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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2022 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, this week marks for months since the russian invasion of ukraine began, the war has been a catalyst for unprecedented change. russian oil and gas is no longer in the pipeline here in europe. an unprecedented shock that is fast tracking the transition to green energy. also on the fast track, ukraine's candidacy to become a member of the european union. usually, this process takes years even decades. usually this process takes place in peace, not in the middle of a world. i recall from berlin. this is the dip. ah, a truly historic week begins for ukraine to this is
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a historic moment historic for ukraine historic for europe, but also historic for the vision of the world we're defending with. we will hear the european union's answer and ukraine's candidate status. everybody has to reflect what that would be awesome in the upcoming years. and governments will have to make a historic decision therapy. only a positive decision meets the interests of the whole of europe. because in ah, also coming up, it is a 1st in columbia voters have elected the countries 1st ever left. we president an 1st ever black vice president. and the do oh, they're promising a departure from the status quo that i what has happened to day with those 11000000 voters is a chain esl come. what is coming is a real change a key of fundamentals. yes. oh gumby i have out of that.
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ah, but to our of was watching on p b as in the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin the day with 2 speeds in ukraine. very slow and very fast. 4 months ago this week, vladimir putin ordered his troops to begin their invasion of ukraine hopes that the war would be short lived have now given way to the realization that this conflict could simmer for years to come. a slow burning conflict here in europe, that is almost overnight redrawing the political insecurity. map of the entire continent. ukraine's president zalinski sang today marks the beginning of a truly historic week by weeks in a decision is expected that would normally take years to be delivered. ukraine moving closer to membership in the european union and doing so. at the speed of war
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. a russian missile plunged into ukrainian soil in the city of lazy chance. no one is safe. across the river, the city of federal on yet has been reduced to rubble by fierce fighting as russia's offensive in the dom. beth's reading grinds on the fears, at least, he chanced, is next to that most residents have fled to them, but some are stuck. when we think of anything but he, we have nothing left, everything was burned down. the most important thing is to get my sick father out. that's all that matters to me. i don't know how long he can survive, but i don't think this war is going to and soon, you know, they live in celeste to increase that chances of survival. you know you the pricing for a predicted escalation in russia's campaign of destruction. which lindman sean, this week, we should expect greater hostile activity from russia. and the earth against ukraine, but also against other european countries. li,
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pontine sure. we are preparing. modeling, which we are ready. ah, zalinski believes that russia will react to the european union's decision this week . on whether ukraine will become a candidate for membership even considering ukrainian membership is a dramatic shift in the youth position, and runs counter to de cremeans efforts to pull ukraine into its hold it by force. german foreign minister and alina babel, on monday, voice her support, head of a meeting of e. u. foreign ministers. that say, what i got to was on friday is a special meeting. the appointment was, we are gathered ahead of a historic moment. was smoking. we all have to realize that the membership countries have a special responsibility when yawn in. none of us want to look back at this moment in a few years and think, how could we not make use looks this opportunity to use of items don't miss
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the promise of europe, hope for ukraine, and it fight for survival. were top ukrainian officials say they need a massive increase of military hardware if they are to drive russian forces out of the country. right now. western allies have supplied ukraine with just over 100. 0, it says that's about 110th of what ukraine says. it needs and no rocket launchers have arrived even though ukraine has requested. 300 d, w. 's. nick connelly reports from the front lines in the southern mich alive region where ukrainian forces are making some advances. despite a shortage of equip, russia may be making gains in the don't best, but it's a different story here. 600 kilometer to the southwest and nicholas ukraine is pushing russian forces out of villages like these. those in on the russian occupied city of harrison ukrainian commanders where their advance garage steam be stopped,
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or even reversed. after more than $100.00 days of relentless fighting, their supplies, weapons, and ammunition are running dangerously low. we meet victor and his crew some way behind the front lines. when will broke out, they were all working abroad. all of them decided to give up their lives in safety, in poland and germany, to return home to fight. victor found the little had changed since his time is a recruit and the soviet army decades earlier said i'd check in process. they said, i would say he's just old, it's way past his prime a little bit. we'd be making the most of it. but what can you expect from a weapon bill almost 50 years ago, and i work with them since historical duplicate of replacing it to something new and more powerful is of the cards for now. but even carrying on fighting as they have been in recent months be
