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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2022 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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i swore for a spot and we'll show you what a european energy embargo would mean for russia's finance. i'm chris kolber on berlin. welcome to the program. pro beijing former security minister john lee has been confirmed as hong kong next chief executive on sunday. an election committee of ron's 1500 votes on the successor to outgoing chief executive carry lamb. mister lee was the only candidate asked food chief, he oversaw the crackdown on hong kong pro democracy movement. the european union voice concerns that his selection signals that beijing stuff stands on hong kong would continue. and here's what mr. lee said up on his appointment. we must make good use our status as an international metropolis, one that uphold the various of creation of inclusion, diversity,
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and openness. we must expend, i'll international connectivity, establish a more favorable business environment and increase our overall competitiveness. we must further strengthen hong kong role as the gateway and the bridge between the world and our country. for more let's cross over to d w's. joyce lee in taipei, a joyce, what are we to make of the man who oversaw the crackdown on hong kong democracy movement, speaking about what he calls the values of inclusion, diversity, and openness. well, if we look at how he did his electron campaign, we know what it means. he had a close door campaign rally with no live audience. he ran uncontested and won't 99 percent of the vote from the election committee comprised of less than a $1500.00 pro beijing members. and meanwhile,
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the vast majority of hong kong is political opposition is either in jail or has flight. the city under the threat of the national security law. so that says a lot about how inclusive and open his administration will be. an agency endorsement of john lee is seen as a sign that the tough policy on hong kong is set to continue. john lee wants to establish a more fair book, favorable business environment. he claims what ours plans in particular well, we don't know his plans because he has not laid out any plans. he plans cheery, 5, hong kong economy and, but he didn't give out any deed house yet. the business sector is very concerned about it. whether johnny will lose enough cove at restrictions, especially the border controls that have left hong kong and, and his residence. a more less cut off as it's rifles open up. but i only
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only said that he will prioritize reopening the borders with china. it's a signal that an immediate policy you turn is not possible. joyce looks a talk a bit more about the business community and hong kong. a number of western multi nationals have been congratulating john lee by a newspaper ads. tell us more about the challenging situation, but many of these companies find themselves in or yes, western companies and hong kong are facing increasingly, you know, precarious position and hong kong. are they adopting a more progressive? you know, a stance. i, you know, in the western market for example, and you raise a zone and gender equality and labor rights. but in hong kong bay,
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i usually don't criticize china's policy on hong kong. because that would undermine their interest in hong kong. so they are in a more precarious situation than ever. dw correspondent joyce lee in taipei. george, thank you. it is to the philippines now were to days, presidential election has a clear favorite ferdinand markers junior. now, the name marco's is synonymous with corruption and human rights abuses of the country. the family of the former philippine dictator has worked steadily on his combat over the past decades and so hardened and marcus jr, could soon follow in his infamous father's footsteps. one reason for this, the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor in 2020, the philippines saw the worst recession in more than 50 years. g. d. p growth fell by almost 10 points. year on year. now the economy is slowly recovering
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in 2021 group by about $55.00 and a half percent compared to the disastrous year before. the huge, the important tourism sector has particularly been hips to date. many holiday makers are staying away. the results companies are shutting down, incomes dropping, unemployment and inflation have been rising sharply. in addition, the states debt has grown because of high cost to combat the pandemic. but there's hope here is more from d, w is janelle, dom allow is numbers or anything to go by. there's reason to be optimistic about the philippines economy. me a vaccinated. i re, a significant number of filipinos which is manifesting now. because we have a very low case counts. and because of this one, we are able to really barely open our economy. in fact, we're expecting 70 per sans and will grow what inflation and unemployment keep
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filipinos from feeling that recovery in the run up to election day, voters were promised that propelling their supported candidate to the presidency would change that did not be half the price of goods will fall, the price of electricity will fall off water of everything for the poor. ha, ha, ha, ha, it up. yeah, the so called bill bill billed infrastructure program will give people a lot of jobs that with this next president you hope for lower cost for things like transport. i will, i bet not by not having my boosting employment and raining and living costs aren't the only tasks for the countries. the leader. many promises were made from supporting small businesses and investing in education in the incoming government now has 6 years to prove that it will be able to turn promises into policy. not only for its supporters, but for the 110000000 or so filipinos, it will be tasked with governing. let's get the latest from the w correspondent,
