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tv   Abortion in Europe  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2022 5:15pm-6:01pm CEST

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yet dead in the russian as try going to village schooling. this thing, your grain of a shall see around 9 to people. why sheltering in the building rescue as a food fancy survivors from the rubber abernathy documentary, abortion in you, scorned, concealed, prohibited to smell. coming up at the top of the alex to stage of ah, imagine how many portions of lunch are thrown out in the world. climate change can be very hot. the story. this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much work can really get we still have time to act. i'm going on with what? 5th? i am
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a court hearing in cataneo sicily. a young woman died, an abortion would have saved her life, but doctors to refuse to perform the operation on moral grounds. now valentine has family is fighting for justice. spirit yamaha for voucher. just future lucas fidelmo. we hope the justice will prevail for not her daughter. we can't bring valentina back with them. these bloody doctors are still working at the hospital as if nothing happened. lost her job, that's not right in the 4th, 5th trip. so the crystal on it just go on trial 7 doctors at the hospital when 32 year old valentina milan, so lost her life. but there is little hope for the family in italy. doctors have the right to refuse and abortion on moral grounds.
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the woman is denied a life saving abortion and dies in italy in the heart of europe and ah, in many european nations, women are taking to the streets once again to fight for their rights, including the right to abortion. we think we have progressive abortion laws, which guarantee women a certain right to access abortion. but what we find instead is that the last that we have are really quite antiquated. ah, ah, ah.
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valentina millard, so from catania. the young woman was expecting twins after a course of ivy, if she and her husband really wanted children. if hillary running, tina lambert, ala luna credited apollonia, my daughter valentina, worked at a bank in california. she had an important assignment that got from a land to a special course federal. she was going to become a director there beside it, needed to shira even dinner was on the 29th of september. she had an appointment with her gynecologist, which she paid for herself because he promised her. if you come in september, i'll tell you a sex of the twin did what generally he examination showed that her survey was already dilated. valentina was sent to the hospital in cataneo. immediately. an
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ultrasound scan carried out there determined that the fetuses would not survive, but the doctors refused to terminate the pregnancy. later they cited moral grounds. your no real mice into debate loudly made issue will be idle. never heard of doctors who are conscientious objectors, you to we later found out that all the doctors in the hospitals, gynecology department are a 100 percent. objectors told me if i'd known that i never would have taken my daughter. there we go. so jenny murphey general yellow variable cabella valentino stayed in hospital in great pain, says her father, she was expected to wait for the natural stillbirth of her babies. after 12 days, one of the fetuses died by now valentina was seriously ill. her body temperature was fluctuating wildly, and her blood pressure was low. everything pointed to sepsis caused by the dead
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fetus to treat her agony. all she got was paracetamol. join my wife asked her darling, how are you feeling? she replied, mamma, i'm dying, mamma, i'm dying. and most criminals did nothing, absolutely nothing. only then did the doctors remove the dead fetus, but they didn't treat the senses, says valentine, as father, that plan was to wait until the 2nd twins heartbeat stopped. the family stood by helplessly watching valentina fight that a life. noy at all adjustable and before it a bill mazin at some point we were outside and we heard a cry from valentino, but we still didn't know what was wrong with it. so a cry from valentina and then nothing. i'm what said the doctor says yes,
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it's serious. we have to resuscitate her. it's gonna come out in my daughters incubated. yolanda. gotcha. freight hold on the young woman's tragic death occurred in 2016 valentine, as parents have been fighting for justice ever since my jewels adul valentina story re ignited a public debate across italy. employ number at the hospital stood by its handling of the case claiming her death was unavoidable. the doctors then stated that they were conscientious objectors, which was why they refused to carry out an abortion. when many italian women took to the streets, valentina dismayed, the doctor's morals could take precedence over a woman's life. there
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were also protests in rome. one of the demonstrators was local politician and doctor is a better candidate on a long time champion of women's rights in italy. she says, the situation is getting worse. she will now stink that could a shame day that that day they learn. there's growing pressure from religious organizations and from this group of doctors who are conscientious objectors, me. eternity. co shane sir. ah, they maintain that embryos and fetuses are fully fledged people lead just like women, e, e embryo, ne a fee. so no bill, so on it. this is an international initiative i wellness that that's all. so finding support in italy,
