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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, an urgent play from the united nations to moscow. antonia good cherish tells russia to allow the safe and secure export of grain from ukraine to prevent global food
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insecurity. and starvation. also coming up germany is, chancellor shaw says he will not accept a piece dictated by vladimir putin in a speech to parliament. he also promises to help cut europe free from its energy reliance on rush plus a d w exclusive investigation poses. the question is, europe helping modernized, shy in us army? we joined a team of investigative journalists of uncovered links between european academia and chinese universities that are fostering a fusion between the military and self civil society. ah, i'm gab elvis, thanks for joining us. the united nations says air the war in ukraine could make
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a global food crisis, much worse, leading to hunger and famine that could last year's speaking as a major un summit in new york secretary general antonio terrace said, russia's invasion of ukraine was the latest factor driving global food insecurity on top of the pandemic and global warming, with harris said he was an intense contacts with russia and other countries. to address this situation. there is no effective solution to the food crazes without reading the grade. think ukraine's woods with action, as well as the food and fertilizer products produced by russian bellows into world markets. despite the war, russia must permit the safe and secure exports of great install the new canadian ports. alternative transportation routes can be explored, even if we know that by itself, they will not be enough to solve the problem. and russian food and fertilizers must
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have and restricted accessed to world markets without indirect impediments. earlier mcsaunder are corresponded and keith explained how important ukraine is for the global food supply chain. incredibly important get ukraine is called the bread basket of europe. for reason it's one of the world's largest and producers and exporters of different types of grains, different types of agriculture products such as weights are barley and corn, and 2020 ukraine was actually the 5th largest exporter of wheat in the entire world . so this has huge significance for worldwide supply chains and also a lot of humanitarian aid to some of the poorest countries in africa and in little middle east comes from ukraine. so also huge implications there. now in which way is the war currently impacting food production and exports? right, so farmers were conscripted, some farms couldn't operate due to
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a war activity going on in the region. the russians have in the past and still are targeting sidles, for example, in every cultural businesses. but that being said, ukraine produces a lot more agriculture products, and it can't domestically consume. and at right now, the country sitting on a huge stockpile that it cannot get rid of. it's actually running out of storage capacity at the moment. that is because the ports are blocked, the ports are the, the main exit point for, for these goods. in the southeast, around maria pull at the sea of oz off is controlled by the russians. and in that southwest, a port of odessa, as a blocked and ships cannot leave and enter at to take away the exports. and we're hearing that right now. roughly 90000000 tons of grain are stuck at cranium ports and cannot exit the country. and, and now what's being done to address these issues, right, so there are talks between the us and russia and other key key actors in this, um, these talk serv. intense and there's not much information coming out. so russia has
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reasons to keep the situation as it is, it is, it is profiting from the situation. the you, on the other hand, is trying to help explore other ways of trying to help find routes through europe. this could be, for example, river ports and the south west of the country close to the remaining border, but they are nowhere near the capacity of the see ports and then the most feasible option right now what's being done now is grain is being load not to trains and is being brought to the you borders through the countries like poland, slovakia, and romania, 2 ports there. but this also takes a lot of time and there are some obstacles and in terms of this, but this is pride. now the best option to exports. agriculture products mocks under reporting from key of that for us. thank you much as the war and ukraine has drastically hampered exports, wire the black sea and is exacerbating the global food security crisis. the
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romanian port of constantia has become a vital hop for grain shipments, but it's anything but snoo smooth sailing there either. as d w's jack parish reports, this ukrainian coon would never have been here at the port of con stanza, before russia's invasion. it would have been shipped out of the now closed port of odessa 250 kilometers up the black sea coast. it's good for business for the operators here, but there are concerns about capacity i see with problem. one of them will be that we get minute over the me and one in the and green one go green in many school, but of course not moving on. the reason why was this vessel leaves port $210000.00 tons of ukrainian corn will be shipped out since the start of april. but
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that's just one percent of the 20000000 tons of grain that needs to be shifted in the next 3 months. before these ukranian fields are harvested to avoid major bottlenecks, which could cause it to rot. pretty much all of the corn that coming in to the port of con thunder is from ukraine at the moment. this vote is headed from here though, to rotterdam. but many of the vessels go to north africa and the middle east, and there are real fears of an increase in food shortages and famine. if supply bottlenecks arise, the port authority says it's doing everything it can. we don't have out of choice. what are you? i screaming and the hear heddrick who it is very easy to scream. i don't, i generally do nothing. i general, this is showcase is hard time. everybody. this is a special her. she ation and everybody must accommodate this situation. friends solution, konstanz a port has another problem. no. 700 of these wagons,