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janelle de milan was reported to saw you now. you've been focusing on ferdinand or bang bang marcus. they are mainly in your report, has been pulling your head in the past weeks. will he be able to deliver on the promise is that he made like lowering prices for example. a well, i think one of the reasons that he is a front runner in the 1st place is his ability to make these populous promises. for example, he says things like when i'm president, the price of akila rice will only be up to this certain low amount and not certain low amount is an amount that would cripple farmers for instance. so he is able to, well make promises that play well with a public that are in particularly practicable. so his campaign has focused on really got issues like all the rising cost of living, like lowering electricity. but really, what he is doing is providing a vague notion of what he's able to achieve. he's making it seem more
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straightforward that it actually is. and people seem to be buying it, especially in these pandemic times. at the same time, we'll talk about the other candidate here. lenny robledo, he's been the favorite of the business community. tell us why indeed were lenae roberto. she is a trained economist, as she is a lawyer, she's perceived to have what it takes to be able to run an economy. and just in general, her agenda and her platform has been a lot more detailed and a lot more transparent. she has published plans as to how to boost fisheries and in a industry like fisheries in agriculture. how to expand the social net, how to promote the digital economy, whereas sell bongo marcus's platform has been a bit more a bit more vague. as i was saying earlier, he also doesn't submit these policies up to scrutiny. for example, he doesn't join presidential debates,
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he doesn't answer the questions of journalists. so it's really hard to know what he is thinking when it comes to the economy, really. and as we know, businesses, they don't like uncertainty and they don't like being not being able to see through to him. now, do you see the outcome of this election materially affecting people in an economy where unemployment is rising, where prices are right? well if past is prologue christoph, it's really hard to say before any outcome has been determined, but i am standing in a lot of us, nor to where the what, which is the home at region of bumble marco, he was governor here for a long time and it remains at one of the poorest regions in the philippines. if that is what we're going by then, i don't know if he has what it takes to run the entire philippine economy to now, to milan, thank you for your assessment there. your opinion as have so far failed to reach an agreement on an import ban on russian oil. here's more on what
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a european energy embargo would mean for russia sustained budget. hooton's woe test is supposed to shrink under the current sanctions. but there is the problem. the iron revenues are higher than they've been for ages. now. that's because of the rise in oil and gas prices. but if you take a closer look, you will see not oh, is equal as immune season with russian oil is a political hot potato right now under skipped as i'm the demand for oil from other sources is growing rapidly because people are worried about getting burned by russian oil smith up in british many countries want to drop prussian oil. germany plans to stop imports by the end of the year. the e u is negotiating for that too. and the u. s. as pulling out as western democracies withdraw as bullies. what does that mean for russia?
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come to just solid oil to china, new guns in a key in hushed will to sons is crushes entire energy infrastructure was built around 5 decades ago in the soviet era, for its main markets in europe. with the, depending on the steve isn't vision and aggie marked and also the entire network. the sam pipelines the are mostly directed. western as in egg units is stella and pipelines, tendency to novice no escalated. transporting oil by ship is also problematic because shipbuilders and insurance companies don't tell us. with putin either on the journey is longer and more expensive because really big tank has con, passed through the suez canal. but tank as can be used to dodge sanctions. they might ship the oil out on to the ocean, but then transfer it to another shift is of design of the mix, a way of passing under the sanctions radar, or sailing under it. ah,
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it says he didn't selling oil directly from ship to ship and international waters. is a ploy to disguise the origin of the oil and to invite sanctions. mm hm. that's our show for now. for more check out our website at d. w dot com slash business, or the d. w. news, youtube channel. i'm chris kolber on berlin. thanks for watching. every self a successful with ah, with
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$20.00 d w. ah, this is debbie news live from berlin. no change a message of defiance from vladimir putin vowing to press on with the war and your great russian leader uses the annual victory day parade in moscow to justify the invasion saying he's defending the mother, lad, and rails against nato. also coming up a late dictator son on course for a landslide election, when in the philippines, voters are choosing between ford that might cost you and your and an anti
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