionals, i'm sure you run with them here all the time. they must see you on the streets and want to give you a high 5 and one to get your autograph. how do you advise them to face the challenges of to day because young people are grappling with a lot? are you new to the sure that you are really proficient? not of your professional is just your bill, your career, your respect,
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your forbush, from allison, you walk actually and respect your ethics or hope all of your property on alison. so it's somewhat loose, kelley, of february, and a parcel. it's easy to manage it. so is it to instill anything on to him stealing a busty boy, but to run with him stealing a thing like a people is or for you? he saw he or she's a family oriented man or woman who cannot actually persuade him or her in a negative way. and i really love the teacher coming back to this holy deal values . and i think i'm finally getting it that if you stand for something, then it's hard for people to, with their own evils in you, in a sense, when you think about your future at the moment, because you are a man who has accomplished everything in your career at this point, oh, what do you visualize, o, o denying, visualizing that. so i need to my co, our country around and country and, and all neural around and one of the full color tall for color. if it's in the
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sport and still i'm still unclear of our form to inspire the next generation and, and, and, and, and turned down people that took leave your. if you say years in your heart and transfer to your mind, i'm sitting more than you can store them all to lot. that's about any other profession doctor will need to book a little respect their professions will need people to do in 1st in themselves. and in 1st in their, in their families, their friends, their neighbors that saw them on. but that's worth in my it says my bucket list here. that's a very busy bucket list. so how do you plan on making us are running nation while running world? because it's one thing to be inspired by you, but it's another thing to wake up in the morning and run yourself. m turn. tell people that. so before you 2, anything you can spare your 30 minutes. sandra. whereabouts ragwall is saying that
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the they don't have time. it's too busy the schedule. what do you say to that? there is no reduce, be cindy. so there is no responsibility in this. what that is our responsibility, but not responsibilities. there is standpoint you just need to make time for it. yes. here and stick with the time. now that's an interview that i am sure. i will not be forgetting. and speaking of memories, i grew up riding bikes. well, maybe not quite as big as that one, but you know what i mean? and it was part of our play time. often we came back home, so dusty and we punctured tires, but trust me, maneuvers weren't nowhere close to what these young south africans are up to. they're part of a growing be a mix culture that was born in waco, showcasing a very cool and unique cycling style pinning like the big one. it's a way to racing waving and spinning is not just the sports for more to the usual way to taking the form to a new level on to their own custom me bikes. when we can some, it's
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a way to write as a taking over the st. the township is home to a thriving liking culture. the king discipline is painting and quickly. a mckesson is unrivalled of the people. when i spend my bicycle at like getting into a trance, there is a demon inside me and i change from being my quick way to my case. 4 years ago, most cash is the fast double, like an extra long be a mixed bike, with plastic bottles around the black wheels. it's fluffy, feeling, and a lot of work with an american lifestyle. that's why i called my case choice because you might be the one who came to interesting us to see where was side by costs pinning. i'm also caught that involved driving cars a speed in circles to perform stance and winning originated in the 1980. this
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started so tough because gangs to culture young men from the township expensive cars in well, of about if the high to successful, the saucy was hurried back home until the tires. but since then, winning has evolved into a popular topic and more to support. and the youth is really pick up on this equally important to the ceiling skills. other nukes of the bikes, which a custom builds and pinged to the custom, made bicycle mortified me weren't for food chains and tags. however, come with a price dog and a lot of sacrifice. we would fix other people's bikes and charge them. but we also hooking up events, mixing up with other cyclists and helping each other. because with parents it's tough. they don't give you money, just a bike, because for them this is no korea buckle. mclaughlin gets his by clarity for special event to cause peanuts have invited him for a joint spin on the road. they have heard of mccook was double bike and got to meet
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up and been together. lady dally races, her car into a street corner and stuff the show. moments later, work with joins her in a dare devil me the 2 scene as a looking to host events together. but wants to check out fast how people on the street like this on the calendar in the car. you know what i mean? and we do a lot more tammy, than the by, like, he brings on the so you had to people really, whatever it was. that was amazing. amazing. yeah. well, what was double bikes? spread all of us away to and neighboring townships for him and others. the bike has become an instrument to express their freedom and creativity and leave the foundation for the new bikes of culture. his wife will mean the wild to quickly he
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lost his parents a few years ago and stopped going to school. he now stays with these on. when i started with my mother was very supportive. before she passed away, she would have been proud of me because i have an impact in the spinning. and i'm also teaching others how to spin. you know, lots of people following me. so my mother would have been very proud of sport. quick was passion, is not without is has a phase of him having to with the injured when they collided with passive cars. some have even died. make this what's more, the right has also lit up at a venue without cause and traffic. look, a part of me really wants to try that, but perhaps not before. sand boarding. now sand boarding is as extreme sports, which is very similar to snowboarding. actually it involves writing across or down a sand dune. and what better place to try that than only be not here. perhaps one