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a challenge. ukraine supplies of soviet ammunition are almost exhausted. western produced shells on compatibility with russian missile strikes, a constant threat, producing weapons inside the country is near impossible. even ukraine playing for time. while it waits, both western artillery and the shells to go with it went from $1.00 to $4.00. we have cues of people wanting to sign up to fight roughly, but we have more than the army can take on. it was a bizarre, but we just don't have enough weapons to equip every one who wants to fight richard a from a bullet news of judge nipple to push the will come of it. it was leveled an army. ukraine is in europe's very own interest. victor tells us, he just can't understand why this seems to be so little urgency with little missouri. what does a favourable west fighting for all of you are p other for? she'll been walter gwynn. putin won't be satisfied with taking ukraine in the dinner if he winks here, he'll carry on an attack or the theme where you can be there lives a sort of with the growth,
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with grain is already paying a high price for being out gunned with daily casualties running at several $100.00 a day, possibly, victor tells us of a call he had to make recently informing the parents of the youngest member of their unit. then 19 year old son had been killed to sweeps after he got different lines. he doesn't want to make many more clues like that and he's convinced western weapons. leon, so well, i'm joined now by e, who is of his the ukranian president, zalinski is foreign policy advisory saucer. the deputy heard of the president's office. this was okay. it's good to have you on the program. i want to talk about the situation on the front lines just a moment, but i'd like to start with this historic week. how confident are you that ukraine will get the green light from the european union this week to begin these
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fast track of session talks? well, the 1st those that didn't use the got the previous week was the opinion of the european commission, and many would not believe this opinion would be positive. now i have this positive opinion break. imagine the european union member states to support these opinions. plus also we have the support of several leaders of the european countries. johnson shows present monochrome. prime minister druggie produced a right to support his phone conversation with president key. so definitely this is a consensus decision. you cannot be 100 percent. sure, you can be sure all you have to visit decisions made, but here we have more positive then even several days before expectations on the final decision or the european council. you know that joining the european union is a process that takes years. it can sometimes take decades, ukrainians, expecting it to be fast track,
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do you have confidence that your country can pull this off at the same time, trying to fight off the russian military? well, that's with the foss tricks that we were shown in throughout the last 4 months. i mean, just to remind you, we, someone did application for membership on the feed day war and less than the, within the 44 months, we are about to receive the kind of standards within the record, high speed for any country before ours became candidate or even member, we filled in the questionnaire with just one month. the process which would usually take more than a year for what the country. so which gives me all the reasons to say that ukraine will be moving with the same direction. but definitely not. overton will depend on your grade who would like to the european union and its members states to have at least half a speed grant is moving to was the pothole the forms. we are ready to make further
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reforms despite the war and especially after when the war. well let's, let's assume that the european union says yes to this fast speed. the fast lane for the session talks on, what is ukraine going to give you in return? are you under pressure from the european union to possibly take actions to bring this war to an end sooner rather than later. and i'm also talking about perhaps giving up territory to russia in the name of peace. that's not true. and neither leader i wish spoke to my president, he's visits in cave or during the phone conversations which my person have numerous for day. so me personally, i haven't heard any indications for these are that leader inclining ukraine to, to make any decisions or to move sooner speed to enter, which is not do not need just to end the work when to when we need to have all the
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ukranian territories back so no one is able, you know, to make my president to any inclination or any sensations of any territories, you'll find the last to the last inch of the green insert. it was not want any other story, but when you bring in territory, we'll fight all the time. you say you want to win the war, you can only win this war. if you have enough weapons, are you getting the, the heavy weapons, the artillery that you need right now to push the russians back? well, right. you are much, if not, everything depends on whether we will attain weapon, ofa or for heavy weapon. in fact, that's a go to system, but not only that's about m, unless it's about arm of the eagles, it's about dance. stop. if you ask me whether the progress is going on. yes, it's much more progressive and the speed is much more high than it used to be in the beginning of war. then many of the states would not even believe ukraine would
