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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2022 12:00pm-12:14pm CEST

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ah, i'm nichol further. welcome to the program. russia state controlled energy company gas problem has announced it is cutting gas deliveries to both poland and bulgaria . neither of the nations have complied with the demand from russia. president vladimir putin to start paying for deliveries in roubles. several other nations, including germany, are also yet to comply and are heavily relied on russian gas. or here's what polish prime minister mateo's more abby etzky had to say about the cut off. in that i could no patricia, as i have emphasized many times, a poland has prepared to diversify its gas supplies and to obtain gas from various sources. and even before the baltic gas pipeline enters service, we will be able to protect our economy. to protect our households and poles,
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people against such a dramatic stone by russia and curriculum as is thrown at us on my calling. chris kolber will take a closer look at the story in our business. bolton and that is up right after the so. so make sure to stay with us for that. and in some whatever you turn in policy, germany says it will now send heavy weapons to ukraine to help fight off rushes invasion. a u. s. let meaning of defense and military leaders on tuesday, german defense minister christine alum, bray said, germany, what supply 50 of escape pod, anti aircraft systems, also known as cheat us. the decision follows weeks of internal strife and sharp international criticism. regarding berlin's previous reluctance to send heavy weapons and moscow, meanwhile, un secretary general into a new terrace, used talks with president vladimir putin to repeat his call for a cease fire. the un chief said the to reached an agreement in principle to evacuate civilians from the besieged city of mario paul. earlier quoterush held
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what he described as a very frank discussion with the russian foreign minister. the meeting in the kremlin was eagerly anticipated, but at least one thing was settled at the get go. quoterush got the long table treatment, an indication of more than just a physical distance in their positions. with yes, no. as i know your concerns about russia's military operation in a dumbass, it will probably be our main topic today. i just want to say that the problem started with the overthrow in ukraine in 2014. that is an obvious fact. when you get this is that in some glue that she's in the fog. ah good cherish met with foreign minister love rob, earlier in the day, and referred to the russian invasion of ukraine,
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something forbidden in russia. when lateral spoke, he railed against the west, saying it was using ukraine to harm russia. torpor would you know which school sir grew either you come to terms with the fact of one nation alone with its satellite states decides humanities late for we live together according to the united nations principles. nobody wants was, god forbid such neglect. you who bizarre will proceed. good rash responded. that is one thing that is true and obvious and that's no arguments can change. we have not ukrainian troops in the 30 tory of the russian federation, but we have russian troops in the territory of ukrainian federation. laughter of again stressed russia was protecting russian speakers in ukraine. that message was received with concern elsewhere in europe. for example, in the republic of moldova, it used to belong to the soviet union, and moscow still has a foothold there. moldova which lies between romania and ukraine, also has
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a pro russian separatist region. trans iniesta, a narrow strip on the border with ukraine, trans, nice to does not have international record mission. there has been several attacks in the area in recent days. russia says it wants to avoid having to intervene in moldova alarm bells ringing that concerned russia could be setting it sites on trans, anita whether the kremlin has plans beyond ukraine remains unclear what is certain, is that more and more states looking towards europe like ukraine and ga, moldova has now applied the e u membership and for more on the military situation in ukraine, let me bring in your e sac. he is an advisor to the ukrainian defense minister. welcome mister sack at, let's begin talking about claims that have emerged to de rushing back separatist entrance. mystery and more dove are claiming that shots have been fired into its
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territory from ukraine. what do you know about these incidence? i and thank you for inviting me now. our authorities, our military command, are in charge and services have already made an official statement saying that these are provocations. and of course, this has nothing to do with training and forces which is not part of the cranes interesting cronies fighting a war for his own land, for his peace, for the peace in europe and the future for freedom in europe. so we are not surprised, and russians have done these publications, of course it has to be started and verified. but at the moment what we can confirm with certainty that, of course, ukraine has nothing to do with these incidents in. all right, so you're saying that these are false flag attacks. how concerned are you about a new frontline emerging there though?