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idea that all of out will sustain young for for decades. italian law has granted women the right to an abortion within the 1st 3 months of pregnancy after a medical consultation. but doctors are not obliged to terminate to pregnancy if they object to it on moral grounds. and more than 70 percent of gynecologists refuse to perform both consultations and abortions. that number is on the rise in brussels. neal data watches, this development with concern, he's a specialist for european questions concerning reproductive rights and women's health. this was an idea of catholic thinkers at the time and was, and it seems very reasonable, but what's instruct it? the way it has been use in italy has gone from a personal choice of conscious conscience to not be involved in an act which 1 may have more reservations about. and it's become an institutionalized system to deny
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women medical care. so that in italy, doctors who, who are not conscientious objectors, may find limitations in their careers. and therefore, this means that the number of doctors who are objectors of conscience is very high in certain regions of italy in rome, almost 80 percent of gynecologists don't want to have anything to do with abortion . another difficult area, prenatal diagnostics, mr. louis, louis, the youngest is that there's nothing left. what we're seeing is a religious push to take control of our health care system. what does that mean? i'll give you a practical example that in the nazi or region of the entire system of prenatal diagnostics is really just that means that the present time in latino,
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we don't have a single secular institute inducting. prenatal diagnostics effect on your feet to says they know that sci fi access to abortion and to advice beyond the moral teachings of the church in italy. that's tricky. in germany, things haven't been getting easy either. the abortion is technically illegal. however, if women seek advice from an official counseling service, they are allowed to terminate a pregnancy within the 1st 12 weeks. but the number of doctors willing to actually provide abortions are rapidly declining 2 decades ago, some 2050 doctors and clinics provided abortions in germany. now that number is down by almost half. take munster, for example,
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one of the largest doctors who provided abortions recently retired. now the student city face is an even greater shortage. just to doctors offer abortions here. despite the large student population in catholic monster, many are against the right to terminate the pregnancy. the 1000 crosses march takes place here. every year. christians conduct a pro life prayer procession through the city center. the thank the gynecologists here are unwilling to conduct terminations is also problematic for the counseling service. pro familiar who have been fearfully gay. ad 13, there are far too few doctors who are able to conduct a pregnancy termination who are trained to do so who have the facilities and are willing to do this kind of work. it's latin to st alfredo home with that so. so due
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to the stigmatization and the criminalization of these doctors, surgeries by 2 doctors retired. now that means we have to send many women to clinics and surgeries far from home. fan to pack for a cleaning soccer shape in germany. a woman might have to travel up to 150 kilometers. one way for an abortion, a frequent situation in munster, this mother from monster wanted an abortion and discovered just how difficult it is to find a doctor to carry it out. she wishes to remain anonymous. i sat down with my husband one evening and googled abortion monster, and there were no results. so then i looked at the websites, if gynecology clinics, and there was nothing. we couldn't believe it. we thought we might be looking in the wrong place. in any case, when we were at the counseling session,
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which was supposed to take us through all our options, we were told in no uncertain terms. this is not about helping you with any practical steps for getting an abortion the mother of to made her decision. another child would simply be too much for the family. at the counseling session, she and her husband were questioned about their choice, but they weren't given any addresses. eventually they found the 2 months debased doctors, but both were on vacation. so the mother of 2 travelled, 100 kilometers to be lafelle, where she received r. u for 86, the abortion pill. you take the 1st pill there and then you go home. actually i had to go straight to work because i couldn't take the day off. and you take the 2nd pill a few days later at home. after that, she returned to beulah fouled for a checkup. it turned out that although the fetus was no longer viable,
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the amniotic sac was still there that could have led to an infection. so a cure, a tosh was needed. the procedure could be carried out in munster at the catholic hospital, but no one should be told about the abortion pills advised her doctor in bill of felt on there were several notes. she wrote that a cure tarsh was necessary, but not because of any termination. she made it very clear to me that i shouldn't say a word about it. ah, to this day she feels too ashamed to talk to any one about the abortion as each lover, i think there's a total lack of debate within society on this year. this is t mountain dish law, and i also think that society isn't aware of the difficulties women still face to this day upon among those difficulties,
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protests outside counseling centers in germany. it monster these take place on the 22nd day of each month had its 5 mile allison. and as i've classed with pro lifers who forced their way into our office twice at home and on friday afternoons . when i just happened to be on my own. i had trouble getting them to leave quantity done. it was very unsettling treatments. it was cancelled when a highly to yell would log on. he fitted fumes in the yes. in their school rooms with the men or outside the center to day kneeling and singing christine the the can you understand that women coming here for advice you might not like the fact that you're standing here. the scanning flushed in. yes. i can understand that this is that we live in a democracy even on our them, we have freedom of assembly and that's why we attend as
