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tv   Guardians of Truth  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2022 7:02am-8:01am CEST

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oh, is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like will return in the normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult with successes in our weekly coping 19 special every thursday con d. w. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. families with extreme dreams ross getting 200 people from the agency
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around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge in the line. because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, ah, ah, my name is john dunder. i been looking as a journalist for the last 40 years now, and i have paid almost every price of being a journalist in a country like turkey. i was threatened, i was jail, i was attacked and i was exiled in the end.
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and i've been leaving the exam for the last 5 years now, but they nodded. and they're more people like me out there and i will be meeting them to see how they cope with the situation. corruptions is the problem in new mexico. if one of our valued every day they want to kill me and they try many times. they can't some of my sources just because they tuck with me she's been digging the country soil to find out the truth with
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hello bell. i good to see you. how are you doing fine, how are you? yeah, not bad. we had a small trouble with security because i have to inform the german authorities about my trips and for security reasons. so i did, and they said they have to check if there is a kind of agreement for the exchange of criminals like me. and if my name is only in to pull list for red warren, so they can take me to custody. yeah, that's why they said they couldn't guarantee my security. so you know,
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all those things, you know, so i was just saying how our work became dear when you got to. why exactly? that's exactly what we want to talk to you about. hm . annabel hernandez is a very important journalist who put a light on the drug trafficking issues in mexico. not only the drug cartels, but also she found documents and enlightened the, the relationship between the officials and these are cartels. so it's important and
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of course, at the same time it's dangerous and that's why she had to leave for the country. now she's been living in exile where she's safe, but she keeps traveling to mexico to research her story. my own country gee, is a dangerous country for journalists, but at least they're only putting journals in jail. but it's on comparable with mexico instead of putting them in jail, they just simply kill them. to mexico is the most dangerous country in the world for jones.
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another finally a glad to hear rather slow. i'm believe it's great to have you know there was a game you're great, so what do you think of the country? i know you, it's huge. i tony, firing county difficult the is that you read on the news, dad and just to john, nice. where more though just in these days when you were here. good. this is how
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this all the time my family has been calling me. oh, did you see the news? every link and do you believe everywhere through school in your school now understand better when you became out? i thought of it is really is really difficult because a sub by you'll in and on saipan. next he got in general. that's when winding journalist is smarter. everyone's eyes because they're countries like this is not because you are a john lucas, could you, could you be anyone else? yeah, it's not because your journal that the point i had a lot to talk to you when i got to mexico, i have to be with bodyguards and i. e. god do the help because i got to the city most of the time,
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the worst people in my country ah, a great life. one of the most difficult things with annabel is fuming, hurrying officials. because if you short awfully, you make put people in danger. so we won't with annabel to take us with her and explain how she works. mm. oh. in mexico this corruption is everywhere. blue.
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ah ah. i have to prove that the wine official has the more ne has properties, has a life that doesn't correspond with this salary. with dead declaration of back says, you know, all the things i have to go there. they photographs confirms that just the document of the property correspond to the characteristics of their house. i couldn't stop on to now because every time that i discovered new things, i had new questions. how when, who is involved? journalist is not is not to know already. everything is made you
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questions and tried to search answers to these questions. no mothers, which is sounds sir. ah ah we decided to meet and collateral because this is a symbolic place for a journalist who is working on mafia and this city has a huge mafia history of course. and it was really interesting smelling. the stories are old. i like to write. i should prefer to not write about the stories because our brain painful, but in mexico they impunity is, is,
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is terrible. i mean, then 9096 percent of all the crimes in mexico. all the crimes is small ones. big big ones. i in pune. there's no justice. sometimes they only just is that one big team can get a see that too foolish. yeah, i remember that i did my 1st research about drugs. when i was just 23, i discover i wire of people that used to sell drugs in corners, in a very danders place in mexico city, called the people that not these dads report was my 1st a columns in there in the newspaper. and then
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something terrible happened in my life. my father was kidding up a murder in the summer, 2000. i was already a journalist. he was kidnapped by more than just for money. he was a medium class business man. and for us on to now was impossible to get justice and that change forever. my point of view fly my point of view of justice. and my point of view of my says, what is my role as, as journalist? so i really, since 2000 i really just were focus on organized crime, curb shown and impunity. ah
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. when you see those news papers, how do you feel? i'm glad that i still be a life to be able to position this is dice because i think that people necessary to know people are nice to know what is happening. they're going outside mexico city with other way. hernandez was too dangerous for us, but still we want to understand the conditions under which she is being working.
