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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2022 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, plato's expansion plans in jeopardy turkey blocks talks on finland and sweden joining the military alliance as nato ambassadors failed to reach agreement on the process. moscow says that nearly 1000 ukrainian fighters have no surrender to russian forces in matter. you pull. what happens to them? next is not here. and a star warning from the united nations over climate change. key indicators of global warming hit new records, and scientists say time is running,
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act ah, i'm pablo felice. welcome to the program. there is no consensus yet from nato on allowing finland and sweden to join the alliance. the 2 nor to country submitted their beds early on wednesday. turkey is the sole member opposing the president regime. type out of the one says the nordic countries are harboring kurdish terrorists and refusing to hand them over agreement from all 30 nato countries. is a requirement for new members to join the alliance. wish that recently we asked for 30 terrorists that are living in sweden. they said they would not extradite them. says that it is that it is over jackson's. they will not give us tourists, not the, but they ask us for so portal to join nato lee. all she will do. nasal is
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a secure, she formation dollars, a security organization without the nurse, or we cannot say yes to deprive you know, security organization of security. yeah. so turkey is president roger ty, about the one has objections to sweden and finland joining the alliance. now i asked our correspondent, dorian jones, in east amble. what president edwin is hoping to achieve? welcome to prison nerd one. this is all about double sanders. he says that finland and sweden want to join nato because they do have genuine security fears due to the fret posed by russia. but so finland and sweden, he says, are not respecting turkey security concerns. he's accusing the 2 countries are providing sanctuary for a group that on crow blaine for carrying out the failed qu, attempt in 2016 and also full members of the militant group. kurdish group, p k. k, which is internationally designated as a terrorist organization and has been fighting
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a turkey state for several decades. encore also says that these cannon even countries are also providing refuge for supporters of the syrian kurdish group. the y p g, which has been for so fighting turkey, which isn't designated as a terrace group. now anchor expects movement expect change on these 2 countries stance and the message from prisoner on to day to his parliamentarians was very clear. he said, unless a change has thought they shouldn't st. diplomats here to change turkey's mind while dorian isn't president out of the one in danger of isolating turkey further within nato. nato. well, i've been present on police. he really isn't. of has a very strong position. he has a veto, old may 2 members have a veto over any new applicant i'm present. no one has made it very clear that he is prepared to use it. now it does come at a time when turkey has been trying to rebuild its relationship with its nato partners, which has be deeply strained over president heard one's close ties to russian president vladimir putin,
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but the father earth one has come out strongly in support of ukraine has been a saw, an opportunity from tokyo nato partners to rebuild relations. but this present route has, is posing a major setback to those efforts, but unquote, belief that this is an issue that is prepared to stand for a mass, a question of principle, and also a question of security. and at the end of the day, unquote, belief that has an awful lot of leverage to extract major concessions, not only from finland and sweden, but also probably from washington to dorian is the risk of any other countries objecting like turkey has? well i think that, i mean there was concerns about counties like possibly hungry which to has close ties with moscow. but the fact that any country can wield one veto is enough. i think anyone that has concerns will be just stand by and be very quiet. and watch on crew. take all the flack and pressure and there will be pressure on that is very clear, the talk is for miss them. every chapter should always in washington where he'll be
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meeting with his us counterpart, and this is expected to dominate talks, but, and cra, the moment. it's any, a very clear message. it is not going to back down. there is concern to uncle could over play hand, but the end of the president, earth one in his more than 20 years and power has a reputation as a man who tells him bloss dorian jones in his stumble. thank you. russia says nearly 1000 ukrainian fighters has now surrendered that the as of towel steelworks in muddy opal. ukrainian authorities are hoping they can be traded for russian prisoners of war. but some lawmakers in moscow are calling for them to be put on trial and even executed. ukraine says talks are under way to evacuate fighters still in the plant. there are fears the ukrainian fighters who defended the as of style plant in marty. you, paul, could face rough justice from moscow. russian tv show defeated troops being led away from the sprawling steel plant. russia says they will be treated according to international norms, but there have been calls to designate the feared as of regiment,
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a terrorist organization, or a russian lawmaker taking part in peace talks with keith said, russia should consider the death penalty for the as of regiment. then the st. louis, missouri, it's possible they do not deserve to live after the monstrous crimes against humanity that they have committed and that are committed continuously against our prisoners. or both of us are bloom, shaw, ukraine officials remain hopeful. their soldiers can be exchanged for russian prisoners of war. as national more come from our side, we can say that the negotiation process is ongoing. and at the rescue operation itself is also ongoing. one cor, let us to where there is also been some unprecedented criticism of the war from unexpected quarters. sam aguilar enough in the thought. the main problem with our military and political position is that we are in full geopolitical isolation. and that however much we hate to admit that virtually the entire world is against us. right. and that's a situation we need to get out of threats a lot that we got them. are you paul victory?
