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for mm hm. ah ah this is d w. news line from berlin, french voters, send a warning to president manuel mccall. just months after he was re elected as president results of sunday's parliamentary election show him losing his majority in the national assembly assembly. as leftist and for right party search will get the latest from paris. grains leader admits to russian gains in his countries east
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. a thing after voltmeter zelinski to were damages from russian strikes on the war southern front companies volley no response. the latest attacks and columbia elect a new president in the historic vote. former gorilla and political wildcard is now set to run the polarized nation, and he's promised to shake the country up. ah, i'm aaron tilton. welcome to the program. in france, voters have handed president manuel mccall. a stunning setback is coalition has lost its governing majority in parliamentary elections results. so mc, crohn's block will still emerge with the biggest number of seats and the new national assembly. but without the 289 seats needed for a majority, the french leader may have trouble in acting his reform agenda. o, emmanuel mac,
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ron faces an uncertain 2nd presidential term. his centrist alliance on psalms, has lost its parliamentary majority, as voters turned away from mainstream parties. list you as your unit, the situation is unprecedented from luna's through the national assembly has never seen a configuration of listen height in the 5th republic. citrus jo, this situation constitutes a risk for our country and view of the challenges that we have to face and several of both on the national and international levels that he should until next year now . but we have to respect this vote and consider its consequences. his big v, they want to do the consequence ensemble will retain the most seats in the national assembly. a new alliance of the far left. the socialists and the grains is set to become the main opposition. the new coalition is expected to make it harder for
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macaroni to implement his domestic agenda, which includes tax cuts and raising the retirement age. ah, that do you, but you get all the total difficulties of the president's party. there is no majority. we have achieved the political objective that we had set for ourselves in less than a month to bring down the man who, with such arrogance, had twisted the arm of the whole country who had been elected without knowing what 4 of your dogs, vod they blood samples are sick, what fare ah, the far right national rally party also surged in the polls and is projected to increase. it states 10 fold. it's biggest ever results. lay to marine le pen said her party had achieved its goal of making macros. a minority president le pen los
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out to mac, ron in last month's presidential election. but sundays results shows strong support across france who parties at the political extremes. earlier d, w, spoke to lisa lewis and paris. she explained what the loss of an absolute majority in the parliament now means from a call. while i'm on my call, we'll have to change his poly sees really it is quite certain that certain of a sudden reform that he is planning, such as for example, pushing up the retirement age from 62 to 64. 65 will be very difficult to get through parliament. he will have to compose with other forces on the left and on the right. and if he wants to form a stable alliance with other parties in parliament, that could even mean that he will have to, you would have to proceed to a reshuffle of his government at least a parcel reshuffle to build another stable group in parliament. what is for sure though, is that the governing road will be rep,
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very rocky for him. i coined the coming 5 years that was dw lisa lewis, reporting from paris. russia has said it's used a village near the key eastern city of says yet the nearest and ukraine has conceded to a setback in that area. this comes a day after ukrainian president fooled him. if zalinski visited troops on the southern front line, where his forces are fighting off attempts by russia to take more territory near the cities, of nikolai of an agenda was little changed to the front line post positions. nato warns the war could go on for years. its russian cruise missiles like these that are pounding targets in ukraine. moscow claims to be carrying out precision guided attacks on ukrainian military infrastructure and command positions. but the soaring civilian death toll and seemingly indiscriminate damage to residential homes and cities refutes those claims. on
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a visit to the southern front, ukraine's president saw the destruction for himself with about an issue. but a lot of houses were destroyed severely. logistics were disrupted, and many social issues have developed. i've instructed that more systematic help we offer to people who have lost families. and everything that has been destroyed will be restored. there are not enough missiles in russia to weaken our people's will to live. but i now see my eastern ukraine is also being pummeled by russian artillery. the city of lucy, sions has endured fierce shelling and now soldiers are digging in to defend the city street by street for civilians that survived the shelling. it's high time to leave. you can hear you artillery this cup of clothes and around some people understandably get nervous. they're worried about the dried out of his so it's
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a constant and it's constantly trying to reassure people. oh, you know, anyway, we take them as can be better than here. was i, we're leaving everything behind everything that we've had here for 70 years and we don't know where we'll go. this. i'm ukrainian troops in the z chance. carney, just on the defensive there now firing at russian positions and 7 are done yet so tenaciously refusing to give up the fight left as presidential candidate, gustavo petro wins columbia's election by a narrow margin. the former gorilla and current senator will be columbia's 1st left . his leader, he's edged out his opponent, former mayor and millionaire rudolfo hernandez, petras when march a drastic change in presidential politics for a country that has long marginalized the left for its pursuit association with decades of insurgency. now, earlier i asked e w. 's johan ramirez,
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how petrol was able to pull off the surprising victory he had a very successful electron dump, any very successful communication campaign, because actually he presented himself as said renovation as a change as a, a break. we continue to by the truth, is that gustavo better has been doing politics in columbia for the last 30 years. he wasn't the congress 1st thing, he was diplomatic. then he was mayor a bullet that one of the main jobs in politics in columbia. now he's again in the congress now. he becomes a president, but he, he has very been very successful presenting himself as a renovation. and father did sap on daily hiking. was also a former gary. yes. so he was very also successful in re right in his bust. his all plant below fernandez is a very rich man, and it was easy for better to, to attack him off being part of the political and economic lead of the country.
