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a young people clearly have the solution that future loans the 77 percent every weekend, andy w ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. an urgent plea from the united nations to moscow. antonio botanist tells russia to allow the safe and secure export of brain from ukraine to prevent global food insecurity and starvation. also coming off,
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germany's chance level of shows says he will not upset a piece dictated by vladimir putin speech to parliament. he also promises to help cups europe free from its energy reliance on russia. ah, i'm gabelle for us. thanks for joining us. the united nations says in the war, in euchre in ukraine could make a global foot crisis much worse, leading to hunger and famine that could last years. speaking at a major un summit in new york secretary general antonio terrace, said russia invasion of ukraine was the latest factor driving global food insecurity. on top of the pandemic and global warming, with her said he was in intense contacts with russia and other countries to address that situation. that is no effective solution to the food crises,
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without reading the grade. think ukraine's woods with auction, as well as the food and fertilizer products produced by rush and belittles into world markets despite the war. russia must but meet the safe and secure exports of grains stored in ukraine ports. alternative transportation routes can be explored, even if we know that by itself, they will not be enough to solve the problem. and russian foot and fertilizers must that andrew steel accessed to world markets without in direct impediments. antonio with her speaking bell is now bringing our correspond max seller was standing by in the key of for as much give us a sense of how important ukraine is in the global food supply chain. incredibly important. gatt, ukraine is called the bread basket of europe for a reason. it's one of the world's largest and producers and exporters of different
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types of grains, different types of agriculture products such as wheat or barley and corn. and in 2020 ukraine was actually the 5th largest exporter of wheat in the entire world. so this has huge significance for worldwide supply chains, and also a lot of humanitarian aid to some of the poorest countries in africa. and in little, middle east comes from ukraine, so also huge implications there. now in which way is the war currently impacting food production and exports? right, so farmers square conscripted, some farms couldn't operate due to a war activity going on in the region. the russians have in the past and still are targeting a sidles, for example, in every cultural businesses. but that being said, ukraine produces a lot more agriculture products, and it can't domestically consume. and at right now, the country is sitting on a huge stockpile that it cannot get rid of. it's actually running out of storage capacity at the moment. and that is because the ports are blocked. the ports are
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the, the main exit point for, for these goods. and the se around maria pull at the see of also is controlled by the russians. and in that southwest, a portable desa as a blocked and ships cannot leave and enter at to take away the exports. i know we're hearing that right now, roughly 90000000 tons of grain are stuck at creating ports and cannot exit the country. and, and now what's being done to address these issues. right, so there are talks between the us and russia and other key key actors in this, um, these talks are intense and there's not much information coming out. so russia has reasons to keep the situation as it is at, as it is profiting from the situation. the you, on the other hand, is trying to help explore other ways of trying to help find routes through europe. this could be, for example, river ports in the south west of the country, close to the remaining border. but they are nowhere near the capacity of the see ports and then the most feasible option right now. what's being done now is grain
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is being load not to trains and is being brought to the you borders through the countries like poland, slovakia, and romania, 2 ports there. but this also takes a lot of time and there are some obstacles. and in terms of this, but this is pride now the best an option to exports and agriculture products max under reporting from key of that for us. thank you much. as we've been hearing the was drastically hampered exports. why the black sea and is exacerbating the global food security crisis. now the romanian port of constantia as become a vital hub, full grain shipments, but it's anything but smooth sailing there as the w's jack parrot reports. this ukrainian cone would never have been here at the port of con stanza, before russia's invasion. it would have been shipped out of the now closed port of odessa,
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250 kilometers up the black sea coast. it's good for business for the operators here, but there are concerns about capacity. i actually we knew me problems that come on the one where it got it and then we can manage over the me and one in the, in green, one green in many storms. but we're not moving a hardwood partner in what was this vessel leaves? port 210000 tons of ukrainian corn will be shipped out since the start of april. but that's just one percent of the 20000000 tons of grain that needs to be shifted in the next 3 months. before these ukranian fields are harvested to avoid major bottlenecks, which could cause it to rocked. pretty much all of the corners coming in to the porter consanzo is from ukraine at the moment. this boat is headed from here though,
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to rotted up. but many of the vessels go to north africa and the middle east, and they're a real phase of an increase in food shortages and famine. if supply bottlenecks arise, the port authority says it's doing everything it can. we don't have other choice. what are if i i screaming and the here hedrick where it's very easy to scream, i don't, i cannot do nothing. i cannot, this is showcase is hard time. everybody. this is a special her situation and everybody must accommodate this situation. french solution, konstanz a port has another problem. no. 700 of these wagons, lay rusting on the ports under used train lines held in judicial limbo, following legal battles between state and private entities. the countries transport minister says a new 40000000 euro project will renovate 95 romanian train lines before the end of the year. partly to make switching wheels to accommodate trains arriving from the east, which use wider tracks for 30 or 40 years. this 2 tracks wore
