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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2022 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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next visit and you'll get more, i'm that big story of a lot must line twitter and of course more for you on our website you w dot com and twitter of course at u. w. news, i'm labeled croft extra with a sex phone operator who wrote her master's thesis on the potato room to read a not a turn on. well, it gets more ridiculous from there. you don't you literature list 100 german most green the green with? do you feel worried about the planet we to i'm neil. host of the on the
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green fence post coast, and to me it's clear remains to change the solutions or alpha join me for a deep dive into the green transformation. for me to do with me. oh ah, the world's richest man buys twitter. ellen musk seals a deal to take the social media platform private. we'll talk to our correspondent on wall street. for the 1st time, countries are spending more than 2 trillion dollars on weapons, and that was before the start of the ukraine war. we'll talk to an expert about whether the next global arms race is on and these e bikes aren't just find a ride. they're also keeping their makers business spirits up amid the war in
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ukraine. this is dw business. i'm christy plats and in berlin. ian mosque, the world's richest man, has struck a deal to buy twitter for $44000000000.00. the publicly traded firm will now become a private company, owned by the tesla c, e o. he negotiated a purchase price of $54.20 per share. twitter said, an avid twitter user himself mosque has complained in the past about the social media platforms, moderation policies, and its functionality. he has proclaimed himself a free speech absolutist and has promised to enhance the service by making algorithms open source taking aim at spam bots and improving authentication of human users. well for the market reaction, we go now to our correspondent james sweeney in new york. james, tell us how did investors react to this nurse?
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well, i don't think a lot of people saw this coming today. at least not this fast what you lot most again, he showed his hand last week and showed that he had the funding that takes what are private and the deal was made. in fact, it was bit of a normal deal. a bid was submitted, the funding was proven to be existent, and the existing boards of the over and simple math show that it was a great offer at $54.20 per share in cash. and he'll pull that off. he paid a lot for twitter, $44000000000.00, and investors are all taking this in within the last few hours. and the reactions are mixed. but i'd say positive, listen, it's a big m in a deal and look at the market today. the dell was down $500.00 points, and then again, $200.00 points at the close starting around the time of the, of the announcement. that's one, the reversal happen. so i would say investors, especially those twitter shareholders. they are probably popping champagne bottles right now at such a premium price. right, james? well, now that we know it's official, what do we actually know about masks, plan for this business? well, a question. a question like that has brought answers. isla month has called twitter
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or digital towns square, were humanities to be debated, were free speech must remain. so there's a lot to take in there. a big move that should be immediate. this has promised about the vacation of actual people. so the removal of bonds must be immediate. we've all had to deal with that. the current board will also probably be given the boot most likely, perhaps created the advisory board, a big name users, business persons influences that utilize the platform to its fullest extent. remember, it's also going private, so perhaps twitter will open up the algorithms, little bands on some that do not worry, have them, especially some of those that lost their voice for sharing stories and reports that were deemed true months later. and when it comes to free speech, well, let's just say all we have to do is wait and see how the new twitter handle that because that's a lot to handle. right? well, we know that tesla famously never pays for advertising. and meanwhile, twitters business model is based on ad revenue. critics have long complain that the platform isn't profitable enough. do you think this is something my mother is likely to tinker with ill unless i should play around with this?
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remember, ellen must but twitter, but it does not mean that he is going to run the company. a lot of people appear to be forgetting that also. elan is a business man and who runs a successful business and who's going to be a successful business man. if you're not into, if you're not in it to win it, you know, make a profit that answer your question about profitability as best as i can because i'm not elan muff, he's the only person who has the answers. he's already said that he has no economic interest in twitter red, so also it truly as a giant unknown as to what you learn must wants to do next with the platform and how he will make it profitable, or even, or even if he wants to, that answer can only be discovered, i guess, over due time, just a big report and a lot of what if still out there? well, we'll be watching. thank you so much. for the 7th year in a row, countries around the world have spent record sums of money on weapons. and that's even before russia's war in ukraine started. this is, according to the stock home international piece,
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research institute. total global military expenditure for the 1st time exceeded 2 trillion $1.20. that's an increase of point 7 percent from the year before. now the biggest spenders this year were the united states. china, india, the united kingdom, russia, france, and germany. together these account for about 2 thirds of global military expenditure. china's military spending grew for the 27th consecutive year. with many countries, racing to bulk up their militaries, amid rushes, invasion of ukraine spending is likely to rise further. we asked alexandra marx, diner of the stock of international peace research institute. if we find ourselves in the middle of a new global arms. res. so realtors, the name doesn't automatically me, procurement spending rather other types of spending. you eat a paid salaries of troops, you need to buy fuel for your tanks. so you know,