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a prayer group. as he can see. we've got pictures with us but not reproachful images by of where bringing this to the public's attention and hope to create some sort of change awful. all of us for and also clean with many counseling centers are now seeing this kind of protest across germany. take frankfurt where local authorities have had to introduce a no go zone. mm . and then there's the online anti abortion movement. websites like baby cost list, so called abortionist in germany and equate what they do with a holocaust. this has serious consequences for individual doctors hasn't done
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torment. it's varmint ongoing. they look as if i received death threats via email. i have diesel and then there are those so called christians who say they want to see me burn in hell and right. the punishment will come will, but it's so clear. if they were allowed to burn me, then they do it straight away. is it so club and me for plan do often of and diesel for tune. mm christina hannah is one of the doctors in germany who want to be able to speak openly about abortion. she went to court to defend her right. to include information about abortion on her home page. here are some reactions to if i, as an embryo, had a gum. i'd take you out 1st. that's for sure. do you have children? you're a mass murderer. so you want to help women become murderers
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. you are an ugly, despicable norm. german baby, missouri. i ask you sometimes fear for your life in all my veto yarn and get us of it a vic now and again. yes. but then it goes away. i thought to book and then i think i'm too well known for them to do anything to me. my uncle doesn't, but on the other hand, i think, well, they're all fanatics, and even the pope is describing us as contract killers off talks. then someone could just come and say, i'm killing this woman on god's behalf. forgot. does it use of holland plenum fiery florida only said, oh mine, binky piccolo. bery suargo, bro. blame here. can we have he that in the she got you. but he saw room brother, christina hannah, once women to have unrestricted access to both information and medical care. should
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they wish to terminate a pregnancy? but paragraph 219, a of the german constitution makes it a crime for doctors to publicly advertise that they perform abortions. we are clot lindsey flushed, and previously you'd get your information from brochures that the doctor surgery or at the counseling center, maybe as i do. but now with the internet, it's completely normal. if i'm looking for a doctor or anything else, to carry out an internet search 1st, where can i get that done? what methods does this doctor offer? what do other patients say? is this doctor's office good doris? some one unfriendly there? these are the kinds of things i also want to know before i go somewhere. and these days you get your answers online, did some thought it was in christina, hey, now launched a constitutional appeal. arguing that women should have the right to access
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information online. poland is one european country that recently imposed drastic restrictions on abortion. a move that triggered large scale protest . previous to this law, abortion was only legal in 3 instances. when the pregnancy threatened the woman's life was the result of rape or incest. or in the case of fetal abnormalities. the new law revokes the last case a few months earlier, in june, thousands took to the streets to protest the plan changes to the countries abortion law by the increasingly autocratic law and justice party. the think ahead of the movement martyr lampart the best known women's rights activists in poland. so we were promising about everything basically about the hey,
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it's about the hate to us live in about the hey, the doors versus the rules are going to lose your independence for lockers for doctors and so on. so on the tightening of abortion laws is tant out to a total balance again. well, that will not be as it used as of the level of the whole length opens up push. it's is that awesome vermont lampart, this constitutes an attack on women. she knew it was just the neural implemented law. it just established law by the param and it's not signed by the vote president . yet about few might sign that a monday on tuesday, a that the law that says that each time anyone provides you the more from poland and the punishment will be jail. we had other probably spend like pines lesson. and now we will be just dale. i sold this history of right, very strict law, and it will see them in this economic package about it like prices. so which is
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hollands recently that they could have like a minute to put it into parliament. and now we are waiting for that for the beautiful to the president, and then we want to worship polish society is divided for some the new abortion law is simply medieval. while others think the government is finally doing the right thing. despite these vociferous protests, many polls are happy with the legislation. ah, this is a profoundly catholic nation. after all home to radical catholic organizations, sanchez, auto juris. won't. will of your great countrymen in saint john john john, follow the rule. you say say now when you god demonstrating in favor of death,
