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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2022 7:30am-8:00am CEST

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ah, discover the world around you subscribed to the w documentary on youtube. with millions of species populate our planet. but it's no secret which one dominates them all from crowded cities to isolated. restless people sought an auto polity over nature, in the drive for development eco in yesterday, explosive ways. we can co exist with the natural world of which we are inseparable,
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but hello and welcome. i'm fun thought ok. around the globe. cities are expanding beyond their boundaries to accommodate a growing population. another nice ation encroaches on the natural habitat of wild animals. be me put up a fight to survive. in delhi aggressive monkeys have been bullying residence for you and snow. authorities and conservationists are divided on how best to gain the upper hand. ah, india's capital new delhi has a problem with a monkey problem from downtown business district to residential neighborhoods. gangs of marauding monkeys terrorized people going about their daily lives. in
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columbia colony in ne delhi, a resident was taken care of her baby when a troop of 12 knocks burst into her home. pretty little kitten o my nickie, what you did for busy i pressed my 9 month old daughter against me, and i pretended to sleep the walk up. not only for nick acting, but the monkeys surrounded me with that. i had been now, well, one than not child thought they surrounded me and started biting me. jonathan was again on my back. my shoulders, my thighs everywhere with me now, but they put me on my stomach to thought age of up the car together. big movie nature, sheesh no one knows how many pages are on the city. what's clear is that the primary scholarly, vicious, with more than 950 tags reported at last count in 2018 over the years. then numbers of increased steady, me, a development that's gone hand in hand with the rapid growth in daily's human
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population, the loss of their natural habitat to make room for people industrious and farming is part of the problem jungle in the wrong. they need have been decimated, especially in the region here. now the metro line is coming. we had recommended the major line be actually taken under ground. but despite all i efforts, the dear marci insists on having it over the land, which would mean thousands of genes being got once here encroached upon their place . how can we blame them from encroaching upon ours? not only residents view monkeys as a menace. the animals are reviewed by hindus, as descendants of the monkey god hunterman. as a result, people handled bananas and scraps fueling their population explosion. grandma, i believe it's possible that they have the power of god. we pray to them as part of praying to our hindu deities. there are thousands of temples devoted to them and every body price to them for missy in while there is a ford scarcity,
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there will be charged with the bad ears and ever there will be pretty. so that is, this population been drawn, that he says is so the religious symbol and a lot of people who feed these elements. and that is so contrary to, you know, did you seeing the problem? because they are getting food from barbados. they're getting food from people ah, everywhere. so nutritionally, they're doing pretty well. only disease is digging on on the population. and that's right. in the while, i want to be seeing a bit of broad is much lesser than what is happening in out of the city. now warns against feeding the monkeys and recently introduced fines for offenders in residential areas. over violent residents can only don't local officials for help. and the call in monkey got to us like shar hidden osman. one part of the job is
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imitating long goose among the species that daly's primary fear. i dare sullivan. i've been at this job making language sounds for a year and a half. now the monkeys get scared when confronted by a language. it's very agile and rhesus monkeys are scared of the sound. it may eligible by say that they'll say, ah, candles michaels man, also set up traps till your monkeys into cages. the animals are then transported to the osalla, but the wildlife sanctuary on delhi is outskirts and free to roam around the periphery. it's part of an official relocation program underway since 2007. but experts say the plan designed to take pressure of the capitol has backfired. if bon malik was india's 1st woman primatologist, she has been working for more than 30 years to solve human monkey conflict. she points out that monkeys live in social groups. and as so,
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codes get disrupted when random monkeys are caught in one sort tools in small boxes . multiple unstable groups are created, and that triggers of grace's behavior. more groups lead to more home range that are spread into newer areas of the city. from few areas where they were did every day and every bit is not for it in ground. so naturally the read naturally, they create problems. the wildlife institute of india has been commissioned by the central government to conduct a monkey population centers and behavioral study. it advocates sterilization as a means to control the population. animal rights activists like gory, malia key believe sterilization only exacerbated the problem. television has
