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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is the w is life from berlin, germany, you turns on sending heavy weapons to ukraine to facing heavy criticism. berlin says it will now deliver heavy anti aircraft systems to the ukrainian military, with more support on the way. also on the program, russia claims that territorial gains in eastern and southern ukraine, including the entire region of tassel. president, zalinski is near by. hometown has now become a hub for thousands fleeing the war and explosions,
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destroy radio housing breakaway region of mold dover, backed by russia. fueling fears at the conflict in new crane could spin. ah, i'm sure he'll welcome to the program. germany now says it will for the 1st time send heavy anti aircraft, a weapon systems to ukraine, to help fight off rushes invasion. the decision follows weeks of criticism at home and from you cry. defense minister christina lambert made the announcement of the u . s. that meeting of defense and military leaders earlier today. the u. s. air base in ramstein, germany. this is where the united states and its allies pledged new packages of ever heavier weapons for ukraine during meeting on tuesday. that was hosted by us defense secretary, lloyd austin. we don't have any time to waste the briefings
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left today, laid out clearly why the coming weeks will be so crucial for ukraine. so we gotta move at the speed of war. and i know that all the leaders leave to day more resolved than ever to support ukraine in a fight against russian aggression. the day kicked off with a surprise in a notable policy shift. germany, which had been criticized for refusing to send heavy weapons to ukraine, announced it would now send capehart anti aircraft systems the ambient, i don't good, we've made the decision that it's now important to support. and he, i craft, offends us that can be done with a good part, and is exactly what's on the list of what ukraine needs. and that is what we coordinated with others are now making possible. we'll continue doing this. like, i have not everyone in berlin. well, come to
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a decision since miss increased by the problematic germany doesn't even have enough military equipment for itself in the case of putting totally losing control go to. i think it's important. i also think that what the german government is doing is good. but i'm also not sure if offering weapons is actually going to stop the war. and i didn't like the degree of hesitancy. in the end, i would actually be for aggressive weapons. so heavier machinery people. awesome. i'll go through this guy. in his closing remarks, austin said the gathering between the us and its allies will not be the last. once a month they'll meet to discuss ukraine's defense needs to help them fight the russian invasion is get more detail news or political a triple is where edited mikaela kaufman. welcome mckayla. so what is behind this german, utah? what prompted it? an internal struggle within the governing coalition,
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which lasted for weeks and in the end. so chance the salts and his social democrats still not wanting to deliver those heavy weapons to ukraine, while the free democrats and the greens had already been calling for exactly that at the same time. they all said that they're on the same page, but they clearly want and here we now see what is the 2nd small turn around really because internally here and early, this is seen as a paradigm shift, the delivery of heavy weapons into a war zone. that is a fuzzy and it crosses what previously was seen as a red line here in germany, externally picky. when you look at those eastern partners, it's germany. find the being in sync with the rest of western allies. what pushed them or bridge? it really was the internal pressure as well that the free democrats, the greens, wanted to see their chance sir. it's strike, not just a different tone, but actually, so that with oxen and at the same time,
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we're seeing this external pressure, the americans calling this meeting on german. so at a u. s. military base, if you wanted to be part of the west, really, this was the moment to change it and change direction here. and those were heard in the report. this meeting is to become a regular event. yes. and i think there is a very profound message in this, and we've had a lot of debates in the past over who is the west? well, it was the west sitting down run around the table and right later not. well, that's important thing. it was exactly not nato countries. it was, it's a much broader set of countries. it is the west, it's liberal democracies standing together, standing up for ukraine. nate nato still wants to, and vows to stay out of this being a clearly just a defensive union. and here, these are that willing states the states willing to stand up for ukraine, but making this monthly just manifest the impression we're getting increasingly
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this will last not just months, but potentially is right. and how damaging has a chance of a showcase is perceived foot, dragging b for germany standing while he started off pretty fast 3 days after the ukraine was invaded by russia, it was the german chancellor who declared that site and vendor a new era. and then he was not just perceived to be dragging his heels. he was not willing to go down that avenue of heavy weapons. now germany seem to do exactly what it valid not to do once again in this mounting conflict. and it does raise some question marks over who really needs in europe, who is the true leader. and at the same time, it is actually done quite a bit of damage to the trust that eastern states, those eastern countries, the baltics have in the germans. thank you for that. i did over history, physical edison, mckayla it's a quick look at
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a couple of other developments related to the war in ukraine. the russian energy, john gas pump is told, poland and bulgaria it will cut off fag gas supplies. moscow had threatened to hold the levers to european countries unless they start paying for gas in roubles along sanctions against russian banks. the head of the un nuclear watchdog has visited a novel on the 36th anniversary of the nuclear disaster. i a, a chief, rough out marianna grossi describe rushes, recent occupation is very dangerous, said radiation levels have gone up during the takeover, but now back to normal. un refugee agencies expected more than 8000000 people to flee this war, double its initial projection with 5000000 having all ready for you. and hcr says the scale of the conflict and the speed at which people are leaving are unheard of in recent times. un secretary general antonio terraces used talks in moscow