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he who told you about this cult that you held on the communist go back to catholicism and celebrate live in stock, demonstrating in order to to kill little babies before they even born. we wish to sell a clear message to brussels hands of the traditional family. hans, are the traditional male and female identities, hands off national savannah. ah, we are in the middle of the global war. this is a war between the crunch of death and the country, like the demonstrator say, members of order. juris are the architects behind the new legislation. order euro says it is an independent catholic institution. its influence has grown considerably in poland in recent years, put to which we can anticipate what the ideas will be and it will be among the most
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ultraconservative extremist ideas. one can imagine. and then from these ideas or do you has, has been able to present their break clean image of themselves. so dr. now they look like nice, respectable lawyers wearing a suit and tie speaking a language tra, steeped in this fake human rights language that i mentioned earlier with a lot of legal sounding things. and it doesn't pass the test of actual legal language. but it, it sounds good enough. ah, for the movement protesting the new abortion law order. juris represents the enemy . you order. juris chance, the angry crowd order you are as did help draft the new law and has even found it. it's own faculty for medical law and bio ethics. that's a jenna. jesse act is director of the center. the catholic organisation is bankrolled, by donations from home and abroad,
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was networks extending across europe. is little time, although you respond only hockey out of his chair, a stamen of some of his corner, both the order juris institute, and i myself believe that abortion is the murder of a human being for you. there is scientific evidence that from the moment of conception, we are dealing with a human being the hold of no cover. each assumption amended center does with us all, or is not our let's call momma to nina. what's crucial here is that this person has its own genome, distinct from that of its parents back out. and there's no doubt at all that this is a human genome, although itself, again on the new one. what do i just, i'm gonna build ski order. juris focuses on children born to polish families, but europe's right wing parties and abortion band plays internationalist feelings. obey my grants have more children than europeans. is that
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a problem i dog is of young as i to let it are to mr. vicious gosnell. gordon. ah, yes. the birth rate among migrants which is higher than in families who live in the respective country or have the citizenship of an e. you nation is certainly concerning a problem boss, tanya will get out of it's not the migrant the to the problem. yeah, i think it's more that e, you citizens the being faced with a conundrum. it's sort of our standard of living is improving cost. we're leading better and more comfortable lives. and that's why it's difficult to understand why fewer and fewer children are being born in going to push that i would a general yellow jet problem in his thought i would up to send from push others to key. like you heard you, lou, conservative activists hope a stringently conservative family planning policy will help counter the trend. pro
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lifers started forming international networks years ago. the last major european gathering took place in 2019 before the corona virus. it the world congress of families where religious pro lifers and right wing conservative politicians have been meeting for a quarter of a century. every country has its own laws. every species that stated aim to celebrate the traditional family. the world needs 0. children thousands took part in the congress in the italian city of verona. in addition to arch conservative politicians and christian leaders from all over the world, italian pro lifers, and counter demonstrators were also in attendance. journalist adam ramsey infiltrated to congress under cover for the liberal online platform open democracy . ramsey claimed to have inherited a huge fortune,
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and that he was ready to donate it to a worthy cause. i went to, well, congress and families and posing as a potential funder for different religious, conservative groups. i tell people that my uncle had died and he was a very religious man. and i was looking for causes to give his money to that. i knew he believe in, and the aim was to get him to tell me by how they were organizing. this is, monet, ramsey observed over several days at the congress to walk away from families, which is a major gatherings across the planet. all kind of ultraconservative and for right groups we find absolutely, you know, the kind of christian conservative movement, the anti abortion movement. rubbing shoulders with the ac d and other for right groups in germany,
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ramsey managed to gain access to the inner circles of power. he was in contact with this man ignacio as who aga, he's the head of citizen, go a right wing, conservative online action group and petition platform focused on europe. that natural family is under attack all over the world. because this culture war and i agree with steve turley, ah, it's r double war. the meeting brings together ultra conservatives and christian, fundamentalists all celebrating the traditional family. it is free for the natural family. pray for our families. trust. god drives the divine providence. that is, and god has branches in many european union nations, representatives work to establish political contacts wherever they can. the world
