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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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ah this mm hm. ah ah, this is w news live from berlin, nato expansion plans in jeopardy. cherokee blocks talks on finland and sweden joining the alliance. president ad on says it's are the kurdish militants, is anchor trying to leverage a deal was coming out. russia says nearly
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a 1000 ukrainian fighters have surrendered in mario pulled rock. he had purchased for prisoners while moscow is threatening to put some on trial for war crimes and ending europe's dependency on russian. oil and gas. the you and vales, a massive plan to harness the wind in the north sea. ah, i'm all on psycho thanks for joining us. jackie has blocked talks on finland and sweden joining nato. both nordic nations have now formerly submitted membership bits. new members need unanimous agreement from all 30 current members, but turkey has said no turkish president, rich of type around accuses finland and sweden of harboring kurdish terrorists and other dispute is over sophisticated weaponry. so turkey,
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the issue could actually be about us fighter jets. turkey was dropped from the f 35 advanced fighter jet development program in 2019 this was part of a us sanctions packet imposed on the country after it bought a russian air defense system. many believe anchor is now hoping to pressure the u. s. and to selling it new f. 16 fighter jets instead. an extremely controversial topic in washington. another issue in 2019 sweden halted weapons deliveries to turkey after it attacked kurdish people's defense units in northern syria and launched and offensive there. anamosa. turkish president, reject type err to one could considered this grounds enough to block the start of nato. accession talked for sweden and finland possibly destabilizing the alliance. and the process would, it would play into president putin's hands. it would send
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a signal that there is no unity with the nato. the wrong signal at precisely the wrong moment signifies insipid. in new york, u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin and his turkish counterpart may have looked shop of shallow met in an attempt to find the compromise. there shall be charlemagne, turkeys position. clear your gear as being supporting the open door policy on nato or even before this war. but with regard to this possible candidate already candidate countries, you know, we have also legitimate security concerns that they have been supporting a terrorist organizations and they're also an expert restrictions on earth defense products. every concession turkey winds from the situation will likely isolated further in nato circus, but will win president owed one political points at harm. something he will welcome as turkey heads towards presidential elections next year. now the us is trying to
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convince turkey to soften his position. he'd amused in his paul as in washington covering the story for us. she told us how that meeting went when finland and sweden signal they were thinking of making that historic decision. joining nato. the alliance expected a tough response from moscow not from one of its own. so, ever since turkey raised conditions for accepting the membership, the rest of nato was actually really irritated and pretty outspoken about it. however, we hear from today's meeting between the foreign minister of turkey and biden's national security advisor, blinking that both sides are on a path to find an agreement. but at this point, they don't mention the thir, the specifics in his pull their reporting. now russia says nearly a 1000 ukrainian fighters at the as of style still works in maria paul, have now surrendered. ukraine, now hopes to get them back in a prisoner's fault, but some lawmakers in moscow want some of them put on trial for war crimes.
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possibly even execute it. ukraine says it's still trying to evacuate the remaining fighters from the plot. there are fears that ukrainian fighter is who defended the as of style plant in marty. you. paul could face rough justice from moscow. russian tv show defeated troops being led away from the sprawling steel plant. russia says they will be treated according to international norms, but there have been calls to designate the feared as of regiment, a terrorist organization, or a russian law maker, taking part in peace talks with keith said russia should considered the death penalty for the us of regiment then of us louis, missouri, it's porcelain. they do not deserve to live after the monstrous crimes against humanity that they have committed and that are committed continuously against our prisoners. upwards of mustard bloom, ukraine officials remain hopeful, their soldiers can be exchanged for russian prisoners of war. as national worker from our side, we can say that the negotiation process is ongoing and that the rescue operation
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itself is also ongoing. up to one cor. let us through. there has also been some unprecedented criticism of the war, from unexpected quarters. sam aguilar and a nationalist that the main problem with our military and political position is that we are in full geo political isolation. and that however much we hate to admit us, that virtually the entire world is against us. let me see. and that's the situation we need to get out of flats in lab that we've had them. are you paul victory? marx, a rare win for russia's military in it's 3 months invasion of ukraine, but it could be short lived, finland and sweden have made a joint application to join nato, a further set back to moscow's ambitions to contain the expansion of the block. we asked our correspondent matthews bellinger in hot keith. what was likely to happen to the ukrainian soldiers being held by russian forces that are to say, what's most likely to happen. ukraine is still hoping for a prisoner exchange. um, and this is what we understand was the deal be in the be very beginning,
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but everybody is aware that this kind of deal is not worth a lot until it has happened. the reason why these for fighters half stayed so long in the steel works and why they have not surrendered, despite her having very little food left very little ammunition left, et cetera. was that they feared that in russian hands they would be either executed or tortured. what we're hearing now from moscow, it points to that possibility as well, that might be where they are now in their hands. it's mosque on our wood sides. what will happen to them much as spelling of their reporting. a russian soldier being tried for alleged war crimes in ukraine has admitted killing a 62 year old civilian is the 1st case of its kind since the invasion. ukrainian prosecutor says the child sends a clear message that anyone who commits will crimes will not will not escape