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of the world's largest sunday in namibia. i think yeah. oh it's fun. it's fast, it's messy. sand boarding is growing in popularity and the sport is about to step into the shoes of its big brothers surfing and snowboarding. championships like this one held in eco peru in 2019, bring together pros and fans from around the world. but san boarding also has a hope in africa, maybe as a smoke, a month is a prime location for the adrenaline field sport. and some locals want to make swap of a sand boarding paradise with some of the world's biggest sand dunes located here. sand boarding has become a source of income for many, like blanket po for 1st rob is behind it. but then eventually after day it gets easy. blank or takes tourists up the sand dunes on most days,
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telling them to hang in there. but walking a 150 meters in height is a strenuous form of exercise. never mind that under the fox namibian son, you still have to wear winter boots and carry heavy snow both to enjoy your moment of glory. and they are no alternatives. blanco and his crew have to use winter sports gear from europe to fit their purpose. for blanco's friend, robin nelly is improvising a rap. and before each right, he also make sure the boards all up to scratch literally. it turns out waxing, is extremely important for a smooth ride. we're going to always before it dried, make sure we apply some cobra x polish waste that on before it dries some sand on it and wakes up like this. to me again, works on vector few years ago, san boarding was considered
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a serious sport. there was even a south african league holding regular contest. the contests in these very dooms. the organization, however collapsed, and san boarding for the most part became only a tourist attraction. and last year wasn't exactly grateful business, either because of coven 19 restrictions, but revenue keeps coming back and voting room and we're, my mom was here. we set up his meals and boarding team and also, you know, we bring tours out here, instruct him on how to write this and we got the best of both worlds we got to do and right here is right across the highway with from the ocean. so freeman, free spirit, rather nelly and his friends are looking forward to teaching many future visitors. how to move about on a board, and who knows? maybe one day there will be another championship in these beautiful do let's bring you back in kenya where we meet a man like no other. are you a lou,
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lou massapequa trains cox to fight yet you had that right? cockfighting is actually a big part of a culture gain western kenya. but the traditional sport is losing popularity as modernization takes over aspects of rural african life. massapequa is however, determined to keep the old sport alive training his champions with the help of his children. the man ready for a fight, a you a lu mosacco is the king of cock fighting. he's famous in his home, reaching columbia county in west and kenya. but before he had to the ring, a youth, texas sheree to see if it's working cock fighting. here is nothing without this instrument shrinking in the background. 6 cock fighting is embedded in the culture of kenneth new york community. the sport has been passed down from one generation to the next. and i use a lu once his children to keep his legacy alive. drug when my kids grow old like them to be proud of the coach and to know that it's paid for the education. they
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should not just be seeing news on to your read on newspapers about their dog. they should know the what part of the culture from the what go on the actively participated. they used to sing and dance, just like you've seen this kids doing all of them from the young to the old world to smuggle quite a lot like any family business. every one has a role to play. the young girls entertain spectators while the older boys take care of the cockles and daughter molded malesky regaled every one with the rosella. i started playing with him when i was so young, i can't even remember my age, but my mom was still alive. at that time we were playing with him, we were go to most of the functions that he would train me how to play. so that when we have something like this, we was ela. he would tell me this is how we blow it. so i started getting the skills bit by bitch, been progressive, and right now i know how to play several other instruments and i'm so happy. but as soon as the match starts, the only thing that matters is the playing field
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a little is the referee. keep close eye on the po and sometimes that's in a thing thought. getting to harry for i lou, this is more than entertainment. it's how he earns with living every time i see my dad stayed cockfighting matches, i feel so happy because it means that we are able to go to school, eat our personal needs and met at home. and every activity that we do is from him like her siblings, mildred knows full well what her father's work has done for the family. she wishes the cock, fighting culture was appreciated. more like many other traditions is at risk of extinction. i pray that as the days go by, he will get some one who can promote him, put him up there and not below the
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cock, fighting as a bad rap among animal rights activists. and for good reason. but eleanor doesn't want his animals to get hurt. after a few minutes of clacking beaks and a few last feathers, one of the cockles simply walked away. eleanor hoist the champion into the air. he might be the only one of his kind, but he's hopeful the tradition will live on through future generations. and that's all we have for you today. do let us know what you think. remember, you can always get in touch with us by a facebook, instagram or even youtube. we want to get the conversation going on top. it's an important to you. thank you so much for watching. i'm edith. you money coming to you from this great town of l. dorit, and we'll leave you now with the music in a ridge
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with they conquered the earth, millions of years before our time since then they've been leading a secret life and have incredible abilities. if you think about it, it's impossible for humans to survive without movers. will roots save the world. 15 minutes on d,
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