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lay rusting on the ports under used train lines held in judicial limbo, following legal battles between state and private entities. the countries transport minister says a new 40000000 euro project will renovate 95 romanian train lines before the end of the year. partly to make switching wheels to accommodate trains. arriving from the east, which use wide tracks for 30 or 40 years is the tracks wore a ban. so now we invested in gallery, in order to, to modernize this line, the soviet type of for lies and to come directly in the hell harbor. this really is a graveyard of these old cargo carriages right now. we're few 100 meters away from the ports of can stanza, and the plan is that this won't only support with the ukrainian shipments that are coming in,
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but also that it will help rejuvenate this area for the future. but in the short term, europe's approaching summer will only me more grains coming in and with no end to the war in sight pressure on the infrastructure. hearing cassandra, the only set my alarm, let's have a look now at some of the other developments in the war in ukraine. the red cross says it has begun registering hundreds of prisoners of war who surrendered at the ukrainian port of maria pal fears or growing that russia could be organizing. show trials for the soldiers accusing them of war crimes. some russian lawmakers have even called for the prisoners to be executed. the 1st russian soldier on trial for war crimes in ukraine, as asked for forgiveness in a key of court, was addressing the widow of a 62 year old civilian whom he admitted killing in the 1st days of the invasion. it's the 1st such case since the war began 3 months ago. german chance the whole of
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shaw says ukraine's allies will not accept a peace dictated by russian president vladimir putin. he was speaking to parliament ahead of an extraordinary european council meeting in brussels at the end of the month, which is focused on the war in ukraine. shawls also pledged to supply arms to ukraine and to work quickly towards european energy independence from russia. but he said there would be no shortcuts for ukrainian e u membership, saying it could take many years. 3 months after the russian invasion, schultz has been heavily criticized for not doing enough to help ukraine. he has yet to visit the country. unlike many of germany's allies, a stake listen to some martial speech to the german parliament. earlier today. no, emma globbed protein. hooton's still believes that he can bomb his way into dictating the piece of it. but he's wrong via i think he was wrong in judging the unity of the ukrainians. karina, under the termination of our alliances,
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a young get at russia will not dictate a piece because the ukrainians won't accept it. and we won't accept her in the accepted or via of earlier i asked the w as chief political editor, mckayla krishna to outline the key takeaways from the chancellor speech. the key takeaway was that he is simply once europe to stand united and to stand up to vladimir putin. there was an interesting nuance in his language, though he said that that russia must not win. and that ukraine must withstand, he didn't that they say that ukraine must win. so my interpretation there would be that he is quite clear about the fact that he might have to sit down at the negotiating table with letting the uprooting hopefully in the nearer than the further future. and calling on european unity that he spelled out a bit what homework you still has to do, and that is the joint fund. it wants to set up for the reconstruction of ukraine.
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and on that key question of whether there can be a fast track. it was you membership, he clearly said no, but without really endorsing or rejecting what the french present a man or my call had suggested when he was talking about a community of political community of values that could exist on the road to membership, creating something like a fast track there, so the lot to talk about when those leaders actually sit down. now all of shorts has received a lot of flak. recently overs are perceived week response on ukraine. did he do enough with his speech today to silence his critics at home and abroad? the so the answer is no, and it is always the right of the opposition leader foolish. matt said, who stepped into anger and michael's footsteps there to criticize the chancellor. and there was very clear criticism. there still is the impression that germany who was too late to pledge the hardware, heavy weapons and it's too late to actually physically deliver it. that the
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training that it's currently conducting an on a how it says systems ended with ukrainian soldiers should have started 10 weeks ago. now they would be ready and also on the financing because when it was like 3 days after the outbreak of the who and now he's at the site and vendor, this historic change of pace in history. really. he also announced 100000000000 extra defense depending. well, he needs the opposition for that, and so far there decidedly not convinced that obvious chief political editor, michelle acoustic there, thank you very much. mckayla you as president joe biden will host the leaders of sweden and finland as the 2 nordic nations pushed ahead with their bids to join nato. new members need unanimous agreement from all 30 current members, but turkey's opposition threatens to derail the process. president, wrestle, tribe,
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erewhon has accused finland and sweden of harbouring members of the kurdish separatist, p k. k. it's designated by encore and the west as a terrorist group. but analysts say add on is using the situation to extract other concessions to for turkey. the issue could actually be about us fighter jets. turkey was dropped from the f 35 advanced fighter jet development program in 2019. this was part of the us sanctions packet imposed on the country after it bought a russian air defense system. many believe anchor is now hoping to pressure the u. s. and to selling it new f. 16 fighter jets instead. an extremely controversial topic and washington, another issue in 2019 sweden halted weapons deliveries to turkey. after it attacked kurdish people's defense units in northern syria and launched and offensive there.