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congress on families is the big networking event. at the meeting, journalist ramsey got a chance to talk with citizen, go boss. as who aga, he recorded the conversation on his phone. no, i've been going through, we would launch a campaign and a couple of countries where we want to make an impact. probably those countries where you have anti globalist, you know, people who don't like the european union parties that don't want the european union to get international issues. and at the same time, parties that are closer to us in terms of family life. so let's say in poland, hungary, italy, you know, maybe in germany too. and in spain, even smaller countries like silver kia, but they have very few delegates in the european parliament,
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the big of the country, the larger the influence. oh, what he said to me was that absolutely i could give him money in his organization money in order to support groups like f d and the law and justice party in poland and v dash in hungry and vaux in spain. that the way he would do this is by running smear campaigns against their opponents . so he wouldn't explicitly support the far right parties, but he told me they had close connection to these parties. they met with him regularly. if i gave the money, they would use that money to attack these parties. opponents driving voters towards the far right party, his in theory, despite protests, the ultra conservatives have plenty of financials. ah, on the one hand, there is money coming over here. we did a report which we released in june of this year over the past 10 years. it's over $80000000.00 that has come from the united states into europe,
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which is the 3rd largest mot. larger of mos come from russian federation and even larger, larger amounts come from europe itself. in italy, religious anti abortionist have been growing bolder, burying aborted fetuses in cemeteries is one tactic a burial ground in rome that shimmy taro. fleming yeo. the cross is here. bear the names of aborted o miscarried fetuses and their mothers without their knowledge. ah, catholic pro life group saw legally able to apply to hospitals for burial permits and with the aborted fetuses are then given a catholic burial key
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is i can dolly got banks and key to dealing with the catholic church believes really that even in the case of abnormalities, even if the fetus cannot survive, the pregnancy must be brought to term at all costs school quick. it's even gone as far as the setting up of the hospice in room accommodating families that have somehow been forced to continuing such a pregnant saying that it was 3 this results in the baby that can't survive the la nash, they can leave it at this house best to die in ego ceteris that english is that am on since january 2021. poland abortion band has
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been near total anti abortion propaganda is also widespread. this is impacting the work of doctors and hospitals meadows, while via gosh, is a professor of prenatal diagnostics. at the medical university of warsaw, he feels threatened even, but as i'm a sticker, i was watched. i don't know how we can go on with our work as diagnosticians in prenatal therapy in particular. i couldn't have imagined being undermined like this and working in such intimidating circumstances. i've always emphasized that all invasive procedures, including the operations, we carry out a highly complex and serious matter, the balloons go wrong. even the simplest can lead to
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a variety of complications that we can't control was not as io will be quite yeah, it can simply happen being so she is organization type across from morisha vidarres . the don't to fears that if the death of an embryo is deemed to be an abortion, he'll have to go to jail. now every diagnosis is legally sensitive, but then you're playing a tongue a so much tension. if this prenatal diagnosis, indicate serious, irreversible damage or disability and the fetus previously, that would have been a reason to terminate the pregnancy that the decision was taken by the patient. not the doctor. i mean, i want to stress that, but i'm not now that's in the past. we are, even in the case of a severely sick fetus, with a fatal defect where it's known in advance that there is no chance of survival hormone either because it will die in the womb or shortly after birth. even then the patient has no option but to continue the pregnancy,
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but he and he can save babies like these hospices a being set up for the others. their mothers are expected to wait for their fetus to die, or leave the new bonds to be careful until they perish. marcel and pot 6 months after the mass demonstrations. centrally, what we've got now is a total ban on abortion. and 2nd, previously we had 3 exceptions. but one of them was the reason for 98 percent of cases where the fetus is showing irreversible abnormalities. now that exception has been found to be unconstitutional. leaving $30.00 to $40.00 abortions in poland every year. by that i mean legal termination as it goes on. the boards martel, m. pants, fight against the law and justice party and for women and their rights has made her a household name in poland. now she is recognized on the street, but she hasn't achieved her goals on your legal nickel. there are
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a 100000 devotions every year, some say a 150000. we're dealing with a total ban, but that doesn't mean no abortions to taking place. there just happening illegally or abroad so do women no longer have any right to make decisions about their own bodies? and on the yes we do have that rights. it's inalienable, but the state doesn't guarantee us this medical service and even threatens us with punishments. abortions have happened, do happen, and will continue to happen in the future. even the conservatives concede that sly, mover, marty lampart, the future looks bleak. she doesn't think things will change any time soon. some women who can't abort in poland, come to berlin, they come to us are a deal. they get help from the feminist and her organization down to barbara,
