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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2022 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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is no because he didn't go into those issues that he's most criticized on. he did not go into much detail weapons deliveries. he didn't announce any new weapons deliveries. but then again, this was all about the speech about the new aspect of things which didn't necessarily have to stop him from announcing something new. so that criticism remains, although he does stress time and time again that his announcement of the site and vendor launched a change in mentality also in other countries. and but that i don't think that will sign as the critics here quite clearly. now the speech comes ahead of an e u summit at the end of this month. what can we expect on the gender at that summit, based on what he said to day. what he did map out is that there will be an e u. solidarity fund that is partly financed by the you itself, but also pledges from member states. and so that is coming. we expect that that
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would if not, we properly set up at be put on tracks during that summer. then there's a question of energy independence. see, that's where the u has committed itself at a meeting in denmark yesterday. to go rush into overdrive it's upping its targets. it really wants to make energy independence from russia. also a fast track into c o 2 neutral fuels. and so there's a green aspect behind that as well. and that is that strategic outlook. and what we still are to learn is where the debate will go on that proposal that is still somewhat hanging in the air here in germany. and in europe over whether there could be a europe of different speed sparked by that case of ukraine. the different speeds, debate being decades old, but ukraine of course, war on the european continent really shocking european leaders into action. so i think it's a long way still until the end of may to see what proposals will be put on the
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table there. we will see what happens d w as chief political editor, mika, inner christner. thank you. turning to the situation on the ground in ukraine. now russia says that nearly a 1000 ukrainian fighters at the as of style still works in mario pull, have now surrendered. most been taken to a prison colony in russian controls territory on the injured are in hospital of moscow says a ukraine hopes to get the soldiers back in a prisoner swap that some russian lawmakers are calling for them to go on trial for war crimes. ukraine says it's still trying to evacuate the remaining fighters from the plant. earlier i asked a correspondent in keith mac sanda, whether any progress was being made and swapping the other style soldiers foot russian prisoners of war. right on. yeah. so there is a lot of a lot of uncertainty of not to say secrecy regarding the fates of the members of
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the hours of regiment, the ro held up one of the are so still works for the last 10 weeks or so. so we heard these on reconfirmed reports by the russian side, that about a 1000 fighters actually fold their military orders and, and abandoned their post. and we're hearing that the russian lawmakers are actually on russian authorities are actually calling for them to be investigated into for, for war crimes and crimes against civilians. so it's not clear if a prisoner swapper will go ahead. it seems that there are still some obstacles in the way there. uh, but let me remind you that ukrainians actually started putting russians on trial for, for war crimes. so this might also be a reaction to that. but at the moment, there's a very little information seeping out. it just, it appears at russia after having, having dealt with the siege for for 4 months. i will do everything they can to make
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us look like a huge victory. he w mac funder in keith. a u. s. president and joe biden will host the leaders of sweden and finland as the 2 nordic nations push ahead. with that base to join nato . new members need unanimous agreement from all 30 current members. the tech, his opposition threatens to derail the price, as president wretch have type at one has accused finland and sweden of harbouring members of the kurdish separatist. p k. k. it's designated by ankara and the west as a terrorist group. but analysts say add one is using the situation to extract other concessions to for turkey. the issue could actually be about us fighter jets. turkey was dropped from the f 35 advanced fight a jet development program in 2019. this was part of a us sanctions packet imposed on the country after it bought a russian air defense system. many believe anchor is now hoping to pressure the u.
