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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2022 6:15pm-6:31pm CEST

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we've always had this phenomenon where mainstream aware midstream french bottles have really put aside the political differences to ensure that no far right candidate, whether it was marina been or her father, made it into the government. you know, this time that is not so clear. i think voter apathy, i voted the scheme of the 2 biggest threats that micro offices up next is sports life on michael o. cooper thanks so much for watching. ah ah ah ah. the amount of plastic is increasing every year. many im gonna working on lengthy anyway, fairly holiday destinations and drowning in plastic weiss, we, we wine that we could look at the causal every year. europe exports over 1000000 tons of plastic with
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use there. another way. after all, the environment isn't to recyclable. make up your own mind. d w made for mines. ah, ah ah ah ah ah, ah danya, i better is a motor hedge. when he was 80 years old, he was diagnosed with diabetes, a condition which was misunderstood,
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and the time i leave my parents wouldn't let me go out. do sports in school. i sat in a chair because they told me sport isn't good for people with diabetes for one day we know better, but it's very important to play sports. or if you start walking, you'll end up running. many people in the world have diabetes. we can do anything but just read more effort, wouldn't work. well, we can't eat anything that we want to pursue up here on the market, which on the last level country walker, you know, for a long oh, warner and we got for them. we are a great musical tradition in my house. my father was a musician. my sisters too. and thanks to music i received my 1st income. i'm was able to buy my 1st motorcycles and compete in my 1st races. yeah, i got one more thing. in 2007, everything changed the financial crisis and
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a personal tragedy turned. danielle swelled upside down. here from my job, i suffered a lot. where did he? i had a restaurant and i lost everything across the restaurant. my house, you know, we lost our son to go be, or i think losing a child is the worst thing that happened to you. i mean, i mean, that's when i began to see life differently to consider another future. it changes your life. i either will call annual every year i sat down to watch the doc r rally, but when one year someone asked on a tv show of if someone with diabetes could participate in the race may have. i mean, i quickly called a friend and i said, hey, look what i've seen on tv. ripple, he said, you're crazy. i'm like, how are you going to race the dachau me? i'm if i'm in the out the actually the data help both me and my family to get out of that whole. yeah. i think when something like this happens to you, you need a reason to live, to get up every morning and to fight for what you want to exploit, afforded they verify. annual general what i'll be able to get in danielle is wife. man has always supposed had his duck her dream,
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even though it seemed impossible in betty boop. in our 1st we thought it was crazy that we could never make a. but after everything that happened, we needed to hold on to something. tim, yvonne, it was, it was a challenge that we had to convince people to see that it can be dana, but a glock and debbie advocacy. get up with a daniel wanted to be the 1st motorcycle ride to participate in a doc. how ready? but the organization considered it would be too dangerous for it. i don't think he had to fight for his dream were the thing boy north, he'd been up to 5 years and many races all over the world. we showed them that i could be in the dark, our rally with diabetes. i raced in the room, lima in 2019 and was the 1st diabetic. and finally i became the 1st and the dock are in the toughest race in the world. but in 2019 we couldn't finish in 2020 we were back on it but couldn't finish either. but in 2021. when we finally managed to cross the finish line and now in 2022, i want to be the 1st person with diabetes. time want to cross the finish line in
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a car on the m a. d. d bono, and we'll that'll i'm into and watches the foot, traveling to saudi arabia. danielle trains. hon at valencia circuit to be ready for the duck already. he's guided, but i fell siena head coach at the school of rising most his dos yet, but most demanding res. so we have to focus a lot on nutrition and energy expenditure because the same food doesn't work for diabetics. but from the i think i see while i'm rattan, it's 15 days to deca. we have to look at all sports supplements, diabetics often suffer from cramps. it's mostly due to the shot. rising glucose bored and come to the wrong one. all it is to fully therefore there they will, basha bombs. they don't blenny them and make a plan, seal new every day. what you have to eat. so we keep your glucose level stables throughout the stage, and at the, whatever the thought of that all assembler that on these project helps us,
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because there's not much research about how to manage diabetes in high performance sport law. yeah, but you want to spread this data so all diabetic acts have the information at all and they can see that diabetes doesn't have to be a problem in order to reach maximum performance ah, dissipating in duck. our is a massive epis, which takes a whole year. daniel needs to prepare the car and secure funding to cover all the expenses. arlene thought he is in my family is the budget for the last year. and it's crazy cartooning. international licenses. what a return trip to marcia driver registrations. yeah. is 22000 euros. then the spare parts and tuning what's up more than a $150000.00 euros per year. when the pro started, no one gave us a penny or, and no one believed that a person, diabetes could be in the top is right in the world. williams has got a lot of them. i love. ah, finally, danielle laid, it happened. he says, saudi arabia now with his curve harness and his wife. horrible yet i'm not getting
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it out before the jetta now you're after 4 days we got through all the administrative and technical checks. you got everything has to be perfect. many people ask me what you do when your sugar level goes down in the car. yeah, i can't let it get to that point with all i need to control it all day in a low apart from driving pilots, im jumping june and stones dodging everything that comes towards us such as camels . we have to pay special attention to our travelling companion diabetic while the other than daniel and co pilot jorge at the prologue, the 1st test time to unload the nurse intention after a whole year of preparation for the duck. our challenge i today we have nothing special. we go up and test and navigation, 5 kilometers. then we arrive here at the beginning of the exit button there. okay,
