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miss judge the mood in the country. the point is that she had largely campaigned in the, the industrialized north of france and in the poorer rural areas of france in the middle line in the south. and of course, the mood they saw an experience there is quite different from what you have in the big cities in france. if you look at paris, you look at bordeaux foreign de leon, the big cities, and they are fairly flourishing that wrong did have some economic success during the last years. and so the country is really split and that also split the perception offered off this party here and offering the pen. of course they did believe in it and they in the end they did megan. this is also one of the 1st time that the pen has gained this many votes in comparison to the previous french election. why has her fall right? ideas been so convincing this time around the
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point is that she is she sort of led a really clever campaign. she showed herself and sort of rejected the image of being the good mother of the nation. she was talking to people and telling them i will take care of you. i will sort of a levy, a do your hardship. i will give you money. she promise money to everyone to students. so for families had to a poor pensioners to simply everyone who would have a complaint against the french social system. and so that really sort of brought voters into her camp. however, what people did to, of course, is to read the party program. it was only like the liberal french press during the last weeks that said, folks do look more closely at what they really want as a real discrimination against migrant and foreigners and frogs for it's really quite hard right program with regard to the european union, it was a garcia,
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economic isolationism, and does the people didn't see that? part of the french voters? voters about to half of them so. so find her scary. what the other hob, somehow it will lead to by the image that she's projected and believed in it. and those were the people that gave her the 42 percent. she has never come so close. and in her speech here, she was quite defined. she said she will keep up fighting. she will continue in the job. so maybe in 5 years time, we're going to stand here again. i barbara visally speaking to us at marine the pens headquarters in paris. thank you so much. what it is? joining us here on the w news, we have special contract a coverage of the 1st presidential election in my, in my con, has one with 58.2 percent. and where now with lisa louis, standing by at mcqueen's election night, open air headquarters at the eiffel tower. that the scene for us,
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lisa looks like quite the party behind you. well, you know, there's a huge party going on just right behind me with a d. j, and it's dancing be black smiling. they are exuberant that their candidate rom, this election an electron that early 2 or 3 weeks ago, look like a neck and neck grave. and in between these 2 rugs, a candidate really managed to increase his lead. you know, he went down there, he hit the campaign trail, he was talking to people. he was showing is human. something that has had been missing before the 1st round of rating, and that's why marina pan had been going on because he had been doing the leg work where and my mom called to the 1st on a waiting. he didn't. but in between, you really showed that he can do a good campaign opposite. he also had some support from left when voters, you know, laughing vegas, you maybe in the 1st on a vote in greater causality. me also the fall f candidate and him and my call
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understood that he needed to take a step towards them and show them that he was a candidate they could vote for and not just against. and so he promised that he would take some left wing measures that he would take some aguilar jacob measures. and that he understood actually, the message that he came across is too arrogant. and you know, you can tell by what he's planning after this 2nd round. and after having won the election again, he is not going to hold a pump a ceremony. or if you relax now, if it's real action, you would just be very sober. you know, so you allowed your are badly not even, you know, drive up there for delivery. this is norma thing that events do after the election, but he will not do that to show i got the message, i need to be more down to earth. if i would want to when know boyfriend through this house also in the future. so he is going to be going straight to work. what's on the agenda? absolutely,
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he will get straight to work. he's promised that he would carry out more reforms of the also market orientated records. he said, you know, we need to keep the french pension system on the track. we need to increase the pension age and he understood that some people are very unhappy about that. and you said we could talk about the target age. we would go bit by bit, but we need to do that in order to keep our system load really. he also will look into other measures. he will be active on the international level. you know, one thing on his agenda has been to push for stronger european integration. he wants to push for 8 europe. oh, a defense. you're not lead defense union. that's what he has been working on. he will keep on trying to mediate between russia and ukraine. you know, after russia invaded ukraine, he wants to find a way to what piece he would continue to do that he would continue to be a french president. but he would also try to show a human face who,
