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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is deed of you use live from berlin, the u. s. rallies its allies to arm ukraine against russia. at a summit in germany, us defense secretary lloyd austin and answers monthly meetings on ukraine, calling on allies to move heaven and earth to ensure keith has the weapons, it needs a u. turn from germany on sending heavy weapons to ukraine after criticism. berlin now says it will deliver anti aircraft systems to you print un secretary general, antonio, potash holes,
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talks with russia's president in moscow. vladimir putin says he's open to un involvement in evacuating civilians from how do you pull? ah, i am pablo fully as welcome to the program. germany now says it will for the 1st time, sand heavy anti aircraft weapon systems to ukraine to help fight off rushes invasion . the decision follows weeks of criticism at home and from ukraine. defense minister christina lam crashed, made the announcement at a u. s. lead meeting of defense and military leaders on tuesday. the u. s. air base in ramstein, germany. this is where the united states and its allies pledged new packages of ever heavier weapons for ukraine during meeting on tuesday. that was hosted by us defense secretary, lloyd austin. we don't have any time to waste the briefings
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left today, laid out clearly why the coming weeks will be so crucial for ukraine. so we got to move at the speed of war. and i know that all the leaders leave to day more resolve than ever to support ukraine in his fight against russian aggression. the day kicked off with a surprise in a notable policy shift. germany, which had been criticized for refusing to send heavy weapons to ukraine, announced it would now send capehart anti aircraft systems the ambient, i don't think we've made the decision that it's now important to support. and he, i craft, offends us that can be done with a good part and his exactly what's on the list of what he crane needs. and that is what we coordinated with others are now making possible. we'll continue doing this . like i have not everyone in berlin well come to decision. since miss increase,
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i find a problematic germany doesn't even have enough military equipment for itself. in the case of tortillas, totally losing control, loiter. i think it's important. i also think that what the german government is doing is good, but i am also not sure if offering weapons is actually going to stop the war. and i didn't like the degree of hesitancy in the end, i would actually be for aggressive weapons. so heavier machinery ok receive of august rules. cuz in his closing remarks often said the gathering between the us and its allies will not be the last once a month. they'll me to discuss ukraine's defense needs to help them fight the russian invasion is big. or for more of this let's go to d. w correspondence to me, so must canda, who is in washington. hi to me. good to see you. how significant is it that this meeting of security chiefs is to become a regular event separate to nato summit people i think it's pretty significant. i
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mean, we heard secretary austin say that they would be meeting monthly and a contact group to ensure that these allies can further discuss how best to aid ukraine. and he called it a vehicle to intensify efforts and focused on winning the fight and struggles to come. and i think those words, paula really highlight the fact that the u. s. is well aware that ukraine needs support right now in defending itself, and will need more support down the road. and i think it also shows that secretary osman the u. s. they are pleased with this consolation with this exchange because it brought together not only nato allies, but also as we heard from secretary austin, a nations of good will. and there were concrete proposals on the table. you mentioned most notably from germany, of those 50 anti aircraft system, seen as an important step forward. well, we've seen a surprise in german. you turn on sending heavy weapons to ukraine house the news being received in washington. it's going down pretty well as you might expect.
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pablo germany is seen as an important partner, but one that hasn't always pulled its weight on defense and security. and it is believed that these systems, these cheetah systems, as they're called, will actually really help ukraine defend itself. and what we heard from secretary austin in germany was that ukraine can win this war in that time is of the essence . and that is something that i've heard echoed here in washington, where there really is a sense that the battle that's happening right now in the east and in the south of ukraine is decisive. and that ukraine needs heavy weapons quickly to be able to push back russian forces. of course, there is the understanding that this war could go on for several months to come, maybe even longer. but still this short term pushes seen as critical. and that's why germany's decision to provide these anti aircraft systems is welcome news to long lawmakers, by the way on both sides of the aisle will more broadly speaking to me during the ukraine war, has the german government image been bruised among lawmakers in washington?