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so everything's clear out of state radio. come on, let's go for it or her bedroom below them. now i just have to check the pump because it's hiding here. i want to see that everything is okay, but you want us to launch the sweat that takes a lot of luck on, so we have to keep an eye on it while it, okay. blood glucose is perfect. we have to charge the battery to not do that. all righty. let's go with that. well, my valuable, my wife, miriam pulled in some she knows my diabetes inside out. i mean, i'm having her by my side, gives me a lot of security. she checks the insulin while traveling or repairing the car, gotta actually refreshes, everything changes my patched gives me fresh insulin. she's amazing. the highly recommend them is that we get
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a lot of messages that children are doing things that he didn't dream of before yet it's very flattering to see that he's helping other people that out or him. mm hm. all of them all this year, we have a fairly large fridge. it's also very important to protect it from heat and cold law. that's the insulin for the entire race. whenever we travel to countries where it's complicated to get this type of medicine, different i always take 2 or 3 times more than i need. a mentor has got to go for showing him before you either log onto that portal off. we'll put that off to 900 kilometers of connection from ted are too hot. you the duck her race is set to start. ah ah, danielle is his own mechanic and pays attention to every detail to make sure his
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car is ready. mm hm. when you're on the fin refuel, so that to morrow everything will be okay for the next stage for la portia, my love again are bundled together diesel and insulin time. you have to be filled every day that he destroys the hormones and it loses its properties and then the insulin stops working. so you see that the glucose rises and you don't know why they're above it. i have a type one diabetes tattoo my right arm with a blue circle. and then if we have an accident of 4 and becoming conscious, it's important that the person who picks up knows that we're diabetics. so we can be treated properly, although our lives can depend on this. both still young, optical commerce profit, little thought, well, nobody will get it. everybody asked, why do you die? your head blue, you look like a smooth a former? no, i don't look like a smooth, it's something else. you know, it's a way of showing the whole world. the blue is our color. in blue is the color of hope. the hope that all people with diabetes have the one day it can be cured. when
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we can stop being diabetics, you know, here i carry the insulin pump, which marks my records from the glucose meter that have installed here on my arm. it's our telemetry injectors with more or less insulin. for example, if i'm going to eat 5 servings for dinner, we would insert 50 grams and it calculates directly the amount of insulin we need to have a little bit heavier than ever elijah, the not going to them. it's this is the navigation board that i use. i have to get this graph in the yellow field, just like my blood glucose. i must always keep it completely flat. i can see it on my mobile, that my co pilot has it on his watch. and if i get distracted, he also pays attention. so we can control it perfectly easy way that mr. your boss is dameion. layla will always monitor drug both in our professional and daily lives . follow them though, and gary level one or for deanna with
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or or the i was morning. it's 6 in the morning. can you hear that? an engine right next to was run all night back. hello me. you need to get used to sleeping in to night. some trucks were there to repairing all night. if you don't manage to dallas and you can't sleep well, then it can change a lot. you often get into arguments, things that don't make sense and you realize that it's just the sleep deprivation that you have to realize that this can happen a lot bye for now it's time to take on the challenge. danielle displays his diabetes flag at the starting podium and launches
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himself into the desert. he has 12 stages to prove to himself and to the world that millis of bear to be broken. ah, i didn't every day i crossed the finish line is dedicated to old diabetics, often with an 8000 kilometers. danielle is the 1st die bessie college drive to finish the duck already. and it's amazing. i have no words to express what i feel after a year of intense work, it's an explosion of feelings. i just want to say to all diabetic, we can do anything we dream of like a variable on the other number one. what
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making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa. they show that faculty issues have been the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally where on the street to give you enough. reports on the inside of our cars, funding is on the ground reporting from across the continent, all the trend stuff. the mazda you next on d, w, the 77 percent. this time it's all about sports. both me and traditional plus an exclusive interview with marathon super. what are these values that you see in this so important t indicative cut i took the go to the next to my profile. you have set up the speed to fun. you have going distance, the 77 percent in 60 minutes on d,
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w. d w's crime fighters are back to africa. most successful radio drama series continues them all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and this goes on d, w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in. now, this is dee doubly news africa coming up on the program. can africans benefit from europe's energy needs? as the democratic republic of congo ponders plans for the world, the largest hydropower dam. we ask what's in it for the average citizen? most of the energy will be used to produce hydrogen. the mob. everything that's produced a will be brought to the center to the west. the we don't think that we've already covered the electricity needs of our country. also coming off all that smaller back to whole tentative.


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