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when people over here winning people over did come with a few challenges for him over the last 5 years. there were protests, there was the cobra 19 pandemic. and now there is the war in ukraine. well people here out and you know they will be one a positive choice for them. really, you know, marilla see with painting on the fact that she was a shame herself trying to show that you ready kill them before hand really. and he wanted to convey to us at the end, really that he was also someone who could do something the money in there. he said, you know, he's the candidate bending power. but i am actually what she said does not make sense. but he needs to do a why he's been
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president, the economy has been doing better better and has gone down with the economy. and that has worked actually, you know, it has been that to a crash. some people, a lot of companies go bankrupt, that hasn't happened, and he wants to say that he can continue to be a good president or the friends, you know, guarantee that a. all right, lisa, thank you so much. lisa louis, speaking to us, live at a party headquarters there in paris. we will touch back. we will get back in touch with you shortly, but on this just get some analysis from d. w. head of news, max hoffman. how much do you think these high extension rates affected to vote? actually extensive row was higher than 5 years ago,
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about 3 percent higher. and that tends to go into the direction of the more radical person here. in this case, not even the pen because for her the people who voted for much more motivated large parts of the people that voted for money when my call did not vote for him because they particularly like him. that's especially true for voters from the middle school, the far left canada that didn't make it to the, to this route to the 2nd round. and so they went there saying ok, i have to do this because i want to avoid my independence president of france. but nowhere near the so convinced for the candidate as most voters for money in the pen . and that was, by the way, one of the, the worries that a lot of people have beforehand that many of those votes would just have blank votes or not even go to the voting booth because they, they have such a hard time identifying with him. i know with my call,
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so this alliance that's always worked against the far right is, is being eroded somewhat and that's where you see the difference in the result between this time and last time. and again, i want to just put it out there. if you look at what happened 5 years ago, we're in one of the mac hole. had 66 percent of the vote in our independent $33.00 . so he was a head 33 percent this time he's a head buffy 16 percent. so that lead is roading. so what's going to happen? 5 years down the road. i think this, this message will have been received also by the mike or camp and they realize that they need to stop this trend. so with the results we've seen, it could perhaps give us an indication of the growing right wing sentiment of the country. perhaps if you put together the numbers of money independent and other far right candidates, because my independent is not the most far right candidate in the field at least for the 1st round. those also in the mornings, even farther to the right. so there is a lot of, there's that there's
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a significant pool of people that are willing, ready, and willing to vote very far right in france. the question is, where is the plateau? where's the ceiling? is there a ceiling and as well in the pend, reach that ceiling to sent around? okay, thank you. max. it's a cross over now back to paris and speak to marina strauss. she is in central paris where she's been watching those results come in, talk us through how, how the results are checking in and how people are voting marina. so yeah, i talked to some people here. you see this is a nice spot in paris, the peninsula in a reverse. so a lot of young people are sitting outside here, drinking beer sitting chris sussing, the election results. and i just talked to her a group of 5 young people and they said, well, we're not very happy with the election outcomes. of course, we're happy, dad, we don't have a fire rights. are president president right now,
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but we also are not very happy with the morrow. m. i crawl a centrist, a pro business leader um so they would have preferred a far right, a far left option. they all voted for a shawl luca, mello, shaw, and the 1st round of the presidential elections. 2 weeks ago. the far left candidates, and now they only jo, turned out to road for macro because they didn't want marine le pen as their president. but they said that my crawl, thus nor jer look at young people. he does not look enough at ecological issues, and that definitely has to change during his 2nd term in office. well, at that at the same time, and we were talking a lot about dos who are disappointed with my crime, who only wrote it for him because there was no other viable option. but of course, some french people are also very happy with mcroy and his policies. that's why they wanted for him and not just out of disappointment or out of out of fear that