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s. into selling it new f. 16 fighter jets instead. an extremely controversial topic in washington. another issue in 2019 sweden halted weapons deliveries to turkey after it attacked kurdish people's defense units in northern syria and launched and offensive there anamosa turkish president reggie type order one could considered this grounds enough to block the start of nato accession talked for sweden and finland possibly destabilizing the alliance and the process would it would play into president putin's hands. it would send a signal that there is no unity with the nato. the wrong signal at precisely the wrong moment signifies insipid. in new york, u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin and his turkish counterpart medlock shop shallow met in an attempt to find the compromise there. shall charlemagne turkeys position clear to gear as being supporting the open door policy or nato or even
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before this war. but with regard to this possible candidate already candidate countries, you know, we have also legitimate security concerns that they have been supporting eh, terrace organizations and they're also an expert restrictions on earth defense products. every concession turkey winds from the situation will likely isolated further in nato circles, but will win president owed one political points at harm. something he will welcome as turkey heads towards presidential elections next year, other. the un secretary general antonio terrace is express hope of reaching a deal with moscow to allow millions of tons of grain to leave ukrainian ports. ukraine is one of the world's leading produces of grain, but the war has hampered exports via the black sea. and is exacerbating the global food security crisis. now the romanian port of constantia has become
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a vital hub for grain shipments. t w's jack park reports. now on the challenges that it's facing. this ukrainian cone would never have been here at the port of con stanza, before russia's invasion. it would have been shipped out of the now closed port of odessa, 250 kilometers up the black sea coast. it's good for business for the operators here, but there are concerns about capacity. i actually we do me problems that come on the one where we done done. we can manage over the lenient one in the, in green one, no green in many, many store but we're not moving on the green one. once this vessel leaves port $210000.00 tons of ukrainian corn will be shipped out since the start of april. but that's just one percent of the 20000000 tons of grain that needs to be shifted in the next 3 months. before these
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ukranian fields are harvested to avoid major bottlenecks which could cause it to rocked. pretty much all of the corn that coming in to the porter consanzo is from ukraine at the moment. this vote is had it from here though, to rotterdam. but many of the vessels go to north africa and the middle east, and there are real fears of an increase in fish shortages and famine. if supply bottlenecks arise, the port authority says it's doing everything it can. we don't have a lot of choice. what are, if i, i screaming and the here, everywhere, it's very easy to scream, i don't, i cannot do nothing. i cannot, this is showcase is hunt time. everybody. this is a special situation and everybody must accommodate this situation. french solution concerns a port has another problem though. 700 of these wagons lay rusting on the ports on the used train lines held in judicial limbo, following legal battles between state and private entities. the countries transport
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minister says a new 40000000 euro project will renovate 95 romanian train lines before the end of the year. partly to make switching wheels to accommodate trains arriving from the east, which use white trucks or 30th 40 yes is, is 2 tracks or a bad. so now we must do ingle arts in order to, to modernize this line, the soviet type of lines and to come directly in the hell hardware. this really is a graveyard of these old cargo carriages right now. were few 100 meters away from the ports of can stanza, and the plan is that this won't only support with the ukrainian shipments that are coming in, but also that it will help rejuvenate this area for the future. but in the short term, europe's approaching summer will only me more grains coming in and with no end to
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the war in sight pressure on the infrastructure hearing consent, the the only set my alarm and the war and ukraine has highlighted the world's reliance not only on food from one region, but also energy. now the european commission has launched a 300000000000 euro plan to end europe's dependence on russian fossil fuels. and the main focus is on renewable energy. germany. belgian, the netherlands and denmark of all pledged to produce more wind power in the north sea. this is among the ways europe plans to create more home grown energy through enormous offshore wind projects in the north sea. in denmark, representatives met from the european commission and the north sea countries to discuss forging a new path forward. the big question is that we have to expend the offshore wind industry all over the north sea that we have to connect each other that we can make
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a common business out of it. and we understand that this snarled time for industrialization. the declaration of intent will soon be followed by concrete projects. concern for the environment is one incentive, but europe also wants to rid itself of dependence on russian oil and gas as quickly as possible. the european commissioners explained how it will work. the re power e u plans are a mix of ideas and concrete regulatory proposals. one of the most important points, speeding up the approval process. veneta re doke out topic deployment. a few of us that he's an elephant in that room, getting a permit might take as long as 9 years for wind, and up to 4 years for a solar projects. so this is time that they do not have in the future. the approval of such projects should be possible within a year. alongside wind power, solar energy will also be prioritized. we're proposing
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a solar rooftop obligation for commercial and public buildings as of 2025. and for new residential buildings as of 2029. i know this is ambitious, but it is realistic. we can do it. to finance this, the e will have to spend a lot of money. more than 300000000000 euros have already been allocated to the plan some football years now and wednesday night. so a thrilling conclusion to the rope and league with an hut and foot winning in a penalty shoot out a bundle. think aside for self scotlands rangers, and a tough final infidel, it's frank, that's 1st continental trophy in 42 years. the funds from glasgow and frankfurt drank in the beer and the europe league atmosphere before the game. amid a searing heat wave in seville, perhaps they would have placed themselves a little more if they'd known what lay in store in the final. after a tense,