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marx, a rare win for rushes military in it's 3 month invasion of ukraine, but it could be short lived. finland and sweden have made a joint application to join nato, a further set back to moscow's ambitions to contain the expansion of the block. moscow claims that nearly $1000.00 fighters have surrendered at the us of style. steelworks and cave is helping for an immediate prisoner swap. so i asked our correspondence, matthew has berliner in her keith, what the most likely scenario could be. well, if her an immediate prisoners were, was likely they wouldn't have fought that long. it was luckily a long time ago that they would not be able to win or to get out of there by their own for force. and it was also long clear that ukraine did not have the capacity to break through the lines and get them out of there. so the fact that they have stayed there so long and so as it looks like even starving in the end,
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what was due to the fact that they thought they would be mistreated in russia or possibly even killed. so this anxiety, this is shared by ukrainian society, is still there and we are also hearing from moscow. some signals met people in the politicians in russia or public figures, calling for their, for the execution of or to, to sue them in court, etc. so all of this is on the table, ukraine is of course, hoping for a prisoner swap because that's the best thing they can hope for. but it's far from clear whether this will happen, mateus billing, or reporting from had a case there. now, north korea is grappling with its 1st reported cove at 19, i break after 2 years of the global pandemic. the country has an answer to more than 1700000 cases of what it's calling fever. footage from state media shows thousands of army medical mobilized north korea's hospitals are believed to be poorly equipped with few intensive care units. and it's one of the only to you and
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member states that has not rolled out mass vaccination against coven 19. the united nations has launched a 5 point plan aimed at averting a global climate catastrophe. the un secretary general, antonio quoterush, is warning the time is running out as temperatures rise. scientists are also sounding the alarm for key climate indicators hit new records last year. they include greenhouse gas concentrations and rising sea levels. much of the world is already feeling the effects it's a heat wave that one in 6 people on earth, a currently struggling through blistering heat have scorched india and pakistan for weeks on the weekend temperature hit a record high of 49 degrees celsius in the indian capital debbie, where i'm 74 years old and i've never seen new delhi go through this much heat ever
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in my life. we used to hear about the heat and not just on that. we used to think of it as an unfortunate event when rochester used to go through 48 degrees celsius . this year, all the records have been broken, recorded the climate change to the ready made extremes like this hotter and more likely the heat has killed crops and hurt harvest. the farmers themselves can't catch a break either that we may go next as their steer. where else have exposed to more heat, to have to work with cloth wrapped over head. and if we don't look at a headache, we cannot afford to stop working again, but they're like what heat makes people less productive. but staying outside for too long as many workers and even children are forced to do, can cause fatal damage to organs. temperatures will
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keep rising as long as people continue to burn fossil fuel in a bit to keep whether it streams like this from wrecking communities. world leaders in 2015 promised to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius of the century. the average increased might not sound like a lot, but the effect it has on extreme is a matter of life and death. where is a quick look at some other news? the international criminal court is sending forensic experts and investigators to ukraine to probe possible crimes against humanity. western allies accuse russia of committing war crimes including murdering civilians. a stony as army is taking part in joint mandatory drills with us forces tensions in the baltics are growing after the invasion of ukraine. the stony is foreign minister says nato is beefing up its presence in the region. u. s. president joe biden has condemned white
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supremacy as a poison on a visit to new york state. 10 people were killed when a gunman opened fire last week in an area with a large black population. the suspect has been identified as a white nationalist to sports and footballs. hiroko leak final kicks off in just a couple of hours time. 2 clubs that are hungry for european glory face off scotlands glasgow rangers happened one, a major international tournament in 50 years. and the german side ain't hocked. frankfurt last hoisted a european trophy in 1980 fans are out in force in the spanish city of seville. oh yeah. oh, oh. glasgow rangers fans getting ready for their team to take on german rivals. i'm tracked frankfurt on wednesday night. oh,
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beautiful. yeah. able horrible. give me a i megan banking freely in savannah. i'm here with my dad. and it's mandy. it's been a lifetime mammy and just find the human family bang that we've probably a lot of years. and it is amazing. frankfurt fans are also here, and for now at least the streets of seville are full of football harmony. ahead of the blockbuster europa league fine. oh. by the way, it just sounds very nice. people be so much fun. we have made photos with these people. yeah. it's great fun. it's a great party with the scottish. oh, there's paper. i'm here with us. all my new frankfurt farms like us. we are 50000
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expected to of course not everyone really got into the stadium. i dont have a ticket, little it's bad but i will have a big fan event on the central place as i was on pan, cynthia, from public viewable and saw it. and i really like so tanya, that count down is on what happens on the pitch. will decide which teams fans are still in such high spirits after the final whistle. well, please in seville, arrested 5. i tossed supporters in clashes before the ro believe. finally, they say 200 frankfurt fans attacked ranger support his act or bars near the city's cathedral fans through flares, glasses and tables pace. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you. the united nations has issued a stark warning that time is running. i've to act on climate change. secretary
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general antonio. good tash, says humanity risks incinerating. it's only home to watching tito. he news coming up next in detail can use asia, the political crisis behind sri lanka, economic one, come the new prime minister, fix it. that's coming up next in detail. the news asia, i'm out of ideas for me. the team here in britain take care, see the top of the next step. i would, people have to say matters to us a that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d w.


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