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repaired would gain the presidency. so a talk to 2 young women here and they said, we're actually quite happy with macros doing with it, with what macros doing. and they said may be our, oh fellow citizens, they're complaining a bit too much because things have to change. society has to change, for example, when talking about m, the retirement age. it's 62 right now. a macro wants to wooded to 64 or even 60 in the coming years. maybe that's necessary. um, maybe that's just the business environment. maybe other european countries, the united states as normal to work a bit longer and term. so some people are actually happy with macro. and that marina, we're looking at live pictures right now. at the eiffel tower, where you can see a sea of people holding french flags, european union flags, and celebrating the victory of emanuel con. how did this year's election compared
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to the one in 20? 17 when you talked about the european flags in 2017, when macro presented himself as a new, charismatic the very young, very pro european leader many year in france and also outside of france in germany in other european countries. they're very happy with this new candidate, someone who brought some fresh air into, into french politics and it back then he, he won against marine lou pam the far i'd candidates that, that was the same or the same face off in the 2nd round. and he got 66 percent of the votes. so far more than this time, this time it was way harder for him. he only he got more than expected. and it's still that the macros camp is still very happy with the outcome, but he got less roads, only 5058.2 percent. and that's at least would estimate say year. so he does not
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have the wide march. we have been seeing 5 years ago and m also some far left voters esser, as i explained before, on that that was said some help. and him 5 years ago are disappointed with his policies because the they say he so he moved too far to the right. he am, for example, he cats or taxes on the ridge or a heed man. he led to pro business policies for some his say even less thing, voters say that he doesn't concentrate enough on french policies and our french needs. but albany looks at the european union at the global stage. and so some say he doesn't look enough for he didn't look enough at ecological policies, for example, at green policies and women's rights. and that's especially why young waters this time are, are disappointed in him or where disappointed him. marina strauss in central paris
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. thank you so much sir. victory for emmanuel crohn. the race was closer than 5 years ago when he was also up against marine the pen in the 2nd round . and he is facing a huge task to re unite a france. that is deeply divided. a paris correspondent lisa louis has this report emma, my car came to power in 2017, as the youngest president in french history, a strong pro european former banker and economics minister. the 39 year old promised to heal a country where the far right was on the rise is a fruit to, i'll do everything i can either coming 5 years so that there is no more reason to vote for extremist, because the ballistics claim. but very quickly, those in the left wing who had waited for marcal centrist platform, became disenchanted by his market orientated measures such as his reform of the
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national rail company in their eyes. my com became the president of the rich the low me the classes, deep rooted anger over perceived economic inequality tipped over into months. long demonstrations by the so called yellow vests they demanded more social justice. 2 but all these demonstrations and another planned reform of the pension system ground to hort in early 2020. when france lay countries worldwide entered a series of locked downs due to the coven. 19 pandemic. ma. some were at war on give a war for health. and we're not filing an army and warner, the nation in oakland as the enemy in is here. today, the majority of the french would agree my car is a good leader in times of crisis. recently,
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he was at the forefront of international efforts to mediate before and after russia invaded ukraine. he has also been pushing for stronger european integration. but his international activism has reinforced the criticism of those voters who think their president is too far away from their day to day worries. and so the mammoth task will now be to win over the hearts of the french in the coming 5 years. especially those who only voted for him to prevent a far right president from coming to power or less get all the european or a perspectives now with her. terry schultz in brussels. so terry, what's been the reaction there? everyone in europe and it seems to be very relieved with this victory. of course some leaders, including all of sholtes, had openly campaigned for mc one. he even wrote an op ed together with other leaders asking french voters to reelect mccoy. and so it's
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a bit puzzling that it took all actual to an hour to come out with his, his congratulatory tweet. i've been gathering the reactions here today and, and all of showed some told mccoy, your constituents sent a strong commitment to europe. today. i'm please, we will continue our good cooperation. that's much the same messages came from ursula under lion, and she also said it looking forward to continue great cooperation. european council, president shaw michelle said the same, we can count on 5. we can count on friends for 5 more years. so in the baltic states, we've also seen a huge sigh of relief that they can count on a continue to strong line from european union leaders with emanuel crone taking the lead in in france and not marine la penn, who had a very strong friendship with let me know, we to see a continuation of the vision for this european project and the future of the e, or will it be a slight shift to the way things are done at the moment?
