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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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ah, ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. crane was at washer plans to expand this war across europe. president vladimir savanski says neighboring. moldova is in moscow sites offer senior russian commander, hinted at extending control right across from the ukraine. and the final. com towel to francis presidential election incumbent emanuel kong and his challenge, maureen le pend, has made a final pitch to daughters that many are unhappy with both candidates.
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ah, i'm really mohammed walking to the program. ukraine has warned that russia plans to attack more countries and expand its war president vladimir lensky said neighbouring moldova should be concerned about russia's latest military strategy. moldova is home to trans mistrial. a breakaway pro russian region, which borders ukraine. russia is in control of ukraine's south east regions. the scene here in blue, a top russian commander says moscow's forces. want to push west straight across southern ukraine. ha, keep on fire. a hospital in the dawn bass. even in the countryside. no, escape from the bombs in eastern ukraine. now the deputy commander of russia's central
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military district says its forces want to push westwards towards moldova. on friday he told state media control over the south of ukraine is another way to trans in history. where there is also evidence that the russian speaking population is being oppressed. the president followed him as a lance he focused on the commander's comments and his nightly address. as quite sure, this only confirms what i've said many times the russian invasion of ukraine was just the beginning, then they wants to capture other countries dialing. let me quote, hope with the secrete. the russian onslaught is relentless, but it has also failed to produce the breakthroughs. the port city of mary, a pole has been under bombardment for 2 months. get fighters are still holding out and as of style steel plant, a symbol of ukrainian resistance. ukraine's as all regimen
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has released a video of civilians sheltering and bunker is beneath the plant. in marian poll, it's not clear when or where the video was filmed. many of those in the tunnels are children. with sylvia, i hope we can leave here and see the sun because we've been sitting here for 2 months already. and so i want to see the sun, because in here it's dark, like outside, when our houses are rebuilt and while we can live in peace and reach for foreign let ukraine when ukraine is our native home claim international and am. meanwhile, ukraine is pushing back hard at russian forces, taking advantage of new weapons flowing in from western allies. this video purports to show a russian helicopter shot down while another flies away. but even when ukrainian succeed in retaking territory, the invaders leave
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a path of death and destruction behind them, bodies and burned out buildings. the testify to the brutality that's been brought to bear on civilians since the war started. and the roads have been reports of missile attacks on the port city of odessa. she w rebecca rich. this is in kiff and sent us this update to yeah, that's right. re halo earlier today we heard that there had been some explosions and some a missile attack. some had been intercepted, but some did hit targets. 5 people died including a baby in that attack. now a desa is a key port city that russia has said from the very beginning that they, they do want to control that they haven't really, it's, it's been bad a lot of the fighting and the shelling so far. but we are starting to see an uptick in shelling on that area as we heard yesterday from russia and from a comma,
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russia commander that they do want to take that entire south part of the country all the way over to moldova. but i knew we spoke to samuel bennett and an advisor with cna, a non profit research organization. they asked him if it was likely that brush could expand its war beyond ukraine. well right now, i think what we're seeing is the russian military and russian government tried to consolidate the games that they already made in eastern crane in southern recording and to create samples of normalcy for the conquest of this part of the crate. in other words, to consolidate the games. and to restate that, this was the original plan all along is difficult to imagine that the russian military would be with, in span beyond the ukraine, considering how exhausted it is at this point. how many soldiers, material, equipment, and that is more and a push out of the green would be very difficult for the russian military right now without the nation national mobilization. but why would the russian military
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leadership essentially give advanced warning about their potential aims beyond ukraine? if this is really the case, well that's not really clear. again, most of the warnings, most of the communication from the russian ministry of defense has been out the russian games in ukraine proper, about eastern, about southern cray. again, it's difficult to imagine that russia military and its current state would be able to make any significant outside of their current location outside of the territories they're currently controlling right now. now presidents laskey on friday said that ukraine is finally getting the offensive weapons from west and allies are ukrainian forces getting what they need in practical terms. and if not, what's missing it appears to be the case. are getting artillery, they're getting munitions or get a response. they're getting
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a watering munitions to different types that would be able to target russian tastes armor or even some of that too many control posts. i think what they are asking for is more of the same. they need what that would be able to very effectively belong to the russian offense. and that would be able to effectively allow them to disperse and then hit russians back as they are advancing. so again, artillery missiles and the aircraft missiles and systems are very much in demand right now, as well as systems that would allow your military to conduct proper observation of the russian military and strike them as they advance. and what lessons were lance from russia's failed assaults on cave and the surrounding areas when it now comes to the battle for don bass? well, probably the main lesson is to essentially match the, the, the sought after or match its wishes were the actual realistic assessment of