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a ban. so now we invest 2 ingle arts in order to, to modernize this line, the soviet type of lies and to come directly in the hell harbor. this really is a graveyard of these old cargo carriages right now. we're few 100 meters away from the ports of can stanza, and the plan is that this won't only support with the ukrainian shipments that are coming in, but also that it will help rejuvenate this area for the future. but in the short term, europe's approaching summer will only me more grains coming in and with no end to the war in sight pressure on the infrastructure. hearing cassandra is only that the pi along germany's chance all of shaw says ukraine's allies will not accept a piece dictated by russian president vladimir putin. he was speaking to parliament
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ahead of an extraordinary european council meeting in brussels at the end of the month, focused on the war in ukraine. sholtes also pledged to supply arms to ukraine and to work quickly towards your p, an energy independence from russia. but he said there would be no short cuts for ukrainian e u membership saying it could take many years, 3 months after the russian obeisance schwartz has been heavily criticized for not doing enough to help ukraine. he has yet to visit the country. unlike many of germany's allies led sir, take listen to some marshals speech to germany's parliament to day. not emma globbed quoting hootin, still believes that he can bomb his way into dictating the peace. it is wrong of yours that he was wrong in judging the unity of the ukrainians. carino, under the termination of our alliances alliance guilt, russia will not dictate a peace because the ukrainians won't accept it. and we won't accept in the hearts
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of t audio or the prose speaking earlier today. joining me now from the german parliament as d w as chief political editor, mckayla kuth limited. what was the key takeaways for you from short speech? thank you. take away was that he is simply once europe to stand united and to stand up to vladimir putin. there was an interesting nuance in his language, though he said that that russia must not win. and that ukraine must withstand, he didn't st. they say that ukraine must win, so my interpretation there would be that he is quite clear about the fact that he might have to sit down at the negotiating table with letting me put in a hopefully in the nearer than the further future. and am calling on european unity that he spelled out a bit what homework you still has to do, and that is the joint fund. it wants to set up for the reconstruction of ukraine.
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and on that key question of whether there can be a fast track and towards you membership, he clearly said no, but without really endorsing or rejecting. what the french present in mano mccoy had suggested when he was talking about a community of political community of values that could exist on the road to membership, creating something like a fast track there. so. so a lot to talk about when, as he does actually sit down, now all a short has received a lot of flak recently over his are perceived week response on ukraine. did he do enough with his speech to day to silence his critics at home and abroad? the so the answer is no, and it is always the right of the opposition leader. foolish mat sir, who stepped into anger and michael's footsteps there to criticize the chancellor. and there was very clear criticism. there still is the impression that germany was too late to pledge the hardware heavy weapons and is too late to actually physically deliver it that the training that it's currently conducting am on
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a how it systems ended with ukrainian soldiers should have started 10 weeks ago. now they would be ready and also on the financing because when it was like 3 days after the outbreak of the who and now he's at the site and vendor, this historic, a change of pace in history. really. he also announced 100000000000 extra defense depending. well, he needs the opposition for that. and so far there decidedly not convinced that he was chief political editor, michelle, a cooper there. thank you very much, mckayla i have some football news now wednesday and i saw a thrilling conclusion to the euroleague with and her front foot winning in a penalty shoot out the bonus league aside. fought off scotlands rangers and a tough file in seville. it's frank woods 1st continental trophy in 42 years. the funds from glasgow and frankfort drank in the beer and the euroleague
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atmosphere before the game. amid a searing heat wave in seville, perhaps they would have paced themselves a little more if they'd known hotly in store in the final. as to retents 1st half, a slip from 2 to allow ju, i reboot, to give ranges to lead on 57 minutes. but raphael bery latched on to a great cross from fill it caused it to equalize and spark bedlam in the frankfurt funds in seville. there was still make thereafter. and so the game went to penalties. and frank bookkeeper, kevin trump, safe from out in ramsey, brought to glasgow from event to some, had much fun, fair in january, to give the germans the advantage on columbia's boy made his 2nd big contribution of the night, keeping his crew limit the heat to give frankfort just their 2nd european trophy and their 1st since the u. f. a cup in 1980. no surprise it went down pretty well back home in germany. and the frankfurt team are due to
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touch down in their home city in the coming hours to continue the celebrations. as many as 50000 fans were in civil menu who didn't even have a ticket for the match itself up as view, it was the way most eagles fans shed their joy. frankfurt home ground will host the trophies celebrations. it was the scene of his sin. biggest view body and may have been where many have spent the whole night. oh, i to elation from us as well. you watching. t w's is a reminder. the top story we're following for you. un secretary general antonio. a good cherish says he's an intense contact with russia and ukraine over efforts to restore the export of rain from the region to terror says at the war threatens to
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tip tens of millions of people over the edge into food insecurity and german chance that all of shaw says ukraine's allies will not accept the p, dictated by russia's presidency. let me put it in a keynote address to parliament sholtes also to work quickly towards european energy independence from russia. and that's it from me and the news team. g 7, finance ministers are meeting to discuss how they can keep war told you praying to float. and stephen busy past more on that in business. coming up with one of.


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