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be able to sustain russian aggression. remember, some military experts would not leave you grand more than 3 or 5 days, which consented there somehow or with a plan which rush ahead. so nobody wanted. and so that ukraine is capable of ukraine knows how to fight your grain knows not only how to defend, but how to counter attack and to win. and this ramstein nation, the so it over you broad lost, the monster shows that the world and he's in 8th grade. now it's high time to, to act with a high speed and deliver to the weapons to that that he throw your grade. that's what near after that he's doing. yeah, we will. we will see definitely this week and how fast things progress. mr. your is off of the foreign policy advisor to ukrainian president zalinski. we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thank you. oh, george of ella is honoring to ukrainian journalist with freedom of speech award for their work documentary,
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the siege of mario pole. if jenny malo let cut and empties love, cheer not for filmed missiles hitting apartment buildings and recorded the work of doctors and undertakers. as well as documenting the suffering of countless victims, their images of a maternity hospital destroyed by russian bombs. these images were seen around the world, t w's. benjamin alvarez spoke with both journalist after today's ward ceremony, and he asked about the difficulties of reporting on the war into great this war currently is the most dangerous war i've covered and have covered several. so the main restriction, the main danger is how difficult and how immensely dangerous for the life of the journalists were to do their work just to go out and shoot them right. and to take photos isn't predictable, the weapons are heavy,
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celtic new situations are unpredictable. so just that's just as already pose, it's an immense challenge. hence there the amount of misinformation and propaganda, but that's not up to journalists to decide, you know, the son of joss or any else out. anyone who, who's in the ground in our job is just to keep reporting. do you feel that this recognition is also for ukrainian journalists and do you fear that the world might forget about them if that war goes on for several years? a thinker, all old the media war can ukrainians international risk in their lives? you know, like not on the, you know, trying to, to be on the ground. you know what a close to the situation where it's happen in all i can tell what is going on in reality and we can see by them,
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but they are ice or and how likely it's effect on the local population, soldiers and oh, what see, i think it's really important that the, the journalists are present on the ground and to it's might be like that because otherwise we will not see the full picture. and though it's everywhere, like it's in multiple places, it's how, how we realized what's is going on on the ground. i mean this awards is extremely important because the new cycle unfortunately is org in any way that people get used to, to violence, the scene violence and that becomes normality, unfortunately. so that's in a way de monte weights journalists as well. so these kind of awards this kind of a recognition to how a work or anyone's work, who is working right now in ukraine is important to support them in their efforts to continue to work. let them know that regardless of how many people consider the war normal, the need to, to do what they do now. are you afraid that more journalists could be the motivated
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to continue covering as they journalists covering the war a targeted to say that they don't want to get involved into it? or they want to leave it that the wards on country? i think it sometimes a big problem now, the woodward did the war is going on for all a, you know, for will be close to 4 months his, you know, like, and the, we have like, people are tired. you know, they can see every day that the kind of situation all day the see the tears all the time, the broken houses and the broken lives. so i think the main problem now that people don't have a break, you know, that all the time we have said news, but unfortunately it's working like a doctor. so like a soldiers ah, journalists tell my to do that. so this is the 10 of miss them on the local. thank you so much for this interview. ah, the left, his presidential candidate, gustavo pitbull, has one columbia's presidential election by
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a narrow margin. but the important urine significant, the former rebel gorilla, turned sen edged out his opponent rodolfo aradonda z mila millionaire who is known as the donald trump of columbia. that drugs, when marks a drastic change in presidential politics in the country, ah, victory and historic moment for columbia. as it votes in its 1st ever left lida, former rebel, gustavo petro, has vowed to launch profound social and economic change all a story annoy. well, we are writing history at this moment. ocoee a new history for columbia only for latin america, less dos and for the world jonas the elect dorothy a new history because undoubtedly what has happened to day with those $11000000.00
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voters as a chain esl come. what is coming is a real change, a key of fundamental change? yes. oh, come be over that old gambiola al hatch o defeated, another maverick candidate, full man, man and millionaire adolfo hernandez. hernandez looked at that lot of support for his candidacy on tick tock, promising to reduce wasteful government spending, and to go after corrupt officials. his concession speech employed petro to do the same. let's say, well don't daughter, who's 5 hopes that gustavo petrov will know how to leave the country, that he will be loyal to his words against corruption, and that he will not disappoint those who trusted in petro has a tough task ahead of him. he faces a divided congress likely to complicate his implementation of the fiscal and social reforms,