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anamosa turkish president reject type odor. one could considered this grounds enough to block the start of nato. accession talked for sweden and finland, possibly destabilizing the alliance. and the process would, it would play into president putin's hands. it would send a signal that there is no unity within nato. the wrong signal at precisely the wrong moment ignites of 5. since i pulled in new york, u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin and his turkish counterpart may float, shop of shallow met in an attempt to find the compromise there. shall charlemagne turkeys position clear your gear as being supporting the open door policy on nato or even before this war. but with regard to this possible or candidate already, candidate countries, you know, we have also legitimate security concerns that they have been supporting her terrorist organizations. and they're also an expert restrictions on earth defense
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products. every concession turkey winds from the situation will likely isolated further in nato circles, but will, when president owed one political points at harm, something he will welcome as turkey heads towards presidential elections next year or the now let's take a look now, some of the other stories making headlines around the world. you as president joe biden has invoke the defense production act to boost the supply of baby formula emitter nationwide shortage. these also authorized flights to bring an impulse from overseas. the shortage is a result of supply chain disruptions and a huge baby formula. recall by a major manufacturer campaigning as on the way and thailand's capital bank hawk ahead of sundays local elections. there is the 1st time in 9 years that residents will get to choose their governor. all suggest candidates opposed to military rule or in the lead. the contest is being watched as a bellwether,
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the head of general elections expected. next year. more shanghai residents have been allowed to shop for groceries for the 1st time. in nearly 2 months, people were given passes, permitting them to leave their homes for 40 minutes. it's part of authorities plans to gradually exit the harsh over 19 lockdown. a dw investigation has revealed our collaboration between scientists in europe and china might be having some unintended consequences. together with partners from 6 other countries. d. w has been working with china science investigation for months . the team has been probing how european researchers have cooperated with china's national university of defense technology. now there revealed some startling findings. thank you. who knew to about the tools? this is a promotional video for one of china's top universities. to me is my,
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who should enter the journey of strengthening the military and below that some head of building a well class land you the videos for the national university of defense technology or an u. d t. a place that's deeply integrated with the chinese military. it's all part of what's called military civil fusion, as practiced by china's ruling communist party, military civil fusion or m c. f is enormously important because it essentially inserts the military into all aspects of the economy and vice versa. ok, so why are we talking about this? will the n u d t and other chinese universities like it have been getting help in their mission? from right here in europe, d, w in its partners in the china science investigation, have been investigating links between these institutions and european universities . and we've discovered
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a huge array of connections. including almost 3000 scientific publications, co authored by both sides some on highly sensitive subject. german researches have worked on more than 230 papers with the n u d t. so this is a big trove of papers. we looked at a lot of them and a lot of them seem quite a lot. yes. but we also find some papers that might have a jewel use applications. so that means they could be useful civilian, but also for military purposes. one quite interesting example is a study that looks at how you contract groups of people. and china, of course, is the surveillance state that might have an interest in tracking. for example, a certain ethnic group like the weekends, so you can see this is an interesting example that could have civilian but also more nefarious military application research on dual use technologies is meant to
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be carefully regulated. so we talked to the head of one major funding body who was that was and the must emphasize that the german research foundation doesn't fund any research with military relevance. that is excluded from funding for the home. and yet, as our investigation shows questionable, research projects have been happening. yeah, no problem. so he asked the junior minister, responsible, why the government isn't preventing this. he pointed to germany's constitution. what is the thought of and art in germany? we guarantee academic freedoms or research buddies and scientists decide for themselves. we can't do that centrally from berlin and we don't want to be mom. now there's no evidence at this point that laws have been broken. both the european union and germany have declared china to be a systemic rival and authoritarian state. there's pushing for a very different kind of world. china expert devi kirsten tattler says,
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doing the kind of sensitive scientific research with china that we've uncovered is deeply complacent. there's a saying don't bite the hand that feeds you and i would actually turn it around and say, don't feed the hand, the bytes you the national university of defense technology is clear what it's trying to achieve. we dedicate our lives to the modernization of the national defense. i mean, do question. is your opinion universities really want to help? well, i'm not joined by, isn't it as much as the head of the w's investigative team summer. welcome to the studio. now, what's wrong with corporation with collaboration with, with, with china. why, what's, what's the big deal here? well, essentially get, we're looking at the grey zone of scientific corporation between chinese and european and scientists here. so what i mean by greys owing is it's not like