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and that's why we went to the state of carol, where she researched her most important story. as symbolic place to search for the relationship between the now cause the government to understand the difficulties, the risks, the fears of 2 people. and we wanted to feel that this is my 1st time in mexico. and debt is everywhere. from the headlines of to
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papers to the paintings on the walls. i realized in the day of that that this is the way they cope with the feeling of that. you can see that's the respect that people they want to remember them to keep the memories alive. and the dale stairs is kind of the climax of this information ah, the hello rating with music with eating and comparing our culture, which is just morning about to that. just crying. it's a good way of cope with, with the bet. otherwise you are always in pain with oil beer. today on the day of the dead,
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we always come to the cemetery. what if it's the same every year and i like the era . we lay flowers for the deceased and dig into the soil to loosen it up or so in india motor both. but a, you know, my father is here as i don't know for him thus, plessy, i guess with a miracle. but there is no grave for my son christiano, no letter on there. whenever michael sal was, there is no where i can go and nothing although no where i can set up an altar for him or place across e. yes, he's done with all of but this is what it's like for all of us parents. now the sta supplies, none of us really believe that our children are dead. timothy who has been where to put awe
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on september of 2014 for a 3 kits disappeared in mexico. and i tried to not she, i tried to, i don't care. okay. that happened there. so they are the journalist. there are other people. someone have to take care about with what they start to see that the goal. hm. is that the say really ridiculous. it bought this. he said, by the way it happened. i started to see some contradictions about the witness. i start to investigate and that this, them a
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with this said las off did, some was everywhere. so his pictures were everywhere and they've been living with this pain. and they, all they need is a grave to visit and they don't have it. and i wonder if they had to help still have the real hope that one day they can hug him again or they are just searching for the truth. mm. i live in a garden and be surveyed when you begin to see the injustices. let's see what we know is that
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the police and the military took our children gassy. but there were so many things that the state won't tell us actually took in. so they can't say my child is tell him that he's been murdered. to me, my child is still alive because they took him alive. well, what i mean with a real book, i said to the authorities here, but when you took my child he was alive. you didn't take him in pieces. so i want him back just as he was in bed assholes, although you get all me and if you say that my son is no longer alive, that he's dead. yes'm. then i want his whole body, not just pieces of him, a metal thing, and threw them away. that's was, ah ah,
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i discovered that the students were attacked and disappeared by the federal police and army. because the issue is that apparently this to then took to process that were charged by harry. because in golardo is one of the places that produce harrowing in mexico didn't even know that the joke was there. i not by and please the chief all there. kevin, i group calls to the general of the 27 battalion and called to the chief of the for the police as asked him, i want my drug spock, i don't care why you have to do i a little under the law nobel hernandez that supported our cause florida, glenn boy, yes. and she raised her voice for almost
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a play, say her research at 20 to various officials. so she began to speak out about it and that helped us. but i'm also a little bonus i use i know. mm hm. do you realize how important investigative journalism is because you're joining the family to search this new for some and it's
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not only him what's 42 others, but then thousands of others and unable hernandez. she's in the lack of functioning just the system in some countries like mexico turkey, the journalist had to wear the costume of his prosecutor, i'm afraid and behave like public's prosecutors fighting for justice, searching for truth in the name of public o
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ah bill. good afternoon, please come in. this is less this book only when a status and disconnect, you know, 1st of all i want to thank you for agreeing to talk to me or i do have communal and i thank you very much for your trust. so confused sir. this will be an off the
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record interview when i citizen of the record job. and i do not know you, nor will i publish your name. and i strongly suggest that you tell no one absolutely no was visible that you spoke to make a. cornelia saw them and there they can look on one of the lords, do you think that the criminals talk to me? well, he thought i'll reveal the crap they himes dodge not do that. don't in general do a journalist because they draw more on me to tell me the truth about their stories. louis she was on give us the idea will settle for her. she came with the famous drug boss and india in muscle minnes. think of a tele when was that roughly mr. mr. lauren? long last 2007. super awesome. and it was
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it in a house, an apartment on a ranch in what context did this take place to live in? it was a meeting with his associates was, will full. that's where i saw her a food on the live. some of then joe's want to talk about nice things about them. but most of them really going thursday, primes, i think sometimes that they tried to clean themselves, maybe they feel so geared b yes. yes. you are the priest. i know. yeah. interesting feeling this interesting. so you are good really reason things to this? yeah, no. so maybe they want to when you're in their site. no, they cannot do it because i want to destroy them. and i don't pretend to to be friendly. yeah.
