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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm CEST

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starts may 3rd and oh d w ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, germany authorizes shipments of anti aircraft systems to ukraine for the 1st time. the announcement comes as defense representatives from some 40 countries meet in germany to try to help you cranes military fend off the russian invasion. also coming up the un secretary general tries mediating with moscow over you cried antonia good terrorist meets russians. foreign minister ahead of talks with vladimir putin at
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a news conference straight talk from good cherish about the war is met head on by so ok, lab roof and fears rise that vladimir putin may take a gamble with tactical nukes, small scale nuclear weapons, could often moscow quick victories, but risk global conflict. plus either muff promises a hands off approach, which with the tesla c o, has close to $44000000000.00 deal to take the social media platform private. he says he wants to protect free speech by quote, unleashing twitches full potential. ah, and i minute, mckinnon. thanks so much for joining us. the german government has shifted its policy on ukraine and announced it will authorize the delivery of anti aircraft systems to the country. now this comes as the united states hosts
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a meeting of military leaders at its air base in a dye in germany. today, us defense secretary lloyd austin, cooled the gathering of ministers and military leaders from some 40 countries. many of them outside may. so the goal is to increase the flow of weaponry to ukraine. beyond the weapon shipments, berlin has also authorized the training of ukrainian soldiers on germany soil in conjunction with the american military. let's hear some of what u. s. defense chief lloyd austin said at the start of the meeting. good. just give me a call. as you know, i paid you with my friends with a, a,
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a, a, a lot a work. i mean, i know the whole here. oh, oh. and for a good oh, what we can at germany's defense minister christine lum crashed, said the german military aid will help you. crane secure. it's as space and added that more help is on the way home guest on. and she will decided yesterday that we will support ukraine with anti aircraft tanks of the good part model. pardon, does this can that is precisely what ukraine needs right now to secure it's as space from the ground that's been made clear again here today,
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germany is ready and willing over the course of the conference we'll be looking into further possibilities to continue supporting ukraine and this courageous and important fight for freedom and peace, i hope your freedom that's cross now to d. w political correspondent benjamin alvarez, who is at new york. i'm shine ad base in germany where the gathering of ministers and military leaders is taking place. benjamin, we just heard that germany's defense minister announcing berlin will supply ukraine with anti aircraft tanks. give us an idea of how much of a surprise this announcement is. it might be a surprise for some, but for most of the allies, what is surprising is that germany has not delivered these heavy weapons at su, crane has been asking, has been demanding for for several, a weeks now. this was a media report that came in in the morning by german medias, utah to title, saying that germany will indeed em also deliver these anti aircraft systems that
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are not used anymore by the bonus for by the german army. and that will be used to boy ukraine, also to counter russia's invasion a, but was what's interesting here is also that it shows that germany does not want to come empty handed to this important meeting. air defense minister, christina lumber, who just heard her there will soon also give a closing statement may be also putting out some additional equipment that germany might also deliver. so for germany, it is indeed a huge paradigm shift. but for ukraine, for the u. s. and for his allies, it's a long overdue decision. and we had the u. s. secretary of defense saying that the u. s. will move heaven and earth to support ukraine. tell us what else stood out for you. and what he was saying earlier, he sounded really confident that ukraine wall, this war, he sat and so does every one here, referring to this high level, delegations that
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a meeting here and from shining south west and a germany one. not only nato allies are taking part, not only nato members are taking part, but also other alice and it shows also how important it is to find this common approach to secure, long term security for you cree, but also to see what will happen after this war. he said, it will also mean to build of ukraine's defense is full. tomorrow's challenges saying that he addressed that with the ukranian president, willing to lensky when he, along with a secretary blinking, visited the ukrainian capital a few days ago. so he stressed it that they will continue these corporations with their allies, that they will see how they can continue and old all the can also help ukraine to counter this war. that according to the secretary of defense, will beat one by ukraine. now, russia's foreign minister has accused germany, france, and the u. s. of quote, putting aside the principles of the united nations. how is that aim received there?
