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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2022 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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so you're watching t w. news live from berlin up next to on world stories. we need columbia specialists who are training ukrainians to clear away line minds of forget there's our website for all the latest news. it's d w dot com on next. spicer, thanks for watching. ah ah, it's the question of whether the next crisis will come, but only when and how the media will deal with it. how can we stay focused on what is important?
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shaping to morrow now. exploring opportunities for media professionals in times of crisis. the global media forum in june 2020 to your ticket. now if you ever have to cover up a murder, the best way is to make it look like an accident. raring to read. you've never read a book like this. literature list under germany must reads with this week on world stories, training, ukrainian d miners in columbia. flying home in
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a wing suit in turkey. we became in ukraine as the bitter war, wages on in the eastern part of the country. more and more ukrainians are voluntarily returning home from abroad. boris of 1st people in his town of boots as presto, and with it a little bit of normality. this is what his cafe looked like when he came back a few weeks ago. he said the russians stole every thing. even his st. nearly everything is working again now. he's just missing a few windows. i crossed leg broken bridge to go to the keel to get coffee, to get milk to get. i like smoked some cookies after 1st guest come over here and they said like, oh my gosh, you're the best you open when you did. i miss the coffee next door. the block of flats is still standing but as badly damaged it by several rockets or more chars.
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some people are returning here to keen to try to re unite their families and rebuild their lives. avura is one of them. she flat just after the war, started taking her 2 small children to safety and poland. she got back home just a few days ago. but the other day cuz that many people warned me saying we should stay abroad for longer. but it was my decision. yeah, i just realised that these conflict this more could drag on for years. sooner or later i had to come home on the chip is not a chest model that she and her husband michael, are. we're lucky. they only lost a window upstairs. the people lost pretty much everything destroyed by her rocket. avira knows the rockets could also come back and sometimes questions her decision to bring her children home to do to stops. it's frightening washes. when you hear about new bombings, you immediately think, where could i run to?
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how do i save the children? my bags are still packed. i haven't even unpacked them yet. and i was noticed that boris knows his wife and child are safe. they are still in switzerland, one element of certainty when everything still feels up in the air. i don't know what i'm going to expect to morrow because like, yesterday we got so students in the queue got bombed in p. o. i don't know. i'm not planning muffin, i'm just leaving by one day right now. and yet as he mixes cocktails again, he is making plans. he wants to offer other returning drinks and seating outside on the terrace this summer. ah, columbia is considered to have some of the world's leading expertise in clearing land mines. now it's engineers are training ukrainian soldiers
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2nd lieutenant and counselor love. this is getting ready for a new training session. he's an instructor at the international, the manual center, a colombian army institution that provides training for national and foreign troops, including explosive devices. according to that, un, columbia has the 2nd highest numbering landmine victims in the world. this is the result of more than 60 years of internal the strife between the armed forces, karita groups and drug gangs. over the years, the country has become an expert undermining. following an agreement with natal 11 columbia. the men specialist are now set to train ukrainian soldiers in clearing were affected territories, islam with another e representation, a great honor, and a great way for us to represent colombia in the world. by sharing the knowledge our
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soldiers have acquired over the years. when was that also allows it is important to share this with columbia, as allies said that they can deal with problems arising from the threats they face that where and the conflicts they experiencing. so going to say that les can solve them well, you can plan, but as we'll meadows, oh no. i car jane to colombian, military at the height of the conflict around 80 percent of the weapons used to were anti personnel mines and non conventional explosive devices. like this book, bomb quote, that explodes when oprah lag was in the international dominion center place, an important role internationally. last year, the center trained 137 soldiers from 16 countries go more east through pal in the truck. and the greatest satisfaction is to be able to pass
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on this knowledge and this experience. it is the satisfaction of doing a good job of the mission accomplished, of being able to teach, not only our soldiers, but also foreign troops. knowing that this expertise has no borders and that we can help people elsewhere who need the experience of the colombian army and the training of the cranium soldiers will be financed by nato and will take place in that european member country up there. can i say sion what it will include the use of explosive detection animals as well as advanced technologies for clearing territories in conflict to training and will be the 1st direct support provided by a latin american country to ukraine since their rush and invasion began. israeli volunteers have created a shuttle service to get sick palestinians to his railey hospitals for the medical
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attention. they need 7 a. m a few kilometers away from the bay. hunt check. point your swell. holsen's dwarf is late for his appointment to pick up a palestinian for your showa has met them before to day. they have made it through the check point quickly. it doesn't always go so smoothly of our hand over all your shoe or wants to leave the chick point as soon as possible as the security situation here can rapidly deteriorate and sobar hubbell warp and her son adam. it's just 2 hours to get to the hospital yet television, and no, i had him of his. it wouldn't work without him. ozell in the little was a lot. there's no other way for us to get to the hospital with robin and this is a much safer way to get there. a man. yeah,
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i know hoarsely. i mean it's like they have to go there every other week. as a baby, adam had a brain tumor, there is no proper treatment for him in the west bank. that's why he and his mother have a special permit to enter israel. but they are not allowed to bring their own car with them. and there's no public transportation. so how do we can't afford to take a taxi from the check point to the hospital? he double with them ariadne at le, especially since my son has already been in treatment for 5 years, mid added will. well, consistently joshua is driving them for free, just like the more than 2000 other volunteers who work for the organization road to recovery. jo, sheila gets rides twice a week. tea and dates included. for grad will, marcia center civil service. i can help promote peace by doing this. the palestinian children only know israelis as soldiers and police officers and mainly
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associate them with valor, which is also probably more. but in me with the kid. see in israeli, who looks after them during the rides they talk about their daily lives and their kid listener. how sometimes the usual assess this leads to friendship and the rides have changed his perception of the people on the other side of the checkpoint guy because of the suicide attacks. some israelis had the misconception that palestinians place no value on other people's lives. but i see mothers here who care about their children like they do everywhere. once at the hospital, your show us mission for the day is over. another volunteer will pick up surpass and adam when they are finished. ah, tindy's coach jack is a turkish cable car manager working at dizzying heights with them even breezy or
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way home. he flies back in a wing suit. soaring high above the earth like a bird of prey, then landing smoothly on the ground for jenkins co chuck. it's the perfect way to end his working day. coach hawks day begins like many other people's in turkey, a last sip of coffee, then he's out the door. the rest of ko chuck's routine is less typical. for one thing, his workplace is purged at a 1200 meters altitude on mount above adar. on turkeys southern coast his commute involves a cable car then his in his element at dizzying heights like these hanging these up . she didn't show up. she fear awakens my curiosity. when i'm afraid i can
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sense myself logical co chuck needs the challenge. during his time as a para true bo, with the turkish armed forces, he discovered base jumping with and without a wing suit. he's one of the few people in turkey hoof masted this extreme sport co jack arrives at work and he's the manager of the above a dark cable car. he hangs his wing suit up by his desk, but apart from that, his work day has very little to do with extreme sports. good. well, that's his job involves monitoring the cable cars, technical systems, and keeping an eye on the panorama restaurants and the viewing platform. after coach jack puts in his 8 hours, it's quitting time in a moment. he looks forward to each day. iniquity.
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i rarely take the cable car home, because i can fly will tell you. he puts on his wing suit as this is one of turkeys hobbs bowl paraglider is co jack can get a piggy back ride up to just the ride cruising altitude. then he just spreads his arms and heads for hun at speeds of up to a 180 kilometer in our home is by one of turkeys, most beautiful beaches, a live dennis ah, to land safely old co jack has to do is open his shoot and he's almost time for minutes of flying instead of 40 minutes by cable car.
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