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his supporters accounting on i for more now we want to get our correspondence. johan ramirez, he is in the columbian capital bogota to 9 to johan. it's good to see you. we, so we've got the 1st ever left us president, we've got the 1st black woman elected vice president. and i want to talk about the significance of this land only the optics, but you know, beneath the surface how big of a shift is this? in colombian, politics, it is a measure, i change, he measure shift in columbia on politics. i mean, this country has been rolled for decades for may lead to political ah parties, and over time they became an elite and that's why people blame them for not having sold the main problems of the country for not having a stopped drug trafficking is security violence gary de groups, and that's why i mean, is this this counter with this political lead that the made kilometers last night
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vote for the 1st time for a leftist government? so of course, gustavo better is going to bring more social policies, the left wing on government, but it goes beyond and we have to think off his running mate, france yet, marcus, and now next, the vice president of columbia. she, i mean, 1st and foremost, as she was a victim of the war, columbia has gone through a civil war acre, an armored conflict for more than 60 years, and france jamarcus next vice president was displays the by the war. so she experienced the war fierce fan and she had, she can bring par, this is closer to those victims. now she's a black woman. she can bring our policies closer to this population, often forgotten by the last government says she use a single mother. so she represents many, many things that columbia women live every single day, and that's why, ah, the, when enough was tell a better and friends here. marcus has raised
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a lot of expectations, of many changes in the, in the, in the for years to calm in columbia. yet they are promising to be agents of change . i'm wondering, can they do that in peace? columbia saw a spike in violence in the run up to the election. how tense is the situation now? it is difficult to say is hard to be to, to, to be said, but colombia has gotten used to live with violence. i'm in awe attacks, terrorist attacks attacks against the states of violence in cities, in rural areas that barge of every day life in columbia. and there is true that in the last a few months, i mean the months prior to the election, there was an increase in violence in the country, but that is also a historical fact. every electoral year in columbia is marked by an increase of violence. why?
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because for many sectors in the country, values by illness is also a way of doing politics. so we're the time over the time people get used to eat. so now the fear of new attacks remains. but as i said, it's hard to be said. but columbus had gotten used to it so they know how to live with it. what is the most pressing challenge for the president elect? and i understand he wants to stop or try to occur till the cocaine exporting industry, by convincing farmers to grow different crops and not to make money with making okay. i mean, is that realistic? it hasn't worked before. why should we think it will work? now? he hasn't worked before. it doesn't seem it is going to work. now if the state doesn't invest money in the rural areas, people are going to continue the with the business of drug because is
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a means more profitable. so the state needs to be there. but beyond of these problems, i think that the 1st main challenge, gustavo better is going to face is to unify columbia's. i mean, the cancer went through a very polar rise to lecture i campaign. i can tell you this, well, because i have been reporting on many elections in latin america, and i think this is that they're just electoral campaign i have ever seen. and the a deeply divided the society. so gustavo, petro needs to unify the country again, and that's why he tried to do last night with his 1st speech, trying to unified the country been not just the population, but also the political part is this very important if he wants to find spaces to govern it is clear, gustavo patrol one last night for more than a 100000 volts is a clear victory. but we cannot forget that ro fernandez losses with the support of
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more than 10000000 people. in addition to that, there are they up station east, more than 17000000 people. so if gustavo pitcher wants to roll the country, and if he wants to roll for all colombians, he needs to unify this society. yeah. and we will be watching it because the, the platform in the promises they sound promising or have to wait and see if they can make them reality. johan ramirez, reporting tonight from bogota is always your hon. thank you. the c, the day's almost done. the conversation continues online to find us on twitter, either the www. you can follow me on twitter at brent gov. tv, and remember, whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day
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with ah, a pulse with the beginning of the story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the
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perspective. culture information is, is d, w news and more. d, w, made from mines. insomnia all over the world more and more people are having trouble sleeping. some of them even sleep all day and are active at night. but sleep disorders have detrimental effects on body and may even increase the likelihood of dementia. what can be done to prevent people from losing sleep? oh, in 45 minutes on dw, ah, did come,
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mike speaking, how can this passionate hatred of the people, the explained a gold comp go? a history of anti semitism is a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power struggles. it's a history of slender, of hatred and violence, or even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. oh, a history that he semitism starts july, 2nd on d w. ah, ah, yes, i guess straw skipping many people find having a cheer put down their throat really unpleasant. is that an absolute must they be? you should watch the w health. so before deciding,


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