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with russian president vladimir putin, to repeat his call for a cease fire. after the meeting was to be, tara said he'd reached an agreement in principle to evacuate civilians from the besieged city of mary or paul, president putin told the secretary general he had hopes of a diplomatic solution to the conflict. adding the peace talks with ukraine. we're continuing virtually earlier in the dames to terrorist held what he described was very frank discussions with the russian foreign minister rushes foreign minister, sir gay leverage, welcomed a special guest to moscow on wednesday. un secretary general antonio garish. the you and chief said he'd come as a messenger of he's, but he was seemingly unsuccessful. after their meeting lever of accused the west and especially the u. s. of using ukraine to harm russia to. we do new school. we either resign ourselves to having a single country and it's satellites control all of humanity which, or humanity lives together on the basis of the united nations. nobody wants to win,
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heaven forbid will brazil pushy. but there is one thing that is true and obvious and that no arguments can change. we have not ukrainian troops in the 30, tory of the russian federation, but we have russian troops in the territory of ukrainian federation. later, good cherish held long awaited talks with president putin referring specifically to the kremlin invasion of ukraine. as a war terminology that's banned in russia and russia's middle, she says it's made significant territorial gains in easton and southern ukraine, claiming to have captured the entire s on region. ukraine denies this, insisting that moscow has not yet broken through its defenses. the fighting is continuing to displace thousands of ukrainians every day. this is keyvi reed, the hometown of ukrainian president blotter is a lensky,
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billboards and flags say things like victory will be ours, and the city is ready to defend itself. it has become a hub for people fleeing from russian troops in regions like harrison just to the south. many gather at this community center, looking for food and information about what to do next. local authority, say hundreds of people are coming daily, and supplies are running low. and ma'am ago, there was an agreement with the russians on humanitarian corridor for evacuations. but the russians completely thwarted it. mahogany r convoy, which included 10 utility buses, and 6 ambulances drove to their checkpoint. they kidnapped the head of the column bradshaw baker woman marshal women olodumariga. up. they fired at the humanitarian convoy and then began firing at our troops using the humanitarian convoy as a shield. most of the russians are preventing any humanitarian corridors from
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helping people make a shipper militarily. much of the focus in ukraine is now on harrison. russia says it has taken control of the entire region, but earlier you cranes, military set of russia was not able to break through its defense line. in the capital keyed presidency, lensky visited children evacuated from the devastated southern port city of mario, paul. many of them lost their parents in the fighting road. the last stronghold of ukrainian fighters has been under heavy bombardment from russian forces. the movable ukraine's national news agency says 16000 ukrainians are now missing younger and more than 700000 people have been taken out of ukraine into russia to the north. this rural village shares a border with both belly rues and russia. it's here that 91 year old resident,
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lydia ballasa, remembers tanks crawling through the streets during world war 2. is night year. yeah, back in the day or i could run away cut off, but now i can use the law. but i'll tell you this law. there is nothing wrong that had nothing good that will come of that. why nia got ya k at us dot to kimberly mamma at the juncture 3 countries. st kiva has been called the city of friendship. but streets and gardens are now littered with rockets and destruction. in crane is a curious russia of trying to spark on rest in a russia back separate this region of mo dover ukrainian president vladimir lensky said moscow wants to destabilize the situation in the trans mystery of region. violence has flat in the area of the last 2 days. fueling fears of the conflict in neighboring ukraine could spill over to radio towers used to broadcast russian news, now scrap metal. the blast site in moldova is just 5 kilometers from the ukranian
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border. so far, no one has claimed responsibility on that is illinois threats law just the our analysis shows their attentions between various forces who are interested in destabilizing this region. this, that means i doubt sequencing jo was supplied in complex. so this is a complex and tens situation, but we will arrange vigilant, and we'll take all necessary measures to prevent escalation, to strengthen our security and to protect our citizens. seni, looking. there was we must remain calm and he would stay informed using verified sources and avoid distributing false information. the explosion of the radio towers was the 2nd unclaimed attack this week in the mold oven, separatist region of trans, nice tor. the 1st was on the state security ministry into ross pull tensions in the
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region, have been high since russia invaded ukraine. moscow has suggested it wants to create a land court or a long southern ukraine between trans mr and the russian controlled territories and eastern ukraine. it's believed russia keeps around $1500.00 troops and trans. mr. and analysts say the area could be used to launch an attack on ukraine. the region remained pro russian after the collapse of the soviet union. but the international community considers that part of mold over ukrainian president of the mirror. the lensky said he believed the recent attacks were orchestrated by moscow and that his country is prepared for any offensive from that direction. just still solution. change the class for the russian troops that have been constantly stationed in the temporarily occupied territories of mal dover in particular and trans, nice tyr. we know that they are in constant combat readiness, waiting for an order of nameless show when they pushed me. unless you took
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a daughter shall not go, you know, their power from where you put ukrainian armed forces are prepared for them and are not afraid of them. mold open authorities have raised the countries terror alert to its highest level. they're worried, the war in ukraine could spill across the border into trans nice, tre, and then to the rest of the country. it to up to date more well news at the top of the hour, christy plots, and how's your business update in just a moment. i with people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. families on the reason for these correct only with demonstrate people fleeing extreme dreams around 200 people has something around the world
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more than 300000000.


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