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classically increased. oh, the aggression in monkeys within that, in a modul, it only kind of made the monkeys more aggressive. while the population came down, the monkey bites went down. the government is now seeking to recruit more monkey catches and train them to round up the animals in troops. confining entire tribes in the sanctuary could help freed residence from the monkey menace plaguing the streets and homes of delhi. while some urban animal population spose a danger to people, others are just a nuisance dick pigeons, for example, in many cities there did i did as a pest, our reporter set out in berlin to discover how these books have co existed with humans in the past. and how pigeons came to be viewed as a plague. love them or hate them
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when it comes to pigeons, berliners have an opinion on the horrible flying rats of. i'm afraid of pigeons. i don't like them. you know, lowball what they come to my balcony and they don't let me use my balcony. most people disliked these animals because simply, shiny crap too much. others are afraid of potential public health risks, but experts say berlin's estimated 10000 picture under threat. they are not more or less transmitting the season than any other bird or any other animal. catlin, him and is berlin's animal protection commissioner. she's on a mission to eliminate misconceptions about pigeons. there is a conflict between humans and pet since because they are many of them. definitely a man made problem. and most people don't seem to be aware that those animals that we see here are not wild animals. they're domesticated animals,
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and pigeons are in fact the world's oldest domesticated bird. for as long as 10000 years, people have relied on their meat and eggs for food. and on their eagerness to return home to deliver messages. at the 1st olympics in ancient greece, pigeons were used to get word out on who'd one and more recently. pigeon post marked the start of news agency. reuters in world war one, a pigeon named share. i me received a middle for its bravery after it delivered a message that saved the lives of 200 us soldiers in france. so how did such a heroic species come to be seen as a pest? during the 2nd world war, many flocks were destroyed from bombing and that, and set the pitches free and they had no longer housing. and one thing that we did is that the m, we bred them to reproduce a lot. so they have this, this urge to reproduce and reproduce. they do. pigeons lay an average of 2 eggs,
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$6.00 to $8.00 times a year. common attempts to control in numbers include trapping poisoning or even shooting the birds. experts call it torture. also have inadequate m. mays of keeping pitches out of certain areas, and then they get entangled and caught and die the air that is all in suffering. we don't see. luckily for the birds, there are berliners who've taken matters into their own hands. and thankfully, many, many people in the city who take care of pitches and they do get in a voluntary basis without that we couldn't, couldn't manage at all because there's nothing in place by the government yet till he and water has been feeding berlin's pigeons for more than a decade,
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she pays for their care out of her own pocket. i thought you might mitchell english me. i wish i didn't have to feed them because this isn't the right place for these animals. i know. no, but it's better than doing nothing. feel yuba miss, we'd much prefer to implement other measures like pitch and lice would damage guns on those i. pigeon last sour, an alternative method to control the birds population and their droppings. here the animals are provided with appropriate food and can nest in a secure environment with and their eggs can be swapped out for identical looking fake ones that says captain herman is a humane way to control bird numbers city wide. you're talking about a stray cats and dogs, we wouldn't have this idea of killing poisoning starving them to get rid of them
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because we are very well we have our responsibility for those animals. and the same goes for those as city pitches that i don't masticated animals. there are only a handful of pigeon lofts in berlin and all of them are run by volunteer groups. they hope that in time the city will adopt these enclosures as its official strategy to keep berlin's burgeoning pigeon population in check like pigeons in downtown berlin. the brown hyenas of namibia are also tinted by their reputation as women. the animals have long been misunderstood, and hunting has pushed their populations into a threatening decline with a growing recognition of their value to the ecosystem. community based efforts are underway to protect them from farmers who feel for their livestock
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the skeleton coast in north western namibia is home to brown hyenas, also known as strand wolves. why knows a very important in the ecosystem and i've got a very important role to play at lakewood jade as the bad guys. and that's what people think about i enough in general to if we're coming over, which is always a cargo van who can do nothing about it. but even if i must come of lindsey, we are killing though we are big in the reno owens, an assembly up in the army. listen, we are now living in a nature reserve among side wild animals, and we can earn as much with them now as we do with goats and sheep. so i no longer shoot them immediately. the hyenas are perfectly adapted to the extreme desert conditions, an icy cold ben gala ocean current