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procurement is only a part of it, but we are seeing that many of these nasty increases are very much focused on, on military german, as well as research and development. now to some of the other global business stories making news, us regulators have granted approval to gilead sciences, coven, 19 drug, rem does of year to treat infants and children over $28.00 days of age. it's the food and drug administration is 1st approval of such a drug for children under 12. it's applicable to children who are hospitalized or at a high risk of severe coven. 19 norwegian police have arrested 20 green peace and extinction. rebellion activists for blocking a tanker delivering russian oil to an exxon mobil terminal. the group called on the norwegian government to ban imports of russian fossil fuels and said exxon mobiles, local units should cancel, contracts for imports from russia. the german cabinet has agreed on
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amendments to the energy security act. in the event of an energy crisis. it allows the government to place companies into a state trusteeship, and in extreme cases, they can even be expropriated. the original legislation stems from the 1970s oil crisis. the european union is desperate to boost ties with india and wants delhi to reduce its length to russia, its main weapons supplier. the blocks latest attempt takes the form of a new trade and technology council meant to boost cooperation. european commission president was a funder lion, pays her respects at memorial to indian independence hero. mahatma gandhi. the west was rattled when india sided with china in backing rushes, invasion of ukraine on a visit to new delhi, the europeans now hope to at least keep trade and tech cooperation on track. we are fighting with
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a strong support of international and oh, we have a whole facing challenging with china's india's leading trading partner with 12 percent of total indian trade that's followed by the u. s. with 11.7 percent. the e was in 3rd place with $62800000000.00 euros worth of trade or 11 percent of total indian trade. this will be the 1st such technical agreement for india and the 2nd for the you. so far it's only set up a similar mechanism with the u. s. d, you hope that trade can keep the relationship between india and europe warm? now we're off to california, we're in a bike business has set up shop. now the bikes have been lauded for being top of the line, but the story goes deeper. these the bike makers are from ukraine. and with the help of colleagues working from bomb shelters,
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the founders are trying to navigate the war and keep their enterprising spirit intact. the w ward at enron reports across the street from one of southern california, the biggest oil refineries fits e ride. one of the areas stop destination for all things electric and more. one unique set of wheels that catches the eye is this one, the dell fast top 3.0, e bike council. the manager at this iran bike store is full of praise for it. he does this, it's made by a team of ukrainians. they walked in and there was the most rangy bike you have and now is this one? hello. ok. that's cool. it took me outside and show me what they had. and i was a jesus 200 miles range, 50 miles per hour. and i just wrote it had to and told my boss that we have to get to the bike here. and so they did in 2021. the 1st ukrainian adventure by made it sweet the u. s. market. and this is del fast or part of it. the company found
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a new address in tampa, city in lee county, c. e o. daniel and marketing executive andries on the company from this home turned headquarters their bike sell like hot cakes, but it hasn't been business as usual for dell fest with a team of 35 and some still in ukraine. this has taken a door on the c e. o. one of our team members are name is daria. she lives in 152 and how is almost demolished by russian bombs when we have for our weekly zoom was everyone. i can see a concrete walls around here because she's in the basement in the underground garage. i can see concrete staircase above your head, and i can here is siren. the city is been born, been currently working from bomb shelters, and under extreme circumstances, the team managed to engineer a new model of their top selling bike with an enhanced design. the feeling that we
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are together and that we are continue working on it. give sir, this unity feeling despite everything, the pain, the suffering, and the hardship that he will never give up on their dreams. daniel says we're building a multinational huge corporation in the electric vehicles here. and we believe that we will do this because we okay. just the best buy, consult to achieve all those the diem works beyond the usual hours. and in more than one sense, when we finish her working, our usual walker organ hours, we continue working as her just ukrainians. we go to rallies, who do demonstrations. we take our flags, we have meetings with congressman daniel and the da fast team are determined to become a big claire in the bike business and continue to help those back home in ukraine. and a reminder of the top business story we are following for you this. our tesla ceo,
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you on mosque has acquired twitter for $44000000000.00. the publicly traded firm will now become a privately owned company, owned by mosque, who has been critical of the platform for blocking controversial content and users . well, that's our show for more. you can check us out at d, w dot com backslash. the seashells in paradise for toys. a dramatic example of climate change for environmentalists. but not everyone is willing to accept initiatives and the government are joining forces their goal to see their paradise at risk close up. next on d w,
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i dig data in china. a state see everything who isn't wearing a face mask, who is dumping their garbage on the street? who isn't fitting into the system? is china a surveillance state or the way of the future? in 45 minutes on d, w. o. did in wide wing extremists, i suggested again world might be and coping weight and burned in south africa. people with disabilities more likely to lose their jobs. independent, make black lives matter, protest shine a spotlight on racially motivated police violence. same sex marriage is being legal . eyes in more and more countries,
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discrimination and inequality or part of everyday life. for many, we ask why? because life is diversity. to make up your own mind. d. w. lead for mines. rarely have the paradise beaches of say, shells been so empty. but tourists are now trickling back to these islands in the indian ocean, including from germany. tourism is a major source of income for the islanders, but that revenue is also needed to save this unique nature.


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