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or cha cha, basha in polish. such a battle am doesn't come. essentially, char basha tries to provide a complete package. we make all the appointments for the women from poland and interpret at these appointments, primarily at the clinics and the counseling session. and we also provide a private room if the woman needs to spend the night with us over the cfo. we can make sure we can accommodate them and provide them with financial support as well. because we rely on private donations to enable us to cover everything. travel causes the procedure and everything, so that the women get an all round service and a safe abortion here vicious. a problem to become polish. women undergo a safe abortion here at this berlin medical center. since pony shores were tightened, there's been a rise in demand. but only a slight one. after all, the situation was difficult already at once had such
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a zone of i had lost her and the things have changed for us in as far as we are getting more request one. but i don't think that's necessarily because the last were tightened because women seeking later abortions weren't getting any help in poland anyway. from the doctor as there was so afraid they were refusing to help women before all of their stuff from us from to 3 years ago. we had women coming to us in exactly the same circumstances, i guess they could no longer find any doctors in poland willing to help them with kind of estimate or from having the inclusion. hm. i think if things aren't particularly rosy in germany, either good possession. there are still many women who are really ashamed to ask that gynecologist about it, or who find themselves having to make loads of calls, trying to find someone offering the service, or who struggled to get information on how the procedure even works. and from yet practicing abortion with papayas, a workshop run by the organization,
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doctors for choice. it's a chance for medical students to learn how to carry out a termination. it's also aimed at addressing any reservations they may have. and few visitation, many universities don't include abortion in the medical studies curriculum. and if they do, usually only the legal aspects looked hats or it's dealt with as a problematic medical ethics issue with the actual medical methods. they're often not towards ones that that's why we've been offering these papaya courses. said that this a space to come into contact with the subject in the 1st place, to take a good look at it and maybe even hold the instruments that many students think it's a major stomach operation. and a very surprised to learn that it's a relatively minor procedure. many universities don't yet provide this kind of space as a tittle no finished. elisia bye are co founded doctors for choice in response to worrying developments in germany. to put knows that the pumpkin
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assistance, the provider situation will get worse because many of those carrying out abortions are still doing it only because they can't find any one to take over. so they're continuing for a few years past their retirement age. but when they stop, that's going to be a problem. urgent political measures are required and not much has happened to date . in the absence of a standard medical abortion training. elisia bye hopes, how students can make a difference isn't a time when she had too many of them. i really enthusiastic and even came to organized for iowa shops themselves on business. so i do feel some hope, hopefully. and we need hope because the next few years look really bleak as far as providers go. many of the doctors still carrying out abortions, the working pulse, their retirement age does middle at some point they're going to stop above and what then. maybe in 10 or 20 years time,
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these students will be able to improve things. who knows? i'm the same as i'm in awe . valentina malott, so as funeral is indelibly etched on the memories of many italians. ah, the final day of the court hearing was a year ago the family is still waiting for a decision. their wounds will never heal. list is on the billing gray, that criminals and all they didn't call to offer their condolences leave. and the flowers very well for 32 year old woman without tiny twins who they killed, who they allowed to die from. what either you con, continue to defend them. by telling lies about the woman's right to make an
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informed decision about her own body is still not something that can be taken for granted. here in 21st century, europe, ah ah, ego africa. here's something you don't see in the synagogue every day. course powered garbage collection. this community project is leading residents to separate their garbage and it's been very successful. a win win situation for resident in the environment, the co africa in 30 minutes on t w. o.
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o. what people have to say matters to us. ah, that's why we listened to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. on the green. you feel worried about the planet miss? i'm neil postal. see on the green fence post and to me it's clear. we need to change. join me for deep dive into the green transformation for me, for you, for the plans with
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with business dw news life from berlin. europe looks back at world war 2 us rush after past. will you controversial victory parade? chancellor la shoulds says that vladimir putin compares the war in ukraine to the fight against nazi germany. but he says that easy falsification of history doesn't sophia dad and annette strike on a school in ist in ukraine. russia is stepping up attacks and to run up to the parade on monday.