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lou fall under a imagine yourself in a hotel room with a criminal and teaching your life and your loved ones at risk just to reveal the truth. mm. that's what she's been doing for the last 20 years now. such extremely dangerous groups, forced to leave her country well then you press is anthony baker. that own start. she's government on 2006 and he, supposedly he'd declare this song call a war against drugs in mexico. and he said, i will call back all the car does. i will liberate mexico.
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mm. mm hm. so, but i discovered is that the brass event and the one the chief of police very close to him. and i got your lunar, they wasn't fighting against a guard, those they decide to protect wildcard de las in the locker and use their arm either for their of bonnie's and all the power of the state. i gains that all their gardens. and of course, the other guard does get very angry and they start to fight against the government. and if you know i've got and i was able to document to discover these to document is how that that wire, that was really because was a wire between the carters. where create a lot of a more, there's many people use a peer and,
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and as dr. dog pullman and focus, hey, he's not a war against drugs. the government is involved. and i, my boys was the only one because the people was very scared. the journalist didn't want to talk about that. and on 2010, i was able to publish all my research so that became bay danders for the government. and for this career that a policeman. so they want to kill me and they try many times. they kill some of my sources. they disappear some me of some of my sources. they put in yell some of my sources just because they took with me ah, thinking about your mother in loved ones. would you think that maybe i shouldn't
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publish this form because it's so dangerous for them. yeah, almost every time. yeah. this the most difficult, but you can be brave for yourself with food and then during the others is so much responsible that's. that's why i have to let the magic just that is. that is why i had to let my she called
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the one day 11 gunman arrived to my house. my bodyguards square outside. they took the control of all the area these, these 11 gun man. and they took to my bodyguards away. my house even has a number. ok. so they and treat to the house of one neighbor. they put the guns in the head and they as where is their house of and i will hernandez and my e m. my neighbors have to said, is, is, is there, i wasn't there. i glass sunday, ah, facing with a gun can change your life. i know this feeling because i faced with this come
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me. 2 things can happen. one you gave up and you don't want to face with it again. second thing is, you understand the result of it and you never scared again. so i guess she is the 2nd type. what happens if i spell playing? soccer. burnham is, does a bill you learning the song by ear or looking at the notes? i always look at the notes, let's say you wrote it down that says good. i have
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a piece of paper with notes. i wrote them down. remember what i just said? oh yeah, great. mm hm. my son was just one year and lawns quite all these nightmares bad. so he started with neighborhood while the guy, before he started to walk by himself, ah, and then go with them. i move breezy, poly for my kids. i tried to build a new life for them. lamentable to levy, i'm up at home in . i think the best part for me to try to reveal my part of my life here
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is the opportunity to my son to learn, to be happy. and i think i feel this obligation to help him to learn to we happy because life he's not just suffering because i mean yes, yes. well taken lucille cook with them. i don't want to be a victim. i also want to learn to be happy is sometimes hard with so when you go to mexico, don't to, to kids or don't, i don't, you can,
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you can not have these feeling because you are not able to go like darky. but every time that i took that airplane, i asked myself, i'm doing what i am doing div. hey christine. yes. and you are saying good bye to your son. every every time that i depart, i left to my partner. all the documents of my son, the passport, you know, the birth certificate, all the things because in these way he can protect him, he can move him. i mean,
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every time i say the good bye to my son and like you never see him again because he's a possibility. well, i mean, i listen. i just supper separately for me. it sucks up with surprise. he's happy now that you, mexico, i, i know, i understand that this seems her crazy, but people are, are you every day in mexico? because this corruption and discussed the saw it. is that righty what, why you are going still because for me my country still the my home is still my home is i love my country. i love the people that live there. i every time that i do an interview to our big team. i feel that i have to do something else. so what is it