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well, emanuel cohen says that he wants to continue this strong franco german leadership in the european union. this is something certainly that could not have been counted on with marine lapel. who wanted to change things dramatically from the inside, which could have been just as dangerous as wanting to pull friends out of the european union. so i think also both on the european union side of brussels and on the nato side of brussels. leaders are, are very much looking forward to another 5 years with a manual quote on a known entity pro european, a strong advocate of, of a strong europe as well as a europe that increases its autonomy from the united states. so very much looking to, to cement a european cooperation and european defense and terry, what will this election result mean for germany? certainly all actually says i, as i mentioned, is,
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is very much looking forward to continue his cooperation with france. that's a very necessary integral part of, of european cooperation. of course, with the departure of anglo miracle, there were some questions whether olaf schultz could step into her shoes. but certainly the solidity, the confidence of europe will be much and improved with m a con victory. that's very obvious, this franco, german leadership is essential for european coherence terry shows in brussels for us. thank you so much. and has max hoffman d. w. head of news in the studio with us. so just picking up on that point about france, german relations. what is mccann's relationship with the cast off shelves? they've known each other for a fairly long time as far as far as i know. and i think they've, they've always emphasized that they have a very good working relationship. and i know on a personal level, it's not quite clear yet whether they actually like each other on a personal level,
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which is probably not the most important thing in the world here. but to tell you the truth, this new government here in germany was elected in a couple of months ago on the november, right. and they, and they had to, or they, they came together in november and they had to, they had to deal with a corona pandemic. they had to deal with a war and ukraine and all that. so they have to do everything on the fly. and i think a very decisive and defining moment was when the war ukraine started. and the germans made complete about turn and talked about entering a new era when it comes, for example, to their military. are you wanting to spend enormous sums on the military or something you would have never heard from, from august medical, or even previous governments before that. so, and that's where they really pull together,
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where they tried last minute diplomatic efforts talking to that in your protein. so looking at it from the outside when it comes to international topics, and that is the defining and dominant international topic. they seem to work together quite well and function. and this bodes well for the next years on the international stage. there are huge differences on the national stage. for example, when it comes to the approach of energy i mentioned before, french rely heavily on nuclear power. the germans are going to cut, shut off nuclear power. they have very different system how to run the country. france is centralized, basically from paris, which is part of the problem also that my call is facing. you know, you have a couple of bigger cities that thrive, but large rural areas do not thrive and have big problems. and germany is very federalized and has different hubs of power and different hubs of economic power. also something that mccall looked at at the beginning of his 1st 10 years that we
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want to copy that in some sense and took some steps to try to do that. france is always been looking up to germany when it comes to, to the economy. and he probably will continue to, is that as well intensify cooperation and all levels with germany. and what about francis relationship to the united states is not con, the more robust partner to be working with president biden, if you, what do you mean by robust, more reliable, more reliable partner than marine the pen? definitely. yes. i think you don't, it wouldn't have been completely out of the question to see about a combination of donald trump and not in the pen. something that could have happened. it hasn't happened because joe biden was elected in the united states. and now again, my car was elected and they definitely are both more in favor of good trans atlantic ties than donald trump or in the pen would have been marine the pen kind of had the same approach as donald trump
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a sort of effect france 1st approach everything that's good for france in her, in her eyes that she'll take it even from the multinational institutions, but everything that goes against that, she won't, and that would have made her fairly unreliable partner, not just for the europeans, but also for the americans. that took us through the person that is you interviewed him 5 years ago. how. how was he different compared to what he is now? i haven't interviewed him a long time from, you know, the appearance he makes. it's you see, like with most leaders, you see what power does people in the gray starts appearing. you see that the smiles don't come as easy anymore. the dark under the eyes is more pronounced. it's just an enormous pressure under which she's under. and sometimes that puts people in different positions that changes their nature. and so this very youth for very close to the people kind of attitude here, the beginning, it seems to me is largely gone. and it's going to be hard to recapture that. and
