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can film festival remains more than 200000 people come to the famous closet every may for many, it's an unforgettable experience. for instance, fancy shadow in hanson weekly cover. that is that j for me. and when i look back on the last 25 years, there of course, full of emotions and memories, but most important of the encounters with the many credible actors whom i would otherwise have only seen on the cinema. scream, i was off the line run. catherine had been like no other festival. the can international film festival stands for magic and glamour that radiate far beyond the film world. every 10 years, the village of obama go stage is it's world famous. passion play in some 500000 people from around the world. flock there for the event. according to a tradition that dates back to the 17th century,
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all the roads must be performed by locusts. but van, it was staged by villages to thank god for sparing over my go any more plague victims the theme of the place, the life and death of jesus. and we met up with some of the people who are taking part after a 2 year delay due to corona ah, most, 400 years ago. passion play has been staging the life and suffering of jesus christ, a catholic ritual. but one that moves with the times that can be seen this time in the person plain judas. my name is jamie, my name is jenkins. good am. and i play judas in the passion play. yes. and the passion play and it works. even though i am a muslim globe among most of didn't follow, i don't think you have to be at like how to war christian to play a role in a play thus mon, the hope i know, volition in come,
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it is very much connected with simple human emotional mana in woodson la that 22 year old, whose parents moved to germany from turkey 50 years ago, is the 1st muslim to play a leading role here in over. i'm a gout submissions, zagan perfect. it has really affected me that i'm allowed to play such a big role in such a traditional event. something like this doesn't happen very often here. it's only possible here and over. i'm a girl, you get much. it's amazing how much the community is behind it. and that's the great thing about the passion place that you're not alone. this one is alina's. although i'm a go in and he did like the varian setting is deeply catholic. only those who are born in the village or have lived here for 20 years are allowed to take part in the play every 10 years, 2000 participants from the village get together to stage this huge event. my them
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to it brings cohesion to the village along. it's an incredible community feeling just a social event. i'd say the actors cannot get their hair cut or that be, it's trimmed in the year before the premiere, almost everyone in the village takes part, would cover to be us has hider is responsible for the stage design. and as a musician in the orchestra, he sets the beat for the choir, which also includes mer under the ass hood. everyone here works as a team. we're an open society and the muslim whose performing it is from the village and has the right to take part in the kitchen. he belongs to the village and of it. he lives here. he is at home here and he belongs to a 3rd junk. his good is acting korea an in this, although i know gout ice cream parlor ah, toughness dislikes of all, i didn't say i really want to play jesus or judas, or i really want to be up there to really tell is it all happened by chance. i stuff i was sitting here at the ice cream parlor inside moment after
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a while at some point we were talking to me and my mother of i'm off and christian came up to me and said, hey jen, guess don't you want to come on stage with us common, we're rehearsing for a play home, got finished. director christian strickland does everything he can to ensure that the traditional passion play keeps up with the times. this also includes costing changes, scooted as judas. this is not a provocation, not at all, but it's actually a quite logical conclusion from the fact that we've had turkish fellow citizens for 50 years for good fellow citizens is already nonsense from their citizens while their citizens have obama golf is that the important thing is to really want to get into the role and really understand the person your playing regret and then it doesn't matter where you come from. here comes as judas. it is the role of chunky scooted to finally betray jesus. and his does. it doesn't matter who has what the 8th making blow,
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what's important is respect for the plaque for the soccer shipper. i have tremendous respect for it. it's really amazing cases. actually. it's also nice to see that judas is not really the traitor in a typical traitor role, but at the will of judas, is stage as a complex character torn between emotions, his acting talent was already clear at rehearsals. in the mean time chunk his good, it has started studying it to munich drama school and is slowly amassing himself in the world of film and theater. this is the city of davis, not so easy to just let go of the plan for her. i've grown very attached to this village area. it's my home isn't off as this might have how much spieler or the commer sheila, how much drama school is drama school. and the obamacare passion plays the part that hash in place for sealants. but for now, 10 kiss good. it will be clean judas on stage and over. i'm a gout until the beginning of october.