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biologist mc ferry has been studying the animals here for 7 years, and it's still fascinated by them. she's the science coordinator for a tourism company that supports conservation projects in the region. i put a lot of respect why nash was to survive as a large scavenger in the days it it's, it's no mean feat m and it was every social. when the out they, they sonnet g. so you just see the single are you not out there, but when they back at the dean when they are and cups at the doing this, a lot of social going on these a lot of time spent with cups playing with cups grooming the cuffs survey, discovered a network of dens off the coast where packs of strand wolves gathered to socialize and share their catch. they carry carcasses dozens of kilometers through the desert to fi to their comes in the dens, own scavenger animals like these prevent diseases from spreading, making them important for livestock farming. but
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their reputation as predators means they're mercilessly hunted. oh oh be but we put out poison food, lions full liquor to cheat us and in the hyena suite b by catch of that, just people are afraid of fine. i said, people don't appreciate the value of brown. i know us and they skate of 9. i so people would, would throw stones at them, they would, j, seamless goss, 7 years of drought have ravaged the region. the animals here have to travel ever greater distances in search of food. this means they crossed paths with farmers like a manual glory rob, who are now losing more and more livestock to predators. today,
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that is again, 2 places. i mean you caught the ear canal to reach it last week. went to lions to see christie's goals 8 and sheep deal going to farmer in my little korea as a result of the lion attack, gary rob, last half of his heard a sizable financial loss for the farmer. the government compensates farmers after such incidents. but at a rate around half of market value went through a little the wild animals from the desert. the lions, the elephants causes a lot of problems. we'll get graded, our kids are one t, it's getting well, we don't gain anything from having wild animals here when they bring us nothing, no more hoard more. ah, he went to a hole in our livestock, our, our income. how we earn our living, the old robert, our whole near his stall,
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gary rob has discovered fresh hyena tracks, m o. brown. hyenas don't hunt goats, but the tracks could have been made by spotted hyenas, through a more aggressive species, globally. liquid conagra a. if the government doesn't take care of the hyenas, again, we have no choice or google play the dumb, cuz i mean, we have to shoot them. that's the plan on the mazda ah, when he was a cattle, her phineas casa owner, also killed hyenas in lions. today, he protects them. he's a ranger, a member of the unable community reserve. since the ninety's farmers like casa ana, have joined neighbors to create their own nature reserves, which now cover about one 5th of namibia land mass. last night, elephants rated neighbors vegetable patch. so for the next few nights casa, ona will stand guard,
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despite the problems they cause the farmers still want to protect the animals on your boat. like, oh, you know that didn't things have changed to book on been on my younger yet back in the day. if a hyena took one of your animals out, you hunted it down and killed it on. been going yet, bowman b o the. today we live in a new world. i'm with laws that protect wild animals and we're going to you, how can we do it? we're more with envy and if we take care of them, we can even live from them. so we should try to live together, work in the bible. that to hoop it, but we do better then we come back to local you one. uh huh. farmers have agreed on limiting livestock so that both wild and farm animals can coexist. since animal populations increased attacks by wild predators have gone down. one on a bib earns its income from tourism and was able to install electricity and water connections and rebuild a preschool. lou, back on the skeleton coast,
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a ranger informs fair bay that an elephant calf is missing. the biologist fears the worst. she finds the cap half way to a watering hole due to the ongoing drought. the mother couldn't lactate. there is no hope for the young elephant. it's part of life out yet. if you wonder if you live but she was born yesterday. so it seems such a waste toys not to ever life out yet. sh . yeah. so i love oh animals. and you do what you can, but it mean she nation. life must get on this. this is part of it days. this bottom of life, long periods of drought have made the fight for survival,
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even harder ear, hyenas, and other animals must search for new living environments. but with the help of researchers like mc fairway and community based conservation efforts, there still a chance in the media for people and animals to re adapt and for july out of the desert. i. oh, to spain now and the canary. i little to fluff all month when nearly a 3 month long wall came eruption lift entire villages. it beneath rivers of lava. the fury molten rock destroyed buildings, plantations, and vineyards and residence um, determined to find a way to live with the wilkins legacy and rebuild their communities. cleaning up efforts at the foot of the columbia in last, manchester are in full swing tons of ashes need to be removed. shadow