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well look, we have seen the statements by the russian bodies and officials that drunk nice area is part of the military objectives. and of course they have used trans new syria in the past with you to you know, just fix the support for their own forces. and you know, we wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to move in and do it there. but our military experts have said many times that for us to open yet another front would on the mean the. it will only speed up the dispute. because at the moment no rush wanted to conquer ukrainian 3 days and one week and never happened. there had to retreat from key that had to retreat from should need of course, that focusing on the east of the grant and the south. but they have not had any considerable military success or gain. so from this perspective, if which is possible,
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of course they may consider opening another front line in moldova. but this would make any sense and i would repeat, it will only speed up that defeat. looking at the south, the russian army claims that has made significant territorial gains in the last couple of days, including the entire her son region. can you confirm that well, in kennesaw and what we have to understand is that of course, russia is trying to set up a fake referendum and to announce the establishment of the so called probably some people's republic, which is the tactics and they use in 2014, in the east of ukraine, right. but at the same time, even today we've seen that ukrainian population because song, they went out to a peaceful demonstration. they are not supportive of any of these initiatives. they are requiring and requesting and demanding the ration aggressions to leave their hometown. and these are the sort of feelings that the majority of the vast majority
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of ukraine population in the south of ukraine have. so we are confident that it's only a matter of time to liberate those cds and those regions. and of course formation, we need more to weaponry from our international partners. what can you tell us about the situation in mario, for especially that of the, the fighters and the civilians reportedly still holding out in the steel plan there? well the situation in motto, which is a city that used to be 500000 people city before the war. now this over 100000 still left their occupation and continues bombs and missiles and artillery shelling . and of course, there are over 1000 civilians, still trapped in as of steel as all style steel works. and they're also about more than $500.00 wounded, ukrainian warriors. and there are also those warriors who continue to defend as of style and, and of course the situation is very,
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extremely difficult. but at the same time, we're seeing no willingness on that part of russia to at least establish evacuation carter. they've ignored that please of the when they ignored every offer made by the ukrainian side, they continue to throw everything they have on monday, full and on has all star i. despite the, despite the words of the president of russia, that the offensive of us all style will discontinue this never happened bad and stop for an hour shelling continued, strikes, continue, the activity continues. infantry continues to attack, so it's, it's, the situation is pretty much the same as it was for the last, you know, for the last 3 months now. all right, and there was a meeting of defense officials in germany yesterday trying to coordinate efforts to support you. where does the international military and financial aid that has already been pledged to leave you in terms of defense capabilities.
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well, during the last 2 weeks, we have seen an important shift in the approach of our international partners to the question of providing ukraine with the required military assistance. we have said from the very beginning that for us to be more efficient in fighting this more, we need to actually we need, thanks we need to and see across the systems we need to enter worship missiles, we need an aircraft. now we have begun receiving certain types of these weaponry from our international partners, and we are receiving now have yet to re howitzers. yesterday, the german, as a defense, i made a pledge about providing you credit with tax. this is still in here. we have to leave it there, we're running out of time. thank you so much for talking to d. w today. thank you so much. thank you. the head
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of the ones nuclear watchdog has visited your noble on the 36th anniversary of the nuclear disaster. their b i a g refill mariano grossey said rushes, recent occupation has been very dangerous. is that radiation levels went up during the takeover or now back to pre invasion levels. a w. matthew has building reports the world's most dangerous route, sealed under giant concrete hood. the chin nobody's us decides is once again the focus of attention now that russian occupation troops have withdrawn the head of the international atomic energy authority can assess its condition. this is the 1st ready must go to the operator with these people here because they carried on their work. in spite of all the difficulties, despite of the stress, in spite of the fact that they could not be working normally, they continue working as if nothing had happened. so they get the sedation stable,
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so to speak. and these, in this sense, the worst at was of course about the 1st task is replacing equipment that was destroyed or stolen. just the 1st one you will have to push on a good kinda strategic schemes. carson wasn't my vehicle. they weren't admitted to the critical parts of the structure meal it, but they left a lot of chaos and they stole equipment from us. but computers is just unusual. wrong if any. if any particular years. 36 years ago this nuclear block behind me exploded. it was the worst nuclear accident in human history. now, 36 years later, the war has brought back the nuclear threat. the russians took over the site on the 1st day of the war. hollow was cut several times putting the cooling system at risk . and ukraine says the russians, dark trenches in highly contaminated forests,
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releasing radiation from contaminated. so build or lisa did a little room and i on the edges of the forest, we didn't go. indeed, we found levels of radiation 50 times higher than the norm norm, where cameras will discarded food packaging suggests the soldiers spend time they're possibly becoming contaminated. in the process, rescue workers and other staff remained in the town of chernobyl during the occupation, hoping the russian forces would understand the danger they were putting the world it. um we got up, we ocean rosler, shore snow, rosalind, they were quite diverse and there were different groups, some understood where they were and some did not. there were so many of them. the 1st group arrived than another than a 3rd and so on by some behaved reasonably. others less so. but i can't tell you what was going on in the heads anymore. homes that are time searching for business
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. thanks for watching. ah, build a tourist 100 german street on d w ah, devastated houses of the hurricane. william austin cars carried lifeline. defects of climate change are being felt worldwide. deforestation in the rain forest, continued carbon dioxide emissions have risen again. young people all over the world are committed to.


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