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1st half, a slit from 2 to allow ju, i reboot, to give ranges the lead on 57 minutes. but raphael bery latched on to a great cross from phillip hostage to equalize and spark bedlam in the frankfurt. pansy seville there was still make thereafter, and so the game went to penalties, and frankfort keeper, kevin trump, safe from out in rumsey brought to glasgow from event to summit, much fanfare. january to give the germans. the advantage on columbia's borreo made his 2nd big contribution of the night, keeping his to limit the heat to give frankfort just their 2nd european trophy and their 1st since the u. f. a cup in 1980. no surprise. it went down pretty well back home in germany. time for a quick reminder of the top stories that were following. flea german chancellor, will actually, it says, ukraine's allies will not accept if he's dictated by russian president vladimir putin in a keynote address to parliament trial. it's also pledged to work quickly towards
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european energy independence from russia and uncertainty surrounds the fate of many ukrainian vices that russia says have surrendered at the marriott full steel plants . moscow says some have been taken to a penal colony in russian controls territory. ukraine says it's doing all it can to evacuate those fighters still inside the plants. do what you need of the news. i'll be back with another news updates at the top of the our government that you can always get global headlines and analysis on our website. d, w dot com. thanks for watching and cc'd with. we've all heard that when something is free online. we are the product and big tech companies have gotten rid of of our data, but many say they have also become far too powerful. so what can be done about these data giants? that's our topic on shift today. ah,
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a big tech companies collect user data, analyze it, and then use it for their own means. this provides us with a lot of comfortable services, but it's also allowed these global companies to grow incredibly rich and mighty. even in the u. s. people are now saying that google, amazon, facebook and apple or gaffer, have become too powerful. but what does this mean exactly? the global data collection machine may seem to be out of control, but controlling its leavers are the heads of google, amazon, facebook, and apple. we indirectly pay for free services, like google maps in whatsapp, that data every click purchase like we make gets collected and analyzed by tech companies. this allows them to better understand that uses and other companies to
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create more targeted personalized ads. the gaffer group has become infamous, not least because of their cutthroat business models. they take the profit they make on their respective platforms and use this to buy other companies to take over new market areas. not jack competitors or higher top level professionals. over the past decade, google and it's parent company, alphabet acquired more than a $120.00 companies facebook around 80, and amazon around to 90. this makes it harder for uses to escape the clutches of gaffa. take facebook following the popularity of instagram and whatsapp. facebook bought both companies and thus eliminated them as competitors. then this google, which has often rigged search results to favor its own services. for example, if a user wants to buy something, they may 1st want to compare prices and will likely be led to the service google
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shopping. if they then get forwarded to a retailers website, google gets a provision. meanwhile, competing sites like the german idiology, are ranked lower in the search which puts them at a disadvantage. we see a similar situation with apple. it used to be important to have a store in a prime location when you were releasing a new product. these days, if you're releasing an app, you need to pay apples to get prime listing in its app store, which gives apple sway in which programs uses install on their phones. amazon meanwhile is no longer just an e commerce and cloud computing giant. it's also one of the biggest media companies in 2019 amazon invested $7000000000.00 into music series and films, and that was before it board m g m m, as as india division is currently in trouble. according to reports, it's systematically copied items sold by 3rd parties and then rigged search results
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to favor its own products. the problem is that amazon is not just a platform, it's also a retailer itself, and it competes for customers on its own platform. one woman who is fighting big tech monopolies is lena com. the antitrust scholar and law professor was recently appointed. the chair of the u. s. is federal trade commission and she's got big tech worried is white. some call her the wonder woman behind a new wave of anti trust laws. lina con intends to break up america's tech giant. but taking on, gaffer is no small feat. con, was born in london to pakistani parents. the family moved to the us when she was 11 years old, now 30 to conquer, up with the internet. and she skeptical about the huge influence, big tech have on society or the financial times of culture, a legal one day kent and the new york times described her as
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a celebrity in the corridors of washington. in june of this year, she was sworn in as chair of the federal trade commission laid as part of a movement. the movement is absolutely a threat to google facebook and amazon, as we know them today. lena khan is the youngest chair present in the history of the u. s. as top competition watchdog and she's lungs in the need for a change in washington. back in 2018, she said, the fact that these dominant platforms, google, amazon, are now effectively serving as infrastructure for other businesses. and that creates a relationship of dependence. but in addition to serving as infrastructure for other businesses, amazon and google are integrated and all these other lines and that puts them in direct competition with the companies relying on their infrastructure. she was previously at the open markets institute where a mentor of hers,
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barry lynn still works there too. she researched how anti trust laws were failing to check the power of big tech. the group of thinkers back in the late seventies early eighties. they just changed the rules and they made it easier, far easier for people to make monopoly, to concentrate power. so it's kind of a one to punch, change the rules, and then you have a new technology that rises up in this new radical li, different world corporation. like amazon, 30 years ago would have been outlawed last in the last you can publish amazon anti trust. in this article, she argued that just because the new technology amazon provides customers with low prices, it should not get a pass on anti competitive behavior. these days kind of become a thought after interview partner. she's the key figure and the investigation of how big tech abuse their market power. and she has clear views about what can be