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more important than being a mother? some dentist ah, i don't see any mother who is brave enough to say this. this sentence shows us all dedicated those people who are to they work and how passionate about the professional. mm. i think those are going rambles. this is just shit in for the 40 free students from i would see not by the young who disappeared those yeah. you'll see now,
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but he is will not a permanent protest camera that is occupied 24 hours a day. may be say, december 26th, 2014, both several organizations. so i decided to set up this protest directly across from the attorney general's office. and i put a hold on to woody icon that i, that i reported a little get dewoolen. our goal is to support the parents, and we also want to see justice in demand. we want these abuses to start up with because we don't want any more young people to simply disappear mazda, somebody if you understand my steps will been thought was out there of credit. we want the truth and we want just to shove it, we want to know what happened. we want that just like to be found and caught
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accountable. bob and we want them to be in prison. just think that they have it in mexico, have exceed many cases like this for me, but really incredible ease that be great at these. don't get tired of fighting. just the beginning of this fight, even they, i, bayport, they strong. they boy says, asking for justice until now, made the deeper i
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looking to load over here, bang this over there, bang another order on why for people here? it's that another cross look. what for around here is there is here 3. they killed 3 people here, not an address. it's hard to leave every corner. he's pointing out. so one is dead. every corner on dead troops was the crime scene. mafia controlling the rules for direct trafficking. stories from
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relatives who disappeared alt all around. but almost none of the cases that were sold maria has been searching for his brother for the las 9 years. his, me at man, man, man, not the last. this is my brother tomasetti england who your he was kidnapped on july 5th, 2012 that year and we'd circle up on his he and we haven't seen him since we had a man on his better luck. my sister maga had prepared food that day and she was expecting, i don't know, you are local, but my brother never showed up. no, no, he must. we didn't know he'd been kidnapped until that nice. that when we received a phone call, demanding 300000 vessels and exchange for his life, they love them yet a man. we started negotiating with them. and for some reason, we told them that we didn't have the money. but we have cars on a fishing houses building a bar any moscato cinemas, garza, they did almost, but all they wanted was money. oh, yes, gideon. in the, near 3 days later,
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we had the money together. but they did not return. our brother to us huddled. no, no, no. they sat on them. he had a man. ah, mario has been searching for his brother in the surrounding hills. ah, it must be such a desperate thing to do. and he's been doing its wits just with a hammer. and a stick, and he's just thinking the soil mexico trying to find his brother. ah,
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then there you, nathan, and there were a person lies buried by the rod sinks into the ground easily. i kick us like here it goes down deep. which indicates that the earth is loose or he is, has he come? one of this is how we search for our missing relative is healed by trying to locate that intense mel issue a lot down flat. it will not be so not willy. the fin in deland and human remains, smell differently from those of an animal i. b, as he visited, the smell is so strong that at 1st it's overwhelming or it stays in your know regularly. i mean, we couldn't stand an adverse signal. sometimes we could already smell the dead from afar off. he doth. the smell is carried on the air long before you see anything. but an a thought of now we're happy to smell that smell suck. i'd used to be painful, but now we are glad when we come across it which her than you are. you know,
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sallie getting caught up ah ah 53 on glebova smelling of that. but then i realized that this exactly what unable hernandez has been doing. she's been digging the country soil to find out the truth and her stickers, her pen. ah,
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i gladden with it. mama, i said bryce. yep. and its own company. oh yeah. yeah. this is a colleague from turkey. he doesn't speak spanish. his name is john. he's also a journalist, he's faced persecution like me, but he spent time in jail southern which accompanied kathy. i couldn't get one of him. we did. i say that do looks well like you were. you know, i can, i mean i knew some of that is a big one. the young lady with a them yet getting a janice mother will also be a to 3 search and they did a fabulous when. when is it your mother's birthday?