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you could also see during this campaign, he didn't really have a campaign as much as he did 5 years ago. started very late and maybe didn't take it that seriously. maybe he was right. you know, you still one but to recapture that is going to be very difficult to recapture the trust of the people that voted for him 5 years ago. and they're not disappointed in that think he's the president of the rich who think he's aloof, maybe even arrogant to recapture the trust of these people is going to be hard and, but it's probably something we expect him to address in some way. during the speech he will give later today and what you expect, he's going to say in his speech. hard to say, you know, he's probably going to cover a lot of different points because he's somebody who talks at length and he knows all the details a good grasp of the details. but i think one of the major topics is going to be the war ukraine on the international stage, but he will definitely address something along the lines. i've heard your message, you know, we won and that's great. i want to thank everybody,
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but i heard your message. we need to work on these things like purchasing power, expecting to say something along those lines. and we're looking at live pictures now of paris. talk us through the per says here. french presidential coming to speak. i know we saw it earlier already going into the palace, which is the the residence of the french, the french presidents. i'm not quite sure. which is that. yeah, that might be the older ones. yeah. with his, oh no. usually drives no. no, you know french, car, french president, obviously you need to do that and through the streets of paris. and then he's going to go and address the french people in the world later on from that location. what do you think the people who want to hear from him depends who you ask? yeah, i think marina calls you interview earlier. our correspondence on the streets of parents made a very important point. we're always talking about those that are disappointed with my call and there's a fair share of french that are dissipated,
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but my call. but there are also those that are happy with what he's done. and those that have strongly identify within 5 years ago, the youngest french president ever somebody who really did something new not coming from the established parties that really obliterated the established party so much that nothing is left from them. even during this election changed the political landscape, so he still has a lot of fans, especially in the cities like we are seen here in paris for example. and among you know that the urban voters. but he can't neglect those that live in different places in france, and i think we're going to hear him address that. and that's probably what those that are still listening at this hour of the evening. we'll expect him to do as huffman. thank you so much. you're watching a special edition of d w. news. let's get a summary of what we know so fall on francis presidential election. imagine micron has won the run off in the french presidential vote to secure
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a 2nd 5 year term. early results indicate micron 158.5 percent of the vote. and his far right challenge marine the pen, gained 41.5 percent. so just as in the last election, 5 years, the coke micron has seen off his opponent and will still remain in office and get the keys to the eliza palace. well, let's head over to a microns election. open at headquarters there outside the eiffel tower. base louis, set the scene for us, clearly still very jubilant crowds into the night. well, yes, absolutely. you know, behind me there is of these people dancing. actually, they're waving flags. there's a deed, say, play music. everybody is exuberant, probably relieved as well because a few weeks ago this looked like a neck and neck rice. and finally, their candidate in my, my call one,
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the presidential election in france. even though with, you know, with a result that was not as good as 5 years ago, but people here have been telling me that they're really happy given that france just have to live through 5 really difficult is especially with damage going on. lots of people disenchanted with politics, and yet he got quite a respectable result for someone who has been re elected in france and the so what do you think the french people are looking to hear from micron tonight? i think max, he said it quite well just earlier, actually they are looking to see him admit that there is something that he needs to change. you know, certainly he has done good things in the past 5 years and his approval ratings actually quite high for president at 38 percent. that was a lot higher than the approval ratings of his predecessor, you know,
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also law and professionals president who preceded him. but they just hear the french in general, expect him to have understood the message that yes, they're giving him another 5 years and they're trusting him to leave the country again. and hopefully they also don't want to their prefer him to and nationalists and extreme as president. but they also expect him to, you know, take some measures to satisfy a left wing very just to talk to them in, on, on a, on an equal footing really. they want him to take some ecological measures. they want him to take some social measures and that is really what he will need to do if he wants to do to win the french very just french populations heights or in the coming 5 years. and he wants to, if he wants to prevent arena pen the far right from rising. 2 further because she said earlier in her speech that she would try to convince all those that are against my car. so if he doesn't.


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