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so how likely is petros election likely to change colombia political landscape is a major change. let's remembered that his victory represents the 1st time that the left to wink takes power in the country. columbia has been enrolled for debt, gets for mainly to political parties, and this is a major change he has promised this left wing of policies saw shell of policies, and there are lots of expectations on his government that will start august 7th. so in a little bit more than a month, or i sort of kids call of, he's going through a shift to the left. but at the same time, both candidates ran on platforms rejecting the political establishment. so why are colombian so dissatisfied with their government? because as i said that columbia was rule for mainly to political parties for decades, and during decades they didn't, they weren't able to tackle the main provenance of the country. columbia went ah,
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into a civil war for more than 50 years. columbia was have been fighting against drug trafficking, i mean the golden age of drug trafficking and via the government. so in this contra one and able to tackle this problem e security. and just to give you one recent example, lassie are aiming the huge crisis provoked by the pandemic. amy, the huge economic crisis, the government of now outgoing president, even duke of proposed a tax reform tax reform to increase taxes for the middle class. it provoked the a huge political ah, crisis and le thousands of people took to the streets to protest and that mom into wasa turning point for gustavo, better to, to come out as a new, as a, as a possibility. and also rather fernandez as i understand outside of, let's remember that in this presidential race, all political tradition of the political parties were out of the, of the race. and that's why because people were dissatisfied with the elite,
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the political elite of the country that was need of is your 100 meters in bogota. and here's a round up. i'll other stories making news of the sour hundreds of people have protested to nature's capital against the referendum, unconstitutional changes cold by prison. kaiser critic says i, it has been extending his power of ram after dissolving parliament in march and sacking dozens of judges earlier this month. the re coast guard has rescued. 108 migrants from a sail boat and eugene see the sailboat was found router las and leaking, the migrants told authorities that 4 people are still missing. mold, overhead held a pride martian. supportive l g b t writes, it took place under heavy police protection because of threats of violence. moldova is a socially conservative society that has come under growing influence of the orthodox church. survey show muslim opens have a negative view of the l g
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b t. community residents living in the villages in the south, west of germany's capital berlin have been told to evacuate their homes before us. fire has been burning there since friday, caused by an intense heat wave and strong winds. a military helicopter was called in support. the fire fighters, the culture and media ministers of the group of 7 largest economies in the world have met in berlin or in german rather in the city of boston. it's the 1st time that the g 7 ministers have come together in a formal meeting. ukrainian minister of culture took place in the meeting, remotely. discussions address the impact of russia's war on, or war on the work of journalists and issues such as media, freedom and the fight against is information. freedom of the press, media diversity in the safety of journalists. just a few of the topics on the agenda at the 1st meeting of the 7 media ministers, the war against ukraine in its impact on journalism are also
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a focus of the discussions. we see that the situation of media is very varying. and especially in our wanna, we see journalists dying under ration bombs in ukraine or so we see how intensively we are targeted by russian propaganda in all the u. member states. it's extremely important that we talk to gotta vis ology 7 partners. and that we find the ways forward how to protect the media, better protecting the media and access to it is one of germany's priorities as host of the meeting as gate. dolman, i not titan. i know. vale, in times like these with democracy under major attack from authoritarians or autocratic regimes. very few, we need to be aware of how important of free, diverse and independent media landscape is still felt immediate lunch of tut. there at the presentation of the minister's statement. so they stressed that media policy
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must be global fully together as a global community. we must fight the rise of this information, an arm of armful content online. and i always said like, online hate israel. hate and online hate. doesn't stayed on line. it goes to the street with huge consequences, horrible events that we witnessed in the last years. so we have to tackle that. we need decisive action from governments for civil society and take, joins around the world. the discussion on the battle against the spread of this information will continue on monday. the g 7 media, minnesota, also schedule to visit d, w. c global media forum. and inform real one red bull driver max for staff and has claimed the canadian graham pre. if you're holding off a late challenge, the world champion house, now 15 of the last 6 races and leads the driver standings with 46 points. meanwhile,
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70 champion lose. hamilton got his 2nd podium in what has been this difficult season for mercedes is dw news live from berlin up next world stories the we can reports, don't forget our website. it's always there for you and has all the latest news you need there. that's d, w dot com or also on twitter and instagram at dw news. i'm here until berlin, thanks for watching. ah. t w's crime fighters are back that africa, most successful radio drama series, continues them all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and this goes on d, w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms.


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