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and i'm shine at the meeting. it will definitely raise a few a brows, but it's not just not just this statement that he made accusing germany accusing air france, he accused all often need of engaging in a proxy war by supplying it weapons to ukraine. so that's nothing new. we heard the conference said that he gave with antonio, cherish, who is in moscow still trying to find to see if there's a way of still dialoguing with russia bird. what this statement, what we heard in the initial statement was criticizing water. russia is doing and for sure many of those who are attending this meeting don't want to hear russia country that invaded him. ukraine is $61.00 at day cycle lecture them on the principles off of the united nation. so they're taking the risk pretty seriously. russia is closely following what's happening here in rumps then as well as the leaders who are gathering here following what is happening in moscow with those
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talk between a rush, us foreign minister and antonio terrorist from the united nations. alright, benjamin alvarez. grava. thank so much. and united nations secretary general, antonio gutierrez has proposed setting up a u. n. lead humanitarian contact group in ukraine to protect civilians. the goal would be to set up safe corridors for civilians with the help of russia and ukraine . parish was speaking in moscow following talks with russian foreign minister said, a lover of the you and chief has faced criticism for failing to take a lead and peace talks. earlier in the conflict you came ukraine's president also criticized quoterush for visiting moscow the fall. going to keep saying that it sent the wrong signal. good terrorist used his visit to put pressure on moscow over war crimes allegations. but he emphasized that the most important task is to put an end to the war. rushes, evasion of ukraine is
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a violation of his very thought of the integrity and against the chart that of united nations. but it is my deep conviction that the sooner we end these war, the better for the people of ukraine, for the people of the russian federation. and those far beyond united motions as repeatedly called forces fires, to protect civilians and to facilitate the political dialogue to reach a solution. so far that has not been possible. a russian foreign minister thank oliver of fed moscow. well though, contending the conflict, but he accused ukraine of undermining negotiations by bypassing the you ends, conflict resolution procedures. release your store, have hooker to accept the truth as it is either. we should agree on having a solution served or waiting, taken only within our own group of followers taking decision certain how the world
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should should level all we should talk to each other. nobody in one's warm to 3 weeks. but we always just giving arguments and turn them go us. it is also necessary to call these, to responsibly to you or violate its li, charter of the united nations and dw correspondent killian by have followed that press conference for us. and we asked him for his take on it. well, i think the most important thing that was said is that both sides want to ease the suffering for the civilian population. so basically, a lover of 100 harish agreed to create a committee yet another committee, one could say, to help them get aid to ukraine through the help of the un under the red cross. and am russia are. so this is a good sign in the right direction. a good step in the right direction,
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but for now it's still only talk. i will have to see if for the russian government actually decides to follow through an ukraine itself. volunteers are working to evacuate thousands of civilians in the east who are living with daily and nightly russian artillery shelling. they're hiding out in basements and shelters. many without electricity, gas, or water. the ha, ha! this man is being evacuated from his home in hockey's, but will be trapped in his flood. it is a miracle he survived. no on a new enormous, they've been bombarding us all day and all night. now sheila blew in the beginning . it was quieter and light sparkling. the bombing only happen during the day or will a booklet later they begun bombing at night too. well, nostrils cook boulevard, missouri hit here in the yard,
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but really killa who would war har? keith has endured a barrier of russian attacks. cons than shelling has reduced much of the city to ashes. now, some 50 residents have been evacuated from brun frontline neighbourhood. they have been taken to shelters where they hoped to be safe about 400 kilometer south state g is still a distant dream. russian forces continue to pummel the as of style steel factory. the last pocket of resistance and merrier pole. the port city has been under siege for weeks now. most of it has been wiped out by russian bombardment. the dire fate of mary, a pole has been a warning to other ukrainian cities to protect them. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski has asked allies for more support for every one in the world. even
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those who openly did not support us now agrees that the fate of europe, the fate of global security and the fate of the democratic wisdom is being decided in ukraine. and it seems like his calls for greater diplomatic efforts. i being hurt with dozens of nations willing to support ukraine in a war that had simply cannot win on its own. and we can speak now to ruth diamond to foreign policy and security analyst at king's college in london. diamond, thanks so much for joining us here. and d, w at naive of argued that even though the kremlin has drastically scaled back its aims in ukraine, russia's war is likely to fail. can you explain to us your thinking that yes course . so, i mean, what we've seen in the 1st 2 weeks, a thorough search despite throwing really everything that they have ukraine, russia has not been able to achieve any significant military victories. so it wasn't able to make good on its initial aims of taking keys and the other major
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cities and it had to scale back. but in that 2 months it suffered astronomical losses. i mean, the russian armed forces seem to have lost more personnel in the 1st 2 months of this war than they did in almost a decade. the soviet union did in almost a decade in afghanistan, and they lost enormous const, his military equipment. so that capacity to win is declining and i think it's declining faster than that goals are shrinking so, so i really struggle to see how the long term they can achieve any significant victory in ukraine. now. so would you then say that ukraine can win this war if the west keep sending weapons and weapon systems to keep? well, that's the big question. i mean, of course, one of the reasons why the russian on forces have done so badly apart from serious internal problems. and is that there has been this enormous inflow of weapons