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gone, fallin under either is a busy tube. it's a special clean up mission. but despite the hard work, she is relieved. her a village is still there. boy, fairly similar. we were over the moon is not, we didn't think we'd come back the eruption was so close just over there that are in thought. fire fighters and many volunteers have helped her to free the house from the ashes. but there is no running water at the moment. and the roof of the small annex might collapse. she and her husband almost lost it all. emmy emma was so scared the house were collapsed, collaborate bundle gong done by her. denise, our bottle of lava, cuz of all those ashes there are a lot of pressure built out of emma and the walls of these types of houses are old . and this is an old yet strong house law because it didn't collapse. it's got for
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it at b. hawkins, i think i, you tatooine salus and that are they. and others here are optimistic that in a few weeks time life in last manchester will be almost normal again. once the tons of ashes are gone, the island also needs new housing developments. those who weren't as lucky are still living in emergency accommodation. the local government has decided to allow denser construction on la paloma now because the lava has taken away a lot of the space not far from last month, just the aftermath is pretty clear. what it j again take mass of lava has buried almost everything, including the village of told ok where horsey garritano lived before we got her leave her a man with her. i'll my house is literally a few kilometers on here under the lava in it. i cannot tell exactly where any more i'm in february. this is this, this is just one big black desert thormayer leaves quite an impression of imprison
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the eruption of the comedy, the hub. okay. now has changed his life and that of thousands of palmetto doors for ever. for round 3 months, the law there has been destroying buildings and livelihoods. and even the church that was once built by the villagers. rough with the architect garritano once to rebuilt all of it just where it once was, but on top of the lava, the whole of gold. okay. is geo located digitally ever kit kit for this? her company car it could prove to be complicated and difficult. yeah, we don't, marvin have an up to the map of the structure here and then swallowing at the moment, but yes, i will. we will have a new landscape here. see, bar must have been made effort of our own way will by saw him. the lava is still hot, though it will take a long time for it to cool down. in the meantime,
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scientists on the island of tin, a reef. i running tests to see if the ashes of the volcano can be used to make summoned. while the reconstruction, cynthia nayoka is had a far as i understand, the ashes are very clean, are like what would be perfect for construction. okay. locally that would give houses and buildings on local touch to really gaffer holy the fees your him. and so the level of the middle, the architect has a vision, the historic eruption that has destroyed so much in this patch of the island could attract many visitors. there could be a museum at the foot of the volcano, maybe even exhibitions. and he wants to fully rebuild, told ok to live a life right next to the larva. is she an acre? so everything that will be built on the library should be sustainable and ecological it, but it broke it down being boiler. i also think from what part of their kimberly protected natural area for the lava therapy. the location of luck or luck. horsey
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garritano wants to give back to the inhabitants of, to locate and other villages in the south west of lap alma, what the volcano has taken from them, their homes, and part of their identity. each of us stories to be has highlighted that the planet belongs to every living, being the calls at home are unsustainable, cracked as is born, homely, harmless, but also cause tremendous collateral damage lit, already living with the consequences. global warming, rising sea levels, unseasonal, floods and droughts, deforestation, burning of fossil fuels out affecting every species on the planet. a course correction we're going distance is the default as opposed to a mere suggestion is what we need to think about that. and i'll see again next week from our entire team in india and germany. good bye. and thanks for watching.
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ah, ah, ah, ah, with
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who? a with attitude, with a clear message. called music as a means of transmission. oh, great lou arts, 21 tell you
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ah ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, hands off approach to social media content. that's what ill on mosque is promising for twitter. test the c o has close to $44000000000.00 deal to buy this social media platform. he says he wants to protect free speech by unleashing twitches, full potential. also coming on ahead of a key gathering of global defense ministers. russia intensifies.


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