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european scholars are actively collaborating with their chinese partners to help china build the world's best army. that is clearly not, they are intention. but as one security saw us here in germany told us, scientists are living in their very own scientific bubbles. so they want to advance research. they want to progress and science, and that's as far as they think. now to give you a practical example, especially when it comes to basic research, you do that as a kind of blue sky research. so you don't really know what the application at the end might be. you just plow ahead. and in doing so, let's say a researcher is looking at ug or rhythms to coordinate objects. now that can be very helpful, for instance when it comes to traffic, but it can also be very helpful if it comes to lisa drone swarms. and that is particularly the earned gray zone that we have been looking at. so why then corporate with chinese university anyway,
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a other supplying of funds or whatever is it's, it's different reasons for a science and technology, their advancement. it needs openness, it needs international collaboration. that's what everybody from the scientific site here in germany has been telling us where they're at universities or from the government's site. and there are, without doubt, a lot of brilliant minds in china, and also if it comes to and the big question of mankind like the big scientific questions that we need to solve lesbians in the change frame. since you can't do it without the chinese, i mean you really need to collaborate, but maybe you think you need to think more carefully about the fields of collaboration, just because there is something as scientific freedom enshrined in the constitution . do you really need to collaborate in every field and if it comes to sensitive issues like quantum signs or, or artificial intelligence,
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maybe it's worse to think twice i was was when we do. but european researches realize that there may be abuse armoire to have a feeling of being abused. it's not the impression that we got through all the talks that we had an obviously the european universities, some of them are catch strep now as well. i mean we, we just need to keep that in mind, and china is very willing to invest in research. and scientists around the world, not only in europe, also in the united states, are obviously contributing if it comes to international collaboration with chinese fund now. or what does the chinese military want from these collaborations and what does it actually go? well, china has a very, very clear goal that stated, you can read it a very publicly. it wants to be the scientific global superpower by 2050. that is the aim. and in order to get there, they have a concept,
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what they call military civil fusion. so science essentially has to serve the state, the party, the military and scientists are in a way subjugated. and my feeling is that the scientists, urine europe rather look at the individual which might be a nice guy, a nice woman, brilliant collaboration. and they kind of ignore or are complacent about the system behind that. thank you very much. some a bit of head of dw was investigative team. thank you. and before we go, some football news, wednesday night, so a thrilling conclusion to the oil hope a league with i thought frankfurt winning in a penalty shoot out. one of the aside foot of scotlands rangers in a tough final in seville, frankfort. first continental trophy, in 42 years, the fans from glasgow in frankfort drank in the beer, and the ripley atmosphere before the game. amid a searing heat wave in seville, perhaps they would have paced themselves
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a little more if they'd known what lay in store in the final. after a tense, 1st half, a slit from 2 to allow ju, i reboot, to give ranges the lead on 57 minutes. but raphael barry latched on to a great cross from phillip hostage to equalize and spark bedlam in the frankfurt. pansy seville there was still make thereafter, and so the game went to penalties. and frankfort keeper, kevin trap, safe from out in ramsey, brought to glasgow from event ism, had much fun fair in january to give the germans. the advantage on columbia's boy made his 2nd big contribution of the night, keeping his cool, amid the heat, to give frankfort just their 2nd european trophy and their 1st since the u. f. a cup in 1980. no surprise. it went down pretty well back home in germany and the frank, the team due to touch down in their home city in the coming hours to continue the
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celebrations. as many as 50000 fans were in seville, many of them without a ticket for the match it public viewing was the way most eagles fans shed their joy. frankfurt its own rumble was the trophy celebrations. it was the scene of the single biggest viewing party and may have been where many of them actually spent the whole night in. oh, and that's it from me and the new scene you're up to date up next is focus on europe . taking a closer look at finland, nato membership. i've got office in berlin for me and the team. thanks. hope with
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with you. we escaped, but then she went back again and we. hi,
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lucretia has been rescuing women and children from embattled to mary. and he's risky, shy how a ukrainian entrepreneur became a huge focus on europe next on dw center. the conflict with sebastian as the kremlin began its war against you, crated force, a closure of rushes. last independent media outlets to secure absolute control at the public narrative about the invasion for did it work? my guess this week is yet catherine. that causes news editor presenter and one of the last channels to be shut down. conflict in 60 minutes on d. w. from
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