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you know, i think it's safe to say that there has been frustration with germany's position, but the biden administration itself has actually been pretty quiet overall, especially about germany's reluctance to supply heavy weapons to this point. actually most of the pressure it seems that has been on chance or all the shows has actually come from his own government from the german public, from ukraine, a but lawmakers, both republicans and democrats here and analysts have been critical. and indeed, i spoke to an analyst last week who said he was initially understanding germany confronted its history. its its long standing practices ost politic but that this patience was wearing thin. but if you're asking whether this image has been bruised, long term, i think at this point, people here in washington, especially lawmakers are just happy to have germany on board acting in line with his allies, especially also if it is able to win itself off of russian gas and oil, i mean that is really seen as another important step in the west's ability to respond. going forward, dw,
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that to me so much kind of reporting from washington. thank you. here's a look at a couple of other developments related to the war in ukraine. russian energy giant gas problem has told poland and bulgaria it will cut off their gas supplies. moscow had threatened to hold deliveries to european countries unless they start paying for gas in rubles following sanctions against russian banks. ukraine has accused russia of trying to spark unrest in a russia backed separatists region of mal dover. ukrainian present validated to landscape said moscow wants to de, stabilize the situation in trans nice or region. violence has flared in the area in the last 2 days, feeling fears the conflict in neighboring ukraine could spill over. the head of the un, new care watch dog has visited tr noble on the 36th anniversary of the nuclear disaster . there i a chief, profess mariano grossey described russia's recent occupation as very dangerous. he
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said, radiation levels had gone up during the take over, but now back to normal. the un refugee agency is expecting more than 8000000 people to flee this war, double its initial project with 5000000 having fled so far. the you and hcr says the scale of the conflict and the speed at which people are flee, are unheard of in recent times. un secretary general, antonio good tash has used talks in moscow with russian president vladimir putin, to repeat his call for a cease fire. after the meeting, antonio quoterush said he'd reached an agreement in principle to evacuate civilians from the besieged city of matthew pope, president putin told a general the secretary general that he had hopes of a diplomatic solution to the conflict. adding the peace talks with ukraine were continuing virtually. earlier in the day, good tallish held what he described as a very frank discussion with the russian foreign minister. russia's foreign
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minister, sir gay leverage, welcomed a special guest to moscow on wednesday. un secretary general antonio could cherish the you and chief said he'd come as a messenger if he's but he was seemingly unsuccessful after their meeting lever of accused the west, and especially the us of using ukraine to harm russia to we do new school, we either resign ourselves to having a single country and it's satellites control all of humanity which or humanity lives together on the basis of the united nations. nobody wants of war, heaven forbid will boudreau proceed. but there is one thing that is true and obvious and that no arguments can change. we have not ukrainian troops in the 30, tory of the russian federation, but we have russian troops in the territory of ukrainian federation. later,
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good cherish held long awaited talks with president putin referring specifically to the kremlin invasion of ukraine. as a war terminology that's banned in russia. russia's military says it has made significant territorial gains in eastern and southern ukraine, claiming it has captured the entire hassan region. ukraine denies this, insisting that moscow has not yet managed to break through its defenses in the area . the fighting is continuing to displace thousands of ukrainians every day. this is keyvi reed, the hometown of ukrainian present blood over zalinski, billboards, and flags say things like victory will be ours, and the city is ready to defend itself. it has become a hub for people fleeing from russian troops in regions like harrison just to the south. many gather at this community center, looking for food and information about what to do next. local authorities say hundreds of people are coming daily,
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and supplies are running low. and man, the little there was an agreement with the russians on humanitarian corridor for evacuations. but the russians completely thwarted it. mahogany, our convoy, which included 10 utility buses and 6 ambulances drove to the check point. they kidnapped the head of the column, boshra baker, woman marshal, car. when you get all of the merger, they fired at the humanitarian convoy and then began firing at our troops using the humanitarian convoy as a shield mariska. the russians are preventing any human tearing corridors from helping people make up shipper militarily. much of the focus in ukraine is now in harrison. russia says it has taken control of the entire region. but earlier, ukraine's military set of russia was not able to break through its defense line. in the capital, keith president zalinski visited children,
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evacuated from the devastated southern port city of mario pole. now, many of them lost their parents in the fighting road. the last stronghold of ukrainian fighters has been under heavy bombardment of the, from russian forces. the movable ukraine's national news agency says $16000.00 ukrainians are now miss angry. younger and more than 700000 people have been taken out of ukraine into russia to the north. this rural village shares a border with both belly rues and russia. it's here that 91 year old resident lydia bill josefa remembers tanks, crawling through the streets during world war 2 is nyja. yeah, back in the day i could run away cut off, but now i can use more. but i'll tell you this. there is nothing rough that nothing good that will come over to you. why? neo got? yep. he had a start to keep bully mama at the juncture of 3 countries. saint eva has been
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called the city of friendship. but streets and gardens are now littered with rockets. and destruction to sport manchester city took a step closer to a 2nd consecutive champions league final on tuesday evening with a spectacular 43 victory over round madrid. the home side went in front after less than 2 minutes and the goals kept coming thick and fast. right, b 90 minutes. the result means that ra madrid face an uphill struggle in next week . second, like in the spanish capital. the 1st leg of the 2nd semi final takes place on wednesday evening as liverpool host to be out of the spanish under dogs who have already knocked at not that event as an bar and munich from this year's champions league. liverpool coach urban club insists that his side have a healthy respect for their opponents. you will maybe buy another estimated them.
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but that never happened to us. these kind of things, especially off of these 4 games, there's no chance anymore. so this little advantage might have gone, but apart from that they have still gas villa, really a really, really good football team who's obviously wants to, to make history as well. now a show of solidarity from one of germany's biggest football clubs, per se adornment hosted ukrainian club at dynamo, keith, in a charity friendly match on tuesday evening to raise money for the victims of the war in ukraine. the match at signal is doing at park attracted a crowd of 35000 and raised 400000 euros for humanitarian causes in ukraine, according to the hosts. dynamo, keith, who won the game 32, are playing a number of such families on a european tour as they seek to raise money for the victims of the russian invasion of their country.
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