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responsibility. stood in a glass box in a packed courtroom and keith, a russian soldiers, fate hangs in the balance. he's been accused of a war crime. the case sent his on the shooting of an unarmed civilian in the seamy region in the 1st week of russia's invasion of ukraine. worth your while while we were a translator. the judge asks the russian sergeant, if he pleads guilty, she removed the woman from inside the glass box comes the answer. yes, i do know that if we touch, if the court convicts him the 21 year old russian could spend the rest of his life in prison. the lawyer for the accused soldier plans to challenge the war crimes charge despite his clients guilty plea. oh, boucher. well, no, we've moved up with the fact that he pleaded guilty doesn't necessarily mean guilty
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to the exact charges, detailed by the prosecutors. i think it omitted that those events happened. but as for the classification, the court will decide with drug i personally don't see criminal substance in his actions. was over year. from the you. watching the trial is katerina shelley, a pogo, the widow of the killed 62 year old civilian, alexander shelly, a puff. as a young man, her husband used to work with russians during the soviet era for katerina. any forgiveness that is a long way off. can you forgive him? who will need to know they brought too much grief to us is about too many children have been killed. there has been too much brutality or you there, but will do her barbara, ukraine accuses the russian army of committing widespread war crimes. it's
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a charge that moscow denies, but she cranes, prosecutor general, irena vin addict over scene here with journalists is prepare in cases against at least $41.00 russian soldiers back at the court in keys. the countries long fight for justice is just beginning some other developments now in the war in ukraine. united states has reopened. it's embassy and keith. the u. s. state department says a small number of staff will return to the to the ukrainian capital. several countries, including germany, france and britain have reopened their embassies over the past month, off the russian troops withdrew from the region. the international criminal court is sending forensic experts and investigators to ukraine to probe possible crimes against humanity. western allies accused russ russia of committing war atrocities,
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including murdering of civilians. pleasure un secretary general antonio. the terrace has expressed hope of reaching a deal with moscow to allow billions of tons of grain to leave ukrainian ports. ukraine is one of the was leading produces of grain, but the fighting has hampered ex force and st prices soaring, exacerbating the global food security crisis. the european commission has launched a 300000000000 euro plan to and europe's dependence on russian fossil fuels. the main focus is on remit renewable energy. germany, belgium, the netherlands and denmark have all pledge to produce more wind power in the north sea. this is among the ways europe plans to create more home grown energy through enormous offshore wind projects in the north sea. in denmark, representatives met from the european commission and the north sea countries to discuss forging a new path forward. the big reason is that we have to expend the offshore wind
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industry all over the north sea that we have to connect each other that we can make a common business out of it. and that we understand that this snarled time for industrialization. the declaration of intent will soon be followed by concrete projects. concern for the environment is one incentive, but europe also wants to rid itself of dependence on russian oil and gas as quickly as possible. the european commissioners explained how it will work. the re power e u plans are a mix of ideas and concrete regulatory proposals. one of the most important points, speeding up the approval process. veneta re doc adapt deployment. a few of us that he's an elephant in that room, getting a permit might take as long as 9 years for wind, and up to 4 years for a solar projects. so this is time that they do not have in the future. the approval
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of such projects should be possible within a year. alongside wind power, solar energy will also be prioritized. we're proposing a solar rooftop obligation for commercial and public buildings as of 2025. and for new residential buildings as of 2029. i know this is ambitious, but it is realistic. we can do it. to finance this, the e will have to spend a lot of money. more than 300000000000 euros have already been allocated to the plan. football now and wednesday night, so a thrilling conclusion to the rope, a league with an tract, frankfurt winning and a penalty shoot out the bonus league aside. ford of scotland ranges in a tough final in seville. it's frankfurt 1st continental trophy in 42 years. the funds from glasgow in frankfort drank in the beer, and the rope leak atmosphere before the game. amid a searing heat wave in seville,
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perhaps they would have paced themselves a little more if they'd known what lay in store in the final. after a tense, 1st half, a slit from 2 to allow ju, i reboot, to give ranges the lead on 57 minutes. but raphael bery latched on to a great cross from phillip, hostage to equalize and spark bedlam in the front for funds in seville. there was still make thereafter, and so the game went to penalties, and frankfort keeper, kevin trump, safe from out in ramsey, brought to glasgow from event to summit, much fanfare in january to give the germans. the advantage on columbia's boy made his 2nd big contribution of the night, keeping his coolin the heat to give frankfort just their 2nd european trophy and their 1st since the u. f. a cup in 1980 no surprise. it went down pretty well back home and germany has a quick reminder of the top story. we're following for you. jackie has blocked
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talks on finland and sweden joining nato president. richard, i have an accused of the 2 nordic nations of harbouring kurdish terrorist. you're watching the daily news, that's all for me. for now. after a short break a documentary on the fight for algebraic, he writes in the balkans and will all sika, thanks very much for your company. i o, rare natural spectacle improved world. the return of the spiky yellow wood louse will ensure the survival of the entire ecosystem. ah, one of the.


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