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done about it and why we should all care. there was a very clear recognition in the legislative history that in the same ways that concentration of political power threatened democracy, concentration of ex power also threatened democracy. user data is worth billions information about who we are, what we like, and even our illnesses and fears is the oil that fuels the digital economy. it's used to help customers, edwards, and sell products. and more and more aspects of our lives are being digitalized. so much so that global data amounts i expected to increase to $175.00. that abides per year by 2025 for reference that abide has $21.00 zero's. it's a 1000000000 terabytes. at the moment, it's mainly the tech giant's profiting from these huge amounts of data. china's rulers think this should change the countries communist party is restricting the unchecked expansion of chinese take giants so that it can profit from data. the
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chinese food delivery giant may twan has been fined. in october 2021. it was ordered to pay more than $460000000.00 euros. china's state administration for market regulation found may twan had effectively forced to provide is to sign exclusivity agreements with the platform and thus violated anti trust laws. it was not the 1st chinese online company to be penalized. the e commerce tighten ali baba was hit with a fine equaling 2400000000 euros for abusing its dominant position in the market. and that's not all the payment provider ali pay is to be broken up. the plan is 4 separate loans up to be created and part of the use of data turned over to a new joint venture, partly owned by the state. all of these measures are part of beijing's crack down on chinese tech firms, as the communist party wants strict regulations. according to
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a law drafted by china's cyberspace watchdog, government bodies ought to be given access to social media algorithms, which uses will be able to turn off. the secrecy of social media algorithms has often in criticized, also in the us and europe. but expos worried the new measures in china will lead to posts that favor the potty and its values being pushed. while politically dissident content will be sensitive even more, more state controlled, so that online shines on the only ones profiting from the digital revolution. is that the right approach? or should it be? we use us who have control over our own data in a traffic jam at a bus stop or embed wherever we are online activities generate data. but what with the will look like if this data didn't flow mainly into the hands if take giants, what if it were being used for the good of society?
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data could help when prefer trafficking a kitchen where we need more public transport options and identifying which streets are heavily congest stanton. information about which food items we buy could help decide which helps to prioritize. scientists at the fountain of institute and looking into how the data market can be made safer and more beneficial than if i mentioned to someone who wants to have sovereignty over their data. they need to know where their daughter is and how it is being processed. but you also need to be able to control which companies have access to your daughter and what they can do with it. this is a part of the democratic process because it entails self determination and being responsible for your own data. but the cities of amsterdam and barcelona ran a 3 year pilot project that gave people more control over their personal data. for example, citizens were able to confirm their identity in an amp without having to reveal
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their name or social security number. to date no data sovereignty project has really succeeded, however, a fact which is partly due to technical challenges and on the spelling. 3rd, los, and a new one. interesting area is anonymity on route among people tend to think anonymity is beneficial because it means they will be harder to identify and can blend into the crowd believe. but it poses a problem for daughter sovereignty. because there we are trying to connect people to their data so that they can profit from it, or to run a poverty and country by removing that connection. citizens would no longer be able to benefit from their data because because of government pilots will hi. this is why florian loaf and his colleagues at the town hall for institute, say compromises may be in order in the light on an ms. young when it comes to anonymous zation, they could be a weaker and anonymous zation procedure hom. this would ensure that
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a person is identifiable, but that they can only be tracked by a number. such a process would require a trusted body acting within the ecosystem. tim's mitigate the research as suggest that a public data body or institute should be set up between uses and spec tech so that users can better control the flow of their data. although this wouldn't achieve full independence from facebook and co. it would be a step towards data sovereignty. mm. europe has a plan to re claim data sovereignty, which is the project gaga x. this will challenge u. s. and chinese cloud dominance by creating an open and transparent data infrastructure for the whole of europe. i. it would be amazing if uses and not as companies could decide who our data is, chad with, and what purposes it gets used for. what you pay for services like google on facebook if it meant you own your data. and if so, how much?
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let us know your thoughts. let's it for me this week. see you next time i blue with ah, with
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who into the conflict zone with sebastian as the kremlin began its war against you, crated force, but closure brushes, lofton, defend the media outlets to secure absolute control. of the public narrative about the invasion, but did it work? my guess is with a presenter on one of the last channels to be shut down conflict zone in minutes. d w a started out with disputation and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states. its members white for
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a racist state by white supremacy founded over 150 years ago, repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. in 75 minutes on d, w. o 2016, that's a good bunch of the queen casa wants to see if germany was for me. the last few years have been quite a ride. get a brilliant touch with the german. and i've already done the homework when it comes to jem a bit on of course i always look right in the eyes for a kid, but perhaps the biggest on the new hobby at $900.00 longer approve. i want to be in the huge barrier person americans, but when you're feeling multiple giving your realize it's coach, it's not the way of living. are you ready to meet the 7th then join me right to do it on b, w i
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lose . ah, this is dw news life from berlin, a plea from the united nations to moscow. antonio terrace tells russia to allow the safe and secure exports of grain from ukraine to stave off global food insecurity and starvation.


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