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ah, most people will not eat these li, used by the full luxembourg chef. oh any much you. they are a delicacy. he collects them in the forest, just like many other plans that are seldom eaten he in europe. and now his restaurant has been named the best lecture to the restaurant in the world for the 2nd time running. barry this with edible earth rhubarb, with sorel and a pill blank made with great seed oil and cocoa butter. 3 textures at fennel with fresh the core of flour on an pennies. half juice rang of chick p water and dried flowers on violet. so bay coated with violet aroma, these culinary works about are available at the latest delivery restaurant in luxembourg, 20 minutes from the capital. and he makes them warm. hello,
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my name is glen a matuse shy. i am head ship at ball insta. my passion for plants is something that i've had since my childhood. they are my life for marcia love. then immature is considered the best vegetable chef in the world and was named chef of the year in 2021. by go myo. for his most important ingredients, he doesn't go to wholesale market, but walks just a few steps into the forest in the morning. there he discovers plants that hardly any one else notices like these wild geraniums. call salt are when we smell them to me. we notice how intensive they're aroma, elderly solid. we used the leaves in sally's. it says on the stamps we can use and sauce, unless you said wild geraniums, i'm the same property. well, it and the same labor as to american cookie, but we don't have to look for them 5000 kilometers away. they are here close to us . he should know. he only collects moderate amounts so that the forest does not suffer any damage. and immature only takes from the trunk of this spruce,
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the pieces of bark that are about to fall off by themselves. what? cuz i'm barely critical. i don't damage the tree. i just really take a small amount, but our book is we're going to smoke our carrots with this little we're going to powder me and dry them out of local also all. that's what it gives the smoked flavor to the dish because of the noble from me. around 80 percent of his ingredients come from his immediate surroundings. like the comfrey leaves all the blossoms of japanese the correct cherry tree right next to a country road. everything renee matches, collects is processed the same day. ah, among other things he dries the sequoia flowers to use them later as a spice. the comfrey leaves will be deep fried in an ordinary temper. a better for 2 days menu. particularly as official thing about company
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leaves is that they contain iodine good, so they taste a bit like fish. and when you're deep fry them auto fill, you actually have the impression that you're eating deep fried fish, which are the that's why we call this laura vegetarian. fish and chips preparations for the 16 course menu are underway in the restaurant kitchen with drinks and wine it costs around $240.00 euros per person. the dishes are prepared element. oh, the roasted and candied carrot. get smoky spruce aroma just before serving honey. mature does not use any meat or fish in his dishes. le johnson meat remains meat into the dish remains fish agreed was despite different varieties and tastefully of it all tastes like fish and the n not allow them to discover 2 plants or more unique. no matter whether it's tomato or some proofs,
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so they all have something special. cucumbers as well as peas. every vegetable is unique, meat is not because meat, if you don't season, it is bland. as soon as the guests arrived, then immature serves them caused by course he passed. li arranges each plate. we have a good handle. this one is called the nature awakens, and it literally does so at the table with focus will not convey. so here we've processed 3 chlorophyll textures from wild garlic chick, wheat and rib ward. animal plant on these were covered with a whipped cream made of keen, warm milk, and apple cider vinegar. to see the look a so we drizzle everything with a mass rated oil from herbs that contain a garlic molecule, surgical gen, when he could die. my philosophy is 1st and foremost respect for nature, for people, for animals to. so it's respect for everything that was, that was good. nothing else counts. because only someone who shows respectable
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could, can create beautiful things that could eventually and the fried come for relief that is served with lemon peel preserved in salt and cream of sunflower seeds. but no matter which plan to vegetable variety is served at any matures, they will get to place it out cuisine heaven ah. delicacies. stories. enthusiasm, the smell of amazing. the best chef with their best tips, from meat dishes, to vague and diet, and all the recipes secrets. welcome to my well. europe's diversity is a smorgasbord. i live, i subscribe and enjoy d w. food. ah,
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there are lots of different cliches about people here in europe. the french are always elegantly dressed and can all cook amazing food. the germans drive big fast cars and are sticklers for punctuality. the bridge, on the other hand, always drink tea from china cups, and after a few beers, can turn any football match into a battlefield. in our new theory is truth or clichy we question for breaks about the cliches concerning their country that are most frequently searched for on the internet. why breadth oil, sunburn or war are brit after 5 drinks in a good leisure restaurant? i think i was to introduce britain, a nation of around 67000000, slightly porky people who all love teeth are crazy about the royals and love to drink rather a lot of alcohol. just
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a bunch of cliches or not. that's what we wanted to find out from 4 breaths. today, we're going to be answering many good questions about being british and scared. see how people interpret the united kingdom that i think it's really very positive. this is a quite classic one. why a brits always sunburned? yeah, i don't have a tenant to lobster and sun if we don't get that much sun, it's always like renewal cloudy. all there's always some reason. so we always out in the sun. we always want to be in the sun. so either we forget to put sun cream on because we're like, oh, well it's only 15 degrees, it can't be that strong. or we've still other day on. i'm gonna okay, we were slammed for the day. you come home without a bit of some living holiday. people do i take you through c, y, a brits. so obsessed with t colonialism. it's just such a british thing there. so part of our culture. yeah. who is that? so for copper, fancy copper? yeah. or, or sums up says, oh ok. i put the catalog. okay. sit down and talk about it. it's like
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a warm hug. it's a whole event around it. yeah. and so many different wait things i do you put the milk and fast, you put your milk and after yeah, what kind of biscuit can you duncan? you'll take a 2nd, they leave the biscuit before it falls apart. the british loved their teeth, they drink around 1000000 cups a day. having a noise cup of tea is considered the most adequate reaction to a crisis here. only the irish and turks drink even more tea than the british. why brit, say reserved art has that the guess at the whole, always school mentality of children not to be seen and not heard. now and you need to be polite and quiet and do as you're told him, put in your clay. i think brits is so scared of offended each other. you know, we just want to be nice. but then i think as she makes us less nice, ultimately because with secretly resentful under a 100 to say i is british food so bad. okay. so i love it,
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but i think people from other places i think they, they don't understand yet it's very bland. i would say it's not the most interesting, but it so homely and comforting were very limited on dishes. yes, this is a lot cheaper than lot of saucers and a lot of cob sleeve. yeah. if you're hung over best written well and you get fish and chips and now my goal, that is going to thought you are. but internationally, british specialties don't bear so well. in a hole on the most popular cuisines world wide, britain only landed in 16 place. all british people friendly and i feel like by yes, the more south, the more unfriendly it becomes and it spends many drinks. the brit has had a brick off to 5 drinks and a good move. my son the yeah, i got them for life. they would know he would talk to me forever. why do you brits drink so much? oh, my god, the film slave, would it on depressed?