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adversarial capabilities in the very beginning, russian military didn't leave, he would meet very specific question, resistance in allocate enough forces actually battle it's way out to be a good name under estimated altogether, the quality really for military, the quality of the webpage and tactics. and so once that advanced, get bogged down in the 1st couple of weeks, brushing military was tied to with badge. so the 2nd wish out of don't boss is a way to revise that a way to consolidate a way to consolidate with just sticks and tactics. but yeah, so much time has gone by almost who was in the russian military point where he can only make mental slow games or in the territories jason, to those that are controller. all right, santa bender, thank you very much deed for your analysis. thank you very much. or his look at
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some other stories making news around the world. you pan union countries have reached a deal of a major changes to digital content laws. the block will move ahead with the law forth in companies like facebook, twitter, and google to police content for issues like hate speech and his information. 6 people have been killed in somalia, capital market issue. a bomb went off at a beach side, restaurant somali as police chief and lawmakers were present, but were not hummed. the explosion comes days after a mortar attack, targeted somali of parliament during a meeting of newly elected legislators, now french president, emanuel conn, and his far right challenger are in le pen, have made a final push for votes before sundays. presidential election run off. polls show the race is much tighter than 5 years ago when french voters faced the same choice . while micron is expected to when many people say they're still undecided. to
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doubly it's lisa lewis, reports from paris. ah, as thousands of people took to the streets in paris last saturday, the demonstrators, main message was to oppose racism and the far right. but that didn't necessarily mean the protesters were endorsing president him on a mac, home. me, missouri. okay. i will vote from a crown in the 2nd round that i'm not happy about it. i just want to block marine le pen from getting to power. i live in modern the bone marvellously douglas, marian, the pen is threatening our rule of law, but that doesn't mean i'll give my vote to my cross culverson. i already had to do so in 2017. so of course they're not the same, but macro also has a right wing program. the bulk bond is good to go to water. it is the supporters of the far left candidate, johnny middle shaw who came 3rd in round one. you feel particularly frustrated.
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they no longer have a left wing option. my call has tried to appeal to these latest by turning down parts of his manifesto. like the plan to push up the retirement age from the current $62.00 to $65.00. with his eyes, we can fix a lower target age. i'm open to discussion with what i can do. meanwhile, le pen has also try to gather more support by continuing to depict herself as the candidate closest to the people. are shocked for. i want to tell every french person that my project is tailor made for them what i want them to be happy and prosperous safe. and i will defend their identity here the see that the for the lovely donte the venue for tim. glad international topics were also on the agenda, especially during atv debate between the 2 contenders for it. and it was of equal height that you have taken out to loan in 2015 with the russian bunk. that's close
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to the kremlin succession, but means you're talking to your bunker when speaking with russia over buddy louis missouri is in for. i am an absolutely free woman. aha, i am a patriot. and i have proven that all my life maggie, polls are showing that my core has increased his lead, oval append in the past 2 weeks. but with more than 10 percent of fate, us as yet on this side, it not call, hasn't secured a safe victory yet. while is lewis fall that report and joins me now from central paris? so these are poll suggests that micron should win. but is there any chance of a surprise here? well, you know, as a pace to polls in other countries such as the u. k or the u. s. polls in france actually tend to be correct, especially when it comes to the presidential election, as you said. and my call is in the lead with 10 points even more depending on which people you're looking at. but they asked of 2 factors that could change things.
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first of all, as i mentioned in my report, the fact that more than 10 percent of the voters still don't know who they will vote for. and then secondly, the extension rate. it pulses are expecting between 20 or 25 percent of voters not turning out to vote if that were much higher. 7 that could mean that some of those who are willing to wait for a my, my call, but not wholeheartedly. so they only want to block marina penn from getting to fall . if they see that the polls i actually showing that my core will win anyway. and they didn't turn out to vote, that could have a negative impact of my cos resides. so it's not really quite clear yet what the result will be to morrow. and why is this race between these 2 candidates so tight compared to 5 years ago? well, there are several factors really marine appended a very good campaign for months on end. she was going from town to town,
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from market to market, telling people that she was the candidate closest to the people and the candidate who would increase their spending power. she was distracting, so to say from heart manifesto, which in itself is still very much anti immigrant nx. and a phobic, a 2nd factor is that there was another candidate called exec, more who was very far right as well. and seemed even more far more further to the right than her because he was campaigning and openly racist slogans. a openly misogynistic slogans and that heart marilla, penn appear less radical and 30 obviously in my car, only hit the campaign trail very late because he thought this election a done deal. and indeed, polls were tolling showing them in the lead and his he was even increasing when the war in ukraine started. but that lead was actually shrinking just before the 1st round of rating and him on my call, finally understood that he had to do something that he had to hit the campaign
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trade. this is what he did after the 1st round of vote, and he's now increased his lead, but we will see to morrow, what will happen? polling stations will open at 88. they will close at night at 8 o'clock, and that's when we should know who will be francis next president is louis in paris for us. thank you. this is dw, and he's from berlin up. next is reporter season i ah, what secrets lie behind these wall? discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d w world heritage 360, get out no interest in the global
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