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oh, friday is the books in this coming friday? is that a con? visit her because he is not able to travel to turkey. he otherwise he would get arrested and not weather and sad to. yep, he lives as a refugee in berlin. this will be better for heather emberly. she'll get a through, it's 3. come on in less less she wanted them. but how, how long do have and see before years i can see that there's it hasn't seen her for full years. oh, how horrible thing but her come or say i heard you talk to each other to communicate to people. yeah, we can talk on full cell, but only on the phone. i hope she you know this maria? rosa maria. okay. hello. hello. hello. yeah. sorry. she's 80 to natalie. i made a big mistake. oh,
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i know nick jamal you to do her. let me up just. she just want to see you. yeah. ha . okay. oh i love and so yeah. and job. she certainly like you, she thing that we hope to meet in turkey. yeah, yeah. well, i wanted to get your dismiss though. i'm one. okay, she's good. so she will be hosting you. yeah. okay. even though i'm, i'm seeing a joke of bureaus when i saw a new gym, wouldn't roger know match it up? i do by what i gave when give you the zip. where said bob, i submit. well, he said she said that the grade that she can, you can do this our telling her that we can go based, but my mother don't want to use anymore. s cell phone. no,
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i mean look number will. so i know i don't like to use a cell phone because then those other piece and call me and tell me things about you and i get scared and nervous. come o'clock thing, go come up with that, come up today. i'm going to kidnap you. get the run my age and get to get, get my stick honestly. yes, of course fresh. she, she just say that as she don't want to have a cell phone, because sometimes she receive a phone calls. people threaten her. although saying that they can that me a visit with brain other, my little sister was she read your books to let me see what us see. how does she feel about this e, the psychic ascent disk on the left miss even ask
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a steam with premier political. my 1st thought is to worry that because i know it will cause you trouble. yes. ok. but then i think that you're a very brave woman, but he on a well, does she say to you? stop, don't do any more. it's dangerous. does she say that every one does? the sick a sagen of his math, but he don't, gave me the thing. no, no, no, no, no cookie. the only thing i ask is that you take care of your kid. you get to see it was not the a new like a better is that your kids have nothing to do with this. and that you take good care of wouldn't, but what is not valued, and i hope you don't go out on the street much so they won't take you by surprise. thus she once, oh grant, she'll do all to be a journalist. guess if they were study, i could, doesn't get this. what i'm video this. this'll look need one mother. no
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one is enough in the family. she's still kind of lucky that she can go back to were country. she can hug her mother. she's still, you know, going back to her home and at least enjoy some of the moments or, or country which is impossible for me.
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i think i could be able to survive without going down. i decide to go back and i can do it for me. maybe like like be bad is i'm not able to go to see, to my mother, daughter to my sister is to do the concert i love. so have to be very, very difficult. do you have any hopes that one day you can come back and leave and mix glue in a free is a free person? i will absolutely will. but 1st i have to work more to clean the house. i want to go back to our clea house. yeah,
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i don't want to go back to a deer to house as these these country now. i want to, i have to clean. i have to take the garage outside. ah, ah, [000:00:00;00] ah
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majesty are taking your roots to another place. so without your own soil, without your own some, you can not be shoe, if you will survive. ah, where will you go? it could be the best place in note. it's not your soil dislike. i guess every exam one school back one day where the rules are,
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ah ah,
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with ah, with who show talent, hamburg, 8th family clearly breaks the 1st day. and he's getting a very special presence, a unique life installation that has only ever been seen one fit back.
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and marvel your romance in 30 minutes on d. w. ah no sir. last time words in the world. a pianist with a burned piano and rescued music. ah a painter in search of the lights of his homeland ah more, i hope, living on march 2090 minutes on dw. ah it's you had a question of whether the next crisis will come but only when and how the media
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will deal with it. how can we stay focused on what is important? shaping tomorrow? well, exploring opportunities for media professionals in times of crisis. the global media forum in june 2020, to get your ticket. now we are all set to to go beyond the all as we take on the world. 8 hours. i do all the, we're all about the stories that matter to you. whatever it takes by policemen. i don't know. we are,
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your is actually on fire made for mines. ah, some people don't care about me because they don't see my beauty. some people don't care about me because they think i have nothing to give. but 2000000000 people do. to then i am every day at home, the a food that livelihood but day by day i to submit it. and so does everything i gave to 1000000000 people care about me named me. and now
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i need you. ah, ah ah . lived from earl and russia. steps up a sold on ukraine ahead of a symbolic anniversary on monday. meanwhile, ukrainian officials say all civilians have been evacuated from the besieged mario full steel plants. also coming up on the show abandoned, but not forgotten. thousands of hats in ukraine has been taken in by shelters after losing their owners. a reporter visits one rescue center determined to give them