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yeah, truly that he's healthy combination of whitman d deficiency, seasonal affective disorder. small houses escape ism or i should. that's one of the things i do miss, like people from all generations that come in to that one. bah. and i gang. so drunk together, they please all inhibition. although the number of pub says shrunk by 15 percent in the last decade, there were still around 47000 of them in 2020. so it still feels like there's one on every corner. there's always a bit of truth in many cliches, and that holds true for ones about the british as well. at least they take it with good humor. and fortunately, they are blessed with plenty of that. don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your screen. the fact that the colors look so strange here in our studio is intentional because a change of color can make the whole would look different. these flowers and our
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studio of course, look a bit different. in reality, infra red photography relies on similar effects to find out more. we met up with one in for right photographer, in the swiss alps. ah, sometimes you just find a place. and it's not that i always look for something specific. i might be interested in textures, sometimes sometimes it's the water was sometimes it's glaciers. my name is zach from leon, and i'm a photographer. i'm currently working on my modernize mesa series, which is photographed in infrared the photographer uses the technique to create surreal image worlds like this one. the village turns pink and red, changing the natural environment almost into some kind of alien territory. and the
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subtle greens from the trees become more dominant. the swiss alps near some of it's zack, 1000000000, is out hunting for motifs. he grew up in south africa, but he's lived in switzerland for many years now. in 2009, he conducted his 1st experiments with infrared photography and has been fascinated with the technique ever since. and color photography, we capture the visual spectrum that is blue, green and red. in the infrared, we capture near infrared lights as well, chlorophyll in plants absorb the visual spectrum to use this for photosynthesis. and the cell walls on the other hand, reflect mean for it lights and this reflected energy creates these vivid pinkson reds. zak funds yon has exhibited his works around the world, including in summer it's the town in the region where many of his photos were taken
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. knowing dante covered, yet from gallery 10 is intrigued by this unusual perspective on the swiss alpine world. the nature here in, in switzerland is anyway amazing that the way that, that presented to what i think makes the people which view his words ah, one to strengthen their bond with nature. and this, i think it's important in our days when people sometimes to forget seeing the beauty around him after he made the move from south africa, the europe in 2004, he also started working as a commercial and fashion photographer. now he's got clients the world over i think my artistic work also benefit from my commercial work in the commercial
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field. i really have to concentrate highly on quality precision. and so, and these aspects i do bring to my artistic field. but his own creative projects are where his heart is. the search for motifs in nature is an experience in itself. more than half the world's population, all born in cities and all these people are no longer in sync with nature, but rather with a mobile phones and devices. i want to attract these city dwellers and subconsciously remind me of called the real night shouting. i will be walking in the mountains and a view like this will presented south to me and i'll be without words. i cannot live without this, and i don't see us having a future without nature. some people may dream of going to mars,
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but you can also find places of extra terrestrial beauty right here on earth. i and that is all we have time fall back before we go. don't forget to check out our view. us draw on the internet. there you can find all the information on our d, w, and sends that collection labels explain how to excess block media no matter where you are. and as always, thanks for watching. bye bye, a with
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ah, with
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who the 77 percent. how to be young and successful? doing me and it is what it is. his african stone. i'm pressing the world, i believe we actually wow, this is amazing. and i just go. so people tried influenza toward teaching cliches. i took up the challenge i was given to me, and with 77 percent 30 with a rare natural spectacle in an improved world. the mass movies have returned to the coast of the rhode island of saint olu, with many success stories, bastion of biodiversity. ah,
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in 75 minutes on dw. ah how about taking a few risks? you could even take a chance on what i rearing to. ah, don't expect a happy ending. w literature list 100 german st. a south bay mother was going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for marguerite berkeley, doughty, with him. psychosis is an awful illness. others like
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mayor stories, june forth on d, w. mm. frankfurt, a hot international, a gateway to the best connection, self road and radio, located in the out of europe. you are connected to the whole world. life experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and drawing our services all be our guest at frankfurt. airport city managed by from bought lou. ah ah,
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this is d w. news lie from berlin. change at the top as australia's conservative government admits election defeat anthony albin easy is to be sworn in as the new prime minister is labor party is celebrating its 1st victory in 15 years.


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