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and other forms of support from western states. and the united states has given billions of dollars of military assistance in these 1st couple of months. as long as that continues, i think you crane is going to continue to be able to fight the war. so i think it's too early to say whether you crank and definitely win, but i think without western military assistance, unless, if you have to create new governments, i think than it the, it is doomed to lose. but i don't think we can assume that ukraine will lose if it continues to get military or from the west. if you say president putin's prospects are looking really quite bad, does that potentially increase the chance that he will make ever more unpredictable and worrying news? i mean it's such near risk and we just don't know is it? i think part of the difficulty is that bush and seems to be so detached for,
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for what's going on. i mean, there are suggestions that he is not being told the entire truth about the conduct of the war in your brain. so he may not know how badly the situation is going in ukraine for russia. but certainly one thing we've seen this year is that who tim is willing to be me is willing to do things that we would not have previously have expected to do. at the same time, i think so far, he's been very careful to avoid a direct conflict with me so, so i don't think he's a suspect. he's not going to want to turn the thing that would pull ne, telling to a direct conflict with russian. all right, terrace at diamond from kings college london. thanks so much sharon sites and king now the head of the u. n's, atomic watch dog has described radiation levels of the channel nucleus site as quote abnormal and he's wound that rush as brief occupation of the fight was very
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dangerous. raphael gracie made the comments on a trip to the site on the anniversary of the wells west nuclear disaster. russia seized control of the cannibal site early in its invasion of ukraine. weeks often, moscow's force is left, reports continue to madge of the reckless actions they took there. this is one of the most radioactive places in the world. yet the more than a month, russian soldiers lived here. digging deep into the contaminated soil of the chernobyl exclusions own ukrainian officials say that bunking down in the zone so called red forest manned up costing some of the troops there lives. horrible militia, derushia 3 little corporal in the red forest where russians dug trenches aloof. they lived here, only breathe in dust here, usual cooked their food, and set fire as hare a hoodie le throw away when they thought so. gross was burnt,
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and they inhaled burnt substances. you with the holy, which hang a 3rd of course it will damage their health solutions. it will kill some of them slowly for thug legs, and some of them will be, will die quickly. are big, which with go with us, but rushes occupation of this site, but more than the lives of its soldiers in danger. for a time, the d commission plant was cut off from the power grid and forced to rely on diesel generators to keep critical safety systems running, sparking phase of a new nuclear disaster reaching well beyond ukraine when russian troops heard left at the end of march. they looted offices some report, lee even stole highly radioactive materials, possibly to sell. chernobyl was never ready for a military occupation. authorities are working to make sure it will be more prepared in the future. for more i'm joined by phil and getting from the german government office for radiation protection. welcome to the w. now we've heard the
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end of the head of the international atomic energy agency saying that radiation levels in noble are abnormal and that the areas russian occupations had been very, very dangerous. can you give us your assessment of the situation there right now? well, because he was talking about the exclusion song, which is one of the most contaminated, so after the accident with which took place 36 years ago except the 36 years. it is a very highly concentrated area and is not recommended to stay there for a long time in the continental. yes. and then what we know about the russian forces is that they stood and this there for many days, many weeks actually. so from staying there for such a long time and such highly compensated area, there is some significant risk or occurring from that. so you can call
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it a dangerous activity, which has been done for the troops. them says who are staying there. as you say, they were there for about 6 weeks. the plant was without electricity during this time. what was your greatest fear during that time something going really quite badly wrong? well, actually the blonde, it says all the facility on the plant was without electricity only for 2 days within the 6 weeks. and within this 2 days there was some extra power, a power given by a diesel generator. so there was none of the situation that there was no electricity on the side of the site that that was definitely not the biggest risk coming from the loss of the city of electric power. because this is not an and high the active grant anymore. the, the, the nuclear power plants were shocked on more than 20 years ago. there's only
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really old nuclear fuel on the place which does not require a lot of quoting. so the biggest fear we had was a military attack against the storage sides of nuclear fuel. intentionally or unintentionally, or it takes against the shape of the damage to react to the week so that we were not so much of that about it. ok, but what about other ukrainian nuclear plants? so their concerns about them were to be honest. we were and we austin, more concerned about the situation in the other, the ukrainian nuclear power plants, simply because these are active plans. 7 of out of 15 nuclear power lines are currently operating in the ukraine, and the others have been shut down. not so long ago, and if you have such a situation and active nuclear power plant, the, the heat production from this power plant even is if it's going to be shut down,
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is much higher than from the old reactors internal good. and if you have a high heat production, you need to call it all the time and you need a lot of energy to cool. and it's much more dangerous situation than with an old long that's called it in china. so we were always in there are still afraid of the possibility of military attacks against the other operational arms or even takes against the power supply of this lands. because these nuclear power plants could run into trouble if they lose a city for someone. all right, we'll have to leave at that. lillian dealing from the germany from the german federal office for radiation protection. thanks so much. thank you. in turkey, a court has sentence human rights campaign. osman kabbalah to life in prison. he was found guilty of attempting to overthrow the government now because i have been in detention since 2017 and he says all challenges against him have been fabricated
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. the ruling body istanbul caught true loud protests from supporters of horsemen corolla. ah, they vowed that the resistance against the turkish government would continue cavellas long imprisonment without trial had earlier prompted the council of europe to launch infringement proceedings against turkey. many had hoped that would help his case opposition. lawmakers slammed the ruling up that the government is without shame, there just thugs, like the mafia. how can we take them seriously as judges and prosecutors? without cabala was convicted of organizing protests in 2013, against the building of a shopping center in eastern bills, gacy park. the prosecution claimed he was aiming to topple ad one's government charges. he denies the european court of human rights call the case politically motivated. activists expressed shock at the ruling is far worse than anything any
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one expected. i think. and i mean, it feels like a kind of a huge act of defiance coming from the palace. the court also convicted 18 other people on trial with cabala. they were each sentence 218 years in prison. all of the defendants have pledged to appeal the verdict. all right, we will go down to live press conference or byte, amen, fruit to phantom electricity. i'm sorry it's was amen. lose on one. go fun harm on d oclock units on host without a get it on support. you korea chide on yesterday we decided just to make it possible cancer for anti tank. anti aircraft tanks be delivered to ukraine by fire . that's a very important contribution. this will make sure that the airspace gets secured yet back on dad's ukrainians can work out of lee. my. it is very important for us.
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it was dark, were giving assistance, were ever ukraine finds it necessary. and of course, we coordinate with our partners within nato, the european union and beyond. and i will to very happy that this conference today is a starting point for us to take her long term action because we need security get guarantees for ukraine and for that purpose they need well trained armed forces. that's a challenge for the future. we have to take care of that and it's very good start this conference today gives this signal to ukraine. haven of sal i show dashed assumption realized that we have given a lot of support sir, regarding motors sir regarding and to aircraft systems. we always support where ever there is a need to where ever we identify a need and then i'll we coordinate with our partners and this is what we'll
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continue to do in the future. he dodged the launch of what he did. his got on the break to see a kind of align german yonce, and policy is always based on not going it alone, but a coordinating with our allies on our partners. and that is why, at a very early stage, we have delivered whatever was possible from the inventory of ponder sphere it was about and to aircraft methods we always coordinated before delivering. and this is where we're going to do whatever the ukraine needs and whatever we have agreed together with the, our allies we will deliver. and we're also going to cooperate with our friends from the united states and our dutch partners regarding how it said training. and
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this is always the task, this is our strengths and to do it together. and this is want to put in a felt all the time. ukraine is not alone, it has the support of so many states. that's the important signal they understood and guns actor. currently we do support shirts. a steamer took off as regards trainings to use modern utterly systems the or must be a dutch partners are assisting in giving training regarding how to use under. we're going to talk to our alice what more we could do together in the medium long term, we must make sure that the ukraine has a well equipped, well trained army. we're going to make our contribution to that
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large lent leave had besides, griggs began never since the war began. got una germany has been delivering weapons and ought to ukraine and we have supported to your grain. a great deal. we have fir delivered things from our inventories when this was no longer possible. we found an agreement with industry ukraine, orders we will pay by may modernization initiative verbal b stepped up to 2000000000. we have also focused on multi lateral exchanges so that wherever they are invent trees, those goods could be delivered to ukraine so that the ukrainians can continue their courageous fight. and her staff, lavinia, for instance, is one of the year exchange partners. and we helped them to build up their inventory. this is a rabbit support. and here we can say we are a reliable partner at the sight of
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a ukraine together with our allies and partners. are part of his grandma to speak. and i said clearly to days or whatever days and in i tend to vacation what else the ukraine needs when it comes to drones, when it comes to now and to aircraft system. there we have taken decisions under we have received positive reactions and responses. hm. deploy from 4 to the atoms customers, we are constantly monitoring product gibbons trying to support all the requirements sir, that were given to us by ukraine. we analyzed the situation, we take decisions, this is what we're deep when it comes to the gap. our type anti aircraft tank,
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we do that for and t and us tank minds and her. we have done that ever since day one. this is the way in which we work. we 1st analyze and then we take decisions together with partners, analyze what they would always so was always, sir, on a good and alert sir, and are a danger that we might become a part into the war when delivering weapons. how about that of his all, you must make sure that neither nato, nor we, as germany become a party to the war. this wouldn't have devastating consequences. we have to prevent of her that escalation, but the number of website and stuff we deliver is not the only thing that it is is decisive. it is decisive for us to be in close coordination with each other. and
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that is why we take very moderate steps and we take.


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